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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CEST

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suspected suicide bomber c.c.t.v. captured this man with a backpack walking into a catholic church just moments before he unleashed card which one of eight explosions that claimed three hundred twenty one lives today islamic state claimed responsibility but provided no proof it did provide this photo purporting to show the eight suicide bombers from sunday again this cannot be verified but it fits with what his government is saying that what happened sunday was local what made it possible was anything but i bring golf in berlin this is the day. the piece that some of the make traveling abroad and comes back to us that is going to find the bodies and. get the visa is it possible you could
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have seen because of that i can't get back. to spain in numbers to find the proper what is. it that i yes i guess claim to be going to be funny enough but it's getting. a little. also coming up tonight a u.n. security council resolution aimed at stopping the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war believe it or not some countries threatened to veto this if the your nuremberg moment your chance to stand on the right side of history. and to the thousands of women and girls who must watch i think members shave off that bit and go back to their normal lives while they the victims never can.
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well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome that we begin the day with revenge islamic state and because easter sunday a terror attack today because government said that sunday's of suicide bombings of churches in hotels could have been payback for last month's mass shooting at mosques in new zealand the government also pointed to islamic state saying the group was probably linked to sunday's attacks just hours later islamic state claimed responsibility but as it has done before provided no proof instead a photo was put online does evening a chilling lineup of the eight min claims carried out sunday's attacks again we have no way of verifying that claim but it fits the government's narrative that this was an international operation so far forty people have been arrested they are all. they are all locals that forced the prime minister to do some explaining to
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day during a press conference. that they have been fighting environment that they. have it abroad and. want that but we want to find them that. if they stand on these issues. our for more on this i'm joined now by professor thorsten shakur from the institute of islamic studies here at berlin's free university professor it's good to have you ordered the show there were two claims that were made today said it was responsible for the suicide bombings and the sri lankan government said the easter sunday attacks may have been revenge for the mosque murders in new zealand helplines a bore or both of these claims has horrible as it may sound to me they are largely or basically the only explanations that really do make sense at the current moment for this horrible attacks. because if you look at the target of the attacks
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the christian minority as well as luxury hotels there have been tensions between radical buddhist groups and muslims in the recent pasta. but not really between the christian minority and the muslim minority who are very much in the same boat as far as they were nation ship with these buddhist groups go so you would you agree with the government that this operation was simply too big too complex for a sure lincoln group i'm sorry i'm not a security specialist so i can't really say whether it was too big for the sri lankan group to carry out what exactly the links are between i ass and that group is something that i think only further investigations can show yesterday the government pointed to a group called the national the we. it's a group really that has only been known for defacing what some buddhist statues but
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nothing more is the narrative here that islamic state helped in t.j. or is in t.j. no longer a suspect in this i mean. how do you see this it's a complicate. issue indeed n t j is a group that has largely been connected to some acts of rowdyism both against temples and against fellow muslims who follow different styles of islam. so if this group now in any way should be linked to the islamic state let's say it is the ideological profile that fits or that would fit a certain radicalization but what exactly happened there and in how far this indeed rather small group. can have carried out these attacks. over
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three cities. i mean what do we know. they have been easy. conduit in to. society i mean i i think that is a possible scenario into jail like many other groups that have very similar names to he just appears in the names of several groups operating intra long as well as in south india and it's a very common term in the region. basically it's means something like monotheism but it is actually usually targeted at others in the muslim community who follow practices such as same veneration and these groups target these practices and basically say these kind of practices on the proper in islam you should follow a strict monotheism. so let's say again the ideological profile of these groups fit they definitely have their links with similar ideologies
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in the middle east but that alone is not an explanation for radicalization ok what are the claim that we heard this from the prime minister today that he had talked about some surely ginsu had left the country gone to syria they've been radicalized they fought with islamic state and they have come back would they be the most likely given the did. for local suicide bombers. i guess yes or at least for. transmitting knowledge about i mean sri lanka has a long and sad history of suicide bombings even though it was originally predominantly the liberation tigers of tamil you know on the one party in the civil war that ended in two thousand and nine that carried them out and usually not in the same kind of scale and with the same kind of aims but. it is definitely possible that that such returning have acted as conduits for local groups whether
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these were exactly the people who committed these attacks as of course the investigation continues professor we appreciate your insights tonight i'm going to leave you here at the table here whose story over here to the middle of the studio the easter sunday attacks we know killed at least three hundred twenty one people officials are saying at least thirty eight foreigners were among the dead but more than eighty percent of those killed were true lake inns and we thought it would just be the right thing if we could take a look at some of the personal stories of those who lost their lives on sunday this right here is forty nine year old shanty her family said that she went to attend the easter service at st anthony's church in colombo she has not been found at a morgue and they have heard nothing from her since sunday then there's tons on thiago for none doe he was killed in the blast at st anthony his wife in two
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children they escaped unhurt they were in the front of the church he was in the back closer to the blast they rushed to him where the explosion hit but he had already died. one death that had more media exposure is that of sri lankan celebrity chef sean to. take a look this is her facebook page right here this selfie was taken by her daughter as they had breakfast with family at colombo's shangri-la hotel mother and daughter . both killed the hotel leaders said three of its employees had died as well so we know that the pressure is growing to find those responsible for the attacks the sri lankan government has blocked access to social media as part of its campaign and investigation officials say it's necessary to stop the spread of misinformation which they fear could make
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a bad situation even worse is that what's happening there let's find out from conus and from our social media this girl let's talk about what exactly has the government or they shut down social media they shut it down this is day three now of the shutdown and we're talking about sri lanka's most popular platforms of facebook instagram youtube snap chat among others and also these all important messaging app so there's no whatsapp there's no viber in the country right now the government essentially is saying hey look the potential downsides the danger of social media would descend from asian incitement to violence those are outweighing any potential benefits of what the people could be getting from these platforms right now they say they won't turn them back on until this investigation is over and that is leaving sri lankans on itself position i mean how do you communicate with your relatives your friends especially outside the country it's so difficult right now and it's so important if you want to know if your family safe is a good point and you know we were trying to present our presentation tonight about
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the victims it's hard to get information about the sri lankans or the people and the people who were there who were killed is the government do you think is it right to be concerned i mean has social media been weaponized to this extent before we know in sri lanka there is a history of ethnic tensions of violence in the not so distant past i mean even last year the government had to shut down social media because facebook posts helped trigger mob violence against muslims there and it got so bad bread that a group of sri lankan organizations wrote this open letter to mark zuckerberg. calling out facebook for failing to take down quote explicitly genocidal material and other content inciting hate and we're even seeing this information now on social media in sri lanka one example here a fake police account on facebook it's spreading fake news of course this is not the police from sri lanka but it is pretending to be so and look right this isn't just in sri lanka you are hinting at this right other countries are seeing this too
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recently during the fire at the notre dame cathedral you tube algorithm suggested videos about nine eleven made sickly implying hey the fire was also an act of terror at this time in christchurch the shootings there they were live streamed on facebook as well so i think the sri lankan government has a reason to worry yeah the prime minister today the president of france he was asked a belt social media being shut down and it was going to be reopened and he was just he didn't want to discuss it he said as long as we need to keep it shut down that's how it's going to stay is the decision to block social media is it the right move at the end of the day well there is a big discussion outsiders or longer people talk about the should you do it should you not on the one hand short it could help limit the spread of misinformation or posts that are inciting violence but on the other hand it could make things worse i mean bad actors they'll always find a way to post something if they want to there's no ability to do any fact check and journalists can't get on the platforms anymore and then there's no real information everything is cut off especially in tree lanka the it's not a very free press
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a lot of people went to photo media for their information now they can't do that look facebook a couple of years ago everyone calling it this savior one of the most important tools after an event like this after a disaster you go there you can mark yourself as safe you can communicate with your relatives now it's not known as that anymore but we're seeing the darker side of these forms after these kind of us that goes through it is easy to pull the plug but there are consequences when you do that is always that you. so today at the united nations a lesson in just how difficult it can be to agree on something almost everyone in the world agrees oh i'm talking about ending the impunity associated with sex crimes committed during military conflicts today the u.n. security council approved a resolution condemning rape as a weapon of war but the language and its demands were water dale mostly because the trouble but history she reportedly threatened to veto the whole thing because of
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its implied approval of abortion here's u.n. secretary general antonio good terrace ahead of the vote tonight it looks to see groups of the most rigid beyond doubt that sexual violence is the liberally used as a tick tick of war to terrorize people to do mine eyes communities and to destabilize societies so that they struggle to recover for years or even decades zimmy doesn't mean a new set is idia we the years eating girls and women who are subjected to sexual violence at the hands of islamic state broke the barrier of silence stigma and fear and told our stories to the world and the hope that this would bring justice to us that they bring support to us. that it would encourage the international community to put an end to such crime. but so far not a single person has been tried for sexual enslavement crimes against his e.t.s.
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did happen is this is the your nuremberg moment your chance to stand on the right side of history. and to the thousands of women and girls who must watch i think members shave off their bits and go back to their normal lives while they the victims never can. all right for more on this i'm joined now by my colleague helena humphrey she is following this story for us from the u.s. capitol washington d.c. good evening to you helen to explain if you could why the trumpet ministration was willing to veto this resolution we want to understand how did abortion become part of a resolution about sex as a weapon of war. that's correct we're into century this final text has removed the mention of a sexual and reproductive health for the survivors of rape as a weapon of war the trump administration said that it would veto over that language the trump administration says that this is
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a tacit endorsement all the abortion which it is against and that has you know of course some stinging condemnation from all of the u.n. ambassadors notably the french ambassador to the united nations force weather that has said that this admission essentially is unacceptable and it removes the dignity of women i think we have to ask this question with regards to the resolution it's meant to be a survivor centered approach that's what the u.n. has said something that survive assented one with think would have a provision for health for survivors in the wake of an act of violence but you know this is echoing a wide account pain that we've seen from the trumpet ministration with regards to sexual health and reproductive rights for women in the united states as well as internationally as well the administration removing funding for any ngos or organizations it believes to be supporting abortions or providing abortions for women even for victims of rape you bring up
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a very good point there of belt the the this is nothing new from the trip administration you held that we will get our viewers know you were once a u.n. humanitarian worker and you wrote an opinion piece on d.w. dot com today about this resolution and it's want to quote something that you wrote you said the u.n. must send fact finding missions set up commissions of inquiry sanctioned perpetrators and collect evidence to prosecute cases at the international criminal court and you write it is shameful that most incidents of mass rape are still met with mass impunity does this resolution does it bring us closer. two the things you say have to happen and we're still very far from that this is a very watered down text today the language was about recalling about reminding there was little word a mention of the word in force for example i want to run you through some of the
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key points with regards to my op ed and then with regards to the resolution so the resolution recalls the responsibility of states to end impunity and prosecute prosecute war crimes it does not say what it will do if states do not adhere to that so no mention of the word inforce meant it does note that un commissions of fact finding and inquiry are appropriate in that case but sure that's the case with any war crime that has been committed in the past whether that is genocide whether that's the use of chemical weapons so not much new there and now as the u.n. as the human rights or i should say a mile clooney pointed out today in new york this is about prosecution this is about ending impunity how would that be achieved well potentially through the international criminal court but remember there again progress stymied i would say from the united states because generally it is not in favor of the i.c.c. it sees it as limiting its serenity when it comes to its own courts so i would say
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that this text is a call to action but it is not enforcement and it does raise awareness about this issue and this is in the trenches the issue you talk to me a little bit about how in dimmick is sexual violence is when we're talking about military conflict. brant it is absolutely and damn endemic but that does not legitimize its use of a weapon in warfare i mean it's a particular kind of weapon in that it cuts through the fabric of society it stigmatizes it survives in its own communities and it also sickens people we saw for example in rwanda targeted infection of tipsy women with hiv aids during the one nine hundred ninety four genocide it's also used systematically to scan populations we saw that with the u.c.d. women in iraq we still that with the range of women in me and then fleeing to
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bangladesh and it goes on and on you know us as the media have to be cognizant of that fact right now encountering for example some very disturbing testimony coming there from girls and women in the grip of conflict and separatist violence did abuse hold humphry this story helen that we are happy that you're all this story bringing valuable insights into the reporting which we all can because it's from thank you. russia now where the government is showcasing the country's military involvement in the syrian conflict russian troops have been there since twenty fifteen back in the regime of president bashar al assad they've also been fighting so-called islamic state well now a tree is making a nationwide tour of russia displaying war true views if you will weapons and technology the army says that it captured in syria. from our moscow
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bureau soon as this report. next stop the city of cazan arriving at ten in the morning the train is greeted with plenty of pomp the twenty cars carrying armored tanks and other military tech seized by the russian army and its campaign to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria. even yes many labs for the a legit production of chemical weapons are on display. it's a victory lap three sixty cities to inspire pride and patriotism and russia's achievement. what's not to celebrate. russia must see this train to avoid the horrors that unfortunately a fact of life in other parts of the world russians should understand the role of that country in fighting terrorism around the world. selfies are
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allowed and visitors are encouraged to ask about the spoils of war on board the so-called syria train or according to the defense ministry all the soldiers on hand took part in the fighting. for the past three years moscow has been helping the syrian army against i-s. and keep president bashar al assad in power. our boys are helping the poor syrians. so much so. with success. what's russia doing in syria. so that you. will get some kind of assistance for the country really to them with the assistance of that it can have what's it called again peace that's it. does our youth should see the tools of war so they know that war is terrible. absent from view or the russians who didn't make it back from
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syria. the defense ministry says one hundred sixteen soldiers were killed in combat but it's not just ordinary troops who are deployed there. human rights activists say private armies from russia are also fighting mercenaries who don't appear in any official figures. no one knows the exact number of private soldiers fighting in syria many of them died there. the families of some fallen mercenaries are trying to get compensation for losing their loved ones although these private soldiers fight alongside ordinary russian troops in syria the state has officially nothing to do with them not only that private armies are for putin and russia. that is going into well it's a war in syria has two sides one shows that russia is waging an official war on terrorism. the shadow side is the one we're not supposed to see russia has to
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expose it and come clean with its hidden nontransparent structures in syria. after cars on the syria train is off to another city on its tours but as a symbol of a successful campaign against terrorism it leaves many questions unanswered. well the queen requests the honor of his presence u.s. president has received an invitation to visit the u.k. in june that's according to a tweet from buckingham palace it will be trump's first official state visit to be remembered he was in the u.k. last year for a working visit where his critics in the u.k. immediately the nelson the plan to visit labor m.p. david lammy tweeted this donald trump is no friend of britain he is not fit to hold public office let alone worthy of our country's highest honors and a banquet with the queen to resign me of selling out the u.k.
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to a serial wire in a seat another twitter user references greg sit writing i fail to see the benefits of a future where this country shares closer values with trumps us there we currently do with our closest european neighbors we have to say it is unusual for a state visit to be announced at such short notice nevertheless protesters say they plan to make their demonstrations the biggest that the u.k. has ever seen. the day is almost gone the conversation continues online you will find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me aboard t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag for the day i remember whatever happens between now and then to morrow is another day we'll see you get it.
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