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when the reception leaves the room the child peaks in 90 percent of the cases. when asked whether they'd followed instructions of the 3 year olds told the truth. but nearly all of the 12 year olds. many adults are expert at lying with years of practice under their belt. it is sometimes said that little white lies are most common among couples. we wanted to test that hypothesis. how many lies have you told today me not on so i started as soon as i caught up. by one maybe ok. so what to their respective partners say to that and who tells more feds. we met hans-peter at the museum of allusions in hamburg
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he's a professor of social psychology and certainly knows a thing or 2 about deception and we asked him if there are differences in the way men and women lie. just gives us a sense of the deep tradition men vision there are indeed typically men lie in order to boast and present themselves in a positive light they exaggerate their achievements women by contrast tend to lie to maintain social relationships for example a woman my prey's her girlfriends new dress even though she doesn't think it looks great and i also told it was it's don't unleash 2. men both women are nice says the professor back to our own empirical research which partner in a couple tends to lie more oh that's hard to answer through. the mother so women. i agree. they say amen amen amen amen amen line more often and more
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and more. in a survey commissioned by the science museum in london 3000 adults were quizzed about their relationship to the truth the findings on average men lie 1092 trying to hear more about 3 times a day women only $728.00 times about twice a day. that's interesting. you see maybe men just stay up longer. other studies have not come to such clear conclusions researching the propensity to lie involves some tricky issues. you have to we ask people how often they lie today or last week but people don't keep a detailed log of all the lies so it could well be that their answers are themselves not truthful. that's really not so unlikely but it does look like men are more likely to admit that they lie. it is often said that women are simply more
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bare faced liars is that really the case. just got to be yes i don't think there's such a big difference. at the university of reagan's birth conducted an experiment in which hundreds of men and women die and noted the number without supervision the one was worth one euro. and so on. except for the 6 which was worth nothing. since nobody was watching the participants could live shamelessly and write down any number they liked. since rolling any number from one to 6 is equally probable the average payout should be 50. in fact it was 3 year olds 40 for women and 3 year olds $58.00 for men. so is it actually
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men who are the more brazen liars professor thinks it's more complicated than that . and i think it depends in part on the situation if it's about economic success and how much i can make that's very often more important to men them some women. if we created a different situation in which say it's about maintaining a relationship and being nice which typically women are more concerned about than men the results would probably be the other way. for 2 women just. that 2 is something one often hears. women are just smarter. but women are a bit cleverer. i would say definitely. which leads to
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our next little experiment. how many times have you lied to him today. today. maybe once. we just asked your girlfriend how often she's 15. today do you think she said because of the flu what do you mean . like to me i'm not a talker. she said once what do you say to that. 3 or 4 times why what do you think she said i once. tried 3 or 4 times. the surprised nope and the other way around how often have you lied. through your 4 times now well ask your wife. yeah i heard a song it's before well before we went out this morning he was pulling my leg a bit 3 or 4 times what i want well. he might
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be an exception. psychologists say men often break when they lie avert their gaze. and cross their legs so they are often caught out whereas women look you in the eye even when they lie if there is a give away it's that they might turn red. what's more women tend to be good at seeing through the lies of their male partners. on how real business conditions for women tend to have a better memory when it comes to social situations 6 months later they might recount exactly what you said then and now you're saying something different men aren't so interested in social situations and tend to forget everything after a few days if a woman says something different a couple of weeks later her husband won't even notice. her getting the my new show of human interactions could be beneficial in certain circumstances much they could
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save your life. so if the experts are to be believed and our research is reliable men lie a bit more but women do it better and little white lies can sometimes help maintain the. peace in relationships. if out why obvious but do you have the size question that you've always wanted onset we're happy to help out send it to us as a video text or voice mail if we answer it on the show we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you come on just ask. this week's question comes from diesel hartman in the united states just out cold due to the faulty. with the very 1st way alcohol starts entering the bloodstream by the membranes in the lining of the mouth and is absorbed continually through the stomach in small intestine the blood then distributes the substance quickly all over the body
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eventually return to every one of its systems. in the brain alcohol alters hormone production which changes how signals a process. that has an impact on how the organ functions. in smaller amounts alcohol generally causes drinkers to feel some euphoria but when levels rise a small drinks are consumed it begins to affect reaction times and vision the system of muscles the focus is the ice is quite complex. meanwhile around the clock the liver is busy breaking down toxins like alcohol but that process creates a home full intermediate product a compound classified as a carcinogen that can attack cell membranes. ready consuming just
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a few grams of alcohol pads or you can have long term effects on the body and regular excessive consumption can cause the brain to shrink. and it's also affects the liver which grows harder and that's not able to break down toxins. and alcohol encourages the development of abdominal fat which is linked to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease by the way the same amount of alcohol well as a rule have less of an effect on a mountain than a woman that's because women have more fat in their bodies proportionally the net and less water which increases alcohol concentration in the bloodstream. and here again is how to contact us send in your questions and comments. there are many male female differences in medicine women tend to have more auto immune diseases for example involving the thyroid gland while men have
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a higher risk of sudden cardiac death and men and women metabolize medications at different rates we need germany's leading expert on gender medicine. now. my name is very clear gets sacked or sick then proffers or i'm a professor at the show who take. on the new deal like 2 and i'm the director of the only institute for gender in medicine that exists here in germany. is personally hard boiled fish there over the years people have frequently told me there are used to be such an excellent research or why you involved in this nonsense now. wonders what and it was quite a struggle to explain to people that researching the differences between men and women in medicine isn't nonsense but something that's desperately needed since and
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is sun and vast hoaxed north when they go. from biosphere 2 convoluted for example from political drugs a powerful drugs that work by dissolving a plot that caused the heart attack and also. when these drugs were developed no one ever considered what would happen if you gave it for example to a woman who is menstruating you happen to have a period of times a year a man doesn't afterall get did somebody has been able to tell you all the hard yamana it's brought on hard. on money for and then us reagan had me a friend of mine from sweden told me about just such a case or not there was a woman who was having a period when she had a heart attack and no one knew whether they could treat her with a thrown political or whether she would lean to death or dobson no one had thought about her. name and.
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by guns fear we have found huge gender differences in a whole range of illnesses which unfortunately have not really been taken into account to medical care or in the development of new therapy. how a woman is often more frequently mattick disorders if they suffer from auto immune diseases more than men are men have other problems for example men make up 90 percent of the cases of sudden cardiac death. in order to examine the energy metabolism of the heart more closely and we dissected the hearts of male and female minds. menders your order by mouse outs and some bio spira only then isolated heart fibers and placed them in a small chamber in the in which the heart muscle cells continue to live and use oxygen all saurashtra. on my eyes and mostly you see that the female cells breathe
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more efficiently and intensively in the male when it's the men and we still to that easter journey for example increases the absorption of energy. actually i do think that the neglect of the differences between men and women largely stems from the fact that the leading figures in medicine are men who are on the staffs delightfully go on in there made it seem in the manners and i can remember one incident during a gala dinner when i left the room in response to a speech by a male colleague. it said that most women are good looking and that's why they should be included in research groups and or and thus months in their swing in for engine isms order.
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as club this list is that i think it's important that women and men appreciate that in medical terms for their different that's in there maybe a teenaged life and. in other words men and women should be aware of the fact that they have a biological sex that has an impact on all areas of life heart fresh lish in iron laden spies and also. artificial intelligence is expected to influence most aspects of our lives in the upcoming years what exactly is ai what are some of the latest developments join us next week on tomorrow today to find out ceasing by.
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so instead of using pesticides which kills all the animals all the instruction we feel one can use pheromones to control and sharks you know for a natural way pheromones or couple holes that end sex used to communicate with each other the males fly around until the least. well listen they find a female and they make and then the female lays eggs on the fruit and causes all the problems so what the farmer can do it is to use pheromones to spread all over the fields you can produce hundreds of trails thousands of free also the bill can find a female there's insect pests globally they all operate by using pheromones and so if we can can develop a cheap enough. broadly enough that it's just will be used by the for. frank food. international gateway to the best connection salt road and rail.
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located in the heart of europe connected to the home with. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and trying our services. biala gast. managed by from. this is d w news live from berlin voters across europe have made their voices heard
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in the european parliament elections the political center has seen its support slip away and climate concerns appear to have food to green parties hugely across the block. and germany was the epicenter of that political earthquake where the. doubled their share of the vote that makes them the country's 2nd biggest party in the european parliament. but there's also been a strong internationalist surge in several countries the far right national rally party led by malcolm in the pan looks set to finish on top and fronts dealing a blow to president mycroft. waiter welcome to our special ongoing coverage of the european parliament elections estimated at 51 percent these elections have the highest turnout in the last 20
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years and wrapped up in that support for the traditional centrist parties has eroded while there's been a strong showing by the greens they have surged to 2nd place in germany and meanwhile the right wing populist parties are projected to have one of their national campaigns in france italy poland and hungary. these boxes hold the voice of europe. the future of more than 500000000 people marked on pieces of paper. once counting had begun it soon became clear the voters had spoken out against the solid center of european politics. the sheer instant northeast is the best news today is that european democracy is alive the leaves morgan and today we saw a clear increase in photo turnout. with. that democracy gave german mainstream parties their worst ever results.
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i know that democracy delighted much of the european far right. in france marine le pen again beat the french president's party. hungary's viktor orban spelled it out the migration issue by itself and the reaction of the people only we all reorganized the 4 to the spectrum with the traditional party families will not play the same role in the future as they have done in the recent years i also own traditional jubilant greens resurgence in germany. become a big hitter in the european parliament. and i found out. we achieved this because many many people took to the streets for climate protection because many many young people were ready to fight for climate protection in
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schools universities and sports halls. yellow vests protesters in brussels on sunday they say the e.u. is undemocratic everyone wants to change year up. the fight over which way will be played out in parliament and on the streets. and as results come in from the 28 member countries of the european union the trends are getting. clearer here are the projections for seats in the next european parliament will see that search for the greens who look likely to take 70 seats in the new parliament and the liberal a l d e group will take 97 seats despite its heavy losses the center right european peoples party is still the biggest group with now 163 seats and if we look at the 2 right wing populist blocks here on the right of our graphic we see them at 45 seats and 72 seats respectively so let's go
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now to brussels and correspondent terry schulte standing by for us hi terry good morning it may not yet be official but results are in what's your assessment of what we're seeing so far certainly my as you've laid out there the mainstream political parties the center right center left groups here in the european parliament no longer have a monopoly on power they are not going to be able to bully their way through anymore there is going to have to be a lot more collaboration and that's a good thing for democracy it may slow down the already sometimes arduous process of finding agreement in the european parliament but in fact it simply means that there's going to have to be a lot more cross party cross party cooperation so your voters have essentially given the established parties just a big thumbs down let's take a listen to how the leading candidates of the 2 main blocs reacted.
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you're facing the shrinking center of the european parliament the center of parties who believe in the future of europe wants to strengthen europe wants to have an impish is approved for the future of europe it is obvious facing a shrinking center you're right to say that these 2 parties who have always had a majority european parliament now for the 1st time both lost so that we no longer have a majority but in that sense the european parliament is a perfect reflection of what happens in most member states this is also the situation in most of our member states it has become more difficult to form coalitions. tara do you think that mist of a about mr timmins there have really understood the message they got from european voters well my it's been a mixed message but as you can see from them neither of them were certainly crowing with pride about the results of their of their parties although our friends to
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romans did very well in the netherlands and in fact he came out on top there in what many are calling calling a surprise victory but it is true that these 2 men who are in charge of 2 of the major political groups are going to have to realize that voters have told them that they want other parties i mean not only has there been a populist increase in many places but the greens the climate change is going to have to top the agenda as many voters have said let's that's also something that has been mentioned by one of the other candidates for european commission president margaret divest the let's listen to what she says that monopoly of power is broken and this is of course why we can do something else and i very much appreciated my colleagues trying to malign just that that a coalition can be built of those who wants to do something those who want to take action progressively. that one of the really big developments to come out of the election is turnout voter participation
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after years of declining interest in the elections of apathy voters have turned out in higher numbers than in the last 25 years the last 5 european parliamentary elections so not only have voters sent a message with the results they've shown candidates a message simply by turning out and going to the polls they care and they want action here in brussels and as we've heard from several candidates it definitely good for democracy so now going back to coalition building looks like there's going to have to be a lot of horse trading and there are some predictions that hungary is viktor orbán is going to be playing a major role why is that it's not just viktor orban but it's also people like victor orbán these far right candidates who have said that they're coming for brussels and that they're going to make their voices heard and remember that we didn't even mention the u.k. elections where the brics a party formed simply to get britain out of the european union came out on top and
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that party has said that they are sending any peace to brussels simply to make things more difficult so they won't be the only ones it is going to be very very hard to make compromises here in brussels and there are going to be new members of the european parliament who openly say they're here because they don't like it so we're going to see some very difficult negotiations on any issues and made even more difficult by the fact the british i mean he's will of course at some point leave and our correspondent teri schultz for us in brussels thank you so much. here in germany it was a rather miserable night for angela merkel's conservatives and her coalition partners the social democrats these parties make up the national government here and they together lost almost 20 percent of their votes the biggest winners of the night were the german greens who doubled their showing a result that propels them into 2nd place and of the far right if the party also gained ground it polled below expectations.
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sometimes reaction speak louder than words the german greens ecstatic as they watched their vote sarge. triumph built off the back of young voters and the climate emergency a warning shots of the country's government was sick now used the signal today is that the german government has been voted down as a result of its hesitation on climate protection and its failure to unify europe. up give years 40 years we are fighting for european solidarity and strong climate protection emotional. at the c.d.u. party the watch dawn in dread not exactly drowning their sorrows but these results down 7 percent make for sobering reading as the party grapples with the country's shifting demographics. so i am retired server there's
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certainly we have not been dynamic a nothing government and we fail to give convincing on says the voters across germany have expected of us. across town not their government coalition partners yes p d it was a picture of fool from tle despair. they saw almost half their vote disappear 27 percent to 15 the party's leadership pleaded for members not to lose. the face. i would like to ask all our s.p.d. members and supporters to take hot and to look confident each of the future even if today's results are painful they show us that we have a lot to do but for the far right e.f.t. it was more a night of shodan freude than success. the biggest cheer for the
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s.p.d. and c.d.u. losses they had threatened an insurgency but in the end mustered 10 percent of the disappointment hard to hide. the again not. to repair the e.u. to reduce the e.u. to a school work that is why we have been elected and that is what we are going to do in brussels. these may have been european elections but the results may well she cut domestic politics too. and i'm joined now in the studio by all of poker political scientist and senior advisor at erasmus and global in berlin and we're also here with our correspondent. simon young thanks so much both of you for being here start with you all off so we saw centrist parties losing support across the board in europe also very much mirrored here by the results we saw in germany why
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is this why is this happening now i think if the general trend and reflect somehow the situation and most of the 28 members countries.


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