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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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nicolosi germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w.'s if you learning course nikos fic. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes question if you think this piece of country that i know not. yet you don't seem ridiculous gramma down to me thus it's all about a new i might show join me to make the german fun d.w.
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post. i know i do you good to get our club. right. i'm. proud. the world i've been. able to. take.
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thanks to. 60. thank. you. thank. you. thank. you.
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it's just so so so did glad i'm one with a skin i have and i feel a god that is going to have yes i got it comes with a lot had a lot and i've moved a guy played booth is going to have a school bus in london that negation level bad to put up a low key to my company magazine i'm going to buy him and like i seen good food bad at night messed up you go with him he's in on my time to do food he gonna go home to some new grocer like. i do with the garden to get it going to go home i mean. gleam of the mind cream and it's great times to meet him on
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a good look up how did he do to manage a comic gamache who is intimate who manning the time who could bomb a mind wouldn't do it in got to have money come they had to do it in a house just to make you gonna come home include a garden of god in america and hunted by little guy to some little. more to do that to me so i mean beat my dick with its eyes just because he. will go for it it's not. clear that you don't could maybe feel it. now ya know that i had my. accident. that he. did it but he did see how that fits a good idea i. thank
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. you. thank you. atlanta. let's walk out and bon bons face my. dad. too good for both you have gotten back up on bonnie he said he found that a death tonight about going to him had come out. happened under 89. where coming in by flat 30. cut studying at check out aggregate get cuts out in that bus you didn't get money. but it doesn't sound modern i guess. but don't resent it get can stand by obvious. who.
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might help him plant. denmark and so just months but it got my. game. to go so this month. somebody's got money. now and have nearly half and all have been. sent by my so just one game. and that is that it deserves. to be a couple i get sad. you don't need but gov got sad money buying to give a guy in mumbai. coming out. if .
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we have a meadow or. recommend me when i come to you but when i'm going to eat i mean. that i had no clue who. had to move to get me and like the last one i did that must have been less than look good and this he knew that they hit him with an apple eco friendly and. i was and something that i knew that. i might have that particular me i need and i see. now i truly. and. i need to have i is proceeding in my life that he would have to come out and work and that i have never gotten a clue and united. anybody but and yeah get that just to. do that and he did me a community of i had
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a guy that i predicate. by. the blood of that. i need to do some of this on god's forgiveness and when it's me who's the last. one. might think how did. i know how. to have the right and think maggie already. had a bad review now did. not become very graphic. that. way not very you know me i'm back. somebody. ready. for the. game. to.
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find out. out. and it wasn't even that i'm going. if. it wasn't. just to.
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i. want. to. live it to the team at the tell it. to tell. the team to cut it to the top. must not let it live. oh you must know you. feel. really. good at least.
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publicly. to me i mean to tell you i feel that you know how i feel you can't hear me if you. feel. like that. was. one of them out i don't want to claim your intellect but while you may argue that i'm. going to. feel easy.
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if you let everybody have a taste of it i'm going busy to let 1000 but i'm a fisherman so even if you like them but if you know. you have evidence and there's something better than all i remember doing as you know you can only hear so much you know something if i were they didn't do anything of that for years but if i wanted it would be as it was look i've had people go pick up a number of different things by my live he did when i was in with them it was cool to bring it. even if it was just didn't work so well when he was supposed to be. there when the digital. the bustling. streets causing. the despair and the fact that you know nothing in the last few months another from what i read from you know what you open to get out of the volume of that so i say no.
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what is the ball what do you have that you think the way you look at basically just i will go over the gun with you that was a little be possible so much focus and it's i was focused and it's obvious that but i go you know this i believe for you that i thought oh you know most people that i work above that i have a poise that would be good if and when they gave us and with a look if it was that which i laid it was the person you would look at you don't let them know that. you would feel. for. that mistake and i must leave. i could leave.
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you know you're not going down well i was. going to have to look. at it but i mean. how could that have made. you. feel you feel you. need. to. leave the. series you got you. you. want you to be. in the back to school i'm going to get. well because
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you think you can and. just go back to the phone lines is the only thing i would say that's how you begin. having succumbed because local customers. can see. you. but i'm. not. sure. that. i'm. gonna give you that great great great you had a. good lead the breaking. of the lead. now must go out so no that's not.
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how i want to get my laptop to get on my laptop but i would do well yes up they said i could document dump. had one of mid seventies may i might know how my drives i know of the we are. going to feel body like a home. there are a lot of them get out there live but we young. and i didn't get it. only i was a get used to the kids. love. that adds a little interest and most of it. is movies that i'm going to this is. usenet. simple one muslim women. who want to. boast who would. appear because. to do it in the
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way that they want proof. he'll go home under the. home. you got involved with by gay or by. going. to. is. it. fair enough.
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if. it is. because you. have to be. a. good writer. simply has a particular and this is a new that's from the dickinson book about us. as. the new kid but you gotta have some and i mean something about the head of lettuce and what he can make. what i need to move out of my system maybe it's nice not to be you've got it but i'm cute if you can go to me and you do the subway and i'm quoting you some go back to god he's not going to continue. using
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the media kind of music. simply because he. is going to keep. and time is busy wouldn't. you like to take the. kids to do what i do but. compared to that in the bank you can. do so for the one who gets to run. thanks for. the come have you got some other so it looks like that's half what the new player
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but he. did come out about 11 minutes out i didn't look this guy like you subway lady baby baby to me a bag that's a 100 years but i have some. who would be c.q. on me i mean if i had one of them maybe it was like watching me and when i'm living . on a bus with some i could buy. a bike with your thought of so much but at the. same sort of god gave you some. of my 3 bloom that i remember you could take you back with god when actually if you see. me there at the army. there's 11 families and i want to go see i mean so that if you say i me one name. but i lie she got a nice you to be back about you'll. might. become one but i was going to have
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you get on but that was only as i got it i got it about the bunny by now when you had me we seemed to be back with both and sam go. into it with. a whole lot of it was a little. like the way it was. and her right now is there's a. very nice and the best to it here this was a nice fight it's not to be the other 2 it is not so hard you're so you can see and see the. problems in my international you also monkfish. monson of course it's all about.
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flow. who says what i call the garden for a few minutes to clean up. we didn't have to leave and come to fight you know i grew up very busy because you. do your homework. really you are learning and yes. even if i do say. that i'm not going out in this way i have ice cream and a you know purposes this is a lot of things to learn so it's not easy. it's what for 3 years it's not a very long time because normally small children in the age of 8 or 9 years or 3
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years at school. i think you're missing a lot of the basics. which gives you the strength to understand the following because this is for you are missing. and so maybe therefore i think it is necessary . to repeat these things. understanding. or maybe question is what you do. what did you lose your charge to get out. to get a lawyer. to believe the way you. morton are not right what right question yourself . your understanding. now to you is to make your sentences so the next as i see the eyes of the nation.
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50 percent. meant that it is 1st and letting go is is best then i will decide everything not know that i know. but also doing. work at your organization that you have all of us and i see my fust thing i would imagine you study then nice night in pointedness maine. for us. because i'm one of the bad my mazy snowsuit and i i don't like fighting it. means it will not stop your loving. has.
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it really. only. because it explicitly resists. if you do it you know if it wasn't my case. i believe that it wasn't as if you would have wished that if i was he would listen that it was only when i was in that sound that you only hear the trees. in the business that is the key if you can hear some of it they said was it. that i do good news that even if he said this is in the midst of me i mean you would have put was as if the fans he never did ask him if.
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he planted in the capital management but if i can them. and he said the reason that announced. my answer is not balance off a lot of us on out in montana talking about. that in the past not that someone not pass go home and sleep it in there was no one even and the continuing to move out of the. command of the past means the. load of by example that i have been and it doesn't matter that you want to be paying taxes more money. on it is that the feeling full of you know what in.
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him you know. and not. let me or don't have that you will please i'm willing to have. that if you are it depends definitely all your on politics signs that you are able to set up south africa nelson montana or gundy all busy have thought it all year and they could change that they have a chance to change the system from the inside and this is the question because to become a lawyer this needs nearly more than 100 percent of your time and so one time in within the next one or 2 years. decide if you are a few wrestle see if you have to decide i want to go this way or you go that way the political and the education way and also pirlo with journalists and what they
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took on is ations and so on but i predict you this is not possible in the end which sure you will lose both. it's. just that even in the hamilton hill against. it is that every year you can get one day of school and one
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he is heading for a genius to do and to define exactly the no one here to think you can read these can't park in his head of that tank. if you. cut them in egypt. then. you come in but in a. month let alone. played . the fool who love the lord oh well
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they're both exhibits i've. come up with it was a complete it. it was really clear it will move forward to tell you. where you got all of us. i wish i was seeing more of that accident and i'm going i'm going to you going to i'm going to walk out of the city the knox was going to do the same because i was going back. you. might want to he got you back. i think back to you i mean. i think you are you know. i'm going to have. time to go back to my world but i'm not the masterminds. behind it.
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and yet. very likely. to miss out of the. most of. those people do you never know i mean so there's some of these are. some of you as you know i'm the. one. on the you're in the market or the world will only. move on moving forward you are the one with all the. sums of money that money but it's good to
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have a well i do quite a go with it but i didn't have my dick out with a backpack what do you know you're going to like it so you know there are money you know you've got i have a one pure luck but i doubt i mean somebody that i'm a muslim athlete money i bought a bus on my dick i might be by most thoughts about him out as i might you know my god god he opened it up yes i didn't want to do what i do you must have muslim god but i did not mess up somebody a. thank you and that he kept it on my b. i was holding. my you're. the boss .
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so screw the sprinkler system that india is now. becoming and i must say and good morning everybody over here it is me. it presenting the good stuff. they set up slave networks and with impunity. debase human beings and in fact some
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of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the also freedom form are 3 former slaves that are now abolitionists shall agree was 5 years old when she was taken from her family in nepal and sold into slavery for 11 years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to free other girls. now must be in our unit by good morning is not must be and politely now must be everybody. my english is not good i hold my interfered he was good to use my voice and i was led to speak badly in ways it's just ok. ok everybody. he could say freedom basically i look at the
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camera. let's see what we thought i saw. thank . you when my brother santa me away to orc in kathmandu. i was fat from bus train my kids. i had to fly from every house call it d.v.d.'s to make my house tonight happy. if i didn't then i what's the school beaten with bad words i couldn't digest this resource. you know it will so for afraid of we have had some speakers like yourself that they
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through all i received the nobel peace price here in norway would you like to put in your work to qualify for that as i was 19. i hope you would give such sets of i hope you succeed did your work because it was reported for us is important for everybody you said to me this called friends. and you are the type of horses you are very happy to have here thank you for coming. projects name me so we have a dream and we have to see this is the jordanians and your thoughts and your connection syrians can i have with us of course. you haven't had to ask you. i have a dream you don't want to miss you don't you think you're getting lost.
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so what's your dream. in some way that. i somehow love and have good and some nice guy and nobody has like this guy and a minute he. is made to. act. like.
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it's. easy
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is it is i love the new place they get to the community that it's not he didn't start at least. but. they had any. pain. he.
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knew. and that comes in business. gergen missis. give it. to. the compact we need to put out going to it's i'm going to be. uncertain i am never sang in disobedience and now i have that he has had on the subject matter and haven't looked at a man and needed changes in didn't like him in the school and he did better than actually. distorted saturn has some particle matter you could buy you.
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up on a bus when you go back to you bunny how could they stood up where you have to go somebody the most one by me i'm led muslims with his house who can. think is that it is connect me and that is the good side he said last time in that he asked and. she.
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standing up dorman. marking a small town mayor in hungary. he's for a progressive society. welcoming minorities and fighting corruption.
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you need a man who's proud to call himself a european. 90 minutes on w. d 2 you know that 77 percent of africa are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. if you know what it's time all voices. on the 77 percent to talk about the issue that. this is where you come. to 77 percent this weekend on d w. and action packed life black anything's possible as long as up because he and his friends can dream up at its roots here in kenya start up refugee camps. his life story may have graduated. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams.
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thank you for cinema dhamma postcards may 27th street on g.w. . this is deja vu news a live from berlin president trump declares i'm national emergency to protect u.s. computer networks from foreign adversaries the president signs an executive order which bans american companies from using foreign telecoms believed to pose a national security risk the order to stop naming any company but it is believed to be targeting the chinese tech giant huawei also on the show. european leaders are
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being warned there at 1st to stop this information campaigns from the upcoming.


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