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why aren't people more concerned. recruited first on t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin the leader of so-called islamic state makes his first purported appearance in five years the terror group releases a propaganda video said to show a cure all bug. in it he claims the easter bombings in three long ago were revenge for the group's losses in syria. also coming out japan prepares to begin
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a new era with a new emperor the shinto rituals for abdication have started for him for akihito officially steps aside in the hours ahead this is the first abdication in japan in more than two hundred years. plus flooding due to climate change report from a village in indonesia where rising water levels are making daily life difficult last year climate experts what can be done to cope. and is this a russian operative that's a question authorities in norway are asking after a fisherman found this beluga whale with a camera harness and waters not far from the russian naval base. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for joining us he was presumed dead more than once but the. leader of so-called islamic state could be a lot of now if it's verified
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a propaganda video released by i have shows. praising easter sunday bombings in israel long he says they were part of the group's revenge for its recent losses in syria he's back islamic state releases a video of what it says is its leader abu bakar al baghdadi appearing for the first time in five years the propaganda video released on monday says the islamic state has been defeated in syria referring to the final battle in the city of baghdad but that the war against what it sees as the christian west and its allies is far from over and. the battle between islam and its people. cross and its people as long. the battle of the goose has ended. and in it the barbarity and savagery of the
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nation of the cross towards islam was clear. he promises to seek revenge for the killing and imprisonment of its fighters in syria and praises the deadly attacks in sri lanka on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people as well as a spate of small attacks around the world. despite a twenty five million us dollars bounty on his head he's a life and he says he's still in charge he looks humbled and much older than five years ago. it's a far cry from this moment the establishment of islamic states caliphates announced from the pulpit of nouri mosque in mosul iraq in two thousand and fourteen. how baghdad he is saying that although islamic state may not be powerful in syria it's still internationally active and paying close attention to world events.
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marcus com joins us now from the german history for international and security affairs good morning marcus great to have you on again assuming this video is indeed authentic what's its message i think the key messages the key message is a threefold one the first message is i'm alive couple of reports about the last couple of years so he can now prove that he's alive the second message is he's in charge he's the sole authority to run the operations of these numbers and the third key message maybe is of the important most important one five will continue in a different form ok now where might he be has virtually no territory left rubble basically in syria where might he be located and could he be running his network from hiding to be honest with no id and with no indication from the new way he is it might be afghanistan that might get the philippines it might be some of the
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plays but i think it doesn't really matter because he does not mean the from the logistics of tourist operations of the islamic state he's running and web of affiliates which he has and he can continue to do so from every hide out in the world ok you say that he inspires so his function at this point is primarily inspirational that for i.a.s. members and people want to be members around the world absolutely and that is traits how i as has changed from the from a terrorist organization in twenty five fourteen into a political or military are only zation for the last couple of years and though it's returning bank to a terrorist organisation. inspiring islamists all around the world what about the timing of this video we haven't heard from of they have been audio recordings of separately but we haven't seen him for four or five years can you tell us something about the timing i think it's crucial here because. over the. you know month we
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heard all we almost always schools have you discussed the decline of islamic state the defeat the military defeat of these armies day and given this environment or change them aren't crucial for this one was that to prove that he has a life and that these only state as all of the nation is capable of continuing to continue to fight you mention the word will offer tradition which is the future of this kind of fight ok the future of this kind of fight can we expect more i asked attacks on soft targets including here in europe i'm afraid so maybe not so much that was the europe because western intelligence services already have of. have continued to fight against the islamic state but there we have seen the spread of islamic state in other areas of the world you mentioned the philippines where of the tremendous spread of the islamic studies state enough gun is down and i think we will see a continued continuation of the attacks mark just time from the german institute
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for international security affairs thank you so very much for the insights. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making the news at this hour the united states deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has submitted his resignation he's the official who appointed special counsel robert muller to investigate president trump's election campaign he also supported the justice department's conclusion that the president had not obstructed weller's investigation resignations but expected for some time. the president of cost of ohashi him toci has called the european union quote too weak to jump start stalled peace talks between his poetry and serbia without help from the united states he was speaking on the sidelines of a summit of balkan nations in berlin called by germany and france serbia serbia still refuses to recognize a supposed independence following the balkan wars. in
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a store ceremony in japan emperor akihito is stepping down from the chrysanthemum throne now this is the first time in two hundred years of the japanese monarch is abdicated the emperor began the ritual of abdication a few hours ago at the imperial powers in tokyo where he reported his abdication to his mythological ancestors you have to kishen will be completed in a short and simple ceremony at the palace in about two hours time crowds of people are already gathering in front of the powers to witness that event akihito those rain ends at midnight when his song his oldest son crown prince not refute ok will become the new emperor and his era begins. and following this for us today is the w. secure dora who grew up in japan reports from there for us good morning to you japan is of course a modern high tech nation but it's also one steeped in tradition what does this
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royal transition mean for the country just this morning well it is a very modern nation but as you said it is a lot of very important decisions very important and it is a very big deal. i think it's specially because the era quite literally changes and right now if this is say and tomorrow it's going to be the first year of an era and just the fact that it doesn't happen that often as you said it's one thousand two hundred v. is. the last i was doing to give ago so it is basically a big celebration for the country you said you're a reward that translates to beautiful how many beautiful harmony will be talking about that is part of the ceremonies today but how will this new year of reward be different to how will the new emperor be different than his farver father his
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father already was quite a groundbreaker he married a common he actually also apologized for japanese will crimes and he was very close to the common people and he went on consoled the victims of the two thousand and eleven disaster and i think a lot of people say that not hito is going to follow in the footsteps of his father and also his quite more than himself not a veto studied abroad he's the first one to be heard yes one talks about exactly and he also criticized the strict court traditions actually so people do things that he may be even more modern and present his father will talk about that in a moment first let's take a closer look now at what the reign of ember akihito means to japan and its people . he wears the akihito was a groundbreaking figure long before he became emperor in one nine hundred fifty nine he married a commoner she called
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a major taboo but the people loved it the couple recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary. and some toshi hope their union will last that long the two wanted to marry during the akihito era. i spent thirty years of my life in this era since i was a year old we've lived through catastrophes but i want to keep this time in my heart and enjoy the new era they have always to thin out the lawyer. now akihito is abdicating the first emperor to do so for two hundred years now with a few years ago after two operations. i sensed that my ability to lead was fading also in view of my age i'm worried that i can't fulfill my job a symbol of the state with all my strength as i have not till now. and.
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akihito his role is partly to act as the conscience of the nation he is the official defender of the pacifist constitution visiting war memorials and paying homage to victims of japanese aggression he is criticize attempts to justify japan's military history including by the ruling conservatives under prime minister shinzo abi. like itoh son novel he is supposed to carry on the tradition. of it the two of them have a father son relationship. i think the father has always passed on his wisdom not that he says you have to do this but i think the future emperor has learned much from the old one. a man rushes from the crowd he chose wedding didn't go off without a hitch stones were thrown and people trying to climb into the imperial coach me once a toshi enjoyed
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a day of peace and harmony. or peace beauty and harmony is as we mentioned is the name of the new era in japan when our you know assumes the throne what challenges will the new monarch be facing during this new era well the monarchy in itself has a big big problem and that is that they don't have male heirs actually only two one is the brother whose name is who he thought and his son whose name is he it's quite complicated and only male heirs to assume this exactly and that has been a topic of big discussion for a long time actually because for a long time only there was only one grandchild and that was a goal and now basically in the modern era because this few male is there is probably going to be a new discussion about whether a woman can assume the throne a lot now at the ceremonies today and tomorrow or of course being framed by very strict shinto rituals and traditions what we'll be seeing unfold as we watch over
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the next few hours there for the three treasures the three sacred treasures that are going to be basically symbolically given back by akihito which is the sword and gem and also a mirror the to the sword in the gym are going to be given back the mirror is somewhere else stored somewhere else and those three treasures basically shrouded in mystery nobody really knows what they look like and this said to be directly descending from the sun goddess and wanted us to wear the jap. and he's more like he comes from thousands of years ago so we're going to see those in encased in boxes and that's a very rare occasion so look out for that ok your thanks very much into your will be with us throughout the day following this diffused to your door thanks very much . this is d.w. news still to come on the show expect more magic as the first champions league semi
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is get underway tonight i-x. travel to fellow giant killers tottenham but key players will be missing for the english side. on but first climate change is forcing more and more people to flee their homes because of flooding drought and extreme weather sub-saharan africa low lying coastal regions are especially at risk experts think that millions of people will be displaced by climate change over the next half century our next report comes from a village in indonesia where parents teachers children or primary school are already feeling the effects of rising sea levels. which means happy peach lives on the indian ocean due to rising seas and heavy rainfall the village is sinking into the sea. the flooding continues even now during dry season the local primary school is down and smells of rot parents say
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conditions are intolerable and more than half the children have been taken out of school. teachers in primary grades. he attended this school himself and is determined to persevered. his classroom flooded for the first time in twenty thirteen. one. conditions here are very very difficult for us we often have to send the children home when the classrooms flood the children sit with their legs in water. regular instruction has become impossible the children are falling behind within the next five or six years rahmatullah believes the school will be submerged. it will be abandoned along with the village.
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what will it look like here three decades from now in the year two thousand and fifty. off the head forward with our. coast and. by the sea so life will not be the same as here there's a lot of. growth off the. horizontal strife. fifty. special. veto says that by mid century climate change will have forced forty million people to flee their homes in indonesia. farmers who could no longer till their fields slum dwellers ten rooftops have something into the sea.
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as a scientific advisor with climate. profit initiatives thanks so much for coming in this morning alexander very pessimistic assessment we saw there people fighting for food and water specifically in indonesia do you think that is in the nation's future do you agree with those as well i think the picture painted by the special envoy is definitely a pessimistic one unfortunately we will have to expect. severe consequences from sea level rise however how severe those will be will depend on the multitude affected and we know for example that temperature as for temperature change sea level rise can also be limited if we reduce emissions rapidly for example ok you say a number of factors what are the main factors that are contributing to this that you think we need to look out for so there's
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a couple of uncertainties related to sea level rise how high we will have to sort of expect to see the first rise in the future for example. respond stuff like this on the one hand and obviously also how the local conditions in london is you ok what advice would you give the indonesian government to to mitigate some of the some of the worst of these effects the most powerful tool available internationally to combat climate change still is the paris agreement. we know that we're not on track currently to meet the pairs women target instead of. i mean for one point five degrees limiting woman to one point five degree we are heading towards three degrees or so so asking and fighting for more ambitious climate targets within this year enough to see united nations framework is one option for for countries like indonesia ok there's a lot of pushback though against the person chord from the united states namely if
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the paris accords are not being held to what else can be done to combat climate change well apart from the political sphere which is still the most important ones of the parents agreement is still a very fundamental two there is signals from the economy that positive there's also things that can be done individually that individuals can contribute to to to address this topic ok where do you think the threats the biggest is is it in the developed world or in the developing world i think it's safe to say that the developing countries will be affected much more than the developed countries simply because they're so much more vulnerable if you look at the country like the netherlands for example compared with pacific islands. on the dish for example it is clear that the tools available for them to address and to adapt to climate change are very different briefly if you could what can people do themselves to help as many things from reducing air traffic and air travel if possible
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to buying local produce and to reduce the carbon footprint but i think in democracies in particular it's a very powerful tool to vote and to vote for a party that is actually them promising to deliver emissions from action ok alexander thank you very much alexander now scientific advisor with climate alex thanks for coming i think you are. ever more of that story you can see the full length documentary the climate exodus mass migration the real environmental disaster the story today here on d w n online if you have you dot com you can also find that on our you tube channel from tomorrow may first it's to mozambique now which is also struggling with severe flooding in the wake of cyclon kenneth more drenching rain falls forecast in the country's north where the powerful storm made landfall sunday so far thirty eight people have lost their lives the number is expected to rise the poor weather conditions have been hindering aid efforts with flights grounded just seconds
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likely to hit that country in as many months six weeks ago cyclon he died devastated the region around beira farther south. they can't get rid of the water quickly enough to rain here in pember in northernmost i'm baek keeps on coming. wrote snarr resemble rivers or actual rivers have burst their banks leaving huge areas underwater. aid agencies say psych loan kenneth's will bring twice as much rain is e.t.i. entire crop fields have been wiped out and people a shortage of food. you know the reason for making this is because people need this for a ride i said tell them something about the people here. the sheer amount of water
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on the ground is making it difficult to access the affected areas rescuers from brazil are on the scene they've come with boats because at the moment it's too dangerous for helicopters to fly but helicopters are what's really needed with many stranded without supplies. and want to help. police the people here won't be coming to help. until help arrives all they can do is wait counting the cost of the latest tropical disaster to land on mozambique shores. or we have some sports for you know the champions league summit finals kicked off this weekend first up as a clash between two of the term surprises have never played in the final of europe's top club competition but i ox is the true fairy tale story here the club's exciting attacking footballs captured the hearts and minds of the stats. few people
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gave i.x. a hope of success in this year's champions league but this young side has performed miracles after defeating wealthy clubs such as rail madrid. and eventis on their way to the semi finals. it has been a whirlwind season for the team and after four seasons without winning a major trophy this still fighting for three in this campaign. can of course we're enjoying it a lot but at the same time it doesn't really give you a lot of time to think about it because it just keeps going and of course we are really enjoying it. the club's budget is dwarfed by opponents top ones but that hasn't stopped the bookmakers from making i-x. the favorites tottenham coach mauricio pochettino has to cope without several key players star man harry kane is among those missing through injury while in form forward human son will sit out the first link you to suspension.
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situation that you cannot. give to the team but there are options you know. to play and if. you need to face. and we live with it but with a confidence always. confidence will be key for both clubs as they continue to defy their status as underdogs. now to the mystery well spot spotted off the coast of northern norway officials were puzzled when they found the beluga whale because it was equipped with a camera harness but it turned out that the harness a not so mysterious clue about where that whale came from. this beluga whale is allegedly a spy. harassing fishing boats off the northern coast of norway the whales seemingly used to human contact had been fitted with a go pro haunt us. there were clips like these that were on the way oh we
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tried to reach those clips and open them my colleague and i tried to do this for quite some time but we couldn't do it once we touched the clips the whale reacted and took off. eventually they were able to remove it and the fisherman found the words st petersburg written on the inside experts suggesting this well may have been trained by the russian navy and was either released or escaped captivity russia has naval programs that train whales to assist its personnel the whale was found not far from one of russia's main naval bases russian marine scientists say it's unlikely to be an experiment still confirming its provenance could well remain a mystery. of modern our top stories this hour later so-called islamic state has purportedly emerged from hiding to say the suicide bombings and. other groups. for the loss of territory in syria the i asked propaganda videos to show
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a leader. this is from berlin still in our business news donald trump files a lawsuit against germany's biggest bank after agrees to comply with demands from democrats and congress to release is financial data. that much more from the world of business with after a short break i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us.
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keiko for sure derby the big got red cards and some seem to forgo obsessive the master shall come storming the shop the me types
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know because my limits stomach's imagery magic matchmaking managed to block him smooth leaving the misleading title race why don't pledge to go from sixty minutes to jokes what's the connection between bret bios and the european union so he knows the t.w. correspondent at the baker can stretch this second line with the most sex by. stepping recipes for success strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d.w. . people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions. iran. journey through my hand full of
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contradictions on joy and sadness. confidence comes out. in our documentary depicts the contrast of everyday life. and help people cope with them. iran bittersweet. starts may second sunday double. double trump soused germany's biggest lame duck the u.s. presence tells dog not to hand over his business records that's up to political rivals in congress to months and. also coming up boeing nice questions on the onset of its first channel the meeting since its top selling jets in.


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