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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 19, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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job as a whole. bunch of. g.w. . this is d w news live from berlin indian voters get closer to the finish line it's the final day of voting in the country's marathon general election with prime minister narendra modi's seeking a 2nd term we'll go live to moody's own constituency also coming up. austrian chancellor is a bust and chords called snap elections this comes after his vice chancellor quits
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following the release of hidden camera video that appears to show him offering government contracts to a fake russian supporter. plus it's in the netherlands tonight at the euro vision song contest. duncan lawrence wins the pop extravaganza with his piano ballad arcade will bring you the highlights of a politically charged evening in television. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us today is the final day of voting in india's general election it's the biggest election in the world with 900000000 eligible voters one of the scenes being contested today is the city of.
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holy to hindus where prime minister narendra modi is up for reelection modi is expected to win comfortably but a controversial development project in the historic temple district has dented his popularity. travel tomorrow nasi and sent us this report. the holy city of water not seen as a piece of political much for devout hindu and considered the spiritual capital of the country. but now and i bought of the temple city is in ruins. close to 300 houses some of which date back to the 17th century have been torn down around kashi which will not stand. devoted to the hindu gods. on the temples are left standing. the demolition is all to
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make way for the cos she caught her daughter and ambitious infrastructure project off prime minister mary into more the. more the represents wadded i see in parliament. when he was elected 5 years ago he promised to modernize the ancient city while preserving its rich culture and heritage. grew up in the not only in surround. he down the shop here but when a part of the scheme knocking to tell him to get out he petitioned the high court. but after 15 months of fighting he gave up for what he claims is not enough money and the promise of a new shop in the quarter door. the area around the temple has traditionally been a stronghold for more these the chippy but now he says locals feel that the party is crushing the soul of caution. removed what's made the city of shiva the city of
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modi whatever changes modi wants a happening here. it was the city of temples now it's a city of ruins. the prime minister wants to be directed from one of the sea. and the controversies seems to have little impact on his chances. on the campaign trail he is treated like a celebrity. his stop has been the mean draw for the b.g.p. across the country. modi has said that the wood for the b.g. is a vote for him. many locals see no alternative to walking for the prime minister. even the opposition has predicted weak candidates practically giving him a walkover. hindu nationalism has been a bold plan for the b j p and the prime minister is counting on this holy cities indorsement to once again the the country. who
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filed that report now joins us from say hello to you misha so as we heard in your report modi's development plans for the city of our n.r.c. are quite unpopular among many locals is this likely to cost them support at the ballot box. well why is the redevelopment plans down the holy. temple have brought in criticism it actually looks like it is not going to cause a loss for the prime minister at all a lot of voters who we have spoken to at this polling booth have said that they are actually quite impressed to. the prime minister's leadership on a national level there's also been some improvements to infrastructure in other parts of the city that people are supporting and others are simply supporting him because he's an icon for the be chippy so the question that is being raised here is simply about how large
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a margin the prime minister's going to win the seat with not about if he's going to win or not so even though the area around the temple was a bastion of b.g.p. support that's the ruling party some people told me that they will not cast their vote or they will choose a none of the above option but they're so against the opposition that it is still unlikely for the opposition to meet gains at the cost of prime minister more the. wolverine r.c. is as we've been hearing a sacred hindu city just how important is religion in this election. religion as definitely going to play a role in the party in part the b.g.p. did comment on the plank of hindu nationalism even though in 2014 the key agenda was development but there has been a rise of hindu much a majority leader in islam across the country that has been the rise of hate speech as well as violence against minorities across the country and for many people they
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view b.g.p. as a hindu party that supports the hindu cause but of course on officially the region has also propagated an idea of nationalism there were strikes there was a there was a standoff between india and pakistan earlier this year which is actually played in the b j p's favor and that is another factor that's going to favor the b.g.p. heavy and of course they have clearly come out and express their support about a controversial temple that is to be built in the state we're actually standing in right now so hindu islam as well as nationalism important all plans for the region be. doubly as new mission just 12 reporting for us from veyron us a thank you very much. to austria now where the chancellor is the bust and courts has called for early elections after a corruption scandal brought down his government's junior coalition partner the announcement comes after austria's vice chancellor heinz. was caught on video
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apparently offering lucrative government contracts to a prospective russian investor in exchange for help influencing austria's 2017 elections in favor of his far right freedom party. resigned from his post on saturday. to be off to the vice chancellors resignation thousands of people down but at the chancellery to express their indignation with the far right freedom party and demand fresh elections and the protesters got what they wanted was chancellor sebastian cool to announce the end of his coalition for you saying the populist freedom party had finally gone too far i would often gets to go after yesterday's videos i must honestly say that enough is enough. the chancellor asked president alex under-funded beland to cold snap elections the president who can just hold parliament's back the move and he had
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strong words for the alleged corrupt deputy. from 2 of the excluder better who the leaders of the republic have broken the trust placed in them this is outrageously disrespectful to the citizens and i cannot tolerate this lack of respect these are those because you could go to the. this is the video behind the scandal austria's vice chancellor. caught on tape apparently soliciting campaign funding in return for lucrative government contracts as a meeting in a villa on the spanish island of straw for thought he was talking to the niece of a russian oligarch in addition to illegal donations they discussed the possibility of her buying a stake in austria's biggest tabloid to generate favorable coverage ahead of the 2017 elections but it was a sting and the video was leaked to the media all right let's get some more on the story and for that we're joined by a correspondent bob these also standing by in vienna hello to you barbara so do we
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know yet when these fresh elections in austria are going to be held and what would it mean what is it going to mean for courts a coalition government. we don't know yet when there will be healthy selection marianna but the likely date is late september maybe even earlier tobar because it takes more than 6 weeks to prepare an election in austria more than a week to just solve the parliament that is now sitting and nobody does something like this during the summer vacation so plus you need a bit of time for campaigning don't you so yes it's likely that in early fall there are going to be elections in austria the morning after the big demonstrations here is still quite the concert course it's just meeting the president funded belum and they are talking about how to carry on how this government can continue because there are more contentious people in cabinet the home if there is minister for
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instance never to kill who is really highly sort of accused of being extremely rightwing very similar to what's called. has been in his party very similar position so can he stay on class who is going to be the no the new vice chancellor that's his decision that has to be by law filled in austria. once somebody who is sort of the 3rd party politician. the freedom party is still fighting for their survival in the sky vermont well barbara of course the very next election is you a parliamentary election just a week from now less than a week how much of a setback is this going to be for europe's far right parties more broadly. this is going to be a big setback for the freedom party because it is probably going to be sort of reduce to is its core its core clay until however in other countries it's doubtful
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that this will make big bang waves because populism is regional local regional and at best national so italian populist so where we saw the big rally yesterday was much insulting me and milan they are not going to really look at austria plus already of course conspiracy theories about this sting operation on either side and the whole the whole victim saga of are already circulating they say oh we have been victimized by the political forces who want to destroy us we know how this works so it is probably not going to have such a big effect in other countries. barbara vessel reporting in vienna thank you. now it was a night to remember for the netherlands at the grand final of the euro vision song contest took place last night in tel aviv as usual is packed full of glitz and kids
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but the world's biggest music competition didn't pass without some controversy either let's take a look. duncan lawrence of the netherlands had been the competition favorite and in the end the book my kids were right words can describe what i'm feeling now i'm feeling so much emotions everything that i wanted to do on stage it came out. it came out so good and i really felt the song and this is like the result the results combined national jury pictures found 5 rats. not only do it because. it leaves my mood for the 2nd with an upbeat number called so there's a few of those are the goblet is a little bit. ok
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let's arrest ballad they did a good for rush on. your visions rules forbid mixing music in politics but there's often the serve of controversy to go with the pop this year icelandic group atari made headlines for openly supporting the palestinian cause israel's eurovision. all right well in bundesliga soccer byron munich have sealed a 7th straight title after a convincing final day win over i'm top frankfurt. and this was the moment they got to lift the bundesliga trophy fire and had their fate in their own hands and they made no mistake with a 51 victory thank you for me and i and robin bow. scored in their final home appearances for byron and keeping with tradition coach nico cotch it was trenched in beer his side ended up 2 points ahead of tourist center.
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and finally if you've got a beard belgium is the place to be right now hundreds of hairy men from around the world have descended on antwerp for the 2019 world beard and mustache championships the wacky contest sees the well groomed come competitors take part in 3 main categories moustache partial beard and full beard. you're up to date on d w thanks for watching. shifting powers the old order is history the world is really going ours in itself and the media's role he's cute.


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