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story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams played. thank you for watching. cinema jump starts may 27th on t.w. . europe and its young people a complicated relationship. the demonstration against climate change aren't interested in the european election it's just the what about you it's not really if you vote it's dubbed as mine i think my parents will make me vote saying. we wanted to find out what young people think about europe we visited several e.u.
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countries including germany we met people who were committed to the european concept. of the sixty's vote and those who are opposed to it. local europe means nothing to me but. how can politicians get young people interested to vote because i did we want europe to have a future of young people here need a future for all. to. live. in and we travel to come on in early march right in the middle of a windstorm. that. stormy times for europe.
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monti is a trying to get young people to vote in the upcoming european election. just the way all of europeans part of the e.u. would like a family media type of us bank but i love my dad's french and my mom's german so europe is really important to me as we head to you with other games and. this event is part of an e.u. parliament effort to get out the values it's called this time i'm voting volunteers can sign up on the website. to vote and focused on begin on we want to get out into the streets and explain to people why this election matters it's. more than 250000 volunteers throughout europe have already registered the parliament provides information procedures and other materials but unfortunately no one bella's. bothered to do something. like.
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this are you going to vote no for europe why not don't know how come on at least think about it you know it's a please please vote when you vote why no it's pointless why it's no use come on. the volunteers don't discuss issues they just want people to vote might not want you should be proud that you can vote for concrete a team dismissed me as the political parties are responsible for addressing specific issues. i have to remain absolutely neutral because it's union card companies kinds of campaigns really get out the vote research class pearlman is an expert on how young people think and behave. because it's must be very well i have my doubts about a general sort of campaign. young people will vote in european elections only if
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the campaign addresses specific issues that are important to them but it does so if the politicians want more young people to vote they'll have to talk about those issues. this one of the volunteers is deanna to live and she's a star on you tube an instagram and says the european concept is important for young people. in the same time so i think it's totally important to show that in the united europe we can have more innovation and opportunity especially for young people. that like it has more influence than individual countries continents or powerful corporations have unfair and. for 6 years now deanna has been posting photos and videos on the internet. i shoot most of my videos in my bedroom i like that homey feeling because it brings
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you closer to the viewer as to who. deanna has more than 600000 new chub subscribers she usually talks about fashion and cosmetics yeah at the cons welcome to a new video today i'm going to talk about a topic close to my hut senate i. guess is this is my favorite right now. yeah that's why i like this and not it's not floor length so your legs may get cold . as it turned into a profession cosmetics and fashion companies pay her to promote their products in the videos so they can reach a final is. as good comes of it so you do politics now. for good for you i'm sort of a role model and i have a community that i can exchange ideas with. that i'm into politics now so i wanted to share that with the. sure you come today deanna is in brussels the
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e.u. parliament has invited several internet influencers to campaign on behalf of europe the i love you to. talk with us here in france on posh and in how to i hope they'll create some nice content and post it online and maybe that we have their followers interested in europe and the upcoming election. one. move on to help out interconnected your. facts that. do young people take the e.u. for granted because they don't know what the all the jew replies like to find out more about that we travel to the hosts. these young people are a part of the erasmus student exchange program they come from all over europe.
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which comes from fellow austria like england i'm from a southerner i'm from belgium a few from london from swabian. malta 9000000 students have taken part in the arrests most program since it began in 1987 . people to be all europeans are different but there are also connected and that's really beautiful and this is a drop it should i think it's really important to me from different cultures because it's the approach and it's your perspective which i by this over time we've become more european than german i've seen that here and it surprised me it's really getting. us most stuff believe that the organization has changed the way that young people look to europe for the better. and restless is the most successful program of the. you are not you can step out from statistics and magic
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from everything and it really works you have creating a sense of belonging to the e.u. and that then off duty and responsibility towards the u.s. citizens lasting friendships and about a quarter of the arrests most students meet their long term partner on the exchange it's been said that there are $1000000.00 and as most babies but the program can only go so far. so. as much as we try to prepare europeans for a european future we also have to realize that the middle classes can be quite nationalistic and that's true for all countries this is. where on the road again this time we're headed for the heart of european politics brussels. this is m.p. t.-mo vulcan the german social democrat is just and she 31 of the youngest members
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of the european parliament he's trying to reach young people with his you tube channel i have to provide and welcome to another episode of wednesday minutes recommend. what hi and welcome to sorry mr why did you choose you tube. why you mention it because young people watch it for information and entertainment. there are other platforms and your habits can change but right now you tube is the place to be the place to be. and the 2nd ladies and gentlemen welcome to our press conference the 1st question please. is the e.u. to blame we abolished roaming charges. did some european commission bureaucrat decide that cucumber should look like this. and not like this some communist i got my voting card there is the voting machine and now we're going to take a roll call vote let's do it but now that i'm older m.p.'s may think this is silly
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. they did at the start. i did walk through the room with a video camera and record my reports. some people looked at me like i was crazy. but these videos get results. and these days no one seems to mind. now we're headed for a session of the legal affairs committee today they're going to vote on a topic that a lot of young people are interested in because our plimer vote them and is relaxed . you're in the minority. so for now the legal committee is going to vote on the e.u.'s controversial internet copyright legislation social media uses a dead set against the proposal. quotes as
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a bit in short this law is going to strangle the internet in a way that we couldn't have imagined in our worse nightmare starts in the toyman could then try to take away the content freedom that lets me do my job. and have our everyday lives will be totally screwed. it's a glitch ost. article 13 is designed to protect copyrighted material and block illegal content at least that's what the bills all thought axel vos says but opponents are concerned that some legal content could also be banned. one comes here to go and off you can draft regulations for this and we should. but if young europeans decide that this legislation is ruining an important part of their lives . then we're making a huge mistake and divide in many ways it's a clash between generations vulcan provides his followers with updates via instagram. next we'll travel to grace
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where a lot of young people can't find jobs. but the last 10 years have been tough for grace as the country dealt with a devastating economic crisis the situation has improved a little but news on employment still stands at just under 40 percent. the movie deal to get our 2 countries on the stark for the younger generation is always hit hard by such crises a lot of people who already have jobs can make it through somehow. but there just aren't any new jobs for young people who now have that i book. mismanagement tax evasion corrupt elites crushing national debt and then the global
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financial crisis. the e.u. provided financial rescue packages in return greece had to slash government spending but a lot of the european aid money went to the big bang. many greeks lost their jobs and pensions taxes soared poverty and deprivation has become rampant here. this is the german school in athens almost all of the students are great most of them come from well to do families but they're still worried about whether they'll be able to find a job after they graduate. you know i think i've lost faith. i'm afraid for the future will i be able to work here in greece i have no idea of it and these things are a mess in greece right now maybe life is better in other countries this is where so
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. many students feel they'll have to leave the country to find a job that includes a lanie kind of molly. content and really he if i could stay here i would i like living in athens there's a good university here but i won't be able to find a job after i graduate so i'll have to move to another european country. but so far . we visit a nice family attorney her mother works as an interpreter and her father is an architect. during the economic crisis the family had to sell the house and move into an apartment. above the parents refused to cut back on their children's education. and do this for them for their party can we one of them to continue their studies that's why we sold the house. we
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set priorities we thought it was more important for the children to have a good education than to keep the house. and how. many does have to move to another country to find work she will but she'd like to come back to greece eventually. if unemployment is still high 5 years from now i'll have to stay away. so it all depends on the economy. i have no say in the matter. more than $500000.00 graves more than 4 percent of the population have already left the country many of them a young and well educated. bindo. education is expensive both for the government and for families so people are spending all this money in these highly qualified people will go off to another country to find a job other countries benefit from them not us. that's
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a real problem. and probably. we try to talk to some students about that. as we have to ask a something. then a protest march comes down the street we don't speak greek so we can't read what's on the banners it turns out that the demonstrators are upset about poor conditions in the hospitals as the result of a you ordered budget cuts. i wouldn't want 3 years in the european union not to because i don't like it because some of the measures i went probably means that they are not with the people there with the money the european union is not a people going on with all the garbage it's a capitalist union. many on the greek left a critical of the e.u. in 2015 the new left wing prime minister and texas suppress called a referendum on whether greece should accept new bailout conditions sit by brussels
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61 percent of voters said no but their voice remained heard. a huge finance ministers worked out a new deal they demanded even more austerity from greece which had a severe impact on the country's economy. cladistics important to. these measures did fatal damage to the greeks perception of democracy. and i believe this was the moment when people across southern europe especially young people started to turn against the e.u. and thus had the hope and. the money that they want. at the demonstration we meet g.m. chana she's 28 and has a degree in marketing but right now she's working at a supermarket for listen for euro's an hour we asked whether she's worried about the future of. africa as i know that hearing this i don't have that eternal.
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and china does not want to leave her country but the austerity measures have hit the greek young people hard you always have to pay for your lessons i feel angry i feel that this too are fair i pay something good out to my parents and so many times to this day our better minds going now so it's hope they will miss the fall in greece because of the budget cuts imposed by brussels many like china have lost their faith in the european union. from the beginning i was looking sagal wow we are all together. and. there is a fake. and their face mask was economical you know in order to. heal peoples in the back of the most people. now we're headed off to put a pest. hungry
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has traditionally felt close ties to europe but for several years now it's euro skeptic right when government has been a thorn in the side of you. i think the. utopian union is a good idea on its own but i think their countries there should stand strong on their own we in hungary are not in their position in the european union it's a good thing that we are trying to be. in some points it's risky for. and smaller countries in the european union and. that's the famous heroes square we made victor noise about. his father is german and his mother is hungary and but he doesn't feel lucky european. is that all
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things get his 50th i support a conservative state a nation state. and i'm opposed to the european union and the. victor is active in the right wing conservative party of prime minister viktor all band he's also involved in the election campaigns outside parliament he plans a video for huge election rally held last year. god it's like the whole country came together on this one day. we felt strength and peace. we felt we were one country. to make it very emotional absolutely. i want to go in 5 or am a little bounce nationalist populist rhetoric is popular with many young people obama's new electoral laws instituted in 2012 helped secure a 2 thirds majority in last year's parliamentary election despite winning just
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under 50 percent of the vote fetus also has enormous influence over the hunky area media and the courts many independent researchers say that poses a threat to democracy but that doesn't seem to bother a lot of young people. to go. many of them support orbán because he portrays himself as a rebel who is defending the hungary's freedom. he says he's protecting the country against foreign enemies who threaten angries national identity. and national values and that's when all of our. national identity is important to victor and he says that all done is doing a good job of defending it. is to do that. radiate strength that he has his own opinions and he expresses those opinions and
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he fights for them through victor or don's top priorities for the country and it's people that. want not foreigners. not refugees. migration is the key issue for government in the run up to the european election the prime minister has said that he's goal is to win an immigration majority in the european parliament. he uses migration to back his claims that hungary is fighting for its survival and its freedom. and when he does that he can avoid having to address other important political problems. as good as good he says that this is about the future of hungary and europe which is a lot more important than health care or education. one
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of the key campaign themes is stop brussels claims that the e.u. is encouraging migrants to come to europe and he's managed to convince many young people in hungary of that we see that. this is a coordinated policy. it didn't happen overnight. but why would the e.u. do that. i have no idea. but why should we have to absorb other cultures. we have our own culture. in the e.u. hungary's policies have met with robust criticism in march she was suspended from the european parliament's main center right group that allegations that ban is undermining democracy. how far will you go what is the. burning books also victor believes that the e.u. strategy is clear the. kratz in brussels aimed to take complete
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control of all the member states. but hungary wants to remain sovereign and determine its own domestic policy in the political process cannot and will not accept that. the. victor remains firm in his political convictions and opposed to the e.u. . but there are still dedicated pro europeans in hungary the momentum movement is the centrist political party that was founded 2 years ago. back then the government put up stop brussels posters. we went out and covered up the brussels with stickers so that the posters read stop moscow and stop. this going to get it's difficult to be an opposition party and hungry right now. the government plays hardball the way you'd never see in a normal democracy. my father was fired from his job at
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a state run agency because of my political activity. but fortunately he found another jar. of. momentum has fielded candidates for the upcoming european parliament elections. the party has a practical reason for supporting the european union hungary is one of the largest recipients of the e.u. funding. that financial support could change because of or bans policies. that we want to get into parliament to show people that hungary is more than viktor orban we are part of hungary to reason akio. we're now back in brussels d'anna to live and is with us today. right now i'm. in the chamber when all the votes and banks take place. it's kind. of a guy who excited and passionate as it was had
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a show well i think it's totally cool to be in the same room with. the other politicians debate important its use in bad news and yet i think they make decisions that can affect people's lives off the boats a little intimidating a oh yes the so much power in this room. now up to actually follow us on an important committee vote on the internet copyright deal. there and said it's not an illegal affairs committee is going to vote soon on article 13 accustomed to it before the committee makes its decision there's still time for fotos. so you all should i take your picture sure your 18 followers will like it a little more i think. the hall is packed for this photo. a lot more
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than last week right this is a big deal all the lobbyists are here this is a really important vote. at this point thought it might be begin by the vote on the copyright to the directive and it has been that adopted by a large majority. if ok so the committee has voted yes that was what was the final count. 16 voted in favor 9 against it and it was pretty clear i'm bored. never later the full european parliament voted to approve the copyright protection legislation. t.-mo vulcan is disappointed but says that it's good that before the vote there were major protests against the bill. you mention the harms of human pretty young people have become involved in the political process they are demonstrating to try to stop climate change just young people are becoming more politically active.
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people are divided on the concept of a united europe a positive development for some a disappointment for others in any case europe is changing. for the 1st time we're having a broad public debate about the future of europe and that's good but i think. it's clear that many young people really do have a lot to say about europe but governments in the media will have to do a better job of listening to those young people and take they concern seriously. because they are the ones who will shape europe's future. the for. takeoff. itself and
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the way i feel is ending with alan skill and our one last match day to school to saeed to say good bye. to celebrate the test spot in munich have a champion and i get. to go. through to dodge. tough choices to. say this. 100 german streets on t w.
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this is. the formula of. his family's history peacefully in his sleep it was known for his remarkable comeback from a horrific crash in the 1970s back to school and his achievements beyond the track .


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