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this is d.w. news live from showdown in venezuela and a video posted on twitter for opposition leader. backed by soldiers launches what he says is the final phase in his bid to oust president make the last mughal we'll go live to caracas for the very latest is also coming up the end of an era in japan emperor akihito advocates are in
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a solemn ceremony in tokyo's imperial palace it is the first application the country has seen for more than two hundred years. the so-called islamic state for least as a propaganda video that they say shows the group's leader abu bakar. he claims the easter bombings in sri lanka or the group's revenge for its defeat in syria. and with the champions league semifinal looming we have an exclusive interview with liverpool's much loved coach ahead of the team's clash with barcelona he tells us why the spanish couple have a big challenge on the fact. i'm sumi so was going to thank you for joining us we start with some breaking news from venezuela opposition leader why though has posted a video on social media calling for a military. and if he says the moment is now. now he is surrounded by men in
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military uniforms as well as another key opposition leader leopoldo lopez wedo says what he calls the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has now begun the government says it is confronting what it is calling a small group of traitor. but let's get the very latest now our correspondent off gosh lanka is standing by on the line in caracas oscar the seems to be a fast developing situation give us an idea of what is happening right now. you know we woke up this morning with sort of a new. video of one wave on my beautiful ask you because there's there was a big protest planned for tomorrow first of may or after traditional day to go out in protest. whereas all said that first of may starts today you have piers surrounded by military and at the side going up with who's a political prisoner that's been in jail for the past four years and want that
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prize a lot of. baby. been. there from military involved or from the government that they allowed. for their no place to decree. i don't want to wait on so that's what we're seeing at the moment. also we're having a little bit of trouble with your line but we are seeing images right now of why don't you on the streets in cuttack as we have also seen images of the other key opposition leader leopoldo lopez on the streets it appears to be a bunch of people gathered around them at least there have been images of that a little bit earlier who do we have an idea of who has been gathering today who has joined them. well it's still a developing story there's a lot of people calling to the street to take to the streets to start the protest of the first of may early and started today. we did see some tear gas bombs being
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thrown at this concentration aware of one point going there on the lopez floor and . so on we have a sense of what's to come during the day people are going to take to the streets there might be outburst of violence and we're hoping that's not the case but that's something that can be expected today that is the fear of course why those saying that he has started the final phase of his plan to our model what does that mean. well it's going to be him since he proclaimed himself president in. january one weighs on and said that there is a three phase plan which is to stop the use your position to start a government of transition and free and fair elections and that the most difficult part of this plan has been the end procedures or patient of the caller's mother
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little so to alst going to mother would own in order to start a transition in government so today that's what he's saying it's the final phase of that first part of a plan to oust mother would tell us about the activists that we've also seen on the streets in caracas and some of the images that's been coming through today leopoldo lopez who had been detained by the government we understand he was freed by the military is that correct. well that. that's the only way that he could have been freed he's been in prison since two thousand and fourteen. the leader of the opposition and one of the party's political parties here in minutes one until he was detained and he's been on very high profile. political terms. in venezuela he was given house arrest a couple years ago and he is the leader or the president. of the
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political party that represents one. which is one but before that so it's very significant that he is walking the streets today. because. of the gag order and he has been trying for the past year or so and now we seem to prevent gives a lot of hope to the opposition that there is support from within the military and also remind us again what the mother little government is doing and saying at this point. minister of information that they are dealing with a small group of traders right now they're trying to articulate their circulate the . small. traders from within the military. and that's all that we've heard at the moment but this is a developing story where we're checking to see what the government. well pronounce and the family hour away all right off the show anchor in contact us as we look out
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there at those pictures of what's taking place in caracas developing situation thank you very much for bringing us up to date. anytime. now to some other stories making headlines around the world sri lanka's president has lifted the nationwide social media ban it was imposed after the easter suicide bomb attacks that killed more than two hundred fifty people the band had blocked facebook whatsapp you tube and other popular sites the government said it blocked social media to curb the spread of misinformation in the wake of the bombings. the chief executive of boeing denis mellon bird has defended the company's safety record and declined to take any more than partial blame for two deadly crashes of its best selling plane a seven thirty seven max speaking after the shareholders meeting mullen bird said boeing had almost finished an update that would make the plane safer. us president donald trump is suing deutsche bank to stop it from giving congressional
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investigators financial records about his company's deutsche as one of trump's main business creditors two congressional committees have subpoenaed the bank as they investigate allegations of possible foreign influence on u.s. politics. japan's emperor akihito was formally stepped down from the throne in a ceremony of tokyo's imperial palace he's the first japanese emperor to abdicate in more than two hundred years his eldest son not a veto will officially assume the throne in a short ceremony tomorrow the emperor holds no political power but japanese people were very him as a symbol of the nation's tradition and history. a simple ten minute ceremony and being a thirty year reign and breaking with japanese imperial tradition for the first time in more than two centuries against an unpretentious backdrop and pretty akihito perform the main ritual at the imperial palace tondo over what's known as the chrysanthemum throne to his son. the ceremony saw the emperor relinquish an
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ancient sword and jewel sacred regalia that tradition dictates should be seen by no one but the emperor. addressing those assembled in the palaces room of pine acca hito paid tribute to his subjects. so. i am very thankful and happy and i have been able to fulfill my duties as emperor with trust and respect for the japanese people for the last thirty years. prime minister shinzo abby had warm words for the outgoing emperor reflecting on some of japan's recent challenges including the two thousand and eleven toonami and earthquake. and the empress were always there for the victims of disasters and it gave them hope and courage for the future. came. back
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a he was granted permission to abdicate on grounds of age and declining health but his reign has left an indelible mark on japan's tradition bound monocle. after succeeding his father hirohito in one thousand nine hundred nine acca hito were to extend a hand of peace to those harmed by his country's imperial ambitions. it was in his father's name that japan committed many of the atrocities that shook the pacific during world war two aca hito spent much of his early reign on diplomatic trips where he expressed his deep remorse over his country's wartime transgressions after he tows application will make him the first japanese emperor to leave the throne without leaving his country into war. but after he hasn't bid farewell quite yet the eighty five year old technically remains emperor until the stroke of midnight. and that's when the throne officially passes to his eldest son crown
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prince naruhito. and the country ushers in the new imperial era of re wa beautiful harmony journalist sonia has been following today's events and she joins us from tokyo hi sonia you were covering the ceremony earlier this morning tell us what it was like yes this afternoon i went to the imperial palace and first of all was held up by one of the guards saying i couldn't pass so that was. an interesting start eventually i managed to get into the imperial palace and was waiting with all the journalists who had to be ushered through very dark corridors to their rooms in which we could observe the ceremony and it was very solemn very simple. you could only hear the footsteps maybe the sound of the fabrics of the people in those and
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of course the speeches but that was it and i think it went well from the perspective of the imperial family it was no the cup or anything so yeah tomorrow we'll see a new age it's exciting it's sunny exciting indeed give us an idea of how important this event is to japan. many people see it as meaning the start of a new year not only on the calendar so to speak but really for themselves i've spoken to a few people at the imperial palace outside waiting for things to happen and they said that they expect change and they really also want to change their own lives before we talk about the change coming let's talk about emperor akihito how popular has he then. he's been very popular especially because of always trying to find a connection with the regular people he's not be in anywhere near as new friend and
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distanced like his father that he and his wife they they kept visiting the victims of natural disasters for example and also on the trips abroad like you mentioned earlier he expressed his remorse and i think he's really been seen as a symbol of peace in japan and also outside if you can sonny you mentioned some people are looking forward to change what can we expect from akido son that will he tell how might he actually change the throne. well he studied of girls and and again i spoke with a few people afterwards and they say that they hope for him to bring japan closer to the rest of the world making use of his experience together the role of he will of course also follow in the footsteps of his father propagating peace so i think that part from not change but we might see
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a few changes they kind of too much in their position but i think within their their scope they will try to change the institution of the imperial family in japan that is the question sonia because as we said the emperor doesn't actually have political power how can the throne really define any era. the previous emperor akihito he's managed in some of his speeches by by his use of words. slightly criticize maybe the current very conservative government by always focusing on peace his speeches whereas the current government is seen as very very conservative in trying to strengthen the military and also they want to change the present this constitution in japan which is something that apparently the imperial family is not very keen to see and i think
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his son will follow in his footsteps journalist on a basket speaking to us from tokyo thank you very much. he has been presumed dead more than once but the leader of the so-called islamic state could be alive a propaganda video released by ass shows abu bakar al baghdadi praising the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka he sets they are part of the group's revenge for its losses in syria but. if this is who islamic state claims it is that it would be abu bakr al baghdadi first appearance in five years. in the video shot in an unknown location he acknowledges the group's recent defeat in its last syrian stronghold of bug juice he also refers to other i.a.s. losses in libya and in iraq. but he tries to justify the defeats by saying i asked doesn't have to end it just has to continue carrying out to jihad. urges his
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followers to carry out revenge attacks around the world well look at that and. he goes on to praise the deadly bombings in sri lanka on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people saying they were ordered in revenge for what he calls the brothers in the one with his body despite his threats analysts say the purpose of this video is to show that he's still in charge and larch and has managed to evade capture. since this moment back in twenty fourteen when he announced the establishment of the caliphate in the iraqi city of mosul. but he remains the world's most wanted man the u.s. has a twenty five million dollars bounty on his head and they say they will continue to hunt him down until he is found what are you. let's get some analysis on the story
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now we have tito steinberg with us from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you for joining us first of all do you think this video is authentic yes absolutely it looks like him it sounds like him and the video contains information plus it is. it contains the logo of the traditional media production company of the islamic state and for i've never seen any video produced by them that was not authentic the first time we've seen him in years now what did you make of his message about the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka well yes is under pressure in iraq in syria and they have to prove to their supporters that they are still relevant they have done that perpetrating the attack in sri lanka and. he's also claiming an attack in his own fee in saudi arabia that was foiled on easter sunday
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so this is obviously a concerted effort. to try to get tax and by becoming active in the propaganda war again to show that i yes in spite of its defeat in iraq in syria is still a force to be reckoned with and very much to show that al baghdadi is still at large and as we heard in our report still very much in charge where could he be at the moment and how has he been able to run this network if he is in hiding well yes has been an underground organization between two thousand and six and two thousand and eleven so in a way the organization has gone back to its former self he was already one of the leaders of this organization in this area. when the when the organization was mainly based in. north iraq i believe that he's in hiding either in iraq or syria i suspect that is that it is iraq simply because the. conditions for the
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organization are much better in iraq than in the neighboring countries do we have an idea of what role he still plays in the islamic state how powerful he still is in the organization i don't know i don't know maybe our intelligence services know more many people said that he was not in charge for a long time simply because there was so many ex military officials of the saddam hussein regime in his surroundings all these people are dead i think that he's the leader of the islamic state in iraq and he seems to have an influence on the affiliate network simply because he gave away so so much money in recent years it is no coincidence that the latest information from two thousand and eighteen talked about money transfers from iraq in syria via turkey to eastern asia and that is part of the reason why we have seen an increasing number of attacks in asia
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including sri lanka recently what do you think this video tells us about i asked this strategy going forward as it has lost its territory in syria well it's globalisation the organization has built an affiliate network with affiliates in the caucasus the philippines yemen libya dishonorably and if you look if you watch the whole video carefully you will realize that most of his message messaging concerns the affiliate network even talks about the new affiliate that he accepts into the organization in mali and book enough so the organization is broadening the front in a way you know that they have problems in iraq in syria they want to mobilize their supporters worldwide but especially in the affiliate provinces to perpetrate attacks not the chilling message from the german institute for international security affairs thank you for your now thirty. to mozambique now which is
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struggling with severe flooding in the wake of cyclon kenniff more torrential rainfall is forecast in the country's north where the powerful storm made landfall on sunday so far thirty eight people have lost their lives the poor weather conditions have been complicating aid efforts flights are grounded it's a second cycle to hit the country in as many mt months six weeks ago cyclonic devastated the region further south. they can't get rid of the water quickly enough to rain here in pember the northernmost i'm beat keeps on coming. wrote snare resemble rivers were actual rivers have burst their banks leaving huge areas underwater. aid agencies say psych loan canis will bring twice as much rain is e.t.i.
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entire crop fields have been whites' out and people a shortage of food. you know the real reason for making this is because these people need this they are down. there some somethings are the people here. the sheer amount of water on the ground is making it difficult to access the affected areas rescuers from brazil are on the scene they've come with boats because at the moment it's too dangerous for helicopters to fly but helicopters are what's really needed with many stranded without supplies. and want to help. police people young people men to help them until help arrives all they can do is wait counting the cost of the latest tropical disaster to land on mozambique shores. debby's adrien creech is in mozambique covering this disaster for us
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he sent us this update on relief efforts from the city of pemba in the north. the weather became much better in the last hour as it stopped raining and as you can see here they are packing these planes of the world food program in the united nations and they're bringing food items to rural areas the question is how long will the weather remain like this that is where you can see there really hurrying up there really try to get as many heli copters out as possible before the weather possibly getting worse again. or a football now and anticipation is reaching fever pitch ahead of the champion's league semifinals this week tottenham take on i.x. tonight the english team will be without some key players for the home first like striker harry kane is sidelined with injury and forward saw him in will miss out due to suspension i x. is hoping to continue their fairytale after knocking up around madrid and you ventus the last time i axed one european cup was in one nine hundred ninety five.
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on wednesday liverpool coach takes his team to mighty barcelona club is desperate to win his first champions league title after losing in the final with dortmund and liverpool in the past but in an exclusive interview with g w proved to be as relaxed and unflappable as ever barcelona he wore it. liverpool coach your gun club is on the cusp of possibly the most important few weeks of his career plus a loner awaits in the champions league semifinals and a premier league title is on the line but the german still has time to fool around showing d.w. his normal worn mogue a reference to former rival jos a marino once labeling himself the special one book club is special his team are enjoying a dream season and now look holmes will favorites barcelona something new for the fifty one year old as saw so many games from out of teams ago puzzling because i
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never played them in a competitive game and so many times i was a failing by doing it that's how it is because they are just so good and i always thought it would be interesting to try it yourself once liverpool overcame porto in the champions league quarter finals and are looking to reach a third european final in four years on the club they lost the previous two but he would still be proud of the feat. impressive. i don't know we would see it's a pretty good team to face so it's possible and. that's a really good football team but i don't see how it is a sport so if you're in a dens you should try to win and of course that's what they will do and we are not a dream draw i would say it's not that you're thinking yes since we were poor little messi and his barcelona team mates including clubs fellow german mark dagon are not the only ones occupying the form adult and boss at present manchester city
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top the premier league by a point from liverpool and the priority for fans is clear. on wednesday when the german state then on sunday said that they would hear from a leak and then on tuesday he needed to as league and then said are they after that or sunday i think we have probably so. becoming that decision we have to play our best football in each game but if you ask people that's a. very. also for the people who would be willing to leak little code of not when the english title she's ninety nine see. the glory days back there's nothing noble about your didn't call. our modern off our top stories we're following here on d w venezuelan opposition leader has posted a video on social media in which he says the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has begun the government has responded saying it is confronting what it calls
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a small group of traders. and japan's emperor akihito has advocated a solemn ceremony at the imperial palace in tokyo to hand over to his eldest son prince now he talked at midnight local time it's japan's first avocation more than two hundred years. coming up kick off or we take a look at match day thirty one of the bush just like us a turn for the. kickoff
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. dortmund's derby debacle they got red cards and conceded forego a plan to the moss to show cause storm in their shot at the mean time. no because
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i am munich stunting in a dramatic match they can only manage to law against leaving the list make a title race why don't they. take off next on g.w. . in the face of danger. fredricka until even pound obama know well what that's like. as their judge who reports nothing bad which means that their safety net is constant and fixed. but other efforts really worth it to reporters take on italy's mafia. shows up in sixty minutes on d w.
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the only border is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is keep shifting cowards the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen and the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following whom do we trust to debate and shape the future at the doj of l a global media forum twenty nine t. the place may for minds.
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