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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2019 8:45am-9:01am CEST

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century's most successful 10. and on the high end restaurant scene is no longer just about food but also about fashion as establishment up their game with stylish duds 1st of. all it's listed by many travel advisors as a destination to visit in 2019 and dave is nearly halfway through its run as a european capital of culture so time to get cracking garia 2nd largest city is often overlooked by tourists as they savor the more quirky post soviet charm of the country's capital sofia but plouffe divs with its 8000 year history and beautiful roman ruins is seizing the opportunity to use culture as a binding thread for its social fabric. to cumbria is 2nd largest city plovdiv has a turbulent history it was once under threat roman and ottoman rule.
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coastal communism has also left its mark making a cultural mix together is the motto of this european capital of culture. gallery owner this silliness our uber shows us her hometown logically sells place where. minorities meet turkey. our main young people are all my people and of course while gary and band they are all proud of their almost 2000 year old roman theater which hosts events throughout the summer there is more history in the archaeological museum the world famous pentagon treasure ritual thracian drinking vessels made of 6 kilograms of gold. in the center of the city gallery sorry it was one of the initiators of the exhibition and listen to us one of the capital of culture events beaches contemporary. not from europe spoken
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states. listen to us focuses on social issues including bulgaria's communist past and the situation of women. is famous for its restored own town. watch your steps in the old town and no high heels. the streets are narrow about wide enough the 2 loaded mules that once had to pass by one another. most of the buildings date back to the 19th century. like this former private villa one of the most beautiful houses in the old town. this is that the graphic museum or floor of the one of the places of the night the
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museums and galleries and this house is perfect example off barak architecture in plovdiv a little further up hill and you have the best view of a plot to have built on 7 hills it's one of the oldest cities in europe. next we head towards come upon the hipness district in northern plumping. it used to be notorious for traffic jams now it's full of haiti's prime playground for creative people high street artists. justin is one of the most famous punk garion spray is banned with a bit of luck you can watch over his shoulder while he would. love to have has a lot to offer this year not always make it events but many small happenings that have one main goal bringing people together especially through culture.
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all that democratic vision of what culture can achieve was shared by luciano pavarotti the legendary italian tenor was renowned and adored for the quality of his voice and for his tireless efforts to bring the rather rarefied world of opera back to the people all now academy award winning director ron howard has made a compelling documentary that allows the opera star who died in 2007 to tell his own story in a way here's a glimpse. 0 7 7 there was a period of time where he was a bigger than michael jackson. my father was you know really do work your father is doing so i mean it's a tenet of. my mother my son seeing in the beautiful gardens
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of mom where you say that because you know because you don't say that's when i hear your. there was a nervous wreck before performance and they would always say oh we wish you guys can reassure you hit the news you know that is the beauty of my profession. because the global broached. 3 of the world's greatest hitters on the same stage for the 1st time which i know called me will soon i come from that piece. he was crushed i just. became completely obsessed by what he could do for all those. people trusting person. i was not to exist if i don't trust people. the reason he is great she. is he believes it was. a
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mistake he. hopes he desires. crashing. i'll talk about bonds i get them every time and my colleague david leavitt's is doing me in the studio to talk more about this documentary that we think gets you in the chest i mean well my god do not forget your tissues when you go to see this movie and a big part of that emotionality is actually how well director ron howard pairs what's going on in luciano pavarotti's biography with his powerful performance as we see that a lot of the times that he was seen about things that were actually happening in his own life he was bringing his real life drama and experiences also to his roles as ron howard's and opera is of course the best drama and it's also seen very much as an elite art form that pavarotti could fill these massive stadiums actually one of his performances with the 3 tenors had more than
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a 1000000000 viewers worldwide no one democratized opera in the way that pavarotti did and that was really important to him too he grew up in post-war italy in a town where opera wasn't just for the rich it was also for the working class like his family and he really wanted to bring that back and this this comes across particularly in a great scene in the movie. where he supposed to get this open air concert in london but then the skies opened it's pouring down it looks like no one is going to show up. but then while we can actually see what happens next. it was like some kind which is never stops. them are strong go to the 2nd people already on their own bring those people behind could say that we share and sing and there was noise going on i literally rushed on stage craft the marker followed and i just say i think you got your brothers with
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i was with the 1st person to jump out it was chris's dawna who had a god all and started with i don't use it so you have read it down and there was a ripple effect all the way back they deal with. everybody there are brenda's down in the consequent or. big fight going on the audio you know i'm not really my you. this mean i have never seen a woman like that i need your permission. i would like to dedicate to they did i am i. i know he really knew how to access people's emotions didn't need all the work that he did cross over work with rock and pop stars unbelievable but this film also shows very much just how much he fact that's right here it was really dedicated to doing what he could for people particularly for children in war zones that was one of his favorite causes having grown up in a war zone but of course there was then this other side of him the difficult artist
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who was never satisfied with his own voice who always said what some are insecure i have to be better job so fascinating personality i really think this film is also going to bring him to a younger generation that didn't get to know him while he was still alive let's hope so because he really seems like his presence is missed hitting the theaters in june david leavitt's thank you very much for bringing us that story. pleasing to the eye as well as the palate that's of course the mandate for any high class food a temple and recently many michelin starred establishment are taking that idea one step further and coming up with fashionable outfits for their service and kitchen staff so we checked out some prominent examples of uniforms that elicit a visual. design is for the german fashion label target who holds love bold colors models on that spring printer ports a runway or bright pink and yellow dress is so it's no wonder that the labels
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creations for the 2 star restaurant tantras in munich turned out to be quite the i catch up. last year the fashion designers created uniforms for the entire kitchen and waiting staff. the ladies launched that each year and at one point we got this idea to make the uniforms which were still all from the eighty's. we had so much fun. we had discovered a curtain on the ladies' powder room that had this print from the seventy's seventy's print and we used it as a stylistic elements that even the men's uniforms and it was a big hit. designer fashion for restaurant staff the concept is booming in london the uniform label specialized in fashion for the catering profession they created 78 different looks for london's luxury rosewood hotel morton to some from denmark analytical i mean
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from italy also create designs for the working environment they used to be designers who isabel and alexander mcqueen in 2013 they founded their own label in paris called. each style needs to suit the restaurant the looks are inspired by the architecture and design of each individual location. here for the waiters and cooks of a gourmet japanese restaurant in paris the designers match their garments to the interior decoration and worked closely with the owner and cook associate on a card because color a concept couldn't do with just any old day plan. it's a nice compliment when the fashion appeals not only to the staff wearing it but also to the customers sometimes we've had the japanese tourists who come to paris to eat who are of the seed of brand her career somewhere and cold sores and ask if they can pass by just by
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a true item so something like this attention to detail is what makes old couture so special and manufacturers like older are now extending that same loving attention to the stasi uniforms. an interesting way to make the whole dining experience even more appetizing well that brings us to the end of the show so i'm till next time i'll just go to from us here in berlin and i. am. eco africa.
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is news coming to you live from berlin to dollar tranced top diplomat arrives in the german capital for his 1st official visit my company of repairs but top level talks at a time when transatlantic relations are under some strain it's taken a year in office to visit berlin and with the 2 countries that odds over numerous issues can he find common ground. and this after angela merkel addresses harvard's class of 2019 and details gone waltz.


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