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until he is found. let's get more on this from. from the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to day doubly. if this video offended this i think so it looks like a daddy it sounds like but. the video is clearly an i.a.s. video it has an i.a.s. logo it has the logo of the media production company of i.a.s. . perhaps most importantly the old one the one that was used until the islamic state was founded in two thousand and fourteen so i clearly believe that this is by daddy and that this is an official video so the last time we saw him on video was on was two thousand and fourteen so why is he popped up now well i think because i was under pressure yes has founded a state and as it has lost the state in iraq and syria it has there are even some
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politicians who believe that i.a.s. has been defeated and now the organization has to show its supporters that it remains relevant by perpetrating attacks like in sri lanka like in saudi arabia on easter sunday but also by showing that it's caylee it's presumed caleb is still alive able to lead the organization so this is a bit of a morale booster for the troops yes and you should never forget that there is a different organization that is competing with ideas namely al qaida which is still strong and in many jihad theaters like yemen or in libya it's stronger than i guess we had the german chancellor and the reporter talking about the defeat of preferred donald trump talking about the defeat of virus but one of the the problems that countries have had in tackling islamic state is that. it's amorphous almost it's as much an idea as as it is a group of people how do you defeat that what would
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a defeat for irish look like i think it's not an idea it's an organization it's an organization that has that originates in iraq but from two thousand and fourteen has bill. an affiliate network in libya. on the sinai in nigeria in the philippines right now we see that even in sri lanka it has supporters and it has fed this support network by sending money it has been an extremely rich organization and this video shows us that know that the organization has been militarily defeated in iraq and syria it tries to build a new a new network on the foundation of the affiliates but it has been planning this step for five years now ok so to defeat i asked in so many different areas of the world i can what would that look like what what sort of damage would it would the various countries around the world have to inflict i asked for it to be called if it were just after one or just cut off the money perhaps. i don't think that we
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will be able to define the moment that i guess is defeated simply because the organization know it exists and more than twenty countries around the world what we have seen in recent years is that by defeating it militarily. its impact has been reduced especially here in europe but also in many countries around the world simply because the organization has been weakened we can find we can fight the finances which is extremely hard we can try to fight the ideological appeal but it's this is mainly now about police and intelligence work you have to find the cells before they perpetrate attacks like in sri lanka to talk to you thank you very much to think about a greater steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs. when you fly from let's return to our top story the events unfolding in
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venezuela self declared president says there is no turning back in his bid to oust president nicolas maduro is taken to the streets flanked by troops the president is promising to put down rising the claim that the chiefs have pledged him that total loyalty. amador administration considers it a coup attempt the opposition is calling it operation freedom after his release from prison opposition politician leopoldo lopez stands in solidarity with the self-proclaimed president one quite go and calls on his countrymen to join them. in . all venezuelans who want freedom show yourselves disrupt the system support our soldiers join us good morning venezuela let's stick together and finish what we've started. with. venezuela's defense minister tweeted that the military remains in my daughter's hands opposition leader quiet though claims however that the prison freed lopez unquote ohs orders. the moment is now it is
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not just a moment for peace and decency it is also a moment for bravery so that peace can be restored to venezuela god bless you we will achieve freedom and democracy. due to the ongoing economic and political crisis two million people have already fled venezuela. has spoken exclusively with asked him how much support he has from venezuela's military. she went away there are some key elements in this process and they are that the armed forces are not with nicolas maduro they are for change and as such they are with the people and the constitution when israel is in a state of occupation of course there has been a lot of persecution within the armed forces even some carried out by the cuban intelligence and counter intelligence services but it's clear that not only the people the majority of the people not only the international community do not support nicolas maduro but also the armed forces of our country.
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no i didn't lose a colossal has been tracking events in venice where you are welcome but if you can see right now at least online there's one image one video that is really resonating with everyone that's watching these events unfold in venezuela it's showing at least one instance of brutality against the protesters this is it just a warning it may be disturbing for some viewers these are clearly pro-government military tanks you can see them driving through the crowd of of protesters there actively really it seems aiming and for these protesters trying to inflict some damage you can tell from the video at least one protester is seriously injured by this now this is outside of that air base where i had made that announcement early this morning really just shocking footage and you know we had seen brutal violence against these protesters before that had mostly been a year to three years ago since we. started having these rallies around the country the been much more peaceful so it is shocking to see those images we don't know of
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course how events one fall today but that's images certainly resonating with a lot of people that are watching what's going on there and what a president himself what he would say well you know for a long time from the duro it was just silence from that moment predawn we hadn't heard from nicolas maduro it was it was hours of silence finally we did hear from himself that he actually broke that silence on twitter phil and this is what he said nicolas maduro tweeting that he has nerves of steel saying i've spoken with the commanders of all the military forces of the country who have demonstrated their complete loyalty to the people of course for both sides saying that they have the loyalty of the armed forces also saying so the constitution of the homeland i'm calling for maximum mobilization of the people to ensure that peace is victorious and then saying we will win earlier in the data before maduro spoke out of course we know that many of his officials were speaking calling on the duros supporters to
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also take to the streets of particular to surround the. presidential palace where. as you can see scores of people did show up these are supporters outside of the presidential palace even singing and what they're singing is listen fascist we won't say it again if you mess with the road the people will eat you up even as the self-proclaimed president. called his supporters into the streets we see many of them there already there were efforts seemingly by the government to make it difficult for people to get there we're talking about shutting down public transport for instance in caracas as you can see from this video people simply had to just go by foot to get to these protests the subways weren't working public transportation wasn't running. as you can see here these are people just earlier today simply having to go on foot to these protests and get there right now phil you know internet traffic is so important it is shut down social media one way that people communicate in venezuela we know that twitter is mostly watching you tube
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mostly down a lot of people saying they have to use v.p.n. if they want to communicate they're also this just coming in now this is a way that you can essentially disguise your location online you can say i'm not actually in venezuela i'm in the united states for example therefore you can access twitter c.n.n. the english news channel also down right now in venezuela and we're also hearing some radio stations being taken down by venezuelan authorities in the country as well what are we hearing from. or seen many of them in the streets we've seen those videos not just in caracas around the country and also all around the world you know this is a big humanitarian crisis in venezuela some three million venezuelans have left the country many of them going online this is one supporter of one he's actually a former. t.v. personality in miami florida you can see how emotionally some of what he's saying here is saying it's now or never and then he's calling on venezuelans around the world not just in the country to take into the streets saying it's time to get our
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liberty back. it's clear i think for many venice venezuelans on line they sense this is a historic moment this is their chance if you're one why don't supporter it's now or never as he said a lot of people very emotional online and watching what's going on in their country with great interest thank you for. the meanwhile i'm glad i was ambassador in washington caught us off i don't write back you know has not given has been giving a statement. today then turning present one where you know as announced the beginning of the obit as you leave it up freedom operation he has call the military institution to support the venezuelan people on the streets and to reassure our democracy you know we're country and also those who are poor the full implementation of the constitution
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approved by the people in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine this is only the beginning. this is an operation which is developing right now we will see more events in the hours and days to come i want to be very clear what the international community this is not a military coup this is a constitutional process led by their venezuelan people under the leadership of us the billion the interim president of venezuela. he's calling for the restoration of our constitution and of course for the restoration of our democratic system we want to send a clear message also to the table he told us about who took your time it's over but it's not it's ready for a change you must perceive it take that transition in our country. you must allow the venezuelan people to reestablish the democratic system the time is now
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that assad is ready for a change nobody is going to stop it. also we would like to send a message to the international community first of all thank you for your support for supporting the going to sell of people in order to recover our democracy please stay watching all the events that is happening right now and do whatever you can do in order to protect the venezuelan rights particularly the live right finally and this is the important message. we will recover our democratic system it is time to set the transitional government in order to stop the suffering of the venezuelans and we want want to be ready to call for a free and fair election soon thank you very much mr mayor and i spoke today to this washington correspondent to helen humphrey and she gave us this assessment of call a special statement. very clear message of their from card as fact here and of course
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washington is key in this because the united states was one of the country's leading that initial recognition of one as the interim president of venezuela so we heard there from spec you're essentially the ambassador for one why do is representation saying that his home country in the event they're on not in the grip of a military led to saying this is a constitutional process of course led by the venezuelan people under the leadership of a civilian interim president and saying that we calling on the army therefore to support the constitution now what i should say phil is that. there was not actually speaking outside of the official u.s. embassy he was speaking outside the military attack which is one of the buildings used by those representatives here in washington d.c. i'm i've actually been inside the u.s. embassy and it's currently being occupied by supporters who are either proem with
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daughter or say they're at least against a u.s. intervention and it's likely that those protesters could potentially be cleared in the coming days they've certainly been called on from u.s. authorities to do so but we've seen a swift support from the trump administration today in light of the events in venezuela much of it on twitter vice president's mike pence tweeting directly to the venezuelan people delivering a message that we are with you and it was a sentiment that was echoed by secretary of state mike pompei oh he was saying that a quest for democracy can never be defeated and we've also heard from national security adviser john bolton today and he said that the military leaders need to get behind. on this making that call directly and certainly that's something that has been pushed for from the united states for quite some time now and largely pushed by the senate's a marker. b.r. who's been working directly with the trumpet ministration to craft its venezuela
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policy and its venezuela stance and he also spoke to the venezuelans on twitter today urging them to take to the streets of venezuela saying that this is your opportunity the moment might not come again i'm so i think we can see that where washington d.c. at one point was supporting the opposition leader one it's gone one step further now in throwing its weight behind the events which are currently unfolding as we speak on the streets of caracas was i have a home for him and washington now in other news the u.s. president donald trump is to sue deutsche bank he wants to stop it from hunting over financial records by the bank's dealings when he was a new york real estate to mogul congressional oversight committees subpoenaed the documents in march so where the lawsuit is a trump family affair with the president's three eldest children also filing
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against deutsche bank germany's biggest lender was a major financier to the trump organization when other banks were put off by.


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