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this is the free speech reporter barred from who was written with good for the goose. this is t w news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes mozambique's bid to rebuild the devastated port city of beirut is hosting a un backed meeting to raise billions of dollars needed to repair the damages caused by cycling it died and can it back some people have not even received a.t.f. . and the office space and ideas of about that point about life this over museum doubles as an experiment on environmental sustainability innocent people experience an alternative way to living in an increasingly crowded city.
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i'm christine wonderwall come to the news africa i'm glad you're chewing day and we begin in mozambique in the port city of beirut away all fours he's hope to raise the money needed to rebuild infrastructure destroyed off to 2 storms a 2 day donor conference launched in beirut today with expertise from international organizations the private sixer and civil society in attendance they're hoping to raise about $3000000000.00. it die and can it smashed into walls and beacon march and april hitting the center and the north of the country just 6 weeks of cost more than 2000000 people were affected and about 650 died now the funds will be soon rebuild infrastructure and support social needs and economic protection in a fixity areas. weeks after the cycle on and really norse house is
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still barely habitable. the family have moved all their possessions into the only undamaged room that's also where they now sleep. you know we'll never forget the day the storm hit. i was just there i didn't go anywhere because that was so wailing they couldn't come out so they leave. going out that was a very very violent and a dangerous c.s. . lewis house is just a few 100 meters from the shore the sea is the most immediate danger. these coming laws laws every year why do you think it's coming maybe i don't know who lives in it i don't know if these are. beira is often floods parts of the city are below sea level the districts of poynton jr and. especially at risk
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un climate change experts estimate that sea levels could rise by a meter by the year 2100. these are stairs of a house that used to be right here in point and jay you can clearly see how the sea came closer and closer over the years and took more and more lens many more houses under threat. the city has taken defensive action with a network of locks and candles and pots of measures have cost millions subsidised by development funds from germany. polish the regime to move on the day of the cycle and it also started raining in the last so the water could run down into the sea if we haven't done that the flooding would have been even worse. says the city is used to flooding but destructive storms like cycling need a new phenomenon. is hoping for more funding from overseas to pay for defensive
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measures he can't understand why some still doubt the existence of climate change. to have to come and leave our life. maybe they're living another kind of life but the feeling be askin what we have done here we've decided to do understand that climate change is a problem. they have been in flooding once they've been in the heavy wind that's what we have seen no definitely do feel india scheme that something bad is happening and that's called climate change. in the meantime and worries about the future about his house and. his family. if i were. you afraid to live in you yeah i am but i can do it because my father was here in
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the wilds he must know we lived here and we know the day by day possibility the war anyhow the place so we are here. today and we have prayed. if you could afford it. you would have moved a long time ago away from the water's edge ok let's go over to beirut now if they'll pinto is heading up operations for the red cross is a psycho and a diet response welcome to day w africa for the hall and most of the money that's raised at the stone a conference is going towards rebuilding infrastructure but perhaps tell us how desperate the humanitarian situation is as we speak. thank you thank you for that question because it's true that there are you know a lot of impact on infrastructure here roads breaches hospitals are being damaged but we should not forget the human side of it and today see some people after 2 months see didn't receive some 1st assistance that's one of the thing that's right
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looking at that the moment that the red cross is too stupid trying to to give them some tools that will help them to to be on their lives in the future but also it's respond to there are still very dire needs to be sure to read 80 to emergency food or women emergency shelter for example that some of the communities are we have been visiting in recent to see didn't receive anything right right 12 and many people have saved that the response to this disaster has been largely under funded has that been your experience and just how have you had how have you had to get by . if we would have been able to have more funds it's true that we would have been able to arrange small trucks rented while he copters and those who bring in more goods to be able to be distributed to all these people. but what he's doing most worrying related to that too they're not girlfriend she is what is going to come in the coming weeks and in the coming months in general and see what factors don years
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i would say field actors as well that don't very present in the very onset of the restaurants but much less in the coming weeks and coming months why we know that the effect of direct sponsors we really last for long so we need to be able to protect ourselves for quite some time rights which is why we are really worried. ok so so to the point i mean you're throwing forward to the future and i just wonder what's you'll say it's off how much a long day you'll say this is all going to be needed they are you in this for the long war that give us a time horizon. at the red cross we can see how such response can be shortened and then 2 years i will explain you just briefly why but we feel look at the amount of tears of crops that have been destroyed it's more than 700 sounds in effect years old the scraps i've been to lost just before the august so it does seem that the main office is going to come on in one year so there is no way we can do something that is fixed in a bowl and that we take over after one year so we need to be able to reach that
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down for a minimum of one year and then encourage people to be more resilient feel back safe for being back right or to be more resilient in the risk of floods alright that's fall on so from the international federation of red cross thank you very much thank you. it's now to the democratic republic of congo where the body off veteran opposition figure if he and she say katie arrived in the capital city to get off to his death crowds gathered at the airport to pay their respects many coaches say katie the father of to mock receipt now just like it held ministerial post during which is this is so close regime he ran for president he save all times but was unsuccessful in 1985 to sign off to then president mohan accused him of violating election goals not to say he died in belgium in 2017 he was 84 joseph had been as government wouldn't allow his body to be buried in the d.r. see it was now possible off the chicken she sick of the sun phoenix became
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president in february now thousands of supporters were gathered at the airport in kinshasa on thursday when she remains a bride to be given a state funeral on saturday and hopefully supporters gathered at that airport it was an important moment. for us here it is really an extraordinary day he. said. it is the father of our democracy who has gone he's the tree he's a library for us really moved from oz very much among people. who see you must rest when you start. i'm very happy that we can have a ceremony for theosophists 90. an extra is a place i know i want to visit it's ethiopia's newest museum that launched in march 20 is off to ritz found this 1st came up with the idea it's a museum and more because it also comes with a big garden with
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a city to ana's can reconnect with nature that means a lot for people in a city that's known to be developing at a rapid pace his pace has a look at the museum. the rainy season has started and there's so much garden is rejoicing this lush oasis is the newest addition to at this about best cultural spaces and the pride as mr m. . here architecture and nature are celebrated together these ecological huts turned into works of art were built using an ancient construction technique process where you actually get the subsoil you have to be about half a metre before you get the soil the only thing you add is water and straw for about a month and it lasts for hundreds and hundreds of years. or more control. in so many ways it's one of the best i think. sustainable houses surrounded by
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a labyrinth the most of which are in the make to ethiopia a dream come true for messing around with winters underneath but this is what looks like. these leaves stone at them are usually dipped into coffee and this plant is said to cure a cold in no time in a city where cement towers are sprouting up like mushrooms there's so many museums a space for humans to breathe and for nature to flourish the city is going past i think. not in the right direction many of the trees are. dying out. the air is polluted or even completely poisoned we're all affected one way or another we're all connected through the environment. reconnecting humans to the environment is precisely the aim of this school. one of . several times
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a week this kindergarten children will come out in small groups and take care of the zouma garden and its farm the school is open to all and the 1st come 1st serve basis the monthly fee for this alternative education is around $200.00 euros or 60 years for children under scholarship. in this age they have to learn about their gardens. about the organic. they can see and can even so they know about it. it's getting through that. despite these multiple facades new zealand has many more going tragic. after his recent visit prime minister abu ahmed asked for the garden to be extended an encouraging show of political support but a drop in the bucket for one of africa's most polluted cities. and that's where
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we'll leave it for now from days every news africa as always you can catch one off stories on our website and facebook page we're always keen to know what you think about the stories we cover and the stories that we should be covering here on the africa i'm on twitter at lindela save until next time i have a. good job with. you and links to news from africa the world or links to exceptional stories and discussions from the news and views each and while we're excited to debbie to come smart to come join us on facebook g w a for. every journey begins with the 1st step and every minute where each of the 1st word i'm going to conclude the coax in germany to sunshine. why not
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come with him for. food stuffs food simple online on your mobile and free. to double using the learning course. german made easy. hello from berlin and welcome to arts and culture news with me karen helm said and today we have a wealth of films to talk about taking on 2 socially relevant themes by means of both fact and fiction. housing prices are skyrocketing worldwide thanks not to gentrification but to the monster of property speculation a powerful new documentary examines why we can't afford to live in our cities
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anymore. and in a new weekly look at european wedding customs we're on location in ireland when wayne and the tour. german directors. had his international breakthrough with the art house heist thriller victoria and that film was impressive for its radical single take approach which is why his latest offering might seem a tad conventional by comparison rhodes as the name implies it is a coming of age road movie but it's angle on the migration crisis drives home a powerful message that the same road might lead to different destinations but most important is the journey itself. you're driving slow or something.


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