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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin tensions escalate between iran and the united
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states says washington opposes tough new sanctions on tehran the move comes after rend said it was suspending parts of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal agreed with world powers which washington abundant last year also coming up a show of strength russia holds its annual military parade in moscow to celebrate soviet union's big tree over nazi germany in world war two. the day the female graffiti artist making a mark in suit dead and that is that country's military remains in power and protests continue. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us there's been a sharp escalation of tensions between the u.s. and iran u.s. president all trump is announce harsh new sanctions after tehran said it would no
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longer comply with parts of the nuclear deal signed with world powers and twenty fifteen from which the u.s. withdrew last year to run has also issued an ultimatum to europe saying europe must find a way to provide sanction relief for iran with sixty days within sixty days or face the consequences. patient says run out read the headlines of iran's newspapers president hassan rouhani says he's not trying to destroy but rather to save the nuclear agreement by leveling an ultimatum to the five countries that are still signatories also but that if these five countries return to the table within sixty days and we reach agreements on oil sales and banking then we will uphold our side of the nuclear deal. under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal iran agreed to let international atomic energy agency monitors into their nuclear facilities and only enrich uranium for civilian purposes in return economic sanctions on the country
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were lifted the international atomic energy agency says iran has been meeting its end of the bargain but that didn't prevent the u.s. withdrawing from the deal last year and reinstating sanctions now iran is threatening to enrich its uranium closer to weapons grade levels the move comes as the u.s. has been stepping up its anti iran rhetoric secretary of state mike pump aoe made an impromptu visit to iraq this week accusing iran of posing a threat to u.s. soldiers in the country just days ago the u.s. deployed a carrier to the persian gulf the trumpet ministration policy is to exert maximum pressure on iran and their sanctions are hitting hard iran's oil exports are down and their currency has taken a dive things are getting tight for tehran. correspondent teresa tropper is with me now in the studio tracer good morning to you you spent
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a lot of time reporting from tehran for us where do you see this going to do you see a chance of compromise between the u.s. and iran well that's of course very hard to tell right now because congress ramped up pressure ever since this country left the nuclear deal but iran on the other side has so now now have surprising amount of restraint so far. because the government and the people want to keep the nuclear deal in life they were a few supporters of it in the first place so they don't have any interest in escalating this conflict any further but as we heard where the u.s. washed up on the way to the persian gulf and also that all the economic hardships that have come with latest round of sanctions rouhani is also under a lot of pressure domestically to retaliate in some way at least so. the crisis that had been contained for the past few years is back again and it's more dangerous than ever so the arrhenius would like to keep this you know clear a deal alive but the u.s. has pulled out there they're an important player obviously europe wants to keep it
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alive too and is still doing its best to maintain the terms of that agreement were just asleep europe in its effort to keep the iran nuclear deal alive well in a difficult position that's for sure because all the other key players have clearly position themselves washington has pulled out and impose sanctions on russia and china if that they want to keep the deal and they don't really mind the sanctions but the euro also wants to keep the deal but at the same time it doesn't want to anger our ally in washington and that's a balancing act that it's really getting difficult now so they might to have to take sides and they try to do so with instax that's a mechanism that would allow iran and europe to still trade even under the sanctions they promised to do that but they actually failed it has never really come into effect so now they have their deadline of sixty days to make it work and that's not a lot of time so the pressure is on europe right now so europe is between a rock and a hard place as it were now there is also
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a military dimension to this confrontation here you mentioned the aircraft carrier the u.s. aircraft carrier on its way to the region tell us more about this yeah with a warship on the way there it's going well all the iranian military already is to the strait of hormuz to the persian gulf and. iran has long threatened to close that strayed off that's the place where all the international oil shipments have to go through that's obviously a way to put pressure on the west to block all their all segments so with the u.s. soldiers going there there's a potential that they actually might directly face off. with the lack of diplomatic channels between those two countries right now that's really dangerous because under the obama administration the foreign ministers used to talk so they could talk about any sort of confrontation right now that's not the case so. that could take of the conflict to a whole new level and that's not just in the persian gulf because those two
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countries also could face off in syria for example in iraq or even in israel research thank you so much for your inside steve w. correspondent who is a trucker for let's take a look now at a place where both the u.s. and iran have military forces present it's iran's neighbor iraq and some analysts say that could become the site of a proxy war between the two run. in two thousand and fourteen iraq's ground io told a cold and some ten thousand shiite fighters on taking up the fight against the so-called islamic state the hushed al shaab the militia was born they fought alongside iraqi government forces against i.a.s. but was supplied and trained by neighboring iran the self declared defender of shiites many feel more allegiance to tehran been to baghdad they're a group of battle hardened troops united in their hatred of the u.s. and. it's heading towards
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a proxy war in iraq. and. the. militia could play a deciding role iran could use them to strike american interests. i mean that's reportedly what attracted the attention of secretary of state mike pump a zero. his visit to baghdad on tuesday was seen as a warning to iran and an attempt to remind iraqi prime minister are dead up to him on the up his commitment to protect u.s. troops in the country. is a serious. concern. but not everyone in iraq shares that sentiment many deplore the tone coming from washington and consider pump ayos visit imperio list and. they just want to push their interests in iraq and force marty to do their bidding
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just like in saudi arabia they come list their demands and then leave. iran on the other hand has been working hard on increasing its influence in the country for years it supplies energy and markets here a full of iranian products supporters can be found in various positions of power. after the us occupation from two thousand and three to two thousand and eleven and it iran has worked on strengthening its influence in iraq politically economically culturally and also through its intelligence services but that's where they're encroaching on the interests of the u.s. the. security is elusive an iraq war has left lasting and deep wounds here people long for peace and stability and want to avoid seeing their homeland once again becoming a battleground of foreign powers. iran is also on the agenda were e.u. leaders are meeting for a summit that's in the remaining town of seaview the gathering comes as the bloc
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prepares for crucial european parliamentary elections next month. well joining me now from that summit in sea view is the w.'s guilt about a scale arc there has been a joint statement on iran from new leaders just now tell us about that exactly terry mutual declaration here from d.e.v.'s signatories off that's treaty of france germany and the u.k. have basically asked terror and to continue to stay a to implement this treaty as they have reaffirmed their commitment to the treaty off course the hope here is in c.p.u. in remaining at the summit of e.u. leaders that their key diplomatic success this iran nuclear deal will stay in place they have for too long and hard ever since the u.s. has unilaterally withdrawn to keep it a life and the fact now that iran has increased pressure puts the e.u.
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in a really difficult position either they would have to side with iran they would have to move away from the key ally the u.s. and if it is really difficult for them that so the hope is that somehow that deal can stay a life and that that terror on a does change his opinion on the e.u. is in a difficult position on many fronts georg as you know so well what else is at stake at today's e.u. summit. well lots of unfinished business i mean you have to look at the eurozone for the uki use monetary union where particularly france's president i'm across hopes to see major changes there are environmental challenges lots of unfinished business when it comes to the mike ration crisis or the fact that a number of member states of the do not entirely follow the rule of law the democratic standards that this union would like to see for instance hungry or
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poland to name just two of them on the other hand there are successes and do expect some symbolism here some unity something the e.u. wants to celebrate on this occasion and that is for instance international trade deals that is the eastern expansion i.e. the inclusion of eastern states into the european union which is now fifty years ago romania one of the countries that joined from the east and lots of e.u. money has has ended up in romania it hasn't solved all the problems and so i looked at one of the places that is still a challenge in a state that struggles with corruption so despite he you money you still have a lot of poverty here i traveled half an hour outside of c.p.u. in central rumania into a roma settlement. cosman wants to get in here into this new house which looks so nice and clean because till now he and his five siblings have been living here in an old hot made from wooden sticks and clay
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this is one of the many roma settlements in romania always on the outside of.


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