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this is. from berlin tonight in sri lanka the first political fallout from sunday's suicide bombings the president says the country's defense and police chiefs must step down. intelligence morning authorities are saying that they've identified all but one of the suicide bombers who killed the three hundred fifty nine people on easter sunday they say the attackers were educated and came from well to do families will go to colombo the latest also coming up tonight prison sentences for pro-democracy activists in hong kong leaders of the umbrella movement will have to
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serve up to sixteen months in prison for staging demonstrations and demanding free elections plus more. mourners for the journalist mickey to rest the northern irish reporter who was shot dead while on assignment last week a nationalist militant group claims responsibility amid fears of renewed violence in northern ireland and how to improve the taste of your cheese place of music for . money. that's right a cheese a swiss cheese makers swears it's music to the ears of his product how do different melodies affect the cheese as it ripens we'll hear some tasteful take on the top.
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i'm burnt off for our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome sri lanka's president is demanding that the country's police and defense chiefs quit for grossly mishandling intelligence relating to the suicide bombings on the easter sunday the government has confirmed that information about possible attacks was not passed on to relevant authorities the death toll has now risen to a grisly three hundred and fifty nine investigators say that they have identified the suicide bombers and that they are looking into whether international extremist groups may have provided support. a country on edge sri lankan police carried out a second controlled explosion of a suspicious vehicle on wednesday that's ortiz are now trying to establish how the attackers were funded and if there were any international links. although i can say
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that this group. of some of these suicide bombers most of the if you. come from maybe the middle of the middle. so they play nicely played independent and played you know these great stable financially. this so called islamic state has said it was behind the bombings a claim officials are investigating. the government must now explain why warnings about possible attacks were not acted upon on tuesday sri lanka's president admitted there was an intelligence failure. but iraq there is a debate about why the security forces of this country did not acts upon intelligence supplied by a friendly nation. i must point out that the information received by state
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intelligence units was not communicated to me by the officials responsible how i'd been informed of those details it might have been possible to take immediate action if you just pop amid the mounting questions the president has vowed to restructure the intelligence and security forces a decade after the civil war ended there are fears that the bombings could reignite underlying sectarian conflicts. for more on what's going on in chile i'm joined now on the phone from colombo by journalist jimmy dean good evening to you simulate the president has asked for the resignations of the defense secretary and the national police chief is that what the people of sri lanka want to see now. granted i have the topic at this moment of time changing any of your shows is not going to do much damage control it has now been confirmed that children because the
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police definitely had seized by information of possible terror attacks and they had indeed has to act and with the president and the government each passing the buck on each other saying they were not a valid it just goes on to show that there are some c.d.'s that says in the entire administration and the public is extremely angry about this actually what the public want to hear right now is about not seeing or hearing voices resigning but they need some form onto us from this government a so why these attacks took place was behind it what more is going to be done in the coming days and how to see if the nation is going to be and i think the public are going to be safe leaving their houses for changing officials right now is not being welcomed by the public yeah it is that's a good point you bring up jamie lynn they're slow with just deciding what to do politically but when it comes to identifying the suicide bombers that has happened rather quickly eight out of the nine suicide bombers have been identified what do
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we know about them. yes you're right because according to the latest information released by the government to the a.p. also nine to ten bombers have been identified and the government says it's one of the bombers or indeed it was a female the government also told us that all of these almost came from very rich backgrounds and they were highly educated in fact for mommy come on the told journalists today that these attacks being have been panned as back as seven to eight years and this is not something which had been planned in the recent past where i totally missed occasions on going to see if this group was going to any other radical group in the country that they have had any funding links so there are investigations going on and maybe in the coming days the governments will be able to shed more light a story exactly these groups were and were connected to them ok journalist as i mean the national do you know with the latest tonight from colombo sharmila thank
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you. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in syria an explosion has killed at least fifteen people in the opposition held province of idlib at least twenty people were also injured a monitoring group said the blast occurred close to an office belonging to the z. hardest alliance. it largely controls the province sudan's ruling military council has proposed new talks with leaders of the ongoing protests which toppled president omar al bashir it comes as demonstrators threatened a general strike and called for a million strong larch to demand an immediate transfer of power to a civilian government in myanmar at least fifty people working in a mine are believed to have died in a mudslide it happened in the north of the country the mud apparently came from a collapsed reservoir used to contain material discarded during the mining process
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towards say three bodies have been recovered so far more than fifty are missing. the north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in the eastern russian port city of stock for his first ever summit with russian president vladimir putin speaking to russian state television tonight kim said that he hoped for a productive meeting the meeting is expected to focus on north korea's nuclear program kim's russia visit comes two months after his failed summit with u.s. president donald trump in vietnam a quick like of the wind days says kim jong un's ahmed train pulled into vladivostok station then that was some cattle shunting until the north korean president's do it properly and nine with the bad cop pate. this is the north korean president's first official visit to russia and preparations have been kept top secret kim was greeted by a russian minister with president putin due to arrive later then
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a brief appearance on russian state t.v. . i've come with warm feelings towards russia from my people and i'm hoping for a productive meeting. russia says the focus is primarily on north korea's nuclear program a key concern of moscow so far russia has two u.n. sanctions against its neighbor but it sees potential benefits for both science in easing them it's clear this visit has been meticulously planned with kim's bodyguards even running alongside the state. kim will stay in russia for three days night the signs expects to draw up any agreements in march the summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump ended in failure but foreign policy experts in russia say this meeting could be moscow's chance to assume the mantle of king and to me jerry
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are the door no here are the big table by marcus time he is from the german institute for international security affairs good to see you again we know that when. they always met to talk about denuclearization of north korea is that what mr putin wants to discuss first of all it's evolved to the revival of bilateral relations general i mean we have to cue the last votes on the two planes two in two thousand the whole of the two thousand it was the father of communal when we were promised the maybe there's. nothing. that's really happened therefore it's increasing and improving economic relations and the third by being do you know do you think this would be happening if the. north between. or between kim and trump if that summit had not ended so terribly would there be a summit now with mr putin maybe we don't know exactly but it provides
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a terrific opportunity for russians and russian foreign policy and provides of the river go between the for us east asian policy and it provides a terrific opportunity to spoil the u.s. foreign policy in the region yeah i mean we have two different approaches you know the one the big plan the big. big deal and the plan by donald trump and step to step approach by commuting one in the russian team president is all the give me one and i can imagine that when vladimir putin was watching meet twice with kim jong on he he had to have been sitting there thinking why why can't i be there is he doing this summit now in an effort i don't have to do. it for what it's a win win situation for both sides and the allows the communal one to show to the chinese and to be in particular to be americans look i've got other options as well
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and it allows a nice return for all russians east asian policy in the laos to president putin to present himself as a responsible leader he needs to we i would be surprised if you. read invigorating behind the zero six party talks which jeff and then in two thousand and three would have been dormant to put it this way and be one diplomatic approach he's choosing the right marcus now as always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you. a court in hong kong has sentenced eight leading pro-democracy activists to sixteen months in prison earlier this month the leaders of the umbrella movement were found guilty of public nuisance under a rarely used colonial era wall the case has raised concerns about human rights as mainland china exerts greater control over hong kong. street demos in hong kong come at a price. the key leaders of
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a pro-democracy movement which took to the streets five years ago have now been sentenced to jail by a hong kong court good as they arrived to hear their sentences some spoke out in favor of civil disobedience to the crowds that are gathered to support them. and i did was to use from prison was a stronger and more mob. than reflected. the sentencing is the latest stage in years long protests which began back in twenty fourteen with the so-called umbrella movement for democracy the street protests back then was sparked by beijing's decision to allow only candidates from the pre-approved list to take part in the election of the territories chief executive the move led to demands for completely free elections and some of those who were sentenced today founded the occupy movement
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a mass sit in to block the city's financial district the movement joined with other student led protests and the demonstrations snowballed into what later became known as the umbrella movement some one point two million people a said to have taken to the streets and although the protests started out peacefully that were clashes with the police good that civil unrest might not hand with the organizers being put in jail as they were taken away for their prison terms they urged people to take to the streets this sunday. in bangladesh twenty seven thousand schools have been ordered to set up committees to prevent sexual violence it comes after a teenager who reported her principal for sexual harassment was burned to death the case of news runner john rafi said shock waves through bangladesh and triggered nationwide protests d.w.
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travelled to her home village of the and met the people whose lives have been changed forever by news rides murder. has been bedridden since the murder of a federal time have relatives watch over her also still in shock over what happened to their beloved no surat. all over whatever. she wanted to become independent by joining a madrassa. but her principal took her life. now all that's left are memories and pictures on their phones. i want justice for my daughter. we don't need anything else.
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justice for nusrat and punishment for those who killed her it's what many here are praying for in fanny and at the madrassa where it all took place it was here that nusrat says she was sexually harassed by his school principal it was this rooftop she told her parents she was lost say and pressured to drop the allegations have refusal what silence her forever. it's alleged the principal gave the order to set her up place and make it look like suicide. i want to get. we're ashamed of him he ruined our reputation. were hiding our faces in shame. we're so sorry for them and. for new threats friends the remorse comes to light they say that action should have been taken earlier against the principal and others. still or are they gave the
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boys used to threaten and insult us to the time when. it's a common story not just for the girls at nose or at school many girls and women say they live in a society that trans a blind eye to sexual violence and an increasing number of women are no longer willing to accept the consequences. yet now do we actually are not that's why everyone we have gone will be able to laugh we want everyone right now we're standing here holding hands on the other let me that has to take. notes rather want to change who. she paid for it with her life. but here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world brazil's second highest court has reduced the sentence of former president lula da silva from twelve years to eight years and ten months that means he could be moved to house arrest later this year the silver was convicted for
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a second time on corruption and money laundering charges russian president vladimir putin has signed an order making it easier for people living in separate is controlled eastern ukraine to get russian passports in response ukraine's president elect of a lot of media zelinsky as called for more international sanctions against russia denouncing moscow as quote an aggressor state scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has called for a new referendum on scottish independence from the u.k. by the year twenty twenty one if britain leaves the european union she said the scottish government will introduce legislation setting the rules for a second vote that vote of course would first need the british government's approval. of the leaders of ireland and the u.k. were among hundreds of guests today attending the funeral of slain northern irish journalist lee were make heat she was shunned by irish nationalists last week
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during a riot in the city of london derry which is also known as derry a catholic priest leading the ceremony today told the congregation that her death had to must mark a turning point for northern ireland in sermon had some uncomfortable moments for political leaders there. the murder of the young journalist the roma key leaders of britain and ireland as well as hundreds of mourners together irish prime minister earlier and british prime minister theresa may set at the front of st ann's cathedral. and politicians from across northern ireland's political divide were side by side since father martin mcgill a friend of micky commended them for standing together in quicken on good friday but also challenge them. why in god's name does the trick
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of a twenty nine year old woman with her whole life in front of her any of them before he could finish a sentence a standing ovation erupted a clear sign of people's exasperated with the violence and odd moment for the politicians who only joined after some hesitation. s. he was shot last week by reporting on rioting and londonderry as she stood behind a police line the new ira a splinter group of the former irish republican army claimed responsibility for a death and later apologized to her family the group wants to unify in northern ireland with the republic of ireland. the young journalist is the first to be killed on the job in the u.k. for almost twenty years now people are hoping her death will be a turning point for northern ireland. in the words of lawyer herself
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we must change our world one pace at a time. now let's get to work. father mark mcghee alleges sat that mickey was a powerful example of the pen being my idea than the sword that something other than ireland will likely bear in mind after this tragedy. i think it's important here to distinguish between two cents nobody i think seriously police the peace process and the those measures that were put in place were twenty years ago to bring in am the kind of generational conflict to go on since we ninety eight sixty nine. to us who are actively that is going to come back no one believes. well what this is what what this incident has done is shine
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a light in some of the darker corners of the peace process and what becomes obvious is when you have an area in which. the legitimacy really set up underneath the good friday agreement is being challenged by force of arms then we have. we have a problem that was previously an acknowledged and a shock people i think to the core another big thing in space nasa is insight lander appears to have detected the first ever mars quake it would mean that scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active the probe sensors picked up a faint rumble on mars likely to be the first seismic event ever detected on a planetary body other than the earth in the mood by analyzing mars quakes researchers are hoping to learn more about how rocky planets including our very ill were for. a maze are back on earth the swiss region of him in
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tall is famous for you guessed it she was she's makers there they often use centuries old recipes but one of them is adding some music to the old ingredients he says of the type of music played as cheese ripens affects the way that it tastes he's even found a scientist to carry out a study and after eight months well they are presenting the taste for results. of the emmen valley or m. and tile is where switzerland's best known cheese comes from and one of the producers here wants to make his product even better. their fun flower is a veterinarian and a cheese maker who's looking to revolutionize the world of cheese. is two and a half years old microorganisms are working on it it mostly bacteria. and it's amazing actually that they're able to affect its aroma all the way down to the very
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heart of the cheese this case is present in the ninth so the angles my. family wants to get those bacteria to begin vibrating to music he believes that might change the taste of his genes. then on the when you put your hand on the wheel of cheese and feel the sound waves move through it it's hard to believe it wouldn't have some kind of effect on the. fan flues experiment is getting a little help from students at the university of the arts in barron. for more than six months they'll serenade his cheeses with a range of beats and sounds including rock songs by led zeppelin mozart's opera the magic flute techno or hip hop. wanted that is to surround. the sound waves will pass through the wheels of cheese causing them to vibrate in different ways dick. ending on the music. pop up and say hip hop has lots of bass
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in it the classical pieces are very dynamic with quite sections but very loud ones tonight allowed so does the cheese feel any different after half a year of acoustic your radiation. i didn't feel a difference with the rock'n'roll one but i hope i'll be able to taste it to make it up on. a jury made up of cooks and artists is judging the results of the experiments they quickly reach an unequivocal conclusion you read yes there are differences on the cd. according to the experts here hip hop brought the best results shouldn't rush to go to a group i'm pretty surprised by the results of my guess is that the constant beats and intensity of hip hop has some kind of effect on the chines as it ripens cross in a case that provoked all of this what do the other judges think. that the rock music cheese tasted best i guess because it was strongest it had
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a rock n roll flavor in cleft except that he. says. it's very soft and slightly sweet stuff and just in series. the employer is happy that the hip hop cheese got such rave reviews tying his product to the musical genre could make the younger generation interested. doesn't there are many young people out there who've never given a second thought to emin taler hard cheese unpasteurised cheese things like that and on the sets which is why labels like hip hop or techno m. and teller could prove a hit. of live is now checking for measurable differences in the different cheeses . and let's not forget a traditional form of singing from the region who knows maybe one day them and tell you a little cheese will be the next big thing. music to my cheek so here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you. relation president has
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asked the country's follies and defense chiefs to resign after acknowledging a lapse in intelligence that failed to prevent sunday's and suicide bombings three hundred fifty nine people don't like officials have announced dozens more arrests linked to the attack. you're watching d.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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everything is on the line metafile interactive. jamming to friends with. your supply chain reaction of this. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance revolution in thought and people this mention that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way. there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mean it's the first. architects . scientists. and artists. that invented completely new things and topped up the ancient giants who had originally been its teachers and in the. culture of the darkest millimeters into a. new place probably no place anywhere in the way things were intended for such
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quick succession. factor this week. in they continue to bury the dead the lives of hundreds who were murdered inside churches and hotels last sunday the death toll has now risen to a staggering three hundred fifty nine and we know now that the suicide bombers were well educated and they were wealthy one had studied in the u.k. to belong to one of his richest families and one of the suicide bombers was a woman police say she may have had a child in her hands when she detonated the explosives.


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