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this is d w news live strong and a furious response from humanitarian agencies up to dozens of mine friends straunge and the mediterranean sit down on the dreaded gold coast to show european civilization we cannot have that compliment as others make it to shore and it's only rome says gates closing the door to more my friend also coming out french special forces a free foreign hostages held by militants in the kenya faso but after cost 2
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commandos are killed in the raid. and in football sunday will decide the champions of the english premier league it will either be leaders manchester city or liverpool who were trailing by just one point in the last round of the scenes that. i manuscript is mackinnon thanks so much company. governments in europe are coming under fire off to one of this year's deadliest shipwrecks in the mediterranean involving migrants young and young egeland head of humanitarian groups a norwegian refugee council says europe is fueling the fire of conflict in libya and worsening the situations situation of migrants there at least 70 migrants and now thoughts to have drowned after leaving northwest libya on thursday that boat
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capsized near the cat can islands off stocks and in his ear that in his the navy was able to rescue 16 people this was young reaction is all of us europeans say responsibility to avoid this monster hemorrhage of human lives in the mediterranean we were shocked that 250 people died crossing that 1000000000 more wall during a generation of cold war and though we seem to accept $2500.00 or more people dying per year in the mediterranean what is it again is that bending verdict of the so-called european civilization we cannot have that happening now is a nice populist government opposes mass migration it's long posts huge a closed port policy and is being accused of restricting the work of humanitarian groups on friday so people who were rescued were allowed to disembark in lampedusa
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off to other european countries agree to host them basically promptly seize the rescue vessel and the far right interior minister matteo cell they need to tread in a tweet it would be the last trip for the ship. rescued from a sinking ship. an italian boat the marri journey a run by a humanitarian charity save them 40 kilometers off the libyan coast. the city migrants including 2 pregnant women of 5 children according to the ngo are just a few of the 00s of people who have already attempted to cross the mediterranean this year. according to italy's anti migration deputy prime minister. italy's ports a closed to illegal migrants but these people landing in lampedusa cicely a lucky italy's prime minister giuseppe come say allow the ship to dock tomorrow john you know stuff pulled the migrants but this might have been its last mission.
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i've spoken to salvini about the mara journey and we agree on the police seizing the ship. was already on a warning. this ship is one of the very few rescue ships still in operation in the mediterranean said other european union member states had agreed to take some of these people a sign that the e.u.'s migrant distribution agreements are working on an ad hoc basis although far fewer people are headed to europe than at the peak of migration in 201-5000 still take the perilous journey every month and as some of brings better weather conditions the number of attempted crossings is likely to increase. chris is a member of the watch one of the aid organization operating rescue ships in the mediterranean thanks so much for joining us today and it's always leadership impounded a charity ship yesterday is it really still realistic for organizations like yours to continue their rescue in the mediterranean has become increasingly more
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difficult over the past 2 years where there has been a massive criminalization complain and complain of. telling people that we would collaborate with the smugglers in some way but none of this charges have ever proven true in front of a court so we've heard this story before about ships never going on to say never going out again from italian politicians and so far also hasn't proven true although. it is increasingly more difficult but on the other hand our ship the 3 was just ruled by. for that is that the book head of the netherlands was unlawful and we are sailing out again very soon to the search and rescue center continue our operations there ok now the number of people arriving in europe has dropped dramatically in recent years could one argue that it's least actually doing the right thing by deterring people from undocking on what is
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a very dangerous often deadly journey well no migration flows act under very difficult laws that is not one policy of one country changing a whole migration flow there are a lot of reasons why people are not going to libya anymore why people are choosing other routes why they are not as many people coming at all anymore on the other hand the death rate in the mediterranean so the ratio from people who leave the african shores or even the people who arrive and in europe to those who die on the journey is skyrocket and that skyrocketed in the last 2 years critics of organizations like you will say that you're providing an incentive for migrants to cross the mediterranean what's a response to that well that is totally illogical i mean our organization was founded because people were dying in the mediterranean people have been dying in the mediterranean since the seventy's since actually the e.u. closed its borders and this continued very open visa regime and started the
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border region that we know today with clothing off the borders for than for the. i can only say we have been people have been dying there before we came and people are dying there now that almost no rescue ships left in the area and there are lots of more boats in the past couple days without any rescue ships around christer about steve from say what thanks so much for joining so much. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today the u.s. says it is preparing to raise tariffs on all remaining chinese imports affecting another $300000000000.00 worth of goods this sell for a 1st round of tara tara fights took effect as negotiations in washington ended without a breakthrough china says the 2 sides will continue talks in beijing. scuffles have broken out in hong kong's legislative assembly pro democracy and pro beijing
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lawmakers clashed made high tensions over a proposed in the war that would allow extraditions to mainland china at least 4 people were injured. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has hailed france's plan to regulate so-called hate speech on the internet of the missing president in my new one not cool in paris not call has been leading efforts for greater regulation of tech companies facebook has even allowed french officials to examine its in the workings. now french special forces have rescued 4 foreign hostages from a militant group in but 2 soldiers died in the overnight raid in the west african nation france has about $400000.00 troops in the region leading an effort aimed at fighting jihadist insurgents is considered a relative success so far but at a cost $24.00 french soldiers have died since 2013 mission
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accomplished but that's a price citric to p.f.c. boots and solo $2.00 of the french military's elite killed during the rescue of 2 french hostages the operation took place in the remote desert of booking a fast so the commandos were killed as they stormed the base of the kidnappers. su to sit didn't trust you it was entering 2 of these shells is that the marine commandos cedric q. and a lot but some solo were killed at a very short range by 2 of the kidnappers who do this i'm sure despite losing 2 soldiers french special forces managed to risky petrik peak and. they disappeared on the 1st of may while on safari in neighboring between what the soldiers didn't expect with 2 other hostages from the united states and from south korea who are now on their way home. as the vote counting in south africa's election draws to
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a close it's clear that president robert poses ruling african national congress has won re-election with an absolute majority in parliament the final results are expected later on substance a preliminary results show the a.n.c. with around 57 percent of the vote all the closest rival the main opposition democratic alliance trail with just over 20 percent despite the victory the result is the amcs worst national showing since the apostate. for more on this news out of the unfinished joins us now from cape town i do and we are still waiting for the official results but the winner is clear have a.n.c. supporters started celebrating yet. well should some supporters started celebrating already a senior member of the set of the a.n.c. that without serum opposed to the party would have likely even gotten less than 40
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percent of the votes but we're still waiting for the official statement of the party and of course also off the president that will probably only happen in the evening when the final results will be announced. the a.n.c. may have won the absolute majority but they still lost a lot of support why is that. absolutely ever since the election 2004 the a.n.c. has been losing voters and that is a clear sign that more and more people are not really happy with their policies anymore and especially with the success of them remember when they came into power 25 years ago after the end of white minority rule they promised a lot they promised to change the lives of so many people here but hardly that has not happened so many people are still living in poverty south africa still one of the most unequal societies in the world and on top of that the issue of corruption is playing the country under the watch of the a.n.c. through a force us harvest to stop that is to go also against his very own people and it will be very soon that we can judge him probably already when he's announcing his
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cabinet because then we will see if he really will not nominate those people who have been getting into connection with corruption issues ok let's talk about opposition parties this election has changed things hasn't at all position parties in south africa what role of they now like a to play well the biggest opposition party the democratic alliance did not manage to get more votes which would it was actually expected because of the bad performance of the a.n.c. but one party certainly managed to gain more votes the economic freedom fighter a self declared radical leftist party they got 11 percent of the votes and is very likely that will make much more noise in the parliament that they did before we had been face reporting for us from cape town thank you so much. in football sunday will see one of the most exciting races for the english premier league title their right to the final round reigning champions manchester city
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a just one point ahead of livable they were looking to end a 29 year drought for an english league title that was 7 points ahead of city in january before the defending champions claude their way back. manchester city hope to do what hasn't been done since 2009 to retain the premier league title they are in pole position with 95 points one a head of liverpool but will pep guardiola steam buckle under the pressure in their match against brighton that it is a game that everything can happen it's more pressure because of one mistake for our side one incredible performance for the opposite side one mistake for the referees in or or against. can decide the title. meanwhile liverpool are hoping for another american and manchester city slip up and the liverpool victory over vova hampton wanderers what mean a 1st week title for the club in 29 years but even the believe of all believers
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think city unlikely to stumble. in this situation obviously it looks like a bright no like. the n.c. it is. their game to play and moves with ambitions because they showed the whole year they enjoyed their football. believe competitive league. 2 sides with crafty coaches' to sites with top talent but only one team will lift the trophy on sunday. tennis now in a number of surprises at the madrid open world number one though that chunk of it went through to the semi's without even lifting iraq itself to his opponent maher and kill it retired due to a few suit poisoning and were just federer was beaten by dominick t.v. of austria in a thrilling see saw a match to end the swiss veterans clay season comeback ended 3676 and 6 for
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the team who now those truth to the semi's on saturday. you're watching news live from berlin the documentary dynamite in paradise is up next here on the date update i'll be back at the top of the hour with more international news thanks so much for joining us. europe be good to. put what speakers. will it looks like tomorrow. being for a better future isn't enough. requires our purchase of. your elections 2019 may 26th on d.w. .


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