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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 30, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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large crowds approaches have amounted to some. freedom. successes but not a change in the revolution which is what most of the people that are protesting want now what the people today are protesting and they feel involved and also by the support of some military that we saw supporting one way though they want the end of the corner for the leader presidency and as a future patient that's what they call it and to start a government of transition and then to have free and fair elections that is the what's motivating people to protest today that is what was motivating then to go to the protests tomorrow on the day and that's what we're seeing today. the role of the military he's going to be in there but it's also quite confused at the moment we have why though saying that he has. the militia leaders supporting him and the president say that he has total loyalty from the army. yes it's very confusing
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sometimes we have journalists here have to read between the lines because we do not get official information from the government that's where the military is planning to do or role do it is in the tortillas that we've seen only pronouncements from the minister of defense but we haven't seen any pronunciations or any kind of information given from any of the high military ranking officials that the lead the air force the army the navy and all the other forces. which usually when we see something like an uprising of today happen they are quick to respond on twitter or on any other form of communication we've also seen that communication from the color of my daughter has been. very seldom as
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well. proportion to what we're seeing on the streets today we've only seen some information but not that much from the group of muslims government so we've heard people saying that today is not the whole never this day of this operation live it's a is today's riots any different to the ones that we've seen across the last year the last few years. yes it's very different because we're seeing a civilian movement supported by some military officials and that's what people are seeing on their screens on the internet we're here in venezuela we're not seeing that much on television. but that is what is involving people to go to the streets take to the streets because that's giving them hope to see the military supporting their claim to a change in venezuela and to restore democracy which is what the opposition is saying that they're fighting for. so it is
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a civilian movement supported by military officials and then other elements is that we're seeing there more than open and liberty and freedom he's one of the most prominent not only political leaders but also political prisoners in venezuela he's been in jail for five years the past two years of house arrest and we've heard a little of him and now we're seeing him side by side one way though and that's very significant because you're saying that he was freed by military officials that supporters want to weigh in on. today's riots comes that that things have taken everyone by surprise as a big march was planned for tomorrow may day may the first is that likely still to go ahead. well it it's hard to say we are expecting that today will be a long thing it will be a day where we will see some violence we will see we are already seeing some people hurt we're hoping that we don't see any dead today but it is
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a day that will be marked by some violent some turmoil and that could lead into. a nothing of civil liberties tomorrow so that might warp the protests for tomorrow but tomorrow also chappie stuff and opposition are expected to march so it'll be difficult to suspend those marches but one way they want to set up the may day started today and in terms of the response from the government compared to the that the strength the speed of today's response from from the from the government so what has happened before how does how do they compare that. well the government has been very successful in the past to respond to these fast acting these these quick. problems that arise and these uprisings but today has been different we have heard little from
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the call of member we've heard. nothing at all from high military ranking officials and that that is. god that we can suspect that there can be some discord nation in the messages that they want to give now that could be interpreted in many ways it would be hard to take what is under the sleeve of the government we know that the element of surprise actually took them up in this kind of myself their psyche in that caracas for now thank you. and of course more on the developing situation in caracas throughout the evening here on the data a climate change is forcing more and more people to leave their homes because of flooding drought ime to extreme weather sub-saharan africa and large buying coastal
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regions are especially at risk experts believe that millions of people will be displaced by climate change over the next half century annex report comes from a village in indonesia where parents teachers and children at primary school are already feeling the effects of rising sea levels. a simple ten minute ceremony ending a thirty year vein and breaking with japanese imperial tradition for the first time in more than two centuries. which means happy beach lies on the indian ocean due to rising seas and heavy rainfall the village is sinking into the sea. the flooding continues even now during dry season the local primary school is down and smells of rot parents say conditions are intolerable and more than half the children have been taken out of school.
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teachers in primary grades. he attended this school himself and is determined to persevered. his classroom flooded for the first time in twenty thirteen. but. the conditions here are very very difficult for us we often have to send the children home when the classrooms flood the children sit with their legs in water. regular instruction has become impossible the children are falling behind but in the next five or six years rahmatullah believes the school will be submerged. it will be abandoned along with the village. what will it look like here three decades from now in the year two thousand and
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fifty. but damn there will be the most extreme conditions of their forward with our seventeen thousand islands a lot of coast and that will be if not by the sea so life will not be the same as here there is a lot of illness that will replace the. growth of the whole world to be disturbed by horizontal strife. one against the other because fighting for food water may be erasure. very sad picture and twenty fifty. special climate envoy veto says that by mid century climate change will have forced forty million people to flee their homes in indonesia alone farmers who can no longer till their fields slum dwellers whose ten roof tots have sunk into the sea.
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apologies for the technical articles of the start of the match reports japan's emperor akihito a formally steps down from the throne and a ceremony at tokyo's imperial palace is the first japanese emperor to abdicate in more two hundred years zelda sundowner he too well i assume the throne in a short ceremony and perhaps the political power but he is revered as a symbol of the country's tradition and history. a simple ten minute ceremony ending a thirty year vein and breaking with japanese imperial tradition for the first time in more than two centuries. against an unpretentious backdrop emperor akihito performed the main ritual at the imperial palace to hand over what's known as the chrysanthemum throne to his son. the ceremony so the emperor of relinquish an ancient sword and jewel sacred regalia that tradition dictates should be seen by no
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one but the emperor. addressing those assembled in the palaces room of pine akihito paid tribute to his subjects. so. i am very thankful and happy as i have been able to fulfill my judaizers emperor with trust and respect for the japanese people for the last thirty years. prime minister shinzo i had warm words for the outgoing emperor reflecting on some of japan's recent challenges that included the two thousand and eleven tsunami and earthquake. and the empress were always there for the victims of disasters and gave them hope and courage for the future. people applied to for us. how can he too was granted permission to abdicate on grounds of age and declining health but his reign has left an indelible mark on japan's
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tradition bound monarchy. after succeeding his father hirohito in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine how quito spent much of his early reign on diplomatic trips. especially to express his deeper morse over his country's wartime transgressions. akihito as abdication will make him the first japanese emperor to leave the throne without leading his country into war for the japanese people it's an emotional moment. but i think that what are you honest i don't think it's settled in that he's abdicated so there is a bit of sadness in me so you think even before he ascended the throne he was always thinking about the people he was an emperor that really cared for the people . so i think it's the people who should really be saying thank you to him. but
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hearing his last words today in. really shows his personality and kindness so i'm happy to hear that. the eighty five year old remained emperor until the stroke of midnight local time on april thirtieth the throne now officially passes to his elder son crown prince not a veto. and the country ushers in the new imperial era of. beautiful harmony. and despite being reported dead and survey the engine more than once it looks as though the leader of the islamic state militant group is still alive and i asked propaganda video appears to show a baghdadi praising the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka and declaring that part of the group's revenge for losses in syria. if this is who islamic state
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claims it is then it would be about daddy's first appearance in five years. in the video shot in an unknown location he acknowledges the group's recent defeat in its last syrian stronghold of the goose. he also refers to other eye as losses in libya and in iraq but he tries to justify the defeats by saying yes doesn't have to win it just has to continue carrying all jihad and he urges his followers to continue carrying out revenge attacks around the world. he goes on to praise the deadly bombings in sri lanka on easter sunday which killed two hundred fifty people saying they were ordered in revenge for their brothers in bugaboos. despite his threats analysts say the purpose of this video is to show he is still in charge and at large and has managed to evade chemistry.
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the video was also a topic during iraqi prime minister's visit with chancellor merkel one would assume he knows more but here in berlin he kept a low profile not just there was some intelligence about the whereabouts of but from the video it is clear that the location is very simple they were isolated and kept simple even his clothing provides information about his location. we will have to concern ourselves for some time with the question of how i ask can be defeated and in my view this video supports that this is the correct assessment i talked. about daddy remains the world's most wanted man the u.s. has a twenty five million dollars bounty on his head and says it will continue to hunt him down until he is found. let's get more on this from dimebag
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from the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the. if this video offended this i think so it looks like a daddy it sounds like but daddy and the video is clearly an i.a.s. video it has an i.a.s. logo it has the logo of the media production company of i.a.s. . perhaps most importantly the old one the one that was used until the islamic state was founded in two thousand and fourteen so i clearly believe that this is by daddy and that this is an official i asked video so if the last time we saw him on video was our it was two thousand and fourteen so why is he popped up now well i think because i was under pressure yes has founded a state and as it has lost the state in iraq and syria it has there are even some
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politicians who believe that i.a.s. has been defeated and now the organization has to show its supporters that it remains relevant by perpetrating.


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