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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 3, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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surfaced online. on to say that it's way loons were called upon to rescue their constitution and overthrow president nicolas maduro today marched with his generals in a military parade in the capital caracas declaring victory over an attempted coup tonight from rising up to flat line they did democracy in venezuela just miss its only window of opportunity i bring golf in berlin this is the day. soldiers of the motherland the time to fight has come to destroy our old company an opportunity to study i don't wind up i play our part in it is for progress you know to try to snow to the coup plotters nobody can be afraid it's time to defend the
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right to have pace we want to maintain the best relations with the united states and by ministrations when he took the thing them for the. determination to defend democracy in our region i think that's been very much. in venezuela the national on forces a consistent loyal united united as never before. literally defeating the attempted coup fluxes to sell themselves for the dollars of washington but. also coming up the medium of the moment the lessons of the past tonight using instagram to keep the memories of the holocaust alive and roll a bit for younger generations it's startling to watch it on instagram just because you know stories about the holocaust and you know what happened there but then to see on instagram completely break the idea but the media. has traditionally been in
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the past so i would thing. that is a little bit taken aback by it. all to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the world watching but it's whale and wondering is this how a movement in today a president nicolas maduro appeared on national television standing beside his generals serving a military parade now if you had turned off the volume and just watched the images you could have easily thought that it was just a typical parade in a country where a strongman ruler is comfortably in charge or turn the sound on and the reality jokes you what you hear is mature oh proclaiming victory against an attempted coup which he says was led by the united states just two days ago but it's one of those opposition leader one quite zero surprised his supporters by announcing the start
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of the final push to overthrow president nicolas maduro there were demonstrations and signs that the military would stand with. but it quickly took a different direction there were no major military defections the demonstrations against midyear were never reached that critical mass threats by the u.s. apparently did not convince mature was meant to turn against it here is what may be said just hours ago. at home and orcus loyalty is a value that either you have or you don't in the case of this historic moment loyalty is a collective value exercise does a nation exercised as a people and exercised as an institution as a collective value people count up how many deaths would they be if a civil war iraq today he because of the foolishness of the coup plotters and try to is how much physical destruction and how many years would be lost in
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a war if they invited us because we're never going to give up how many years would we spend in a war. of resistance to liberty i'm only going to go now to our correspondent oscar shrinker he is standing by for us in caracas good evening to you oscar i want to start with the news of this arrest warrant that has been issued for opposition politician leopoldo lopez what do we know beyond that well ask you know yes what survives and on tuesday who this is true it sounds and he is now spanish as against well what does this mean that the supreme court votes that one of the oldest house arrest condition that for a couple of years and now wants to put him back in jail this is a very complex slap was in a traditional manner because one way to go is recognize its president for fifty actions including spending sounder her for his freedom on tuesday so now the
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difficulty lies in spain well there are times when the newly elected plans to do with their role are not listen to this complexity they're one of those. citizen well elected as are all in syria and you're you know last week reversed and didn't spank in. silence faint answer today he was standing there and. yet if he gets an oscar if we see this being done against lopez this evening what about one if mature road says that there was part of this attempted coup what are the chances of him issuing an arrest warrant for why don't. oh good chances as always there isn't there has always been the threat of one well being arrested and there have been more than what attempts to do so i think that there is
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a lot of pressure on the government from the base to arrest one i don't but there's also a lot of pressure international which not do so and. sorrow absent now those security team a fine way to go that's increased their their operations to madison's off with a lot of security and what they've increased the numbers is it because of an increased risk to his safety yes there is definitely increased increased risk to the safety and we've seen that with this team there's not more security but they are keeping a low profile for which warms events that we've been seeing yesterday and the day before and. he is not keeping such a low profile today compared to the past two days of the we saw him today with his generals at
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a military parade in caracas what does that tell was about how he perceives his power tonight. well i think it's important for our shower there is getting loose in the our forces because what we saw on tuesday with the three of them up there was that openness and with this go with their lives and each nonspecific is that there are structures within the armed forces and he does not have complete control there is a break in command from what went on tuesday and it's important for him to show there is unity supporting him with any armed forces so that's my reasoning much more often together with military and on force that's today and ask you what about the influence of russia in the united states in that it's where you lead tonight is russia tonight at least looking like it has the upper hand.
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well there are analysts that suggest that in the future and that's what i was in the hands of the negotiations between russia and the united states and that's what really happened seems to have has unique it is evidence that both countries one role and what happens here and then asked me do. a little strategy and any kind of economic interest there is nothing in venezuela that russia can get in a better price elsewhere in the world that their their presence here is priceless because then as well as well resources and borders with a long brazil and it's nearer to the united states and other countries in the region for russia there is more of a geo political dissent to be evidence for that and for the united states there's also an interest to keep russia away from the region but all this goes beyond the economic interests because this will all into harder times in the past years our infrastructure is not what used to be crime is rampant and constant crisis and
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turmoil making and spencer richard just kind of industry so we have to take that into balance when we. go shish and play out between russia and not instance the. reporting from caracas tonight thank you where europe has been criticized for its relative silence this week regarding a binge had been its way low earlier we spoke to andreas nick he is a member of the german parliament with chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party and he sits on the foreign affairs committee. i think we have a clear position that you undertow is a legitimate interim president of venezuela in accordance with the constitution of an assailant. we call on everyone involved to refrain from a while and seek a peaceful solutions to a national dialogue and a democratic transition that can only be resolved through fair and free elections and to enable that and to make that possible i think. maduro has to step aside i
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think there were rumors the last couple of days he was already gloating he said refused to could not clear how. realistic that scenario is but it's clear that neither the majority i do at the moment can can secure the full support of the of thier authorities in even a sailor so that statement may continue for quite a while. but it would have been a strongly supportive of all the countries in the reaching the lima group working together for a peaceful transition in the country we should never forget that there's a refugee crisis was more than ten percent more than three million people and permanents and i would have left the country in two or neighboring countries of the region which is a significant risk of the stabilizing. the region as a whole so we strongly support our partners in colombia and what or peru and other
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countries who and why involved in that i was in the region myself and separate together was a federal presence and we support in terms of giving refuge to the people fleeing even a sailor in terms of securing a humanitarian support for those remaining minister era and working towards a peaceful transition and i think once it's gets going we can be even more helpful in terms of supervising and monitoring as you facilities an election process that should be fair and legitimate and profuse and you were government for vanessa. and that was. the king with us he's a member of the german parliament and sits on the four affairs committee so where are we now and of it's where you live to talk about that i'm joined by francisco marquez he is a political advisor to opposition leader one why do francisco was imprisoned by president nicolas maduro for four months after his release he left the country he joins me tonight from washington d.c.
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francisco welcome it's good to have you back on the program i know that you've been answering this question today from a lot of people and it's still relevant tonight explain the last forty eight hours to which was this a political gamble that did not pay all. well i would argue that we've seen the highest level defections in the last forty eight hours than we've ever had during this process i always call to mind manuel christopher he was the director of intelligence of the regime and it is widely known fact that he contributed and cordoning it with president i'd go and just to give another fact the highest level political prisoner of the regime you know paul opus was also able to leave the house arrest and he's currently on the street just like if this was such a coup to or if the dude has full control of security forces why he's president why
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dos still on the street still practicing politics still trying to restore constitutional order so my argument and president why does argument is that we've actually moved forum a doodle is weaker now than he was forty eight hours ago francis could do you know how many soldiers nail support one. well for city of purposes we can get into but i can tell you that the majority of the security forces are with president i don't and it's no secret we have to be very a front with the people that are still some security forces with a regime that's not a surprise but what has surprised many people is the level of support the president i go house for security forces and we will continue to see more defections as days and moving forward for sure that this is that so that you can confirm that the majority of the soldiers the majority of the military is now with one go i go. yes as we have stated before the transition is
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a process this d sometimes take unfortunately more time that we would like but if i would have told you two weeks ago that the director of intelligence of the regime was was in court a nation with interim president why don't you probably would not have believed me but now that's a fact and it's so true that they they just replaced him with another figure just like it's true the modern right now is surrounded by people that promised that he would he would leave that day this is a complicated issue but rest assured that the people of venezuela millions of people on the streets support president want to go and that's what's most important why go has the people's hearts and wedo has the people's interest in all his policies and everything he's trying to do for it's good but how do you explain the military parade that we sold today in caracas with nicolas maduro he was standing there with the is top military. yes and i invite you to if you can post that clip where the minister of defense says
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that people were trying to buy him off and the surprise face of the regime of nicolas maduro that this was an act a show is weaker than he's ever been and anybody can paint a picture with a couple of security forces around him and that's what trying to do but the fact of the matter is he's lost control as i mentioned before you have all an opus the top political prisoner left his house and he was surrounded by intelligence officials and counter military counter intelligence and he left with no problem that's because they followed interim president by those order i want to ask you there are reports that opposition leaders spent months in secret talks with top officials including that it's where he lives defense minister mr dream the lopez i mean did those talks really take place. yes i can confirm that we have a president i know and as we have said before there are other talks this is not
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this is only the tip of the iceberg as we have mentioned before international pressure and the message pressure is working it is creating the conditions for more and more defections and more fractures and that is why the pressure will continue if the u.s. is the united states is it taking part in these talks as well. this is the venice one led movement by the venice own people and for the venezuelan people it's the same reason that january twenty third when president. to office we had the support of more than twenty countries that day obviously the u.s. supported us but now we have more than fifty six countries so everything we're doing is of honest but definitely supported by the international community what about the speculation that the opposition may have been tricked by mr adreno and others close to me. into thinking that a deal was being put into place i meet you guys set
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up. i don't believe that's the case again look at the support of this was a nationwide movement by security forces this is only the tip of the iceberg and we will definitely see how everything plays out in the next couple days and next couple weeks as the pressure continues as we said before mother was surrounded by people that wanted his head on a platter and he knows that now and. i want to ask you what about what elliott abrams the u.s. envoy for venezuela he he claims that the u.s. did not take part in the negotiations between the opposition in members of the regime but he says there is a document that talks about the play and. levy have you seen that document. i cannot comment on that matter but what i can say is that talks between high level regime officials and interim president i'd
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go did take place and those talks were significant and in those talks these are officials promise that i do know it would be out and as i said before this is a complicated and complex process but in the following weeks in the following days we will see more to come we are going to bite of the u.s. president he was talking today about that its way let me see if we can play that right now take a listen to what he said about but it's whale like to begin by sending our prayers to the people of venezuela in their right to struggle for freedom. of. the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must stand and it must and soon people are starving they have no food they have no water and this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world so we wish them well we'll be there to help
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and we are there to help we wish them well does that sound like a u.s. president who was ready to go to bat for you francisco with what are you hearing from the white health's. we definitely think the prayers of the president and the people and all the world and i would just like to say this is been a bipartisan issue for the last years and right now we have the full support of the united states government to restore democracy in minutes so the commitment of strong from the u.s. and from the most latin america today we've seen more and more. comments by colombia and by lima group members then they will support president why go in everything he's done and i would just like to highlight very quickly the unprecedented an unprecedented nature of what you've seen we interim president ordering security forces to restore constitutional order against a usurping regime and the most of the international community led america supported
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this movement there was no condemnation and there was no violence during this situation so it is very rare and unprecedented and so we have the full support for israel let me in our region and in the world before we run out of time ask you do you believe that nicolas maduro is holding on to power with the help of russia. there are definitely bad actors in just like cuba and russia and this is a fact but i would like to say on russia there russia is not a monolith there are high level officials in russia that are not definitely not pleased with how some people are handling the vanessa in russia it is in the very interest of russia and china to restore democracy in venice well because the fact of the matter is that russia or china will never get its investment back under the regime it will have an open and frank discussion with the democratic forces in the future once democracy at the store for its good work kids political advisor to get its way liz opposition leader born go to francisco we've taken the time to talk
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with this. we talk again soon thank you. thank you for having me here. israel today marked its annual holocaust. day the nation came to a standstill as people paused to remember the six million jews murdered by the nazis during world war two. this comes amid the largest spike in enticement of violence in decades experts say part of the reason is that memories of the holocaust are fading now there's a new project with an innovative way to keep those memories alive assman is here to tell us more coral how do you pass on these these difficult memories from generation to generation right i mean that's the question here and the idea is to use instagram to bring some of these difficult stories these emotional stories to a younger audience even kind of think of this brand as an frank's diary but imagine
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if instead of a diary out a smartphone take a look. this film depicting the german army entering hungry during world war two might look like a hollywood film production but it's not in fact it was shot on a smartphone and portrayed format for an instagram audience it tells the true story of thirteen year old eva hyman in nineteen forty four she kept a daily journal for three months before the nazis deported to auschwitz but even the story is told in the first person as if she had a smartphone during the holocaust and could have regularly documented it on instagram is israeli tech entrepreneur monte coffee personally financed the project and together with his daughter directed it with the help of social media they're trying to establish a new way to remember the horrors of the holocaust museums and booksellers for me and bring them in a meaningful and serious way into the social and i. and young people to
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learn about it and young uses are already starting to discuss story online many have suggested the effect heavy instagram portrayal is too superficial for story of such suffering others appear to be impressed we break yeah yeah but the media. has traditionally been in the past so i would say that is a little bit taken aback thousands are now learning about the fate of none she gave her diary to a neighbor shortly before she was deported to auschwitz it survived she did not she was murdered in october of nineteen forty four. three these are powerful stories this seems like a great idea was the background in a powerful story and to tell it you know this wasn't just your typical kind of low budget do it yourself instagram project there was a lot of money a lot of time invested in this other director who we saw in that piece spend millions of his own dollars with a cast and crew of nearly four hundred people those military costumes the tanks the
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trucks you see there those are all authentic he also developed a camera i mean you. see a lot of these shots they look like the main character there is filming on a phone he developed a special camera to get that effect there so far i mean the money here seems to be well spent in just a few weeks this account has eight hundred thousand dollars and counting a lot of people paying attention so the reception for the project has been good it's been good when you saw in the piece a lot of young people it's reaching its target audience however there is some pushback especially in israel itself or this topic is so sensitive some people there say hey look maybe this kind of selfie culture isn't the right way to tell such a sensitive topic i mean and if you look at some of these videos you know it's not shying away from the way that young people use instagram see hashtags they're like hash tag of life during war or location tag that simply says ghetto i mean one could argue that that is being potentially a little bit insensitive here when it comes to doing about something like the
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holocaust this though does have a very high profile supporter brand we're talking about israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu himself and here's what he said about the project it's a real it's a little. now i want to encourage you each and every one of you to also make a story about people who were murdered in the holocaust so that the world will understand and this is that we will remember what we've lost and what we've gained back with the establishment of the state should israel. we were talking you know this generation it's on it's disappearing and how you want to keep these memories alive this is certainly one way of doing it you have to be careful though how the story is told but no matter what i mean this was meant to grab people's attention i think it's definitely succeeded in that there is the worry that you will have people. taking selfies which just happened right yeah which does happen i think the way that this was told though the story here it was
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sensitively done oh yes it is always thank you. thanks for watching we'll see you tomorrow. after. a goal africa a town under threat of lawsuits to new law made it to the summit eleven o'clock in the new funny everything thus it is a. long look at the climate change and industrialization have battered
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bar news in senegal a web documentary shows how local people have been affected. next to the. networking on a global scale is helping open up new frontiers and medical research. crowdfunding campaigns and the free exchange of information are creating alternatives for researchers outside the pharma industry. new ideas new hopes. medical research on the move. in forty five minutes on t w. o. an action packed life for blocking off where do you meet some of anything's possible as long as i'm to coffee and his friends country are numbered. this movie
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theater in kenya refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may twenty seventh on t.w. eleven. hello everybody and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa i'm now its i mean look fawcett back lagos nigeria and i'm very happy to welcome you with new environmental topics and ideas from africa.


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