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tv   Special Program  Deutsche Welle  May 9, 2019 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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two match points to beat france's gillman field despite the federer stood his ground and dominated the deciding tie break to seal a six no four six seven six victory. you're watching news live from berlin up next a special program face the voters members of the european parliament answer questions put to them directly by you the voter stick around for the. shifting powers of the old order is history the world is religion izing itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nine today one out of two people is online who are we following whom do we trust the basic shape the future at the touch of a global media for twenty nineteen. hello welcome to this special to fate shy face the vitus any peace to you i'm catherine
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nicholson. at france twenty four and i'm max hoffman brussels bureau chief of the thank you for joining us here at the heart of europe at the european parliament in brussels where there are just a couple of weeks to go down before the e.u. elections and we are handing over control to you devices so it's a valid fronts and people and doesn't just a radio station aren't buying radio you have to announce across the e.u. to the young europeans you have i think the best sign after all it is about their future or they have the most to lose or to gain from these elections that some are already labeling as among the most crucial in recent memory so it's only fair that they get to ask most of the questions to our guests well let's see that and see you our panel of five people he will be tackling the very same questions we have with us today and again as a parent from portugal of a socialist and democrats great thanks being with us and right next to her was
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a senator with the greens right here in belgium she also has a real job if i may say she's a professor of ecology in ghent and she might not have time to do that in the future because she's running for the european parliament as one of the spits and of the greens. across the other side ross abel center a good senior is a former junior minister it's only for the european union as i think this may in fronts however for anyone that calls the least when they saw us as a centrist fiscally pro european this and also happy to have a deal by the on with and susan member of the biggest political group in the european parliament and poised to remain so the european people's party she's also the chair of the environment committee which will be very important for the discussion later on not everyone has a final finalist joining us from germany in good. standing for a fight i don't feel party a.s.d.
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with the a f d d great pick in the european parliament tell it so as catherine said earlier we asked first time voters all across the continent about what was important to them and unsurprisingly there was a lot of return about opportunities for young people's studies jobs and one of them really really struck us. from greece and this is what she had to say from. that movement let them stop and pay using a stereotype policies aggressive policies against other nations who do not agree with their ideology it's what we saw in greece but also elsewhere in europe let them understand that we have turned the page we once on a tyrant and brotherhood between nations not intolerance racism and hatred. after that from greece with her question a country where unemployment still stands about eighteen percent currently of course there has been a lot of anger as we know in greece directed towards other member states for their
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role during the eurozone crisis particularly germany for example of course anger as well towards the european commission for its role in the management of that crisis and the commission currently dominated by the european people's party so we will come to our representatives here first i do you out of early and as bill says that greece was put under aggressive policies against other nations like that with us we know that this is a failing in greece because it was a tough time for everyone there but it's true that the budgetary discipline imposed by europe on its member states is absolutely necessary to protect people's money to protect people's savings to protect the economy of a country so i do believe that in indiana and they. are paying back for more safety at a national level a little i should say most bizarrely and that this is still a topic for young people are not surprised and it will be like like this for
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a while been them we also have to say to these young people in greece that we increase the funding for all use related policies so you see it's not like just putting some rules stuff rules on on one hand and not giving incentives or active policies or on the other hand so a lot of money on erastus blows on us unemployment programs related so i would say she has still to. wait and see the results. in portugal proves that actually some of these policies were wrong and that part of the yes and that the punitive part of it and that indeed by. investing in the in. sumption and in investing in the people we will while at the same time keeping the balance the books that once was the right way and that's what has been bringing back our youth that was forced to emigrate with the austerity
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policies back and i think that is the use in portugal like anywhere they want of course job opportunities descent jobs not quick carry in jobs sensitive children teens very much the norm and of course this means quality education also to face the challenges that i posed by the the changes in the digital world little machinery investing in europe's youth i would like to hear what mr burke has to say about that because that would mean that countries like germany would have to pay more into countries where you have high rates of youth unemployment or you want board with those well that's already happening. austerity is an integral part of the. countries of measures that's been dreamt up by the european central bank and the commission to rescue the euro the euro doesn't suit anyone it impairs austerity tear you know not only no must because where the euro.
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far unusual is for the euro is hard guarantee i'm afraid if i could just finish the euro is far too high for countries like greece and its exchange rate is far too low for countries like germany what we presently have is a system whereby the south of europe is largely deindustrialized and germany is required to make transfer payments so what eases the whole hey what do you propose suppose we do care of those young women are big well you need benefits or your oh let's head to the heart of the way that diagnosis of the problem that's the euro so we want to leave the euro we want to design. the currents of the currency union that's the first start and then it is up to each contraire to well if there's time why are these and the and also i would say of the european union the. integral
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part of the whole system and i would say that germany it's not actually paying or because the modern policy is put in place by this european commission where for example to attract in private investment through the european fund for a strategic investment and we attracted private investments of two hundred billion creating three hundred some thousand new jobs so it's not germany paying for new jobs or for the unemployed people in greece there are modern financial lessons read simply and create many german so if germany is mine for that i could i'd like to be added to see if i may have any are you i mean it is really quite limited you're going to italy has had problems in the euro is a crisis as well you're standing on the sort of transnational list of winners songs one thing that's the opposite of what mr beck once said you wanting more europe not less i want to better europe i certainly don't want the euro which has made
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a serious mistake and underdeveloped winking and there is the meeting of the social impact the very negative social impact of those very people it was during the crisis and i don't want to europe which is contradictory we just said i mean germany is the biggest beneficiary of the euro the because of the future of the single market and it is clear that we should go because the young lady was saying get to the funeral fuel which is free dairy free and so we think that we have to go back to political and social equal logical sort of directly within europe you know you know because the only way to grow old stronger it is clear that germany on one side there will be on people's park on the other side we're huge responsibility for the for the sentiment of the young lady which is very spread around europe a sentiment where we have lost the first sort of diary of the. the idea of the social dimension of all of this is in because i just had to bring in the greek government bears the main responsibility for the sentiment of that when you know it has a right i mean i don't know just not to say that you don't you do it you're going
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to come but often obviously you know they're going to govern all the government be a huge responsibility by the shock therapy as being almost for the united states ok let's insert a couple more first time voters i guess it will come to you after we've heard from harlow from slovenia and yon who's from croatia the new album i'd like to know whether you'll continue to encourage young people to study abroad and increase scholarship money we encourage them to meet people from other countries our boys and that are out. of production will be able to prove last week i would also stress the importance of maintaining peace and freedom. and improving employment opportunities for young people in drew asia really curmudgeon lucrative of. croatia currently has a youth unemployment rate of twenty three percent. what would you do if you really had the power to change things there yes well first of all we have the youth guarantee of course and it should be implemented should be absolutely mandatory in
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all member states to be implemented and we think that european social fund can be used for the youth employment initiative which has already been put in place if i am correct eight point eight billion euros have been directed to that and this is very good but we need mechanisms so that if there is an economic crisis where young people are affected in the first place immediately funding from the source royalties are out and they are not in immediate economic crisis still we have twenty three percent youth unemployment what do you suggest well to increase all measures needed to get this huge guarantee in place which is making sure that young people asked to four months of graduation or unemployment immediately have the possibility to have a job further training or education this must be put in place much more effectively than it has been and one of the reasons why it's not been successful in all member states is because in many member states it has not been accompanied with social measures that are in important to make this a realisation this is
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a priority in terms of their ety youth unemployment is the first thing that we need to tackle mr back wasn't through up the early years but i think this probably goes in this direction where you can respond to what you were trying to say earlier that's fair enough and if i'm not going to be interrupted this time i'd be more than we cannot enter into that fine. we've been hearing a great deal about the various investments programs here i think it may be useful if i remind everyone and our audience of the ambitious program the european union launched in two sheilds and now. only the so-called lisbon agenda i'm quoting according to the lisbon agenda europe should become and i said i'm quoting him here the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world by two thousand and ten and the yardstick for base the us and the stage europe has failed
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resoundingly the euro is still hard. to do with your overall alliance you know it isn't for you a little i will not argue of europe this is the growth region of the world in egypt pan is matching europe's growth for the well i level at a high level meeting is here a high level of stagnation but that wasn't the program outlined in two thousand and i mean if you what we've been listening for what we've been hearing from these young voters is that they are obviously discontented at the established policy of more state intervention of inflating away the costs of bank rescue rescues and of saving occurrence that has failed these holiday. season must have failed so that is not the only and the only why real life village and yet why we are you can you can almost feel as a sure no i mean i'm just. me that's why we are not follow following the
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established policies of state intervention and keeping a currency union alive thanks simply not it's ok for measuring god to lower taxes and same issue because some of the policies that failed yeah it's all over we need to change the policies to make indeed europe correspond to the aspirations of the citizens but it's ridiculous to advocate that we should get rid of europe we need europe we need europe in this interdependent then globalized world we need the dimension of europe where we can do which you can intervene to regulate through millicent's at the global level if you say that the euro. is the problem it's it's not because we have too much of it is because we have europe european financial union without a fiscal union let's talk about fiscal justice in europe and then if you don't have if you just have a financial union a monetary union without a fiscal union without a political union we didn't present last or clearly the europe era. had we as i
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think one thing that i mean the gentleman wants to destroy you're of want destroyed the eurozone was to get out of the european union me it's very clear i will i don't need to answer to him because of the position of a key i would like to answer to the young young people who ask questions and it is good that we need a europe which multiplies support unities and what was a way for as an example there is a big success story in europe which is there as means. of the report about the routes most because we want to use small currently that's like station at erasmus any benefits the privileged few and use what i was saying as we went in as most of the social inclusion it was in there as most of the people who can't afford it without the family because i want to write you a little and this is why we need to triple them so you're sort of very powerful for us afford it because it's a choice why you think you are falling that's all we could have that we. have all of that you bastard the big society the story of the union nine thousand young people here yes it's
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a triple the budgeted to be twenty seven million i mean the last years and i don't know why even you know any money it's not easy because you should know that in the european parliament in the commission or out of work has been done with course i increase in the budgets exactly because on these kinds of policies that you're out on a doubling the reality we are seeing is covering live you guys it's nice if we propose . a way you know you and you can govern you know trying to government think you are going carrying things that you know government when they are you know i remind you that my government when i was i mean it's the proposal i know who died by the resources around was saying that we were actually. yeah i mean more years later my dear would say or there have been or are actually very british i mean i know that you don't think it was you know everybody done a similar scene and. must maurizio know everybody i was i mean i was in there no you can find no excuse that's where i will come back and most of that would later on now we need to move on right we do need to move on this plenty of course we can
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say about the economic section but of course the second part of our debate something that's very much been huge for. many young people all around europe and the world the climate emergency we can hear from first time faith christiane he's twenty one and he's from denmark. but if you could be asked how can you be so on the missions when it comes to taking responsibility for our future but why do you let member states get away with doing so little to make the switch to renewables why are you doing now to create a future we can all live in absolute hell something you. don't know as you were part of the grand coalition in the european parliament the social democrats and the conservatives with that exuberant yemen you're not here for the people's party well it's an official that's why i said it's an official and clear accusation here from a from a young man that you're not doing enough why aren't you doing and i understand that young people are very happy we recently received great to talk about you and she is right there is no planet me we absolutely need to be serious about fighting climate
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change and mitigating the consequence of that thing to a less consume is no type of life so everybody questions why don't we only war doesn't the will of money you don't care i love my doesn't apollo we do enough about that was argument cares and does and as one quite proactive about the problem is actually in the council where the things up locked in the parliament has been quite the bishes and my colleague actually can't tell us much more about us to be honest their rate is three european commission's putting forward legislation to tackle the climate change issue very consistent in their life five years we have the we're doing enough they're doing enough that's what you know i'm not saying gardening enough but we have taken huge steps and what we need now we have to keep an eye on how these policies are implementing because they are just adopted but you can't say we we didn't do and as you said there was a bit of i don't care somehow europeans during the end rationally eighteen and no
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european member states is on track to meet its yeah its commitment it's true and it should be not a lost opportunity next week in the summit because at that summit of the heads of states they should decide on the national determine contribution so that in new york when they go and report at the united nation. to present each member state with its national determine contribution and it's not on the agenda or at least i haven't seen it so it's true that at the council level there is a reluctance people to tackle more decisively if you say let's hear from the greens great represent you've got much more ambitious goals than currently but is this really achievable we heard from extinction really and they would say for example get rid of petrol and diesel cars within a couple of decades can europeans really accept well the cost of doing nothing will be much higher than the cost that we need now to make that transition and i wouldn't call it a cost but investment it's an opportunity it has been calculated that greening the
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economy will provide jobs so people don't only believe in economy should also be convinced that this is the right thing to do we can and innovate and set the example all over the world but as the greens in the parliament we have been most ambitious that's true and we have calculated our plans we can show they are realistic even the commission has now said that we can go to fifty percent emission reduction by twenty thirty we want to go to sixty percent we have calculated that we will have to do that if we want to achieve the perrys agreement levels so we can do more and it shouldn't cost two people two normal people should be done then so it is reasonable to rely on the european level of the greens are not set to gain any seats at the moment if we believe the polls now party that is set to gain if the from germany's yeah well let me a second here let me so since your party is most likely going to be rather successful in the upcoming elections for the european parliament what are your
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plans to save the planet where we've heard a great great many professions of faith here. now i'd like to introduce some logic into this discussion that's going on about how and are not rational things i mean you conclude the last thing that science scum are safe from attack. we haven't heard much of scientific evidence as far as i know nothing here i'm not denying any either. as far as i know germany for example is responsible for two percent of c o two emissions i don't know the figures for the e.u. as a whole let's say they are around ten percent. on that basis i'd also i'd like to ask a number of questions if it's around ten percent it could be h. or fifteen then the question is what do you what effect do european policies on climate change have on world emission but is that an argument to do nothing well it has to have an effect otherwise that it's me
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a symbol is that it has an effect and i gave an example china now has been installing its own system the world is looking at europe you can we can set an example we can innovate and we can set standards will be followed. by china is doing if i may i but nevertheless i would say that something it was mentioned it is an opportunity for a new business models and for a new economy which is more sustainable and if we don't get germany's case i don't know about the percentages of one hundred but i know that burning a lot of coal and this has to stop because our eternity is that i can you know buzz as it was mentioned like a new kind of economy which is more sustainable and carbon free and this is the future and the young people are asking for that they are indeed asking for it and not only when it comes to saving saving the planet from climate change but also when it comes to other topics i mean the european union often sees itself as a front runner for example take the ban on well
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a number of single use plastics that was in the acted at the beginning of this year so that should be enough shouldn't it well our first time voters have a different view here on fabiani from germany. thank you for the ban on plastic straws that's great but we could do a lot more in sweden they planned three new trees for every one that is comes down why can't we do that everywhere in the e.u. that would be a great idea right. to do. that and from germany speaking center goods i'd like to come see you he's talking about pan-european environments initiatives. national harmony you're representing a trans national group that wants more europe closer ties is this something that is really achievable given a very different message a huge demand we all know what we have to do. there are the parents agreement and we have to reach those objectives reason exactly we need to give ourselves more financial means in the union and more political clout on the global scene these why
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let me say we propose to create a finance climate the bank to write direct to private saving on the project we meet the target of the paris agreement and we think that that we have to play more as united act on the global scene because as it was saying we are we are the leader and we must remain the leader on an issue which make a difference for the young generation in terms of i think and he said that we when we fall out is talking about more resources about a talk about the more i should use our money more and more iraqi civilians out emery always if you have the question you have to wait for my answer because the question was to me and so the resources are for privacy if you read the right privacy and being on the sustainable project creating a new finance family bank and also defending our interest in the war we want to introduce a careful takes on the broader which are made outside europe and we do not respect
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they what i'm going to stand on these their way through to push also the other partners to play by the rules and to play by the objective and i hear you and i actually am so my first day i have a question directly as to where does the chair of the arab league going wherever you want to remind me of just a second yeah we know there is pressure from the streets we mentioned earlier how many visits from lobbyist do you get to say but say the car lobby we can't do this because otherwise our business partner from you raised a you raised the plastic for example and they didn't get any visit so you should know that there is a huge acceptance that you have to come. on plastic because we have a lot of because same thing is it goes up from lobbyists from the past our producer so many ended but the questions are that even knows what just yes what you're doing according to a little less euro just a second just a second i know the truth is that the industry is recognizing the problems and they are ready to find solution to act on that it's the same thing with their missions
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on cars with the emission generally on the other d.t.'s with the having is the same with the plastics and you know the problem is really huge legislative steps but it has to come also from the industry and the society we can it will probably won't do it by themselves so isn't would like to repeat the question how much pressure do you get from industry i wouldn't pressure from something to not act on this subject and i myself i haven't doesn't i mean of course it's natural to have debate with a view on who's involved to find together solutions but i've read exactly today that for example the cosmetic industry is sinking to taking absolutely all the micro plastics small beds in the cost of my fix voluntarily and then looking for ideas. that i may be nice to see something that is generally about industry i'd like to you know a very happy two parties target you say would help create eighty thousand jobs in
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belgium i mean in what timeframe is is that really achievable it's you if you want to achieve our goals by twenty thirty by that time in achieving them we will have created all these jobs this can be calculated and it's not the greens that say that so a lot of experts say that but can i say something about all the the good intentions that are here on the other side. e.u. lacks coherence in its policy it is still subsidizing fossil fuels a lot as we know it is not getting involved. they're going to try to doing that but i think you're aware many of us. by one hand you are also as you say nation to got this you know to have by the other hand we are just i mean i think the argument i will give an example is on balance and also using both the example of the parliament as you know there is a negotiation to start up the discussions again the greens have put on the table an
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amendment to ask that we ask the usa to agree again on the paris agreement before we start that was not the area also of course and this is why i'm on the micro was the only one in the room and council for both of the opening of the n.c.a.a. there for the course of the sun to do you want to move as of saying in the parliament misstatements that instead of saying what the side the other side in the new european parliament why don't we be good alliances by proxy and if we agree that we are there fighting or that we are i mean from your party i salute you that is not only as you know there is a lie down on these i mean i wouldn't say that even though you can hear leaders on the fight against how much seems like you know a silent on this was already lying yeah you're right and i'm just not interesting to the to the start at all i'm just in refraining from interrupting. contrary to general practice now the young european who posed the question want to plant trees
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i should like just like to say that the german government i'm afraid for example is cutting down lots of trees in order to install its windmills all around the come all the run the country replacing woodland with industrial landscapes and then as a second point if i may i've said already that many of these vague ideas. would be rather symbolic unless we can establish shane's first of all they must have a meaningful impact. emission levels worldwide and in addition and that links up with what's been said already they must be able to set an example which ship which will change behavior elsewhere if i can so it i mean. has a misstep do you disagree with your own policies like no i'm not i'm not i'm merely outlining. outlining it the need for emissions reduction or do you disagree because
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your party says climate protection is a misstep the climate always change that the world existed i don't think that's official party policy toward what we are saying that is a manifesto you know well that is. very selectively naturally necessary to put it whether it's name. was issue and i can tell you here if we receive satisfactory answers to those two questions and if it in addition it is a step that that is not socially divisive and that since it could not make it affordable then we can talk about everything but we can say you know rush you're fussed you're going see this is a hot topic and quite frankly we could spend the whole show on it without a problem for probably a couple of shows but since we want to hear more from the first time voters let's bring one more thing which is the sort of the over arching topic of this european election which is how many seats will the so-called right wing populace gain and in
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which way will they be able to change maybe the european union or block proceedings in the european parliament. has story from hungary a country that has been governed by one of those parties the fetus parties for nearly a decade. and that's that i'd like to know what they think about the fact that right wing parties are gaining ground across europe the european union at risk from the rise of the far right and populism. story for mongery speaking then our war and european figure he's very much set himself up front and center as an enemy of populists is the french president emanuel mccall we've heard from him he said that he sees this as a battle gravity in particular and progressives that brings in quite logically to sandra good see you running on a minimum i can stick it as i said but people are voting for these parties which are being labeled populist they're gaining in their vote share surely that means
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that these parties are providing on that the more traditional and more mainstream they're not these are not providing questions and sometimes the right question for example the brakes you saw they say they were saying let's think they control and it is true that the politics needs to take back control and translational issues things about fight against climate change things that are migration things about things to fight against terrorism but to take back control of their wrong they provided their own guns for because they see we get out of the you know we go back to listening to the policies if we want to take back control of this issue we need to build up the you know with that we don't tamper and we need also to solve and then democratic europe because there just aren't the we can build up on these fronts i mean it was only at european level going to affect your based in london where you're a professor you've campaigned in favor of brecht's it's i know that you want to see the european parliament done away with in fact is there a clash share that you believe your party your side of the argument can win. we
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want war democracy. the european parliament is directly elected it is direct elected but it doesn't have a de moss i'm here to see everyone i mean here at milan with the euro with the german constitutional court which. judgments has stated that the european parliament has insufficient democratic legitimacy now that i was issued on that is the following european parliament undoubtedly there pays more regard and articulate spot to live views more than the european commission or the european court of justice it does so less well than national parliaments either do or could do therefore you're absolutely correct that's in our party program but i'd like to. cut the wings of base the european commission and the court of justice before we abolish the european parliament and why the party your protein case standing for
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these elections for the european parliament they should say ok we do not recognise that you usefulness or the them most of the european parliament so i'm not standing there hello there are only very like no that is i'm afraid there is no that's never called religion if i may just answer this question on a game as has me trying to make a point that culminated five hundred million citizens or one solidarity you understand that for the kind of transnational challenges we face we need europe there's no way they all of a nation state can actually well provide for regulation on the digital for instance or for instance on fighting off shores fighting back sevens we absolutely need to act european and of course the european parliament has already demonstrated since the lisbon treaty that it has clout it can increase that it allows it actually believe me it's a little after the only thing in preventing it so it's been brewing for instance in the tax area lots of things that were. in the last minute if i put it to you that
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the european parliament cannot propose the same rules now when they learn how could you cannot influence said the commission to do it and that's what we did for instance with our inquiry committees on looks leaks on panama papers on paradise papers we actually led the commission should have taken initiatives on regulation. is needed it's just me when i say something to the question i think that the brics it has been a wake up call as well and an opportunity so if you ask is the european union in danger because of the right wing populist so i would say well they are attract and we need to take the question seriously that they are not a danger because a lot of people now understand how important it is we were afraid after the break said that other countries would do the same nobody now so i said i know nothing and i had certain soul yes i have made it and i think i did not follow. closely the various army leaders these are the people who are putting the questions to you we
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have new cassie's from. he's concerned about your a skepticism around the e.u. take a listen. to the possible how do you intend to sway people away from your skepticism how will you convince people deeper european integration is the path to. seems you want me to go and see how are you going to do that we are partners and i will be the one that's trying to do this yet those are the two that we need as i was saying we need to so random across europe because our sovereignty today means to change things for the common good well the power to change things to reshape things and to achieve the common objectives and on certain issues for example government governance of the global finance governance of digital only a european union is the right tech to but it must be also democratic so what is widely and likely are still the times in listened to for example a migration migration it is the legacy european story diary and it is that the unacceptable position of people like victor alben of the european peoples party or
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of. our fenian tree of micro salvini or. facing a phenomenon which you can handle only together they decide not to play by the reality it is easy but they know they are nationally they are european with a european money and they are nationalist when it comes to refugees and sorted out but that's of these objects of interest to back you to set an important set sue said because they listen indeed now the latest polls show that the top topic for european voters is not migration only fifteen percent said that so maybe you're sailing the rock ship. well i think many i can't speak for each and every patriotic liberal party in europe but. my position is that we are trying to listen wherever it's possible and where we are trying to reason wherever it's possible it's not even sure that we'd like to
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abolish the e.u. here and we are in favor of well ten per corporation we'd like to leave it where it has manifestly failed in the areas well i gratian and then they go to fight we are all together the whole long area in favor of a swing state history has been a ball of has been a more felicitous one meeting you think and gratian to instill hate and to instill fear in isolation is literally and that he would like to science we are why the policies of the u. namely on jobs on the sick of the austerity policies and that's why helps as well to explain the populations it's not by chance time of j. johnny english which has been a tax question at the top of their. heads like a lot of things i say and they're tried by christian into europe. to address this problem says by solidarity and through you know you're inspired by asking for all our fundamental rights in flying respect of the rowing. and then you have to go for
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a so if it was one thousand from pensioners or two before we need to and i actually one last saw it was i guess i called it all he wants to fight to the last few years and as we hear it here we're not able to pull it. gives the people we should give them protection europe has been a new liberal project much too long and far away from the citizens it's good for the companies and the multinationals we need to give it back to the people and give them social interaction and say we are also gentle scientists was don't need all new blood it's just one of riding on so still my door live i. that's the unit of the they are in. the mind of nations not because the gentleman is the light of michael salvini is going to strike alliance with the band and they talk about europe of nations there you are winning they don't really know you we observe. it is that you were able to veto the europe of you don't you can see this is europe of
9:55 pm
nation like this you are. very clear that you euro is a failure is already initiated which is a failure we are coming to the end of the show i'm going to have to move us on just time left for flash round where i will ask each of you to be very brief we'd like to have our next first time in just one sentence maximum ten seconds each and we will cut you off so you have a listen. from spain. if i had to say something to european politicians i would ask him to please stop thinking about his own interests and to think about citizens and the people my question to politician in brussels would be does he remember why he ran for office. i guess we'll come to you first very much so and that's why i fight for against corruption for human rights of respect for the rule of law for you in solidarity and that means a better europe more europe has it's a medical doctor i went into politics. because i was worried about the environment
9:56 pm
on the effect of environment on the health of our people and climate change now is the number one priority it's for these young people that we are doing our job and if we're not doing it for them then we should quit politics. i want to europe which multiplies security support the opportunities in protections and i think that the only over a democratic europe can provide the answer to get out of this article and the to answer to the few yes of too many people around the country at any on a value well i want a successful europe where everyone people would feel having a happy life in his region and she's a hometown in other european countries and we are on the track to do that and we have done a lot of work in this direction and i think the question was a bit optimistic. well i'm not even elected so i'd better not forget why i'm not seeking election well i'm seeking election so that we listen more and i'd
9:57 pm
like to see more democracy. more rule of law in europe and also more economic success so it's your lucky day good i'm back we're going to go in this direction i'll start with you so you just end it we start with you and this time it's just one word if you can well no it's just one word really so we talked about european values a little bit what is to you the most important european value democracy freedom sort of out of the. sort of there it is well some of that it's very good there's no sign of that it's you without freedom democracy and the rule of law all right a bit well the word that there is a lot of solidarity around this table enough to know that is the end of us i thank you very much it's a king fahd's and i gomez and all of the rest of our pile that says it's us and our good see any on of ali and i'm going to back thank you very much for taking thought that is the end of our program and thanks to you as well for watching of course don't forget the actual elections that take place from the twenty third of may to
9:58 pm
the twenty sixth of may either on our colleagues channel false account or of course daughter bella thank you for being with us today. we're not here to judge you but to eliminate prejudices. we're not here to change your opinions but to open some space for different points of view we're not here to speak on behalf of anybody but to let everybody speak for themselves.
9:59 pm
or to give the right answers but to ask the right questions. we're not here to indoctrinate but to listen. close ninety connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on youtube. and action packed life. anything is possible as long as up the coffee and his friends can treat his movie theater to adopt a refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a. twenty seven years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for cinema dumb starts may twenty seventh three on the c.w. .
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this is t w news live from berlin tonight in the trade tariffs standoff between china and the us who will blink first now with a piggy bank that everybody steals from including china we've been paying china five hundred billion dollars a year u.s. president the pressure as his deadline looms either china reaches a trade deal with the us or charges starts paying new tariffs china is threatening to retaliate tariffs of twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars.


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