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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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w. . this is the w. news live from the european elections dealing historic blow to germany's conservatives and left of center social democrats leader of the governing c.d.u. admits the party failed to address concerns over climate change as the green party was in a chair of seats in brussels. the nationalist party stopped the vote at a number of european countries but still falls short of a predicted such. also on the program austrian chancellor sebastian cook out opposition parties joined forces to remove him with
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a vote of no confidence backed by the right freedom party which caught between government with him until just last week. i'm fogle welcome to the program european passes are now jockeying for position after sunday's elections to the a huge parliament tilted the balance of power within the block and here are some of sunday's a key takeaways of voters punish traditional sense 1st parties including germany's governing coalition of conservatives and social democrats but the greens made big advances to become germany's number 2 party in france's number 3 in the european parliament but being populists also had a good night winning the votes in france the u.k. italy and poland. leader of germany's conservatives the c.d.u. at the lips of her party had failed to reach many voters. as the results came
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in at seaview headquarters the scale of the night's losses became clear a blow for the chancellor but not a reason to step down. is our elected chance now that we have to think things through we have no plans for a change in leadership because that's not decided by one party alone and chided that's i mean. it was all vs things weren't going to see the use way even before polls closed once the votes were counted it was up to the party's leader to admit its shortcomings that's a keep this is the seems to me this is the worst result for the c.d.u. in its entire history either at the european or the federal level. and i want to make it completely clear that this is not in line with our claim to be a big tent party spokesman take the fish to the c.d.u. once dominated german politics now voters are asking what the future holds think of
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you and your own god i think they need to put some thought into who's running things and perhaps also communicate more skillful of us trying to i don't think there's a bright side for them like there was after the last few elections. the greens on the other hand had every reason to celebrate a stunning performance built on their core topics of climate change and digitalisation never has the party been so successful in a nationwide election it doubled its share of the vote at the expense of the governing coalition. of the national level i would hope the government controlled the right conclusions from these elections and that doesn't mean party leaders should worry about what their parties needs are right now but that the government as the name suggests should actually start governing preferably in terms of the key issues of climate protection and a pro european orientation. for the other party in germany's ruling coalition shock
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and disbelief the social democrats also face their worst ever result in a nationwide election. let's get more on this from the w.'s brussels bureau chief much hope and welcome back so this decline of mainstream center left and center i posses was seen across europe how is it likely to impact the makeup of the new parliament well the real question is how are they going to find a majority for example to elect the next president of the e.u. commission and in the past it was enough to have the social democrats and the conservatives they had more than half of the seats in this european parliament that has by the way a total of $751.00 seats that's no longer the case they will need a 3rd group either the liberals that are backed by the french president a man who will not call or the greens that have had such success as we just saw in that report and now as you can imagine you know between the the greens and the right wing of the conservatives there aren't that many similarities so it's going
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to be much harder than in the past to find that common ground i can tell you this the groups here in brussels have already started doing that there will be technical talks this evening already in brussels and tomorrow the heads of the different groups will come together to try to gain the momentum and head of the leaders that will gather here in brussels afterwards so i'm going to back to that matter when i call on all those leaders are expected here in brussels is sort of a game of thrones as fans to moments put it the lead candidate for the social democrats and it might drag on for a while let's talk about the greens success and what will they offering that through in so many versions. well 2 words climate change or 3 words the fight against climate change has more words than that now but you get the gist what i mean because ever since the youth movement descended into the streets in europe in january really started then were fridays for future youth for climate and all that
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this gained momentum in the greens of course were a party that already had that in their program that had answers to those pressing issues that young voters were asking those questions and the other parties really had and some of them tried to jump on the bandwagon but was too little too late and most of the people we interviewed in the last days from those big parties from the social democrats from the conservatives a good knowledge did as much and said we need to do something about that so you can expect the fight against climate change to have a rather prominent role in the new european parliament at least more prominent than in the past month hoffman in brussels thank you. far right and nationalist parties have been predicted to surge to success in your elections for things didn't quite work out that way. france's marine le pen was one of the far right leaders celebrating last night victory over the party president emmanuel mccall was razor thin but hugely symbolic she say's it means things will have to
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change in france in future. she was a soft children as she has been working on believes he can get out of the situation where she finds himself tonight the failure to defeat that is experienced in the region and which he will play recklessly with the same name it will not work if that is not what the french people expect. in britain and to european leader nigel farrar she also said the success of his party showed not just that britons want to leave the e.u. but that they also want politics to change fundamentally. but the most significant victory of the night went to metairie salvini is far right to lead party in italy. there when went beyond all expectations salvini said this was a sign that europe was about to undergo a transformation. not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen
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is the 1st party in france in the u.k. nodule for august 1st so italy france england it's the sort of a europe that is changing. but despite his success it's unlikely that salvini will be able to fulfill his dream of working with other nationalists to turn the e.u. on its head from within the populace in other countries did not do as well meaning the far right will still be in a minority in the european parliament. and they're also divided among themselves hungary's anti immigrant leader viktor orban netted more than 50 percent of the vote but disagrees with other populists on a rain. even so analysts say would be no longer possible oh why the euro to go back to business as usual given the gains made by such parties. no australian chance of us about from courts and his government have been ousted after opposition parties joined forces in a vote of no confidence the motion was backed by lawmakers from the far right
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freedom party coalition with comments until last week the party's leader christine strato was forced to step down as vice chancellor after being cautious in this video sting apparently offering government contracts in exchange will come pay donations but no confidence vote comes just a day after court's process strengthened european elections. more from austria no broadcaster vienna correspondent steve shape welcome state sebastian cortes has been holding a press conference i want to say. it wasn't exactly a press conference as a journalist for president but he appeared in front of an adoring crowd at a party meeting so he just delivered a very clear statement and he played the victim role saying it was in his words unfair busy and unacceptable that all of the blame for this crisis tribute to punish shoulders so very clearly he's slipping into this victim role and that it
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became a campaign speech and he said that the other parties have as their campaign platform the mantra quote it's must go and then he assured his supporters that he's not going anywhere and he'll be back soon stronger than ever so well where did it all go wrong for australia's wunderkind. well the question is whether it has gone wrong or if he just simply unfolding it is elaborate plan let's not forget that the day it's a shock to resign there was this long dated period where coots was saying every 30 minutes he's about to deliver a statement and several hours went by in those hours he very clearly put together his strategy for the future. so you can say oh yes he has now. been put into the history books as austria's shortest ever serving chancellor serving what 525 days so i'm adding to that record as austria's youngest ever chancellor he's
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now the shortest ever to serve in office so on the surface it looks like things have gone wrong for him but he is quite confident that he's holding very strong cards for the snap election in september and that he is more eager than ever to play those cards i mean why did you form a coalition the freedom. the social democrats no confidence. because it serves their purposes well in the upcoming election i became abundantly apparent after this rocket session in parliament this afternoon that the gloves are off and all the parties are throwing punches in exactly the place where they can inflict the most pain so the freedom party having been former. very positively speaking partners of the boston courts now suddenly only see all the things that along with the social democrats they have their own axe to grind in their own territory to gain by putting all of the blame for putting all of the blame on sebastian quits
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so all the parties are trying to make the most mileage they can and that's why we saw things unfold as we did this afternoon. thank you. the changing dynamics of politics and the media have been brought into focus recently as a growing number of national leaders contest the just mistake of journalists and their work this is one of the subjects being debated at the annual global media forum hosted by don't you valley which started today in bonn in western germany one of the standout voices was that of germany's president. german president frank and my auntie w. director general peter limburg discuss the shift in journalistic power towards large media platforms steinmeier says more and more people get their news from the likes of you tube and twitter leading to a polarized society. that is. the tone has become much coarser sometimes even vicious especially on social media.
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since there is nothing left between black and white no compromise in thinking is possible and the one who presents other viewpoints and arguments is often treated as an opponent and enemy find 100 politicians researchers and journalists from $140.00 countries have come together and gone to discuss the relationship between power and the media it's also a chance for t.w. to start a dialogue with its own audience. the global media forum is an excellent chance for us to connect with. broadcasting. and for its own programs but it's very important to have a good connection with them and it's also important to have people around the globe coming here together and talking about media and shifting palos i think this is these are enough reasons to make this conference for today's high ranking guests we'll discuss artificial intelligence the future of broadcasting and state
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censorship presidents shine my are encouraged journalists everywhere to continue to fight for a free press. buttons even moot keep your courage to report on things that make governments uncomfortable democracy needs all of you. but beyond the encouragement there is entertainment as the heroic struggle for free media around the world goes on. yet you can always get d.w. news on the go just download from google play or from the apple still i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications well any breaking news you can also use it just have those photos and that is. the daily business africa over expenses or. backstopping back of the tough off the out of town without any fast of course is always a website. of the day. some
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time in the 26th. my great granddaughter. but with the world being like in your own life time in around half a century. your world will be a round trip to greece one. inevitably sea levels rise by at least one meeting in the central. river into.


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