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dear to make the uniforms which were still all from the eighty's more modern. we had so much fun. we had discovered a curtain in the ladies' powder room that had this print from the seventy's seventy's print and we used it as a stylistic elements that even the men's uniforms and it was a big hit. mainly. as it does commerce is a good. design of fashion for restaurant staff the concept is booming in london the no uniform label specialized in fashion for the catering profession they created 78 different looks for london's luxury rosewood hotel morton to some from denmark amplitudes economy are from italy also create designs for the working environment they used to be designed this is a better mouse and alexander mcqueen in 2013 they founded their own label in paris called old up but we felt that we didn't really belong to the fashion industry because you wanted to approach. making clothes in
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a less consumeristic way like something that lasts longer. compared to. fast fashion. each style needs to suit the restaurant the looks are inspired by the architecture and design of each individual location. like here for the waiters and cooks about go make japanese restaurant in paris the designers match their garments to the interior decoration and worked closely with the owner and cook so she tanaka is color a concept couldn't do with just any old apron. gentile restaurant has like a great kind of home. and he wanted something in connection in connection to that and we we found his pen tone of graceful to elements of great plains were able to create this kind of like call of blog. i see kind of look just.
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very pleased with the results the outfits are unique and they're comfortable that's important because the waiters have to wear them all day long it was a saucy. fashion design for restaurant employees isn't just about aesthetics it's also about functionality. in the beginning we would be having like washing machines washing fabric in the reflect different kind of ingredients or we would like sawyer and one coffee and one and try to see how could we make like something that was really strange brazilians sometimes but designers touch can only be recognized at 2nd glance when you know the specific cuts the details and that certain something. we wanted to have something is that that. i. need to because these apron is actually addressed and it can be it can be even used
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without pence and they need because it really serves the purpose up like as a dress the 2 older designers have created fashion for restaurants around the world italian star cook simona tonto wanted a casual touch. saunders hotel in copenhagen preferred sleek elegance. and he said we studio all of us on kitchen in berlin has a clear and bold style. it's a nice compliment when the fashion appeals not only to the staff wearing it but also to the customers sometimes we've had japanese tourists who come to paris to eat who are see the brand her career somewhere and calls us and ask if they can pass by just to buy a few items or something like that attention to detail is what makes good couture so special and manufacturers like older now extending that same loving attention to the stuff seen in forms. and now it's flame for
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something to eat white asparagus germans love it there is a true hype surrounding it it's green asparagus it's much more a common cause it's grown and many countries why disparages is only available here in germany from april to the end of june and then fans like me will have to wait 9 months until it's beck so one of the reasons why asparagus or why gold as it sometimes referred to is so special for many people in the asparagus using germans eat on average around 1.5 kilograms of it but it doesn't keep very well so it tastes best if it comes from the far. there is a fine honest to harvesting the delicate spears that weiss aspiring to us. for the kind of asparagus field stretch for kids here in billets southwest of berlin. the
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youngest families asparagus farm is a popular destination for day trip and since spring they come here to buy their beloved asparagus just after it's been harvested. in the bush when things turn green and the 1st tulips bloom it's asparagus time driving around here you see the fields and think soon they'll be asparagus. even the word asparagus is mouthwatering. say it's a delicacy it's typical for germany i know that it was very happy to be here to eat joy the asparagus. the germans are european champions the growing asparagus and their leaders when it comes to eating it too on average every german consumes one can 5 kilos of the vegetable has season. 66 west germany is growing prosperity also created asparagus miracle. production and consumption bread is better than ever for reasons that's why for me asparagus
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is a cultural asset it's not simply a trend that people are reaching asparagus eating it since the middle ages in the gardens of monasteries and at royal courts on. fire it is has been grown in the region around playlets is 86110 percent is green asparagus which grows above ground 90 percent is white asparagus which grows underground if you expose to sunlight it will produce chlorophyll and turn green that hit its points and perfectly straight . would be slightly bands but we select sandy surfaces that you can see that this is pure sound and then this asparagus can grow up straight because it encounters no . resistance mukhlas cawdor. ground warms up well and that gives the asparagus its unique aroma. christus spohn all his and i think god is a lot more bring the knife down to the bottom of the spear cut it to call it out in
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the holes it's easy to harvest if the head is already poking out of the ground special for oil protects it from the night at the farm asparagus is served. in the batter as a bake or in the classical style with full potatoes and hollandaise sauce. michelle came for tens finally peeled asparagus into cuisine at the head chef from billions to style restaurant to see it mixes asparagus with groceries and. if you can follow on taking asparagus fathers and i want to take asparagus and create an entire dish around it the side dishes garnish and saucers mustn't overpower the asparagus it should rule the plate is that. his favorite way to prepare asparagus is to saute. if you boils it then with a pinch of salt and brown sugar lemon slices and a place of butter and for a short a time as possible. some of the dishes served it for so you combine weiss and green
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asparagus like this asparagus salad. you can advise on my find white asparagus very elegance with a slightly bitter not the green is more brutish stronger there will be. but the days when everyone can afford once asparagus could be numbered. for wages account for over 50 percent of our costs if they increase disproportionately asparagus could once again be a food for the elites as in the 17th and 18th centuries of all. rich investments but low in calories and with a taste all of. this is still to. i'm in spain for its spring vegetables. and for all you foodies there you will find more european specialties on our you
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tube channel take a look and now very boring events in london where people talk about comp we are a levant and trivial topics in fact that talks boring they even sense of people to sleep just imagine listening to lectures about the smell of laundry or labels on cardboard boxes doesn't sound very exciting does it although it's organize a james ward keeps warning people that the conference is indeed very boring ticket city events like hotcakes our report to adrian kennedy went along to find out more . life in the fast lane is too much excitement i need to come down. what's this number whose most boring event could be the answer. conway hole is a famous home of radical free thinkers in the heart of blue mystery the boring
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conference is taking place here for the 9th time. founder james ward is master of ceremonies and a veritable titan of tedium. and my name is james ward and i need found to bring conference a one day celebration of the mundane people would marry the o.p.'s and the overlooked the theme is boring but the content should be focused incorporate for example rachel weili is fascinated by the greenwich time signal. mike bates has a passion for postcards of nearby battersea park. joyce smith explains how she started collecting books certificates.
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the conference is sold out so who are these people and why are they wasting their weekend here. what's the big attraction here. being bored of listening to people talking about things that they care way way to the play about a minute i enjoy science i enjoy competing and things like that trivial the monday my straight the most boring thing is the lunch break that's quite which is you thankfully over james tittering likes to walk in straight lines for his film underfoot he paused once a minute to take a 5 2nd shot off the ground. things are beginning to take. lizzie austin's paper on the smell of laundry is accompanied by a video of a washing machine cycle.
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and live and dump a bit of audience participation in homes how intense is it does it remind you james wood has generously allowed me to take to the stage my sofa to bestow a boring price. to achieve a prize for most boring time at the boring conference. goes to joyce smith could try. putting work phone book certificates taking part in the boring conference held if you couldn't joyce more self-confidence. it made me feel like it was like that mine was in a way to be a life kind of thing. oh my collections and interests and hobbies things but the people shadi i was to write for them and times. at the end of the day i've gathered a lot of fun facts kind of present now and made
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a lot spoken you friends. g.'s thing i could be boring i think given enough practice because you could get by you a boring person can day is it really boring. at school. no it's all. sadly the boring conference it is. but i have vowed never to willfully overlook the very obvious and the monday again. and you can find out lots more about your macs on our website so go to our home page or our facebook page if you go online you can also find all the details of how to enter our latest. exciting euro might draw that's all we have time for today but
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you will be back next week same time same place so from here in the land thanks for watching. and back and from now.
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you know that 77 percent of coffee are younger bent 35. and you know what the 77. issues to get.
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additional moving the country is. pretty cheap. the 77 percent. journey through tom from germany's provisional capital in bonn to its current capital in berlin. today i want to invite you to join me on a tour of 70 years of history together while discover what the draft has to deal with the country's constitution and the places that locations that tell the story postwar germany. in 60 minutes on. some time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime and around half
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a century. your world would be around 2 degrees warmer place inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meter in the central. we're going to have some climate impacts we turn greater than your pretty place really frightening ultrabook. player lol. why are people more concerned. little yellow. shorts may 31st w. . europe a big idea but what's become of it and what it looks like tomorrow. dublin gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections across 2 questions that matter what are european voters hopes for the new current. what challenges lie
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ahead. pro-grade tonight on the policy sense and the people in power have come your way with not doing anything by the time of crisis. how will the european election affect the rest of. expert discussion as to the. prince of record will have to stick and 6 or 6 years 1st. g.w. has it all. which may 26th g.w. . austria's vice chancellor is accused of promising state contracts in exchange for donations german media publish footage allegedly showing high school while salutes
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the far right freedom party meeting with the woman claiming to be a potential russian investor austrian opposition parties are calling for straka to resign. voting is drawing to a close in australia's national election poll showed the center left labor party led by bill shorten with a narrow lead heading into election day i believe but the governing liberal party of prime minister scott morrison had been closing the gap climate policy could prove to be the deciding issue. on saturday the world's most watched music competition the your vision song contest will showcase $26.00 international acts who have made it to the final last year's winner israel is hosting the event participants will try to impress judges and do their country's proud bookmakers or chipping the netherlands to take top honors. anti-government demonstrators took to the streets of the old jerry and capital for the 13th to. like you did friday they were demanding that the country's interim
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leaders step down that the presidential election planned for july 4th be cancelled . this is news africa that's coming up in the next 15 minutes have the soul is struck with heavy flooding leaving at least 15 people dead we have a report from kabul where many families have had been left homeless off the rains damaged their houses. and on the international day against homophobia we talked to analogy between acts of the efforts to break down discrimination against gays and lesbians in uganda. today and giving old wheels a new drive we need the prison for years turning rather rubbish into snazzy sandals .
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and christine one the welcome to news africa i'm glad you're tuned in at least 15 people have died in mali's capital bamako loft a flash flood struck the city destroying homes and property the government's ses teams have been deployed to rescue those left homeless and has urged caution from residents but the residents themselves say all fours he's have been slow to react in a country susceptible to flooding. the floodwaters came when these people were sleeping they didn't have chance to think about saving their possessions the trencher rain falling over night in bamako in the space of just 5 hours. these women were lucky to escape with their lives some didn't. and i mean and we lost all our stuff the water to keep everything away everything
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we had 4 people died in our family. people here are blaming local authorities for the flood damage they say rubbish was left to build up that clogged strains in rivers preventing the flood water from flowing away. government ministers have visited the area many are critical of what they see as a whole planning and a poor response after all the start of the rainy season is relatively predictable. well known example as for me this is a warning for us residents the government only comes after the damage is done. we need to protect lives and we need to be cleaner. it's because of the rubbish that overflowed into the river. but nothing more than sit in what i ministers who came home is to send vehicles to drive us somewhere for the night. they say they'll do everything they can we're just here waiting for the one phone signal.
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bamako with its 3 and a half 1000000 people it's one of the world's fastest growing cities along with the people comes a trail of rubbish this is the consequence of the government's failure to deal with waste residents left to clean up the mess. ok today is the international day against a little bit it's a day that activists use to raise awareness for rights violations against the gay lesbian and bisexual community in africa 35. trees have laws punishing homo sexual acts ranging from life imprisonment in gambia and tanzania and the death penalty in countries like sudan and somalia in recent years many governments on the continent have been accused off supporting the persecution off homosexuals one of those is uganda where amnesty international says the country's community is commonly harassed and silenced by the government and now we're going to talk to an algae
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campaign and advocate they in a moment but 1st let's listen to what people on the streets of kampala have to say about homosexuality the government of uganda should create a safe space for people who have the traits of homosexual homosexuality those be uneasy and all those who are maybe maybe korea but i think they should create for the mystery of space the doctor not because you cannot compare month to month when that is. man to woman shouldn't have created a man and a woman to have a live in society tomorrow i know is there will be no one see what good are you gonna get i guess i don't like it's a tool when people support him his sexuality in uganda ugandans watching us we do not like it when you support him a sexuality it is really bad i usually see them visit the prime minister and i'm told they want to meet the president i really don't support homosexuals a.b.c.
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i'm going to see what you know what they're going to come back to me i don't recommend them i don't recall many thousands of individuals being part of a mass is there already 5 of us we also can't get rid of them but those they shouldn't be something that would be their policy to say they should be fired which formalizes it by they can be we've been my guest today is one of uganda's most prominent advocates for. rights frank will be the director off the organization sexual minorities uganda he joins me now from campolo welcome to africa frank you live in uganda as an openly gay man what is that like. are you able are really really open to. see paramilitary one of the children killed or are you are. you prepared if you're in english and
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a foreigner and 00000000 people killed in our in our very free country through not only very very shameful of. all. our lawyers we are very very seriously from orange. so. you've got a frank you're involved in a lot of advocacy are you seeing any improvements in the situation for gay and lesbian people in your kind. and perhaps in africa more widely. where this is all i don't see much progress. do you know least in the fall it is already extreme from some of them to be so much creepy and yes i do straight you know. how the. strong movement but if you call them if you take a little bit of
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a smoky on video and you can be in concord come in for christmas break. for free speech. but guns are getting even more interesting for some of you for example to. the contrary but he's not. going as well for being fox for b.s. actually if you do we are a defender 22 to get. find it i don't hold to looking today at a discussing the itsy of homophobia but in the african context is the teaching tolerance for trying to get to people takes it toll the sexuality which help to treat strategies would be more effective in the african context. strategy of trying to get people or the other. side of. to put.
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all the you know that of you in shortage because you can change the. judiciary committee over the other because you get was not a 5 people who are 0 for them on page 32 of image 5 and even a very. very little. they can do. some of you for joining to have them in people is marked as are being obstructed you. give. us some you get to see the only who should be. ok our g.b.t. advocate frank mugisha in company uganda for us thank you. thank you so much. and on this story is in cameroon way environmentalist have expressed concern over the effects in property discard the thai is have on the environment now end up
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spiking project with input from prison and is giving old wheels new life. the war notes and discarded car tires they litter the environment and can release toxic chemicals into the water. but in your own day cameroon's capital there's no public refuse service that officially takes care of recycling. where other people see problems civil society activists christian league ac solutions he has local youths collect the old tires providing a purposeful activity for the young people because the scrap tires are considered a raw material for new products. a lot of people culturally believe it just has to be so we are also using these are sort of what you did to say is that is that we can give it to these tires which would be more durable which would not affect our environment. the tires are transported to
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a business partner about 20 miles outside. it's a prison here in mates who refer to themselves as prison for a new oars produce sandals out of the old tires it takes about 4 hours to make one pair and 7 flip flops can be made out of a normal size tire we're not allowed to interview the prisoners but the project is seen as an opportunity for rehabilitation and it's helping solve an environmental problem at the same time you know engagement in prisons we saw the process of transforming thai is firstly as an effort to protect the environment as an effort to support you know the global conversation on climate change and we saw the inmates in prison as the 1st community would we can talk because a lot of people abandon them but they have time they need people to give them an opportunity to transform.


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