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this is d.w. news live from berlin after the e.u. elections the race begins for its new leader european heads of governments are discussing who will take over from commission president john crow didn't catch the reports on how france and germany could be heading for a showdown over the issue also coming up a mountain stabbing targeting school children in japan at least 2 suspected victims including one girl have been killed and more than a dozen are injured. plus a big surprise in german football outside of the new unfurling made their way into
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deep and disfigure for the 1st time in the club's history we have all the details of last night's nerve racking playoff match against just. a minute cubes mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. eva leaders are meeting today to talk about who will take over some of the blocks key roles following last week's elections to the european parliament now among the jobs up for grabs is commission president that's a role currently held by. german chancellor angela merkel says she wants a decision to be taken quickly but she's a olds with france's president emmanuel mccall over how the candidate should be chosen we'll have more on that in a minute but 1st let's take a look at some of the candidates in the running vest aagot. to
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months or veba. the elections are over but the race to succeed as the next commission president has just started. too many he is the front runner manfred veba the lead candidate of the largest group in the problem and the conservative european peoples party despite a loss of $38.00 seats his group and him still claim the e.u.'s top job but brokering a majority in parliament will likely prove difficult. for france to moments from the social democrats it will be even more difficult the dutchman's s. and d. group came in 2nd with a total loss of 40 seats even if he managed to form a coalition with the greens liberals and the left party c. would still fall short of a majority in parliament it is the 1st time in 40 years that the big center right and center left groups aren't able to control
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a majority of seats in the european parliament so some think she might come out as the winner my kate the best denmark this serving competition commissioner didn't run as an official candidate during the campaign however after her liberal alliance made strong gains she made clear that she is up for the presidency in the end it will be up to them the leaders of the member states will choose their nominee for the job and it might be somebody nobody has on the list just gets i'm joined now by the correspondent in brussels terry shellfish terry let's start with the role of a president of the european commission how significant is this child. yeah it would be hard to underestimate just how important this job and this moment is because every time the european parliament turns over as just happened over the weekend so do all of these top jobs that means not just the president of the european
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commission but also of the council of the parliament and this year by chance also the president of the european central bank but here in brussels the job you really want is president of the european commission not only is the commission the only branch that can propose legislation which of course has a huge impact on all member states but this person the president will decide basically who gets what job for the next 5 years so every country will propose a commission candidate but the president will decide who gets to trade who gets budget who gets energy who gets stuck with taxation or fisheries so that is a really really influential post and that's what everyone wants it and there's going to be a lot of horse trading over this job now there's some disunity amongst european leaders about how the next candidate should be chosen but germany is pushing for a quick decision let's have a listen to what she had to say. we want to find a solution as quickly as possible because the european parliament will meet at the beginning of july and it would of course be desirable there were already proposal
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of the european council so that could be carried out very quickly. so michael wants a quick decision but the main parties didn't get the big majorities they were hoping for did they said we'll be finding an agreement more difficult. was always going to be a very contentious process but now the fragmentation in the results that european parliament elections are going to make it even more so of course it's intensely america's interest that this is decided quickly because she has said that she is in favor of the german candidate the head of the european peoples party munford very now if you go move quickly you'll take one of these established candidates who've been campaigning for the job but she is headed for a clash with french president a man you're mcallen and others who say wait a minute let's not go so quickly let's reopen this debate and possibly take other candidates he will be in favor of margret of vestavia but there are other leaders who want even other candidates friends temperaments whose political group came in
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2nd says he's not out of the running at all so here in brussels today horse trading is already at an all time high president mcclaren is holding meetings with everyone under the sun so he is definitely gearing up for a clash with chancellor merkel and that will happen this evening but we are certain that there will be no decisions coming out of the summit tonight all right teri schultz in brussels thank you. the austrian wold summit on climate action is underway in the capital vienna and the summit of the coal action aimed at getting countries to it hit to the paris agreement and to publishing new commitments by next year it's the brainchild of california governor arnold schwarzenegger who was born in austria and he wants famously said that republicans and democrats breathe the same also in attendance is swedish climate activist press a who founded the fridays a few chips strike and in her speech the 16 year old did not mince words when
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addressing the audience. during the last months millions of children have been schooled striking with the climate gaining lots of attention for the climate crisis but we children are not. nor are the scientists unfortunately. but many of you here today are. presidents celebrities politicians c.e.o.'s and journalists people listen to you they are influenced by you. and therefore you have an enormous responsibility and let's be honest this is a responsibility that most of you have failed to take. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world now. austrian chancellor sebastian cortes is not going to fight so often he was ousted in
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a no confidence motion which he says he'll stand again as a conservative candidate in the elections set for september says ousting came in the wake of the corruption scandal involving his far right coalition. at least 40 people have been killed in prison riots in brazil say the deadly clashes was sparked by fights between rival gangs in 3 different jails across the town of us the government has mobilized additional stuff to secure the prisons. as a victory for malawi's president. has been declared the winner of last week's election and he was reelected to a 2nd 5 year term by a narrow margin the results were confirmed after a delay of the final count over allegations of shrinking. in japan a group of schoolchildren have been attacked by a man carrying a knife on a busy street at least 3 people are dead including the attack and more than a dozen more wounded the stopping took place and. tokyo it's believed the children
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were waiting for a bus during the morning rush hour the suspected attacker is reported to have killed himself. i'm joined now by michael pena journalist based in tokyo michael what has the local authorities know so far about the attack. well the tech certainly came out of nowhere as far as anybody was concerned you know there's been nothing about it anybody knowing who this person know was or why he did it but apparently this morning at about 7 30 am local time when the these school girls were lining up for their for their bus to take down the school man approached them with kitchen knives one in each hand and said i'm going to kill you and then he proceeded to attack the girls and in the end apparently about 16 of these young girls 6 or 7 years old were injured and one of
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them has died and he also killed a man in his thirty's before running a few yards away and sticking the knife into his own throat and killing himself it sounds absolutely have respect he said these a school young school children is there anything else you can tell us about the victims of this attack. they appear to have been basically young school girls that went to a local catholic school. and they were. they were just young girls going to school i mean there's not too much more to say and mostly all japanese probably and as well as the attacker so far as we know. so you have basically normal school kids going to school in the ledge attack as you said is among the dead is there anything we can ascertain about his his motives why why did he do something like this. well course that is the question which is being widely
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asked in japan right now you know why would somebody do such a thing what i can say is that there is not even a hint that it has anything do with politics or or in any larger issues i think you know in the absence of information but looking at the pattern of the event it appears very much to have been somebody who was mentally disturbed in some way who just carried out the attack as sort of a murder suicide but at this point the authorities aren't releasing any information about the attacker except for the fact that he was 57 years old ok michael pena take a thanks so much. thank you some football news now on a club here in the german capital a new in berlin have made history then moving up to germany's top tier for the very 1st time relegating got in the process and for more of that i'm thinking out with me he's going to tell us a little bit more anthony last night was pretty tense in berlin muslims that it was
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this a footballing faeries how playing out it's not that version if you like of dive of versus goliath of the goliath they've got 2 world cup winners in this board one of them is the frenchman bunnymen provide he's worth nearly 40000000 euros that is twice the value of the entire squad so making the point that this is big business small they're a small club when young playing on the edge of the forest on the edge of big. when and it was there in this incredible setting that they had the chance to make the bundesliga big time the humans weren't good for in your own only 2 2nd tier clubs had won the been just league playoff battle in the last 10 attempts but with the backing of a typically raucous home crowed 2 away goals in their locker he would have been confident of bucking the trend but stuttgart started better and dennis olga looked like he'd scored a beauty of a free kick but the video assistant referee spotted an off site no goal no millet remained at halftime despite stuttgart sweating blood for the cause in your own
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came into the game after the break this was the 2nd time they were foiled by the woodwork. french world cup when a bomb came closest to rescuing the day for stuttgart i but who knew and held on i was nil nil the final score but 2 goals last week in swabian meant they had finally reached the promised land the new owner promoted to germany's top tier for the 1st time and the fans joined their heroes on the pitch to celebrate their moment in history. it's a really historic night. as we just saw that they're not your run of the mill modern football club but i know they're not their former east german state sponsored club and here and there were proudly known as being anti-establishment then and they are that now through the this little stadium is mostly standing room only again expect from the sports going to fantastic article online i can recommend to you to describe them at states variance it's just i'm like any other there's no
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music after a goal scored there's new there's no pre-game show there is no fuss it's really a club from another time and that's what the experience is when you go there at a time when most people associate with football manchester city and oil sponsored money you look at these things here and you see. joy they might say themselves in if you ask them they might never win a title but for then. the sweetest victory of all the one i celebrate a bot last night was just merely making it to the book is like a really great story what will they what will it bring to the. beads and football the way it was i think would be the summary an experience that really can't be bought anywhere else i think this is now a field of dreams. experience that you can only get going to this ground you can step back into football the way it was. and really it will become a distant nation where you can experience this week the just can't get it anywhere else and i've also delivered berlin the new hottest ticket in town because we have
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a 1000000000 dollar beat back in the book and toughed it out and how it ended up in sports thanks so much thank you. news that live from berlin stay tuned for an inside look at how the magic of cinema is helping people escape the harsh reality of everyday life in kenya's dangerous refugee camp thank you so much for watching he tells me. first climbing listen. doris grandma is arrives. joining a regular on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary to .


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