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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2019 3:30am-4:01am CEST

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to. discuss the. documentary. those are just some of the classic cars that took part in the legendary me emilio rally in italy we will be finding out more about where they were headed later on in the show. hi everyone welcome to another exciting edition of your max with me your
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host meghan lee here's a look at what else is coming up. an exhibition on food in london encourages visitors to think outside the box. and we take a look around the world carrying city of plus one of this year's european capitals of culture. the month of may is a popular time to get married here in europe now if you listen carefully you will hear the wedding bells. since 2015 same sex couples have been able to marry in ireland and more and more countries all over the world are following suit taiwan of course being the latest or over the next few weeks we will be joining different couples from all over the world for the most important day of their lives and today we meet wayne and hater from ireland now they've been planning their big day for ages but will everything go off as simply as catching a wedding the k.
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but let's find out. ireland. not far from the capital don't let. your own tax reporter andrea scorn was supposed to meet the happy couple here but then he gets a worry call from them the tailor made suits for when cavanagh and hey torah will not be ready in time they have to find a replacement i can see there are some colors. that are similar to what we were looking at already so even used to suffocate it's for a wedding and it's kind of an american see last minute so the ones on the sunday. they need to suits and fast with the wedding approaching they're running out of time to make big changes. there are 2 gentlemen yeah. but you all come down to dinner.
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at home and even daring the couple clear the floor for what they claim is the very 1st rehearsal of the wedding day it's. just marriage for me. everything it's something there she says but. if. this marriage means. because when you switch. just to be. allowed to marry the person that you love i'm sure is special. anyone who is going to marriage. for us is just so. an achievement for. the 2015 referendum brought same sex
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marriage to ireland which has a predominantly catholic population but church weddings are still not possible and there is corn wheat slim glasgow in a small village of cup a queen on the black water river she will be heading the ceremonies at the wedding and shows him an irish wedding custom that wayne and hyde to have decided on and fasting. the binding of the hands is like the binding of your viles. 13 different colors ribbons have 13 different meanings if it's a green river that is physical health and financial health. the ceremony will take place on this 13th century estate. finally the big day has arrived.
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back on. track. it's such a delight to welcome you here today. to perform the wedding ceremony of patron wayne they will celebrate their love with the blessings of the people who matter most to that. what i now are a family i'm wedding party warm these rings by passing them down the 1st 2 rows. before wayne and hate or exchange the wings they say their vows. so they. appreciate each of. respect to unstick. does your best friends come out also as your host which i love you know
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and always will. we've come true some child and some interesting times together. but the man is that we've managed to go through these things together. to get her little home filled with laughter let us be partners friends and lovers of the day and all the things that follow. now the exchange of drinks. then comes the traditional handfasting ceremony. as this knowledge is tied to so your lives
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c. and he told rumor celebrate with a boisterous irish brazilian party together with $200.00 friends and relatives. and then it's high time for the couple to dance their way into their new life together. and we wish them well lots of marital bliss now you are what you eat so the saying goes no more steaks without hearing about global warming no more wine from chile without actions ations about long transport distances well and an exhibition at low . and in the victoria and albert museum called food bigger than the plate that
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exhibition highlight some of the issues of food production and invites visitors to taste and debate during various stages of food production from compost to the table while we were there to find out more. you are what you eat. eating has become so much more than simply satisfying your hunger these days it's all about taste and preparation but also about choosing your food carefully. votes and how we each defines our place in society. there are so many rules and protocols and procedures it will take at least 7 lifetimes to digest them all. in the exhibition food bigger than the plate the artist's honey and bunny from began to take a closer look at the eating habits their video reminiscent of the british monte python comedians explores how people in the e.u.
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use their knives and forks and from their 500000000 of us democrats and we all try to eat like we're the queen of england it's pretty absurd. rules to fine and dominate our lives to a huge extent. the message of our work we want to put culture in perspective and show that it can all be different. a whole new take on food the exhibition at the victorian albert museum in london encourages visitors to look further than the edge of their own plates as it was self destructive consumerism and insatiable hunger for meat exploitative loveless ation it's enough to make your stomach turn. so you can kind of preserve forever in a gallery is to say very cross disciplinary safe it doesn't say in the books it's about science it's about culture it's about economics it's about psychology. some messages are quite clear these cowards sophisticated expressions could give any
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state lover a guilty conscience. but these chickens need a closer look. they remains are meant to prove that the bone meal derived from organically fed animals can produce much nicer post. eat less meat that's the mission that drives the dutch artist really needling she's very creative at tempting meat eaters with the small so that. you adds different types of french miles and therefore your reduced me school some shit but still people get the satisfaction of eating a bits of meat that's also known to me you can also create a soul which with this is liver and barons and basically you can really see 25 percent of production if we start to reduce replicate it will have a much bigger effect then they could need to are growing meat in a lump or it's
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a. good deal sportster mushrooms on the other hand are completely vegetarian. they're grown on the coffee grinds the in-house bistro produces each year the recipe is available for visitors to try out at home. the food lab office bite sized tickets for the mind and the stomach each visit to consider their ingredients based on the epicurean undertaken logical aspects and will then receive their own custom made appetizer. computer races at the victoria and albert museum invites visitors to pull and reflect on their own eating habits to better understand the likely everything we will end up here at. the exhibition food bank in the plate sicily office plenty of food. i'm not
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a head to one of this year's european capitals of culture the bulgarian city of tufted is sharing this prestigious title with the island of my terra now maybe a somewhat lesser known tourist destination but it is one of europe's oldest cities and it has one of the best preserved roman amphitheatres in the world or we met up with a local gallery owner who showed us some of the city's hot spots. battle to come kerry is 2nd largest city plovdiv has a turbulent history it was won some to thresh and roman and ottoman rule. coastal communism has also left its mark making a cultural mix together is the motto of this european capital of culture. gallery owner vessel enough sorry you shows us her hometown close if it's also place where the current minorities made as a turkey join. our main young people roma people and of course
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bog area and they're all proud of their almost 2000 year old roman theater which hosts events throughout the summer there is more history in the archaeological museum the world famous pentagon treasure ritual thracian drinking vessels made of 6 kilograms of gold. in the center of the city gallery sorry it was one of the initiators of the exhibition and listen to us one of the capital of culture events features contemporary art from europe spoken states. listen to us focuses on social issues including bulgaria's communist past and the situation of women. captive is famous for its restored on tower. watch our steps in the old town and
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now high heels. the streets are narrow about wide enough the 2 loaded mules that once had to pass by one another. most of the buildings date back to the 19th century. like this. privately lot one of the most beautiful houses in the whole town. of. this is that graphic museum of 12 deve one of the. places of the night the museums and galleries and this house is perfect example of barak architecture in plovdiv. and little further up hill and you have the best view of a plot to have built on 7 hills it's one of the all the cities in europe i love this place sometimes i'm coming here with the book you know there g.'s
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a very special because the but the but here on the top of the hero you feel the forests at the once in. a throng 4000 years before christ and you can see the generation people. to dance cultural moves in meet in the news conference in the city center. and her mother founded both the campaign and the neighboring gallery it's even become an attraction for collectors outside of vogue area. next we head towards come on i think it's district in the old employer themes. that used to be notorious for traffic jams now it's full of babies friends playground for creative people high street artists. is one of the most famous garion spray is and with a bit of luck you can watch over his shoulder while he would. love to have has
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a lot to offer this year not always make it events but many small happenings that have one main goal bringing people together especially through culture. and you can find some tips on 10 interesting things to do in kluft if on our you tube channel it is time now to take a drive through the beautiful italian countryside we are headed to the me and me the a rally the biggest classic car bent of its kind now only cars that were present in the speed races between 19271957 are allowed to take part now time is no longer of the essence but the tour is still exhausting and the vehicles often difficult to drive we met up with 2 gutsy ladies who were prepared to take on the challenge. the meal
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aemilia a 1000 mile long sentimental journey. the starting point is embrace show in northern italy from here participants drive all the way to rome and back. ellen lor and sophia flourish are making the trip in 1957 mercedes 300 s l p. it will be a nice feeling to cross the ramp for the 2nd time that means you've reached the finish line good luck. to. both our professional race car drivers but this is their 1st time together at a rally. for days through the heart of bella italia in a classic car. yeah
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i'm 18 i try to fool me into 3 and this weekend i'll be racing fulness sadie's at the minute media yet again that it's in on a generations of race car drivers driving together i was a professional motor sport racer 2 generations before it's a really big challenge for both of us driving a magnificent 2000000 euro car isn't bad for an 18 year old. ellen log is one of europe's most successful female racecar drivers sophia flush is the new rising star. a year before she had been lucky enough to survive a serious crash in macau her dream is to pilot a formula one racer. today she won't be stopped from taking the wheel. 6 i asked her if she wanted me to try to and she said alan i'm 18 years old and allowed to handle a card like this what do you think from then on it was settled and so. i stayed in my coach privacies i remember i used to be decided my good now is
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a good day. it's the co-pilot's job to find the correct route that the organizers provide in the road book aside from that they help to maintain the average speed to make sure the old car makes it over the finish line safely. don't forget it was built in 1957 and feel free to switch to 3rd gear. one stage can take up to 14 hours. and demands their full attention. one slight moment of carelessness is all it takes to get lost. over the sheer good luck to the sighting along with all of the of is 6300 s.l. models that was great we had just reached the road and were at the front of this line of cars i was took a wrong turn and the hole followed us around and then we had to turn around on the main street and they will turn behind us now the group. and italy. is
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a huge party event. children get the day off from school to go away with the car. it all started in 1927. there used to be only men behind the wheel. and female teams only joined didn't recent years. none women are much better drivers than men who move behind the wheel we go heavy on the gas we want to feel the vibrations from the power of the engine i gatty grace i would buy a car like that in an instant of. driving through emilia-romagna cumbria and tuscany is an experience for the senses. hellebore is participating in the millimeter yell for the 4th time. her young colleague is still way ahead of her in certain things. taught me that it's
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completely possible to drive with absolute focus and still keep up with several 1000000 instagram channels. sophia blush hopes her posts will inspire more women to get into motor sports so that in the coming years more female teams take part in the media media. you could say berlin is on a planet of its own people from over 190 nations live in work here now some of opened up galleries clubs shops or restaurants while in cooperation with the city magazine temperley d.w. has put out this new book called planet berlin featuring 50 international entrepreneurs in the capital well today we need up with a pretzel baker from israel.
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has lived in berlin since 2001. pretzels his passion it all started by chance he was in berlin selling pretzels on the go it went so well that he made his own business out of it. the israeli always knew that he wanted to work in the restaurant business but opening a shop here in germany was a life changing decision. but it wouldn't have been the same at the had done it in tel aviv because of the excitement of doing this in a foreign country in a foreign language. the novelty wouldn't be there for me the attraction wouldn't be there like it is in berlin. was born in tel aviv his father comes from yemen his mother was german roots.
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in 2000 at the age of 21 he stopped talking berlin on the way to. that was like look at me with this look me at the time i didn't know that i would stay here for so long of a month and. it's 19 years now that it's almost forgot. i had only planned to spend a few months here. and to learn german. as a kind of and past time and also to get to know people by focus shift because no mention came to that. the berlin holocaust memorial much of toys family was murdered by the nonsense when he decided to stay in berlin one opinion was particularly important to him the battle of his grandfather. he fled from hamburg to shanghai with his mother in 1941 and later emigrated to israel when paul wanted
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to settle in berlin he talked to his grandfather. went. over and my grandfather was happy about my decision. or and he said. i'm glad that you are going to germany. you are the 1st of my descendants to return to my home country and speak my mother tongue my name with us by welcome that we so do it. a synagogue in berlin's kreisberg district or comes here when he wants to feel closer to his native his round. even though he likes to live in milan sometimes he misses his family. my heart is always a little torn. but still i'm not going back to israel. at least not permanently
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even if i miss people you know i know for sure that as soon as i'm in israel mr lin a great deal for me. and he really has no reason to leave he feels at home in the german capital. i love berlin or lin is also in my heart. what makes berlin special are the possibilities i have here to spread my wings. from israel. and if you'd like to see more of our new project called planet berlin then just log on to the website and with that we have come to the end of another exciting show for me and the rest of the crew here including my wonderful producer peter wilson thanks for tuning in to see against.
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perhaps. why aren't people. close. to the 1st. of its districts in the country's presidential election the move comes after opposition groups complained of rigging in the may 21st poll the national electoral board suspended its results. after receiving 147 complaints from various parties.
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explosion that took place in a central pedestrian shopping street calling it. the.


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