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this is deja vu news live from berlin japan prepares to begin a new era for the new emperor. rituals ratification have started for emperor akihito who officially steps aside at midnight local time it's the first abdication in japan in more than two hundred years. also coming up the leaders so-called islamic state making his first purported appearance in five years the terror group releasing a propaganda video said to show up here in it he claims the easter bombings
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in three long were revenge for the group's territorial losses in syria. plus flooding due to climate change we report from a village in indonesia where rising water levels are threatening people's homes and livelihoods lost a climate expert what can be done. bryan thomas thanks so much for joining us in the stork ceremony in japan at this hour emperor akihito is stepping down from the chrysanthemum throne this is the first time in two hundred years that a japanese mark has abdicated the emperor began the ritual of application a few hours ago at the imperial palace in tokyo where he reported his application to his ancestors. will be completed in a short and simple ceremony at the palace in about an hour's time. crowds of people
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are already gathering in front of the imperial palace to witness the event our hero's reign ends at midnight when his frown when a song the eldest son from friends noriko will become the new earth and his era then begins. let's take a closer look now at what the reign of emperor akihito has meant to japan and its people. the west the akihito was a groundbreaking figure long before he became emperor in one nine hundred fifty nine he married a commoner. a major taboo but the people loved it the couple recently celebrated their sixtieth anniversary. and some toshi hope their union will last that long the two wanted to marry during the akihito era.
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i spent thirty years of my life in this era since i was a year old so we've lived through catastrophes but i want to keep this time in my heart and enjoy the new era they have always to thin out the lawyer. now akihito is abdicating the first emperor to do so for two hundred years now with a few years ago after two operations. i sensed that my ability to lead was fading also in view of my age i'm worried that i can't fulfill my job a symbol of the state with all my strength as i have been up till now. and. akihito his role is partly to act as the conscience of the nation he's the official defender of the pacifist constitution visiting war memorials and paying homage to victims of japanese aggression he's criticize attempts to justify japan's military
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history including by the ruling conservatives under prime minister shinzo abi akitas son novel he told is supposed to carry on the tradition or going to show up in a behind it the two of them have a father son relationship. i think the father has always passed on his wisdom not that he says you have to do this but i think the future emperor has learned much from the old one. and then rushes from the crowd. was wearing didn't go off without a hitch stones were thrown and people tried to climb into the imperial coach me once a toshi enjoyed a day of peace and harmony. but the very latest let's go live now to tokyo and simon denny or the washington post bureau chief in japan thanks for being with us how are people marking this historic royal transition where you are well
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i say you know it's a holiday is a ten day to all of a period for go. see the things going on the streets are crowded with shoppers. past its sell things and this crass you said this process or it's honest you know respects to the emperor or you this isn't this is not dictation to impress us what i said there is the outpouring of emotion that you you might see in our case there is definitely you know a sense oath ceremony is a sensitive issue and this is a sense of gratitude and love wholly and grew up i see completes united states years right where he really has kind of humanize this role it's provided a link to the people of sudan you mentioned tradition and the actual ceremony that where there will be seeing in about an hour will be actually a very short one about ten minutes long what can we expect to see unfold later today at the imperial palace in tokyo. well you're right that adults are excusing
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what was a three hundred people now they are not for that ceremony we'll see the two of the sacred treasures the three sacred treasures of japan carrying out one of them is a jewel signifying benevolence is the soul of signifying valor and the third is american which exploded out that stays in and now the ships of ships or christ but we won't see those items now being in case it's only priests high priests and the emperor who sell ever gets to see these kind of these holy sacred relics that are symbols of the throne so it will be a short ceremony. and the house formally that. the senate is resigning yeah brutal say if you will it's tomorrow we'll have another ceremony at long a ceremony will crown prince he so to assume. the role and
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then in october we're going to have a big celebration to be passed on october the twenty second when dignitaries and royalty people around the world well can grow big public ceremony to mark nowra established improvements on the chrysanthemum throne assignment to tell something about the political significance of the chrysanthemum throne at a time of rising uncertainties and tensions in the region. yeah you know i think that the iraqis are isolated a source also been it's here in chicago you know it's funny it's a conservative institution but he's actually. here also right because of the problem you know your piece factions about his role to sort of remind you just these people who are science ass he's also just gone out of these the people i mean it's exhaustive it seems so he's he's brought this role down to earth i think his son is going to do more of the same you know to promise
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a country out this except to immigrants in so respond reached out to disable people's. herbals of victims of disasters i think his son will aps a continue to unify the nation you know a nation that is it's still immigrants and probably you know also tightly issues i think might try to change and solve which is he's believed to be honestly interested simon down here from the washington post there in tokyo thanks very much pleasure. let's check in now some of the other stories making news today the united states deputy attorney general rod roden rosenstein has submitted is resignation rosenstein the official who appointed special counsel robert mueller to investigate president trump's election campaign he also supported the justice department's conclusion that the president had not struck the dollars investigation resignation of the expected for some time. u.s. president trump is suing georgia bank to stop it giving congressional investigators
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financial records about his company's bank is one of trump's main business creditors. two congressional committees have subpoenaed the bank as they investigate allegations of possible foreign influence on u.s. faults. now he's been presumed dead and more than once but the leader of so-called islamic state could be alive if it is verified a propaganda video released by us shows here all baghdadi praising the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka he says they're part of the group's revenge for its recent losses in syria he's back islamic state releases a video of what it says is its leader abu bakr baghdadi appearing for the first time in five years the propaganda video released on monday says the islamic state has been defeated in syria referring to the final battle in the city of but that
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the war against what it sees as the christian west and its allies is far from over and them all but at. the battle between islam and its people. the cross and its people is a long. the battle of the goose has ended. and in it the barbarity and savagery of the nation of the cross towards islam was clear that. he promises to seek revenge for the killing and imprisonment of its fighters in syria and praises the deadly attacks in sri lanka on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people as well as a spate of small attacks around the world. despite a twenty five million us dollars bounty on his head he's a life and he says he's still in charge he looks humbled and much older than five years ago. it's
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a far cry from this moment the establishment of islamic states caliphates announced from the pulpit of no remote school in mosul iraq two thousand and fourteen. but daddy is saying that the islamic state may not be powerful in syria it's still internationally active and paying close attention to world events. marcus time joins us now from the german history for international and security affairs good morning marcus great to have you on again assuming this video is indeed authentic what's its message i think the key messages all the key messages the threefold one the first message is i'm alive where a couple of reports about the last couple of years so he can now prove that he's alive the second message is he's in trouble and he's the sole authority to run the operations of these men which they did and the third key message maybe is of the important most important long fight will continue in
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a different form ok now where might he be has virtually no territory left the rubble basically in syria where my he be located and could he be running his network from hiding to be honest with no id and with no indication from the new way he is it might be of qana standard might be the philippians it might be some of the plays but i think it doesn't really matter because he does not mean you are from the logistics of tourist operations of the islamic state he's running a web of. which he inspires and he can continue to do so from every hideout in the world ok you say that he inspires so his function at this point is primarily inspirational and for us members and people want to be members around the world absolutely and that is drains hall as has planned from the from a terrorist organization in twenty feet fourteen into a political or military are only zation for the less. couple of years you know it's
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returning back to a terrorist organization. inspiring islamists all of the world what about the timing of this video we haven't heard from of the have an audio recordings of separately but we haven't seen him for four or five years can you tell us something about the timing i think it's crucial here because. over the last month we've heard all we almost always do is have you discussed the decline of islamic state the defeat the military defeat of these i mean state and given this environment or changed environment it's crucial for these them to prove that he really he is alive and that these and we've stayed as all in the nation is capable of continuing to continue to fight you mention the word war of attrition which is. the future of this kind of fight ok the future of this kind of fight can we expect more i asked attacks on soft targets including here in europe i'm afraid so maybe not so much that was new york because western intelligence services already have.
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continued to fight against the islamic state but we have seen the spread of islamic state in other areas of the world you mentioned the philippines where the tremendous spread of the islamic state in afghanistan and i think we will see it continue the continuation of the attacks marcus time from the german institute for international security affairs thank you so very much for the insights it's to mozambique now which is struggling with severe flooding in the wake of cyclonic canis more trencher rain falls forecast and countries north where the powerful storm made landfall sunday so far thirty eight people have lost their lives that number is expected to increase the poor weather conditions have been hindering aid efforts with flights grounded this is the second cycle on to hit the country in as many months six weeks ago cyclonic die devastated the region farther south. they can't get rid of the water quickly enough the rain here in pember the
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northernmost on beak keeps on coming. road snarr resemble rivers or actual rivers have burst their banks leaving huge areas underwater. aid agencies say cycle own kenneth's will bring twice as much rain is e.t.i. entire crop fields have been wiped out and people a shortage of food. you know that business making business because these people need is needed for a fight i think they owe them something at the frequency of. the sheer amount of water on the ground is making it difficult to access the affected areas rescuers from brazil are on the scene they've come with boats because at the moment it's too dangerous for helicopters to fly but helicopters are what's really needed with many
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stranded without supplies. and want to help. police people young people men to help get until help arrives all they can do is wait counting the cost of the latest tropical disaster to land on mozambique shores. well to find out more d.w. use adrian cray spoke with the prime minister of mozambique carlos against you know to go he asked them what needed to be done to help effected regions we lost about two hundred eighty people and we're all over the cup together. but we still still have to have to move into to make sure that you. know no more people have been are at a loss for lesser degree life. possibly we need to move move move move just give the instrument at the p l a couple is to look in the books because some someplace
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like you believe not possible to bridge that the new bodies in the neighborhoods because roads is being cut and put off and do we need to have them in the food in the in the noble and in the in the stuffs to be. left in the room to even then to use and so over in the public is infrastructures and in private inflation is really beautifully done and we have no and process to really be good. for the people we need to every step and the people that we need there were do say the construction of the household names in the peer groups in terms of and do so if things are moving a little to that the prime minister of mozambique there carlos are just you know rezai oh now same weather flooding and drought are all signs of climate change in countries like mozambique in sub-saharan africa and other low lying coastal regions are especially at risk from its effects experts believe millions of people will be
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displaced by climate change over the next half century reporting now from a village in indonesia just one location struggling to cope with rising sea levels . on top of behind which means happy peach lies on the indian ocean due to rising seas and. the rainfall the village is sinking into the sea. the flooding continues even now during dry season the local primary school is damp and smells of rot parents say conditions are intolerable and more than half the children have been taken out of school. teachers in primary grades. he attended the school himself and is determined to persevered. his classroom flooded for the first time in twenty thirteen.
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well but none that i am i support a conditions here are very very difficult for us we often have to send the children home if it was loaded when the classrooms flooded the children sit with their legs in water. regular instruction has become impossible the children are falling behind within the next five or six years rahmatullah believes the school will be submerged. it will be abandoned along with the village . what will it look like here three decades from now in the year two thousand and fifty. them there will be the most extreme conditions of off to have there for. seventeen thousand islands at all of course and that will be if not by the sea so life will not be the same as here there's
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a lot of illness that will replace us and the comic growth of the whole world could be disturbed by horizontal strife. fifty. special. veto says that by mid century climate change will have forced forty million people to flee their homes in indonesia. farmers who can no longer till their fields slum dwellers ten rooftops have sunk into the sea. as a scientific advisor with climate. profit initiatives thanks so much for coming in this morning alexander a very pessimistic assessment we saw there are people fighting for food and water specifically in indonesia do you think that is indonesia's future do you agree with
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those as well i think the picture painted by the special envoy is definitely a pessimistic one unfortunately we will have to expect. severe consequences. however how severe those will be will depend on the multitude affected and we know for example that temperature as for temperature change sea level rise can also be limited if we reduce emissions rapidly for example ok you say a number of factors what are the main factors that are contributing to this that you think we need to look out for so there's a couple of uncertainties related to sea level rise how high we will have to sort of expects us to rise in the future for example how will respond stuff like this on the one hand and obviously also how the local conditions in other news you ok what advice would you give the indonesian government to to mitigate some of the some of the worst of these effects the most powerful tool available internationally
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to combat climate change still is the paris agreement. that we're not on track currently to meet the pair's agreement instead of i mean one points. degree limiting warming to one point five degree we're heading towards three degrees or so so asking and fighting for more ambitious climate targets within this universe to see united nations framework is one option for for countries like indonesia ok there's a lot of pushback though against the paris accord from the united states mainly if the paris accords are not being held to what else can be done to combat climate change well apart from the political sphere which is still the most important ones of the president still a very fundamental two there is signals from the economy that positive there's also things that can be done individually that individuals can contribute to to to address this topic ok where do you think the threats the biggest is is it in the
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developed world or in the developing world i think it's safe to say that the developing countries will be affected much more than the developed countries simply because they're so much more vulnerable if you look at the country like the netherlands for example and compared with pacific islands on the dish for example it is clear that the tools available for them to address and to adapt to climate change are very different briefly if you could what can people do themselves to help as many things from reducing air traffic and air travel if possible to find local produce and to reduce the carbon footprint but i think in democracies in particular it's a very powerful tool to vote and to vote for a party that is actually promising to deliver emissions comics ok alexander thank you very much alexander now scientific advisor with climate alex thanks for coming i think you are. ever much more on this issue we have the full length documentary
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the climate exit is mass migration the real environmental disaster starting today here on the dub you online a d t v dot com you can also view the film at our you tube channel starting tomorrow may first now it is to the mystery why oil spotted off the coast of northern norway fishermen were puzzled when they found the beluga well because it was equipped with a camera harness but it turned out that the harness carried a not so mysterious clue about where that whale might have come from. this beluga whale is allegedly a spy. harassing fishing boats off the northern coast of norway the whale seemingly used to human contact had been fitted with a go pro harness so. there were clips like these that were on the way oh we tried to reach those clips and open them my colleague and i tried to do this for quite
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some time but we couldn't do it once we touched the clips the whale reacted and took off. once freed from the harness the fisherman found the words and petersburg written on the inside experts to suggesting that this whale may have been trained by the russian navy and was either released or escapes captivity the way it was found not far from a russian naval base and russian marine scientists say it's unlikely to be part of a scientific experiment but for the time being it's the region's remain a mystery. we have so football for you know the champions league semifinals kick off this week first up is a clash between two of the tournament surprises tottenham have never played in a final of europe's top club competition but i ox is the true fairytale story. few people gave i.x. a hope of success in this year's champions league but this young side has performed miracles after defeating wealthy clubs such as rail madrid and eventis on their way
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to the semifinals. it has been a whirlwind season for the team and after a four seasons without winning a major trophy this still fighting for three in this campaign. that can of course we're enjoying it a lot but at the same time it doesn't really give you a lot of time to think about it because it just keeps going and of course we're really enjoying it when you do it on the clubs but it is dwarfed by opponents top names but that hasn't stopped the bookmakers from making i.x. the favorites tottenham coach mauricio pochettino has to cope without several key players star man harry kane is among those missing through injury while in form forward human son will sit out the firstly due to suspension. situation that you cannot. give to the tune in but there are options you know or different option. that was needed to plea to fit in with you know we need to face
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lucian and we need it but with the confidence always high. confidence will be key for both clubs as they continue to defy their status as underdogs. we have our more football straight ahead with kick off and we're live in japan at the top of the hour i'm brian thomas thanks for being with us. to.
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kick off. your constructive debacle they got to read current income statement for going. to the mosque to come storming the shop and coming. because my image stumped me in a dramatic match make me manage to block him to even the most legal title race why don't the. kick off next on the.
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whole. i'm not often come out of the jam. well i guess sometimes i am but most of the things with the research i have been thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes of the class if you think you see for the country that i know a long time. yet you don't seem to take in this drama day out to me it's all about who. knew me by my job to join me to meet the germans on d.w. post to know that seventy seven percent clapping are younger than six. that's me and me. came to know what time of voice is. going to seventy seven percent talk about the issues.
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from politics to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the seventy seven percent. this weekend b.t.w. . it started with a sublime strike and ended in pure drama the revered darby dortmund again this is it doubly with us.


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