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election across the block the numbers are clear but what do they actually tell us who are the winners and losers of europe's big vote i'm gonna and berlin this is the day. that about which i had the impression for the 1st time that there was a stronger european feeling if you adopt we want to build a europe based on rights with worker 1st and foremost i stand on the moon given what's happening in the world especially in china and the u.s. given the risks becoming a minor player. there but again i don't like people like salvini who anyway shouting. like that we want our government to include us in there to go skating saying where you. will from the french. you want to vote for something positive a vote for solutions a vote for an environmental solutions. the greens of the mind
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a part of the greens of the party ruling germany. is the substance of course we know that we are. raising hopes that have to be fulfilled but. also coming up on the day chaos in austria chancellor and courts is ousted from power in a no confidence vote even his former allies turned against him so where is the country headed now for being. only a few days ago the goal was to remove me as chancellor that's maybe understandable as a tactic. but you know that the wish to talk of the entire government a few months before the election that's something nobody in this country can comprehend. for. we start the day with a fragmented europe 28 countries across the european union went to the polls on
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sunday in a referendum on europe and in the end pro european and nationalist parties did well traditional center parties however saw their hold on power slip again a shifting political landscape emerging in places like germany and italy and france and brussels is not yet clear who the big winner is this is what the spokesperson for the european commission had to say. if you are asking me where. the book was when the day which i think you have in mind i would say you know that the pope didn't win this election contrary to doomsayers prophecy is it is the true you political forces across the political spectrum no one today. those who won the elections are the ones who want to work in and for europe not those sworn to destroy you. ok we have yes again in the head of the berlin office
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of the european council on foreign relations with us to talk more about these elections joseph thank you for joining us we heard that quote from the spokesperson there saying those who want to work in and for europe won this vote is that true well they still command more than 2 thirds of the seats in the european parliament so they have the obligation to do this they have they have the opportunity to do so the nationalist vote is strong but it is not so strong that it can block the work of the european parliament ok we have our correspondent our brussels bureau chief max health money who has also been following this vote very closely for us and he joins us from there max what is your take on this how big of a shakeup has this actually been for the european union. well it's nothing that wasn't anticipated before what we have and that is really the crucial difference for the 1st time and we've seen that in other countries we have a situation where the 2 centrist parties so the biggest groups here the social
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democrats and the conservative party aren't able to form a majority so they will need another group coming in to form a majority in the european parliament that's something you see in many different countries so it's not necessarily per se a problem but it shows you a trend even if right now the right wing populist as they are called or the nationalists really don't have the numbers to inflict serious damage upon the european parliament or to obstruct business as usual if this trend continues we might as well come to that point and that's what you know that's what all the parties are worried about because although they knew they had this problem they are not able to stop the trend as of now yes if listening to what max is saying bear this trend isn't dave nothing new we've seen it and german national politics the splintering of the middle so why haven't big parties gotten the message well you know in the european parliament ever since its 1st direct elections in 1989 the has always been this absolute solid majority of the 2 big parties so they are not
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trained they're not used to this and i think only gradually the traditional people's party is to catch all parties waking up to the changed landscape and they struggle in all this is not something that comes to them easy because it sort of disrupts their traditional way of cutting deals in back rooms and controlling the process and everything and that's something that's irritating and has to be learned and max listening to what yosef is just saying there what are you hearing there in brussels from these traditional big center parties about how they might have to change the way that they've been doing politics. what we've been her you're hearing is mainly one topic which is they say they didn't understand early enough how important the topic of fighting climate change was especially to young voters we understood quite early here in brussels and i'm sure you did in berlin as well that this was something really special when we had young people descending into the streets week after week tens of thousands at some points movements like fridays for
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future youth for climate and and they all they all were criticizing those you know older parties that were perceived as having stopped doing business in a certain way and not being able to change from that now the green party doesn't have that image because they had this this topic integrated into their d.n.a. from the very beginning so that's the theory behind that of course is that the greens profited from that in the numbers do reflected and that the social democrats in the conservatives and also maybe a little bit the liberals didn't understand how important this topic or integrated it too late and were incredible with it so what we heard in the in the last 2 days from the politicians we talked to from these party is that they really urgently needed to change that so we will probably see this topic being much more prominent in the next european parliament ok i do want to talk to you both
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a little bit about the success of the greens but to the other end of the political spectrum the far right national party said been predicted to make a big surge and while they did make gains they didn't do as well as expected let's take a look. france's marine le pen is one of the far right leaders celebrating last night have victory over the party president emmanuel mccullough was razor thin but hugely symbolic she says it means things will have to change in france in future. she was a soft cheerleader she too has been a groom believes he can get out of the situation where she finds himself tonight the failure to defeat that is experienced with a reshuffle and which he will play recklessly with the saying it will not work if that is not what the french people expect of them. in britain and to european leader nigel farrar she also said the success of his party showed not just that britons want to leave the e.u.
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but that they also want politics to change fundamentally. but the most significant victory of the night went to metairie salvini is far right to lead party in italy. there when went beyond all expectations salvini said this was a sign that europe was about to undergo a transformation. not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k. nodule for raja's 1st italy france england it's the sort of a europe that is changing. but despite his success it's unlikely that salvini will be able to fulfill his dream of working with other nationalists to turn the e.u. on its head from within the populace in other countries did not do as well meaning the far right will still be in a minority in the european parliament. and they're also divided among themselves hungary's anti immigrant leader viktor orban netted more than 50 percent of the
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vote but disagrees with other populists on a range of issues even so analysts say it would be no longer possible or weiss the europe to go back to business as usual given the gains made by such parties. ok max let's start with you looking at that you know the populists they did well but it wasn't this this wave this surge that many had feared but they can wield considerable influence if they team up tell us more about that it really depends on how many of them team up because right now you have this new right wing populist group that is forming that that has for example material savini in his league in italy it also has now the independent her. in france and also the german if steve but 2 big hitters of right wing populism. and they're already in government so for example hungry feed us with victor orbán they're not part of that yet at least
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they're part of the conservatives of the european peoples party and also in poland the peace party that's also governed is not part of this right wing coalition if they were part of this coalition it would be significantly more powerful not powerful enough to take over the european parliament or to obstruct business there but the effect of course is that it makes all the other pretty parties have to work together which we've seen before in grand coalition big coalitions where the 2 biggest parties at the work together prime example germany and this usually at least that's what many say hurts democracy because people feel they don't have an alternative anymore between the left and the right and you won't have that in the european parliament that much anymore the alternatives now are between anti european or anti e.u. and pro european meaning pro e.u. as we know it yes so what do you think of that from max there how do you think we're going to see the successes that we saw the populace in places like france and italy how do you think that is going to influence politics on the european level i
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think the influence will even be stronger on the level of the governments you know because they will affect policymaking on the national level and then national political leaders coming together in the european council they will be influenced by what they believe they can sell a home what people are accepting at home so part of the new factory in italy is that it basically consolidates the league has a grip on that government squeezes out the 5 star movement and that will influence italy's behavior in the european council and that probably can have a more decisive impact on the e.u. policy making then what his deputies could do in the european parliament well interesting leigh enough the populace have identified a new opponent we can say at the greens the rise of the mentalists party. is one of the big stories that emerged from the vote let's hear what both the populist a.f.d.
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from germany and the greens themselves here have to say. they are our main competitors and we take them very seriously you have to but in the end the policies we provide and we'll see the new emperor has no clothes it's not that you won't hear from me that there's no man might climate change but you won't he that might climate change either i say they're adults. and we know that the result is with being a guiding force we've moved into the center of the political debate. i was assistant issues of course we know that we are. raising hopes that have to be fulfilled. all right max let's come back to you now the a.f.p. we can't play this they're saying the greens are their number one opponent that's really a sea change how have the greens managed to become such a political force. you know in the run up to these elections i went all across europe and i went to a couple of demonstrations also
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a right wing populace including the a of d. in germany and i was surprised how much hatred there was to wards the greens and i realized that it was not just about migration this whole discussion and what right we populists are doing it's also against for example the switch in germany to renewable energy i was surprised to see that but then you know in the course of the week so i started to understand it's you can all sum it up between those up there against us so that it's really a feeling that. switch to renewable energies the switch to electric cars and all that that's only for the rich because it costs a lot of money and that's true at the moment this is expensive to do so so that the elites if you want to call them like that that they were looking for solutions that would not benefit regular people and that's the discourse that the ac and other right wing populist in europe are having and so what they're trying to do is brand the greens as the party of the elites of the rich and that's why not only the greens but also good. so the figurehead of this whole movement of fridays for
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future and youth for climate is one of their top enemies i was surprised to learn that but it's definitely a fact ok so that explains why the populist have the greens in their crosshairs next coming to yosef the greens that expression while here in germany is this really just a german phenomenon oh it's a broader phenomenon the greens have also had some good showing elsewhere but you know the largest green contingent will come from germany so it's here it is a it is a particular story is a particular success story and it is striking how the greens in the young age groups are now the number one party and in the youngest age group that that is traditionally divided up they have more votes than c.d.u. and s.p.d. combined and that is quite a remarkable change and that sort of explains also the attention that this party is . attracting and the focus that the right wing is putting on a have on the greens because they like to polarize and to them you know the other
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pole is not the c.d.u. or the s.p.d. but is the greens and new poles emerging josefa now we've heard max talking with mass market to stagger yesterday about the she's the commissioner for competition also a candidate for the top job a to lead that european next commission let's hear what she had to say about the a shifting alliances in the european parliament oh but i'm danish this is what we do we try to find my your everyday business as in very difficult circumstance when you're a minister in denmark when you wake up in the morning you don't know if you have my doors you buy lunch so the necessities you work with everyone to see what are your interest how can we come together how can we make this happen this is exactly what we will be doing for the next couple of days ok back that was a pretty positive assessment of what a coalition politics will be in the european parliament traditional parties will now have to work together with smaller pro european forces that's not new for her but what will this mean on the european level. she was campaigning there still
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a little bit of advice there she she portrayed herself as a very positive person but of course there's some truth to it germany was always used to being able to forge a coalition with only 2 parties a senior partner and a junior partner that's the way things were this is getting more complicated in germany but other countries i mean where we are right here in belgium or the netherlands even you sometimes even 4 maybe even 5 parties to forge a coalition so it's not new to them that's true and it just means you have to work together in a different way you have to identify as always with a coalition but the space where you identify topics where have something in common just gets smaller doesn't mean you get less done but maybe you would have to focus for example in the next european parliament really on the fight against climate change because that's something that all those 4 parties the liberals the greens the social democrats and also the conservatives have in common they all recognize this is happening there is manmade climate change that opposes them for example to
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many right wing populist who say we might have a global warming but it's not manmade and even if it is we can't really do anything about it everybody calm down i have somebody from the a of 50 and that show we just saw the sound bite from who seriously suggest that if we have climate change and rising sea levels then we should just build higher walls at you know the borders of the oceans so you really see an intellectual difference there a difference in intellectual quality and and that's where all those other parties could come together and focus and really try to find out what they have in common it'll be less than if you have less coalition partners but there is still common ground all right and you suggest very briefly do they do these pro e.u. forces in brussels have a strong figure to lead them. well there are a couple of experienced figures like for example has been there for the liberals for a long time and others as well but you know it's it's not a question of consensus because they could have had that climate consensus before
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but they didn't so it really needs new impulses into policy making in order to get that change done alright josefa max thank you both very much now the voter backlash against established parties was devastating in the u.k. the conservatives of prime minister trista may sunk to its worst electoral result since 1832 while the labor party also bled support and perhaps the greatest irony of the election the breaks of carty of nigel farage who spearheaded the campaign to leave the e.u. was the biggest winner of the night greg the tears will fill 29 seats in the european parliament that they alternately don't want to be part of so a battering at the polls for britain's conservatives our correspondent alex forrest whiting got reaction form tory m.p. and breaks a tear steve baker in london. 1st of all these results for the conservative party are absolutely catastrophic they really are devastating results for our party the worst we've had in our entire history because we've broken our promises and the
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voters are punishing us for it and i'm very sorry we are losing. the conservatives and the bracks party because many people are now wondering whether there might have to be some kind of deal done even if at the moment to saying that's not possible right now we don't need to do to a deal with the past the we need as conservatives to decide whether we're going to keep our promises we asked the public to decide whether we should remain a leaf they said leave. they didn't say leave this time to the elections it was fairly split we have to keep our manifesto promises and clearly this result is going to have something for everybody but the absolute standout result here is that if this had been a general election we wouldn't have won any seats as conservatives in the party would be governing the country what this means is conservative we've got to decide who we are are we keeping our promises and where are we going so how serious do you have to be about getting over the line by the 31st of october is it by any means
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necessary i think if. by any means i think we do. some of this the european union may disagree offer a free trade defense and security cooperation participation institutions last year but we needed for the whole u.k. including what we need to do is work out how to deliver the withdrawal agreements that there's no mandate for it very quickly this debate is going to crystallize between the roof which i really don't think can happen certainly the conservative party wouldn't survive or delivering on but we might have to deliver on it by accepting without this withdrawal agreement that means a no deal it means accepting without this withdrawal agreement. no deal is not a destination the destination that we need and i would want people in germany to really know that people like me are not looking for some crazy disaster we're looking to. be friends and cooperate have defense and security cooperation free trade agreement and for life to continue in a constructive way with great neighbors and the way to do that is to fulfill the
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offer the last year but unfortunately we've been offered a withdrawal of bream and that would make us a satellite state of the we can't possibly sign up to it it would be inescapable i don't suppose the german people would sign up to it but we just would i would appeal to them to help us deliver the offer that was made last year but party that you should be the next leader you have been asked to stand yes but that's happened because my colleagues voted for the deal and i thought i didn't recognise that boris johnson and dominic robb are the standout leading candidates estimate school spin in the cabinet but we can't afford to split the vote amongst them pace and so i've got very much on my mind i will decide by next weekend whether i'm standing thank you very much for joining us from. austrian chancellor and his government are out they've been ousted from power and a no confidence vote lawmakers from the opposition social democrats and the far
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right freedom party joined forces against the chancellor the freedom party was in a coalition with qwest until just last week this is all part of a huge video sting scandal that has rocked the country and shaken the halls of power in vienna here's more. than sebastian courts shortly after losing a historic no confidence vote austria's youngest ever chancellor is now well suits short of serving head of government he wasted no time in lashing out at his former coalition partners leaving. the army very cocky in recent days we've heard only one thing from the freedom party and the socialist party cause has to go their entire program i have to say i hate to disappoint you but i'm still here. you know in my view i. the fate of no confidence came after a kick to the freedom party out of the governing coalition called new elections the opposition claimed that was an abuse of power and some blamed him for creating
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a climate of high drama and instability. your. point on t.v. here today you must answer for the 1st time questions about all the chaos you have unleashed that time i hope you do that for free and don't just make a campaign speech and if i come from anything to use now spanker should. the parliamentary joe sting started after a secretly recorded video surfaced showing freedom party leader has christians traffic who was also vice chancellor seeming to offer government contracts in exchange for campaign donations. both the people's party and the freedom party tapped into a wide spring right wing populist sentiment and outside of parliament the people's party emerged from european elections strengthened. that has some analysts saying that this no confidence vote may just be a temporary setback for kurtz and his people's party in the meantime curt's has
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promised to abide by the result and let a caretaker government take over until september when he may well be back in the chancellor seat again. yes if handing us back with us yosef how much has this really damaged populace has this really kind of shown the risk of working together with the far right i think it has had some of the fact but it has not you know seriously that's what the european elections will show damage populist all around europe i think it has had its epicenter in austria and maybe also effects in germany but that's it and course will try again and i think this approach has been tried in austria a couple of times and he will not want to go back into the traditional grand coalition what about the implications for national government. you know austrians have this political earthquake but greece britain germany all weakened by the european elections how important is that for the stability of europe well that will
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make the national politics more nervous because this is this is after all you know that's an indication of where parties are on the national level even though it was a european election so every one of them will now calculate you know how are we going to look like in the next elections and what are our chances and what's our longer term perspective and the more demand that perspective becomes the more nervous they will get and that might even end the grand coalition at some point in germany the right nervous governments the nervous europe you know sit down in from the european council for foreign relations thank you so much as always for your insight leisure to be with you. well that's it for the day but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or at the mongolia don't forget to use our has attacked the day.
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more intrigue on international talk show. europe has voted in an election to the european parliament games for the nationalists and the greens maybe also use for centrist proxies and i'm going to unexpectedly highlights her we put it all in perspective on quadriga. next on d w. it's better than any thriller.
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new ways to buy crime. crime scenes are preserved in virtual form break ins can be predicted in advance and autopsies conducted without a scalpel what used to be science fiction has now become reality high tech long for cement. in 60 minutes long. there's super. many of them selves away super secretive then you'll hear the jingling of points and super rich definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they
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keep such a file we have a snoop around to catch a glimpse of. her top of the world the disk of the super rich starts to tip off to dublin. alone a very warm welcome indeed to a special edition of course coming to you from the home. and the people of europe who voted in an election to the european parliament across the continent against a populist far right parties.


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