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ok so a lot's going to have to wait till after the japanese elections ok and they're in october i guess july july and so we'll have to wait till the end of the the summer or summer to see more on this show doris thanks very much for coming in let's check out some of the other stories making the news this hour protest leaders and sit down have called for today general strike on tuesday and wednesday it's their latest bid to press the ruling military council to transfer power to a civilian led authorities to dan's main opposition party says he will not support the strike a sign of divisions in the country pro-democracy movement. fighting has broken out again outside the disputed yemeni city of tire yes' lushes allied to the internationally recognized government fired on positions held by the rebels the pro-government forces claim they're advancing but say at least 10 of their fighters have been killed over the past few days. a series of explosions has killed
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at least 4 people in katmandu the capital of nepal police say and outlawed communist group is to blame that group is in question is a splinter from the most party and has called for a general strike to pressure the government to release some of his members from prison. going to look at some sports now and in formula one where resave he's run of 5 straight finishes in 1st and 2nd places come to an end but lewis hamilton still reigns supreme at the top of the driver standing after winning the monaco grand prix that was on sunday the britain does not usually need a helping hand but admitted she drew inspiration from the passing of formula one legend niki lauda. a minute of silence for a 3 time world champion niki lauda who passed away at the age of 70 last week lewis hamilton even more of this red helmet as a tribute to his mentor and friend trying to strengthen loudest passing hamilton consolidated his lead from pole position on the 1st corner but making him with some
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nifty attacks max fresh off red bull hamilton situation was made more difficult because of tire problems he survived the onslaught with my status team boss toto wolff telling him that it was a performance the late nicky allowed i would have been proud off the east as well that was a victory west they keep west on i believe it were top corporate relations. and emotional hamilton made clear there was divine intervention at play. that was definitely probably the hardest race i think i've had but the less you know this is i really was fighting with the spirit nicky nicky has been such a and influential person in the team helping us get to where we are so i know he can down a no you know take his how tough today terrorist sebastian fettle finished in 2nd but hamilton won't be easy to catch at the top he now holds
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a 17 point lead over teammate valtteri bottas in the championship. well formula one wasn't the only event that had motor racing fans glued to their screens over the weekend with the indianapolis 500 in the us also providing some real excitement. simon pagenaud in the bright yellow car there started from pole position but face stiff competition from alexander rossi who pushed him to the limits throughout the french then came out on top to take his 1st ever victory at the indy $500.00 the winner capped the day off with traditional milk celebrations described the victory as a dream come true. let's get you some tennis now roger federer returned with the big bang to his 1st french open since 2015 this was beating italy's lorenzo psagot in straight sets 626464 feet i was never really in danger he needed just over one hour and 40 minutes to get the job done meanwhile it was
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a much different story for wimbledon champ champion caballe german was knocked out of the opening round by russia's. ranks 81st in the world in football sunday was party time in the city of munich as byron returned home after defeating leipzig 3 nil in the german cup final it was on saturday biron celebrated their domestic league and cup double triumph in front of thousands of fans in the city centers usually do now this is their 12th double it's tradition for the club to appear on the city hall balcony trophies and some $15000.00 fans were there to cheer the players. this is deja vu special coverage of the european election europe's mainstreaming mainstream political parties have taken ahead in sunday's elections for the european parliament the highest voter turnout in 20 years has seen right wing
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populist parties making significant gains. and concerns about climate change have also boosted the pro e.u. greens group across the bloc especially in germany where the greens doubled their share of the vote now that makes them the country's 2nd biggest party in the european parliament. let's look at the current projections for seats in the next european parliament we see that surge where the greens look likely to take $69.00 seats in the new parliament and the liberal all day group will be taking 102 seats that. despite some heavy losses there the center right european people's party is still the biggest group with $167.00 seats and if we look at the right wing populist blocks you're on the right of our graphic we see them at 47 and 73 seats putting them at 120 seats
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together those go back to brussels now we're going to get some live reaction from did abused her standing by for us there terry let's talk 1st about this turnout is the the biggest turnout in quarter of a century what was driving that it was likely a combination of people who very much love the e.u. and see it through and then people who very much hate the e.u. and want to see it destroyed if you think about the impact that the breck's it situation has had on the vote of course you had a breck's it party formed simply to get the u.k. out of the european union so there were people who very much want to send to brussels members of the european parliament who want to make trouble here and that's probably why the brics that party came in 1st in the u.k. but if you look at some of the other countries in belgium the ex-pat vote was higher than it's ever been in recorded history and you had a huge to get out the vote campaign by the european institutions but also by civil
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society and remember that we have the student climate marchers every friday they are saying that this time they want people to vote and i think that that contributed to a huge surge in young voters and that's also why we saw some of the right wing populist parties and not do as well as they'd expected ok let's pick up on the far right and you're a skeptic you're a skeptic parties they are big ones and in italy though and in britain is in france the 3 core european countries but as you mentioned they they they didn't do as well elsewhere kind of a mixed picture for the far right near. that's right and that makes it a mixed picture for the european parliament as well but there were a couple of really significant losses for populous parties for example in denmark last time we voted for a european parliament in 2014 the danish people's party swept the polls they want to quarter of all votes and came in 1st in denmark this time they've lost more than half of those votes and in fact there are 4 seats will go down to likely one again
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remember a reminder that these are provisional results and not final and there's another. party who last single seat and in the netherlands it was even more remarkable netherlands voted on thursday so these were some early results sort of setting the tone for the rest of the countries and in the netherlands pollsters in fact were surprised that the labor party came in 1st now that's led by friends timmermans who is the socialist and democrats candidate for european commission president he himself was rather surprised of course pleasantly surprised he's perhaps one of the most fervent pro europeans in brussels and the villagers party the anti immigrant freedom party who often believes it's going to become the largest party in the netherlands has probably lost all 4 of his so certainly those are 2 countries where the populace were absolutely swamped by pro european parties ok churchill's for us with the view from brussels thanks very much for that terry broaden this out
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a bit now to do that and i'm joined here in the studio by our political correspondent simon young we also have correspondents standing by in london alex worst widing there and money all shows in paris logan to everybody alice if you could start with you there in britain it appears that the divide over breaks at where you are is set to continue looking at the results there. yes it really is i mean everyone was expecting the bricks at party to do while in these results but it's also very clear that those parties that want to remain in the you have done very well particularly the liberal democrats who got about 20 percent of the vote and that makes it very difficult because as you know the u.k. is stuck at the moment about where they going with bricks it we've missed 2 deadlines to relieve the european union the next deadline is the 31st of october so
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the question is what happens next niger for raunch the head of that break that party really pushing the conservative party to go for our heartbreaks it even a no deal bret's it that means no deal with the e.u. or tall botch on the other side with these liberal democrats doing well and also the green party doing well that's putting pressure on say the labor party to back remain and it means at the moment there is no clear way through. those. in paris we were looking at the situation in britain manu over strong euro skeptic party they're taking a leave the same situation in france we have a marine le pen they're out in front what kind of pressure is there going to be there now domestically on president my craw. well you know man micro has been under pressure for quite some time now 6 months ago we had the yellow vest
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crisis we touched which had just started but even the way the 4 when he started his mandate he was elected by 60 percent of the french people who chose him but not tornados so i voted against the far right but let's not forget that the part that time defied toys chosen by 40 percent of the french people so the results they're having at this time around the east at 23.3 percent the national over just installs them most steady within the political landscape here in france and so we saw that vote here as more of a referendum against emanuel micros you know policies and he will have to address then he will have to address that this country discontent like quite soon if he wants to come to the right off the rise off the far right here in france. thank thanks for that and i will be back in a 2nd but i want to assign a question simon if they didn't do as well the far right national party here are
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they losing the momentum well some people are saying so and some people have predicted that they would increase their share of the vote as against 5 years ago by 100 percent well they only got half of that still pretty pretty good advance for the far right euro skeptic i d i would say and critically from the perspective of america's government in the east of germany they've done very well in at least section in brandenburg looks like the a.f.p. have come out on top in this election and they're 2nd in touring and in all 3 of those states coming up in the next few months are regional elections if we're now looking at a far right party you know taking power in some of germany's east. regional states well of course that would be a huge story a huge shock of course you can't necessarily translate from european elections to
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what happens in the regional bugs ok it would be a huge shock you know looking for those regional elections but we've just seen in france and britain huge pressure now on domestic politics there as a result of the success by the far right there appears to be losing momentum potentially will it nonetheless the result from this election put pressure on the government weak is weakened as it is by these election results as well to change policy for example on migration well i think it's putting pressure in particular on the conservative side there are some in the conservative side who say you know we need to go off to that vote and make sure that people believe the conservative christian democrats and christian social union here can can sort of also those concerns on migration that have continued for so long. a social democrat side is making many say well you know we need to get away from the grand coalition we need to distinguish ourselves from a conservative coalition partners and push forward without sort of left of center
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identity so it's possibly intended to push the government thought is a part simon thanks very much thanks for all of our correspondence as well and in london and paris there for being with us this is. live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget always get the latest news and information around the clock as well as our website you give you dot com i'm dr thomas the entire special election coverage team thanks so much for being with us.
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load. play play. play. load play. this is v.w. news live from berlin a major shift in power after europe's voters deliver back to. means fream parties centrist party seeing their power diminished in european parliamentary elections while concerns about climate change green party as. well germany was the at the
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center of this political shift where the greens doubled their share of the vote that makes them germany's 2nd biggest party in the european parliament now there's also been a strong nationalist surge in a number of countries the far right national rally led by nothing in the pan looks set to finish on top of the france killing a blow there the president money well. i'm brian thomas welcome to our special ongoing coverage of the european parliamentary elections well europe's political mainstream parties have suffered big losses as greens liberals and nationalists have been gaining ground in brussels the elections have also seen the biggest turnout in 20 years we'll get the very let the very latest from our correspondents live plus analysis after this look at the outcome.
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an electorate of over 400000000 had its say after counting began it soon became clear that voters had spoken out against the solid center of european politics. here facing a shrinking center of the european parliament the center of seuss' parties who believe in the future of europe who wants to thanks europe wants to have an impish his approach for the future of europe it is will be a face in the shrinking center that trend gave german mainstream parties their worst ever e.u. election results. while boosting the european far right. in france naveen lapan again beat the french president's party. hungary's viktor orban spelled it out for the
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icing good the migration issue by itself and the reaction of the people only real reorganize the political spectrum with the european union called the traditional party families we're not playing the same role in the future as they have done in the recent he is socialists and democrats party list can visit france timmerman called for humility as his party lost 35 seats and stressed the need for cooperation among the so-called progressive i will repeat my proposition to work with other progressive parties in this politics to try and build a program that addresses the aspirations to dreams and also sometimes the fear is of our fellow europeans those progressive parties include the jubilant greens resurgent in germany and set to become a big hitter in the european parliament women and the liberal group also made significant gains their candidate might be to have
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a style year now has designs on becoming european commission president comes from living in europe thank you that monopoly of power is broken. and this is of course why we can do something else and i very much appreciated it was my colleague france to milan just said that a coalition can be built on those who wants to do something. yellow vest protestors in brussels on sunday they see the e.u. is undemocratic everybody wants to change europe the fight over which way will be played out in the parliament and on the streets. on the results come in from the 28 member countries of the of the trends are getting clear right now here is something . projections for seats in the next european parliament we see that search for the greens they look likely to take $69.00 seats in the new parliament and the liberal the pro-business all the group will be taking 102 seats now despite its heavy losses the center right european peoples party is still the single biggest group
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with 167 seas and if we look at the 2 right wing populist blocs here on the right of our graphic we see them at 47 seats and 73 seats respectively putting them at 120 together ok let's go live now to brussels to get some reaction from dean of use terry shall standing by for us terry for the 1st time now in 40 years the big centrist party is no longer commanding a majority in the parliament now how's that going to change how business is done in brussels well it simply can't be business as usual here anymore brian because the 2 largest political groups who are used to being able to get their way by sheer numbers simply can't do that anymore and that's why you see munford veteran friends timmermans saying let's work together let's you know find common policies let's let's reach out and work on on programs together because they simply won't have any choice anymore and it's not only that people didn't vote for these parties is that
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they turned out in such huge numbers record numbers in some countries more than 50 percent of eligible voters reverse the trend of apathy in european parliament elections and went out to cast their votes so this simply can't be ignored and if that has not been lost on the largest political parties ok let's look at the beneficiaries of that big turnout they've been the greens on the left and the nationalist parties on the far right will they now though have have the weight to make their policy wishes have some kind of for some kind of impact in parliament in brussels. they will simply because of that fragmentation that we've been speaking about they don't have to be the largest groups to have a way because they're going to have to be brought in on decisions with the largest political groups the european people's party and the socialist and democrats who can no longer do it alone so these 2 largest political groups will have to make common cause with the greens and the liberals if they don't want to have to work
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with the populist parties the anti e.u. parties the euro skeptics and munford bever has come out very clearly last night and said that he will not work with any party that doesn't have the european spirit at heart that doesn't believe in the european project so at least at this point he is very much trying to downplay euro skeptics hopes of being king makers brian ok well we'll see if that works out moving forward terry shoals thanks very much for that from brussels ok let's cross now to london where our correspondent alex for swiping standing by and frederica bozzio is with us in milan good morning to both of you nigel frogs this party the backs of party trouncing the main parties in britain the far right party of material salvini also topping the poll in italy let's start with you alex prince conservatives and labor's you know waking up to a very difficult morning what kind of impact as frost is brecht's a party. today where you were in london.
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an absolutely huge impact brian particularly on the conservative party the conservative party the ruling party didn't come 1st 2nd 3rd 4th but 5th agony for them and losing many many of the votes to that party nigel for his party which i knew officially set up 6 weeks ago so it really is extraordinary he got something like 28 seats 30 percent of the votes whereas the conservatives at the moment of only got 3 suits so it just shows what he has done and there is huge reaction within the conservative party from the likes of boris johnson who is one of the potentials to be the next conservative party leader and prime minister saying we've got to get bricks it salted he's already advocated with a deal with the e.u. or with not a deal that's how far he is prepared to push it but it's not just the conservative
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party also the labor party now they have done very badly to they've come 3rd they have lost many votes to the liberal democrats and that is because many labor voters didn't vote labor this time they voted lib dems because the lib dems want to remain in the e.u. and this all came down to brics it yet again the u.k. completely divided over this issue of brecht's it ok the u.k. might be divided but nigel frosh has been very clear about what he wants to see happen as a result of this vote let's take a listen to that we've got a deadline of the 31st of october all right that is the day before which was mostly european union that's implied by sort of what we're saying is we've got a mandate we demand to be over with a shooting scene to get this country ready to be whatever the circumstance ok but does that mean will we see now inevitable in october. nothing with bricks it is inevitable none has to be highlighted we know that the
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next deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. is the 31st of october and the conservatives are really going to push for that trying to get a deal across and we may well see them possibly the next conservative leader bringing on board nigel for origin some way to try to bring back those voters because they have hemorrhage so many to the bricks at party however with the labor party now a pretty much it's pretty clear that because they have tried to run sit on the fence over bricks that they've got to make a decision are many of their voters and their members do not like bright's it if they're going to start saying the has to be a 2nd referendum we are 5 campaigning for a 2nd referendum and we all come paining to remain then it means that the the the votes and the numbers in parliament still going to be very difficult and therefore we are still in a position that we don't know what will happen with bracks it is no clear way
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forward ok let's look at the way forward for the growing nationalist grouping in the parliament that's going to federica bozzio in the long. material salvini is aiming to build a pan nationals bloc in the e.u. parliament here's what he had to say after the results in italy were announced that is now we are the 1st party in the north and the south we've got about 50 percent in so many cities and we also came 1st in many cities in the center we will go to work with even more energy passion and dedication the league is not only the 1st party in italy marine le pen is also the top european party in france and niger for rogers party is the top party in britain so it's really france and england it is a sign over europe which is changing. yes europe that is changing frederick what's the sense where you are has salvini
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victory in italy meant that italy will now be the contrary that will be forming the new pan asshole's front in the european parliament. well brian that's certainly what some of the really would like this big win for him is a win for nationalism at the european level and for his project of building a pan-european alliance of nationalist parties in the new european parliament however there are still some questions concerning this alliance and how much it will really be able to matter in the new european parliament the 1st question regard to how these these countries these parties that have committed to this alliance are going to be able to work together to show a united front when they have a conflicting into.


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