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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 31, 2019 10:30am-10:45am CEST

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sambrook. rock and religion clash that brings many polls to late. model to really suit your reconcilable the budget the devil movie and the rocket. storage june 17th t w. donald trump is showing off his gold to move again the u.s. president slapping tariffs on mexican imports in an attempt to curb the illegal immigration look at the latest from our course also coming up washington's trade war with china is escalating but it's still unclear who has the upper hand and this is the youth of north from acetone preparing for their locational futures and these are the jobs that they want to. come to the program u.s.
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president has announced he will add a 5 percent tariff to all goods coming in from mexico as a way to curb illegal immigration at the u.s. southern border the levee could rise to 25 percent in october mr trump mexican authorities to do more to combat illegal entries to the united states this comes just after mexico's president. said his country will start ratifying a major trade deal with the united states and canada it is unclear yet how. will affect the united states mexico canada agreement. let's get more on this story clifford business here in the studio financial correspondent ali bart's in frankfurt clifford let me start with you this announcement came quite as a surprise particularly to the mexicans tell us more you know well surprise is the
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word there we where our attention is very much on china and the u.s. china trade war and then suddenly buying here comes this news about mexico i think if anything it shows that donald trump is a monster of disruption only to you in frankfurt asian stocks retreated substantially this morning and things in europe don't really look better. no they don't and shares are going down pretty well across the board and it's probably no surprise to hear that export shares are among the worst here and the dax in frankfurt where there are a lot of those on the ticket you see v.w. di miller b.m.w. auto supplier continental under pressure but basically almost all the shares losing and investors seeking safe havens again like treasuries from the united states are european sovereign bonds especially german bonds because they're nervous. back to you here in the studio the united states is mexico's biggest trading partner now
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obviously this is a politically motivated move by donald trump but one of the economic implications well as you say it's a pretty motivated move but the economic ramifications are enormous it's such a close relationship and such a close trading relationship mexican officials are furious about there's we're still trying to see exactly how this will play out but it's left it's left the mexicans in a very difficult place for they have to start dealing with these increased power of clifford conan and thanks to you both for now we'll come back to you in a moment in the meantime the german chancellor has long been a favor a favor and speaking out for free trade and multilateral cooperation during a speech at harvard university on thursday i'm going to medical took a swipe at the u.s. president and his protectionist policies without calling donald trump by name here's what the german chancellor said well dixon is most protectionism in trade
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conflicts jeopardize free international trade and thus the very foundations of our prosperity more than ever we must think and act multilaterally instead of unilaterally. start not soon the global rather than national. there's also that is it that sin is to shout out to it looking rather than isolationist. german chancellor angela merkel speaking there clifford let me come back to you with so much disruption and potential disruption in global supply chains it's not only companies in the united states and mexico and china or europe for that matter who are getting increasingly nervous yeah i think you know countries like vietnam which is profited from the u.s. china trade conflict even germany as we've just seen a lot of countries are going to be looking at this and thinking this is almost like an attack on the global supply chain and a lot of the things that people have taken for granted in global trade for
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a long time they can no longer take these things for granted i'm looking at all kinds of destruction and only bards in frankfurt what else are investors preparing themselves for while they're preparing themselves for a possible recession and also possible positive reaction from the central banks in addressing the need to boil up the economies but to want to contest i spoke to also had an interesting theory he says donald trump will continue this way until the economy really goes downhill and the markets go downhill and until there is a democratic candidate he has to face then he will want to be a figure as a deal maker to make things better and then the the direction could be a totally different one an analysis from one economist an interesting take though i think he was in frankfurt and clifford coonan here in the studio thanks to you both . certainly the biggest threats to global trade is the dispute that the united states and china the world's 2 top economies have been locked in just this
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month 3 s. ramped up tariffs on chinese products in china quickly retaliated with its own terrorists which will kick in on june 1st and just weeks ago the 2 sides seem close to a deal but now china and the u.s. are digging in. the trade wars escalating and the message donald trump wants out there is that the u.s. is winning. doing very well with china we'll see what happens but i can tell you john you know very much wants to make a deal because the companies are leaving china to avoid this carol china is becoming a very weekend day. in the battle of wills between the world's 2 economic powerhouses trump is confidence china will seek a deal on his terms but beefed up by decades of growth and modernization china is convinced it can hold out far from rolling over the reaction has been defiant don't
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say we didn't warn you thundered the communist party mouthpiece people's daily as it started to the big guns after the u.s. took aim at tech giant huawei beijing has threatened to use its dominant position as a supplier of rare earth metals for leverage they're essential to everything from wind turbines to missiles china could also targeting u.s. companies like the vastly popular starbucks or apple china is apple's 3rd largest market with nearly $52000000000.00 in sales mostly selling i phones the trade war is impacting on america too. there's a lot of pain in the short run and as i said earlier a lot of that pain is falling on sectors like agriculture. and i think the calculus is how long are we and our farmers are willing to accept that short run pain in exchange for potentially the long run again of more open markets
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and more opportunities in china china's president paying and trump are due to meet at the june g. 20 meeting in japan until then there is little chance of an end to this increasingly bitter conflict. it's to the north of macedonia now a small country here in europe that after settling in name this feud with its neighbor greece is now open for joining nato and the european union the you commission has recommended member countries to start negotiations in part because north macedonia is enjoying and the comic boom nevertheless many of its population are eager to try finding their luck elsewhere. a self driving call albeit only toy sized. close to the north macedonian capital sculpey vocational students are learning the basics of electrical engineering these budding
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mechatronics engineers have some prospects of finding a job and not only in north macedonia with their insights and expertise they'll be just as horrible for employers as their counterparts in the new. the vocational school teacher has his own software company and hopes that many young people will stay in the country after their training. most students if a lot of skills to be. able to do or want to do so it is a real world. there are. hundreds of thousands have already left the country for the e.u. since the turn of the millennium the average annual salary here is $4700.00 euros which makes the country attractive to foreign companies around $600.00 employees manufacture car emission buttons and other parts of this factory owned by german
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automotive supplier market exports to the e.u. are currently subject to customs tiresome up to 20 percent they would cease to apply if north macedonia joined the e.u. nevertheless the plant manager expects costs arise usually in the slow new we think the wage level is ok at the moment and it will remain ok for the next 10 years if you accession is finalized and employees can emigrate to western europe without difficulty then it will get more problematic. because you are giving up in june the e.u. plans to start membership negotiations with north macedonia but it could take years before the country actually joins. the economy is in the starting blocks for accession competitive firms have emerged in tax privileged industrial development zones find on was a furniture company that is currently building a new factory 90 percent of the 100 percent of couches are exported a new distribution system is currently being set up in germany the work force hope
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that the company's growth will continue with the planned accession to the e.u. . the chillis is growing we'd like to see more orders rising wages and a better life. in the vocational school miscopied these young trainees still have to learn patience 4 out of 10 students here play with the idea of leaving the country as soon as their training is over. now it's there at last but telecom mobile phone provider has become the 1st in europe to launch a high speed 5 g. service the 5 g. net will be available in limited cards of 6 cities including london birmingham and belfast with 10 more lined up to follow vodafone is expected to begin its own 5 g. number of rollout later this next month the 5 g. standard offers almost instantaneous data transfer it's a condition for internet 4.0 which will handles dziedzic sectors like energy
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transport banking and health care. the potato is the classic underground vegetable but in peru it's now in the limelight the country boasts over 3 and a half 1000 different varieties of the tube or the largest in the world many of them are on display and posed 10th annual festival in lima where people from across the country come to celebrate the flavors colors and forms. the potato there for you that's our show thanks for watching and have yourself a successful.
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what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating cultural heritage in science. d w world heritage 31615 now. this is something tyson different ayers came from jurors or dealing with and even at that i killed many civilians in the ash coming including my father why the sometimes i was
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a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for mines. hello and welcome to our arts and culture news i'm karen health and here's a quick look at what's coming up on today's program. well check out europe's oldest city plovdiv in south central bulgaria a must see as it celebrates its european capital of culture stuff it's all through 2019. a new documentary film about the legendary opera singer luciano pavarotti's explores the musical genius of the 20th century most successful tenor.
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and on the high end restaurant scene is no longer just about food but also about fashion as establishment up their game with stylish duds. well it's listed by many travel advisers as a destination to visit in 2019 and nearly halfway through its run as a european capital of culture so time to get cracking garia 2nd largest city is often overlooked by tourists as they savor the more quirky post soviet charm of the country's capital sofia but its 8000 year history and beautiful roman ruins is seizing the opportunity to use culture as a binding thread for its social fabric.


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