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play. play. play play play play play. to c.w. news live from berlin and concerns over the climate looks set to play a key role in upcoming european elections with less than a week to go until europeans begin voting in a new parliament poll to show that climate change is a major issue we will hear from a leader of the fridays for future protest to says that action must follow birds.
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also coming up talks to end the burns a deadlock to break down in the u.k. the opposition labor party has pulled the plug after 6 weeks of negotiations with prime minister theresa back flopsy was for 3 years a victim of continuous cycle of holster stuck you're stuck with your rate the state . calls for a legal challenge after the state of alabama passes america's most restrictive abortion law our correspondent visits the state to talk with people on all sides of the divide plus the sourpuss that made the internet smile on line sensation drop the cat has died at the age of 7 passing mourned by millions of feline back just. plain. welcome to the program. there is now less than a week to go until e.u.
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parliamentary elections and environmental protection is very much on the mind of voters millions across europe have joined movements like fridays for future and extinction rebellion to demand more action on climate change and a recent survey shows that this is what voters want to see prioritize check this out 77 percent worry about global warming while 80 percent are concerned about air pollution 81 percent want to see more sustainable agriculture implemented and 82 percent better environmental protection so you policymakers they're starting to listen but activists say there's still a long way to go it want you to panic a blunt message to the european parliament from swedish activist gretta to embarrass the teenager has given the world a wake up call with her urgent appeal for climate action. the global youth movement she inspired has shifted the climate change debate forcing it both to the top of the use agenda and party campaigning ahead of the blocks parliamentary elections
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next week so what is the e.u. done so far to tackle the climate crisis. in march the european parliament voted to ban single use plastics starting in 2021 as part of sweeping legislation against plastic waste that pollutes beaches and oceans. it's agreed a near total ban on insecticides that have been linked to a dramatic drop in the numbers of wild bees honeybees and other culling nadirs. the e.u. parliament is pushing to put cleaner cars on europe's roads by 2030. and it wants to slash its greenhouse gases by 40 percent in the next 11 years some experts say that's not enough but right now it doesn't look like any single member state will be able to meet that target. reason enough for protesters across europe to keep pushing for faster climate action in brussels. and one of those
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protesters is francisco she joins us now she is one of the leading figures of friday's for future here in germany so i mean as we saw there we saw that the european union has indeed taken some action in the past what do you make of what they've done i think it's really nice to talk about climate action. just for the european polyamory and. even if they're talking about they have to act and they're not doing enough because we have to stay at the paris agreement. go. and have any future yeah i think it's not unfair. if talk about. forward but i don't think that especially for young people such as yourself who really want that dramatic action so. now we have these elections coming up here here in the e.u. and you know when you're out of the streets of places like berlin for example you're seeing all these posters and
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a lot of them are focusing on climate change as an issue are you encouraged by that does that give you some hope i think sometimes it's in funny to see what they're doing what they're talking about climate action when there and then never did something to richer said this paris agreement and sometimes it's kind of funny about i think it's really nice but now they're beginning to talk about climbers begin to talk about climate change because it's one of the questions of our. years because we don't have any much time we don't have time to have to save a war of so it's the most imparting question about this european elections and the clock is really taking you know that you can't vote i mean a lot of the people who are part of your movement fridays for future you're too young to vote in the act now are you afraid that you're not having a say in your own future yes of course are afraid to register for a $22.00 won't have a future so all of these all these adults have to have a. possibility to take action to vote for those parties who say that we have to act
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now because i don't think that having you here just marched off so lay it out for me imagine a situation where i'm sitting in front of you right now what would i need to do in order to satisfy the demands of your movement to make you start stop demonstrating every single friday i think like i say it's just just sick of this post agreement even the i.p.c.c. report they just laid down what we have to do what we have to do to save this road and if our political just staci just how to listen up the scientists and really we will have a big step forward so all these politicians have to this is not the scientists and have to have to save a would have to save a future it's friday you don't go to school today you have. your teachers how do they feel about that i think not sorry about it but. i've just tried every friday i do you stand for what you believe in francisca vessel thank you so much if we say
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that. well here in germany lawmakers have paved the way for the use of east hooters on streets where cars drive debate in the country has been fierce over the issue the best friends want protection and many motorists see them as a hassle here's. their compact and they run on electricity east scooters will be hitting german streets soon. these 2 women are test drivers sophia and selena both from bombay are going to various neither of them britain and east scooter before now a representative from the public utilities company gives them a crash course in how it works and they're both excited to hit the street on the new form of transport and stuff like that in terms of traffic cause it's like being on a bike the flu will have to see how it goes with cars and buses in the middest. helmets are required here and there are once those are on sophia and selena are off.
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after practicing in a parking lot they head into the city traffic the scooters go up to 20 kilometers an hour east routers aren't allowed on sidewalks and barrack during the official test phase writers have to use the bike lane if there isn't one they have to go on the road as traffic builds up sophia and selena have to stay focused as if it is a big this soon turning is tough you have to do say many things of once you have to concentrate on going forward to keep an eye out for the traffic check behind you and put on the brakes one of i miss but everything so far there haven't been any accidents here in baghdad and with a few restrictions the german government decided on friday to allow east scooters for people over 14 as long as they stay off the sidewalks. well now we're heading to london where talks between the u.k. government and the opposition labor party aimed at finding a break the compromise have collapsed labor leader jeremy corbyn ended the
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negotiations saying that it's to be. in prime minister teresa mayes government had so doubt that any deal between the 2 sides would be kept talks have been underway for 6 weeks in an effort to break a deadlock on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the here came here. here's what the 2 had to say after those talks ended. well as germany called and says actually these talks have been constructive and we've made progress the areas where we have been able to find common ground but other issues of proved to be more difficult and in particular we haven't been able to overcome the fact that there isn't a common position in labor about whether they want to deliver it wrecks it or hold a 2nd referendum which could reverse it the government has not moved its position from the bank to the fundamental disagreements we want to have a customs arrangement with the european union protects jobs and trade and we want to have a dynamic relationship on rights we put those years very strong into the government we would not rule out physical for the but it would be
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a referendum to something 16 terms it would be a referendum games and no 2 you castro protects the european. so that's what they have to say let's get more now we're joined from london by do very own mass as we've heard there get these talks they have broken down who's to blame. well the hoda process has been described by some as shadow boxing say they were going through the motions the leaders and the party spot the hard maybe hasn't really been in it and in particular there was deep skepticism as to whether jeremy corbyn would really like to participate in what he has so far always called a tory briggs it so blaming anything that's bad about bricks and on the tories and whether he would actually want to be brought in connection with this president all but of course reason why is blaming it all on the labor party and on their differences particularly over a 2nd referendum so this leaves us once again with
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a situation really of deadlock we don't know where are we going from here and meanwhile the new brags apart the niger ferocious new party is campaigning in the european elections and they are really sagging in the polls so that means that a lot of british people i think really have just enough of bricks or they have enough of what's going on and when and westminster and they want some sort of change and even if that means leaving without a deal there are many who would just consider that so very good then i mean what is likely to happen next and how likely is a 2nd referendum. well we know that reason may once again wants to try and bring her to palm and however this is already failed 3 time and whether this will actually happen a 4th time i have to be i have to say i'm very very dubious about that so many people ia think that she does have
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a chance but she will hope that the success of the bricks of party will shop in minds of someone her own party particularly on the bread side and also possibly the northern irish parties who are just worried about the situation of northern ireland say that can't be that there is a slight chance however if there isn't then we are faced with a new deadline which is at the end of october so if nothing is agreed in parliament then this is the day that britain just has to leave the european union and the prime minister whoever this may be at the time probably not treason may because she has said that she will go but the new prime minister the prime minister in britain would have to decide what happens then will he or she decide just to go without a deal with a just revoke article 50 and stop rexx it altogether or possibly call for another referendum and throw the whole thing back out to people this is certainly work days are hoping for in the u.k.
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you are campaigning for a 2nd referendum and the chances all slim at this point but it's not impossible still no clear direction on birds and the clock is certainly taking mass with an update from london thank you. check now some other stories making news around the world runs foreign minister has called on the 5 remaining signatories of a 2015 nuclear deal to take concrete action to save it around previously warned that it with scale back some of its commitments under the deal a year after the us left the pact and reimposed sanctions. the rwandan rebel leader colics mana has appeared before the media following his arrest in april he was a spokesperson for the national liberation front an armed group which has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks he claims that his group's agenda is to topple long serving president paul kagame me. and in north macedonia hundreds of high school students have taken part in an annual parade it involves participating in
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a traditional dance which the students in the city of skokie are performing with umbrellas every year around 70 cities in the south eastern europe hosts similar parades to celebrate their graduates. the china born architect who shaped urban landscapes i am paid has died at the age of 102 his works were held by many but also met with some controversy they range from hong kong's bank of china skyscraper to the classic pyramid in the courtyard of the loos in pairs. well this week the u.s. state of alabama passed the country's most restrictive anti abortion law the new code bans abortion except when the mother's life is in danger and today the state of missouri is expected to pass a similar restrictive bam a pro-choice supporters say that these laws violate roe versus wade the landmark supreme court decision back in 1983 that legalized abortion they're trying to
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safeguard access to the procedure our correspondent helen humphrey traveled to alabama to talk with people on both sides of the divide. the out of our mistake capitol has become the latest front line in a fight for reproductive rights that most pro-choice activists thought they had won in the 1970 s. inside this building republican governor kay ivey signed the bill into law and now she has a battle on her hands she has the support of proponents like the lori mullins who runs the co pregnancy center in montgomery alabama offering baby items and parenting classes in an effort to dissuade women from seeking abortions like the bill itself she sees no exceptions even in the case of rape or incest if you believe that. at conception it is a person then you have to believe that all life is sacred how i was conceived has no should have no impact on the value of my life why would you protect lives.
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and say except yours yours is not the case of incest that is a really really difficult discussion to have it's never right there is no good answer but at the same time the way the law is now we see it all the time if a child is being molested and she becomes pregnant at 13 or 14 or 15 the family takes her to have an abortion the only person who wins in that scenario is the person who was abusing her while proponents of the text want it to include few exceptions to see it potentially go all the way up to the supreme court and maybe even overturn roe v wade itself opponents of the bill like you state will make his of playing politics with women's bodies one of them is mago hotline dressed as a handmade the pro-choice activists protested on the steps of the state government as the bill was passed and my. personal. stake in this is that i
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was for 3 years a big dim of continuous sexual assaults and i did think that i was pregnant when i think about someone who might be in the situation that i was and isn't able to. escape from that or stuck you're stuck with your rapist's baby and currently with her new 3 abortion clinics in the entire state choices already seem limited alongside her work as an activist mia raven also works in an abortion clinic patients often find themselves in dangerous circumstances as an already difficult time tell me about harassment paint a picture for me about what a woman might face coming into the clinic where you work the minute she pulls in said driveway she's going to be greeted by some protesters the minute she walks out of a corridor and screaming at her telling her that she doesn't need to be here and that she's still going to be a mother but she's going to be the mother of
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a murder baby the doctor are used to southern states trying to build what they do. this is not an uncommon tactic they go after the providers especially the doctors is another way to cut down access because abortion can really go all day long but if you can't access or you might as well not have that right. those rights are being challenged not just in alabama but across republican held states in the south the midwest which is looking at a muni conservative supremum course and hoping that now might be the time to roll back reproductive rights the good. time once parliament has legalized same sex marriage it is the 1st in asia to pass such landmark legislation the bill overcame several hurdles including attempts by conservatives to remove any reference to marriage despite the outcome of the vote the issue of same sex marriage continues to divide the country. an emotional day for l g b t
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rights campaigners as they celebrated their victory outside parliament in taipei. the legislation survived a last minute attempt by conservatives to pass a watered down version. today's a very significant day to us because we could finally pass a law is out to protect my family we've been fighting for this change in. law for 5 years and for the person to leave before i even choose and now that i do anything for it. it's a happy thing for me to taiwan compounds such a lot of your home although there were divisions it's still a happy occasion and i'm quite emotional 3 different bills were tabled for friday's vote but only one used the word marriage a bill satisfactory for rights campaigners the other versions backed by conservative lawmakers left out the term marriage altogether opponents say
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lawmakers are ignoring the will of the people in a series of referendums last year and more than 2 thirds of voters said marriage should only be defined as a union between a man and a woman but that's far from the minds of these rights activists celebrating what is a landmark day. and there is more on taiwan's ground breaking new law still to come as the o.g.t.t. community celebrates we're hearing from gay activists in the suit with the song that her forte and put legalizing gay marriage means to her that's coming up later i'm getting used. to. the 1st in the catholic church the role of women who are not dons has long been a point of contention women are not allowed to become priests for example here in germany a group of catholic women say that they are sick of the male dominated church so they are boycotting the voluntary work that they do in calling for a more liberal forward thinking church they have chosen the motto maria 2.0 maria
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being the german name for the virgin mary. they're determined to be heard the women of the maria $2.00 movement they want to a new reformed more woman friendly church they've gathered in front of the berlin cathedral to make their demands clear to the male dominated catholic church. we need equal treatment and rights i think things are going to change the time has come for people to smoothly finally realize that women in the catholic church should home various positions. since last saturday women have been protesting across germany for a more liberal catholic church they wear white shawls at improvised church services white is the color of hope hope that something will change. for the want is this the 1st demand is that all these cases of abuse be thoroughly investigated and
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that the perpetrators be punished and removed from their positions the 2nd demand is that the church change its stunts on sexuality and the 3rd thing is that women must also be allowed to be ordained. according to a survey most bishops in germany reject the women's protest even the bishop of berlin the intended recipient of the message of these demonstrators didn't appear but one priest did show his solidarity. i also support their concerns something has to give in all church and the people who are here those who are truly involved in the church in their congregations and for whom it's really important to spend that time there and they really want that church to have a future that. these women don't want to just play supporting roles in the catholic church with their weeklong church boycott and protests they hope they can change
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the face of the catholic church. the internet is in mourning the fraud that launched a 1000 means has passed away social media sensation grumpy cat has died at the age of 7 cats famous cow calls fyfield morphism shot her to online fame and even prompted his owner to quit her job and set up a company promoting her star pet who needs numerous t.v. appearances and starred in her own. give are now on this feline thanks and i am joined by d.w. social media editor data raghav so 1st of all i mean this is a cat why did she become so popular. well i can't believe there i have to talk about her in past tense but she did became become super popular she just she was able to capture everyone's heart due to her very well distinguish expression so
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grumpy cat was born in arizona in 2012 to owner tabitha she rose to fame when tabitha's brother brian posted a picture of her on reddit and well the rest is history she was able to capture everyone's heart i guess because well each one of us has a little bit of a small grumpy cat within them i mean she had a she had millions of followers she also made her owner a millionaire tell us more about that side. correct so basically grumpy cat who was related by the way was tartar sauce she had more than 8000000 followers on facebook more than 2000000 followers on instagram and more than 1000000 followers on twitter see was definitely not only a cute cat but also very profitable and her family never really disclosed just just what you know grumpy cats net worth was but speculations talk about anything anywhere between 1000000 dollars and 100000000 dollars as grumpy cat had her own online store where you can buy merchandise from mugs to t.
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shirts and of course postcards films so definitely a good cat for business there may be a bit too soon but i mean can anyone really compare when we're looking at the sort of influence and notoriety of this cap. well i mean for me personally it's definitely he too soon to talk about you know a replacement for grumpy cat but a very prominent candidate if i may add must be a little bug i don't know if you've heard about her anyone who spends at least one minute on the internet has to know her lubov actually also suffer and suffer from a certain type of dwarfism but unlike graeme grumpy cat what it does or did is it made her tongue slip out of her mouth continuously and permanently she also has millions of fans around the world and also was quite friendly with grumpy cat so who knows maybe that's the next internet queen. but in the meantime grumpy cat now in cat heaven. telling us a little bit more about her legacy thank you. now nick korea has
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been disqualified from the italian open after throwing a temper tantrum during his match against norway's kasparov on thursday after the umpire gave him a game penalty for an outburst the australians slammed his racket on the ground kicked a water bottle and finally hurled a chair into the clay court along with being disqualified he was fined $20000.00 euros and have to forfeit his tournament prize money and ranking points. quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here polls indicate climate change and environmental concerns are a major issue for voters with less than a week to go before european union citizens vote in the new parliament but fears remain but why the action on the climate could be hindered by resistance some countries. who say some carbon reduction goals are too ambitious. and to the united kingdom the opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn has and
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it brags of talks with prime minister theresa may the 2 sides have been to go shooting for 6 weeks in an effort to reach a compromise a view from the are. coming up next. 10 years after sri lanka civil war comes to an end to the families searching for their loved ones who are still in the city to. call that more coming up i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great. the
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for. the for. the something nice for him i ask him to endure a sore dealing with anyone at all they killed many civilians i mean the irish
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coming including my father was something i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like this totally but suddenly life became our kind of song. providing insights global news that matters d. w. for minds. what's coming up for the book going to sleep much movement to take up this weekend plenty until i feel like. it's going to take a look at what all that means for the type of political. the going to sleep every weekend here on t w. action packed life. anything is possible as long as our
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coffee and his friends can drink on. this movie. refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams flame. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th i'm going to double lives. this is state of your news asia coming up today 10 years after sri lanka's civil war comes to an end the wounds are still fresh and emotions brought we joined families searching for their loved ones who are still missing today and a milestone taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to approve same sex marriage parliament passes a bill and the l.g.b. keep.


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