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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 7, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor not to give you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. out of the. trade and terrorists to dominate to the g 20 finance into summit in japan and all eyes will be on the u.s. and china question is will the 2 powerhouses find a way to resolve their traits. also coming up the robot baristas are conquering the coffee shop scene in south korea. but come to a business i want to get jones and well and good to have you with us u.s. treasury secretary steven chu chin is scheduled to meet with people's bank of china
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governor you gang this weekend at a gathering of for g 20 finance leaders in japan it would be the 1st face to face discussion between key u.s. and chinese trade negotiators in nearly a month talks aimed at ending a festering trade will broken down in early may since then a cremona rhetoric and trade threats between beijing and washington only increased with the u.s. president on a trump this week raising the stakes once more wherever donald trump makes an appearance there is always one key question what is the likely outcome of his trade wars especially with china on thursday the president threatens to more than double u.s. import tariffs on chinese products. our talks were a lot of interesting things to have but they were few what happened in the meantime we're getting 25 percent or $250000000000.00 that i could go up another at least 300 $1000000000.00 and i'll do that at the right. but i think you're i don't want
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to make you feel badly the chinese response wasn't long in coming. the united states continues to willfully escalate tensions we will fight to the end. beijing says it's commerce ministry's poised to take retaliatory measures if the united states decides to escalate the conflict tensions between the world's 2 largest economies have mounted since the last round of trade negotiations collapsed at the beginning of may and neither of the 2 appears willing to result the conflict quickly. of the war a job i couldn't from d.w. business and financial market correspondent. standing by for us in frankfurt good morning to you comrade i would like to start with cliff because given the recent escalation between the u.s. and china is this g 20 finance the latest summit this weekend is this going to at least pay for the way to resolve anything which you think i think that's the
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hope certainly there's a shadow over the whole event because of the of the trade war i was reading in one analyst was saying that it could mean that growth this year would be 0.2 percent in the world which is the worst since the global financial crisis so there are indications that they you know this is the 1st face to face meeting since may the 10th so they were deafened to be hoping that they can come up with some groundwork the kind later in the month and be used as the basis for more progress all right well clifford mentioning the impact on global trade certainly germany being one of the major exports a nation the latest because. released already we already read anything into them in relation to the u.s. china trade drought. yes we can monica the german export numbers look significantly worse than what economists had predicted the expectation had been
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a contraction of minus 0.9 percent for the month of april but german exports actually contracted by 3.7 percent now the german statistics office does not specify the numbers by country but the trade spat between the u.s. and china has had a very negative impact on business sentiment in many places of the world and well germany the export nation is really is selling its goods to so many places in the world it gets to feel the punch everywhere interesting enough though that the u.s. economy doesn't seem to feel the pinch and the i.m.f. has just raced growth forecast for the u.s. economy for this year how come. you know monica at the beginning of the year when the i.m.f. made its 1st growth forecast for the united states everyone a large majority of economists had predicted that the federal reserve would probably raise interest rates in the course of this year now that scenario has
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completely changed only this week jerome powell the fed chief said that higher interest rates is really not something to worry about at the moment in the u.s. and he. explicitly mentioned the ongoing trade negotiations and the trade implications so right at the same time cliff we see a very interesting development that chinese president xi jinping is calling russian president vladimir putin his best friend and we certainly see the kind of typical pound diplomacy going on there is there a new ally ins a growing against the u.s. well i think china and russia have had a complicated a long relationship. but very possibly china is now looking around for friends i think in economic terms it's maybe not as significant given that i think the russian economy is around the same size is nice but but certainly in political terms it's a very strong alliance and he will feel that it gives him extra leverage with
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a lot of the of the not non allies of the u.s. when going forward in discussions about how to resolve the trade war just briefly because u.s. president to trump is expected to meet his chinese counterpart also at the g. 20 summit at the end of the buns when the latest politically does a coming together there he said he would decide whether he will raise 300000000000 euros tariffs on chinese goods then likely outcome well we'll see what happens this weekend if they if they do get the ground work. it's so unpredictable you know we had mexican tariffs on mexico last week which no one would have called me with the pace at which they happened so i think it could very well. and he does like to be seen very publicly to resolve problems and the trade war of course would be a very big story if he was able to resolve that so maybe that would be where everything is possible there from a business and. in frankfurt thank you so much to both of you. and things have
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gone from bad to worse for cuba this week when u.s. president on a trump bank cruise ship operations from the u.s. to the island but there is a silver lining when looking to europe investors this signal to date stand by cuba regardless of a hostile u.s. policy. the european union remains cuba's main export market and 2nd biggest trade partner the e.u. is the biggest foreign investor on the communist island mainly in tourism construction and agriculture one 3rd of all tourists in cuba come from the e.u. where they stay and spanish italian and french owned hotel chains it's a long term bet on the future of the country that investors say they will continue to make building more hotels and seeking more opportunities. at a recent symposium bringing together cuban officials and e.u. investors both sides pledged to support each other despite the new u.s.
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travel restrictions. it has been affecting us a lot over the last 4 or 5 months a very pointed in concrete set of aggressive commercial measures by the united states which simply put are designed to get us to leave from here so that they can take over from us and we're not going to do that we aren't leaving cuba e.u. officials say the new u.s. sanctions will do little to change the minds of the e.u. members who have invested heavily in the country over the past 20 years construction of hotels continues with several multi-million dollar projects in havana nearing completion. and on to some other business stories making the news. german prosecutors are investigating deutsche bank's management board as part of a huge probe into a so-called x. tax fraud a decade ago the scheme involves multiple investors cooperating to exploit a new poll in the taxing all that enabled them to claim back tax funds several times. the united arab emirates has told the un security council that attacks on 4
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tankers off its coast last month were likely carried out by another state it said an x. animation showed train to drivers out diverse had planted special mines to cripple but not sink the ships the united states accuses iran of the attack. organizations a former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he's donating $500000000.00 u.s. dollars and a bitch to shut down the remaining coal plants in the u.s. the billionaire wants to turn the country into a 100 percent clean energy economy by 20 steady. look to the skies now for the latest take amazon wants to say farewell to your friendly neighborhood mailman the u.s. online retail giant has deputed the latest version of its delivery drone it can fly packages up to 24 kilometers and could be up and running within months. if amazon has its way the self piloting drones could soon be zipping through streets around
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the world delivering packages directly from amazon shipping centers to your front door while the drones can only carry small loads amazon claims its prime air fleet and that the company big savings we're building fully electric drones they can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under 5 pounds to customers in under 30 minutes and while 5 pounds are not sound like a lot it represents between 75 and 90 percent of the packages that amazon delivers to its customers today living together and program takes off it could help amazon solve the so-called lost model problem that's the critical stretch between amazon's logistics centers and customers front door. some estimates say it's responsible for over half of the cost of delivering a package we've designed or watch at the wrist us the robots are coming and are already creating a bus in south korea's coffee culture they may cost a small fortune now but the machines have the potential to put humans out of work while doing a much better job. beat coffee the electronic barista this
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dexterous robot arm doesn't mind the daily grind it can brew up to 90 cups an hour nonstop. its special blend brings together south korea's love for coffee with this dependency on robots. there are already $45.00 of the baristas in malls canteens schools even an airport with cute names like orville wilbur and lucy. all the time on this is my 1st time seeing the royal box and i think it's really fun and convenient. yeah that. south korea has the highest robot density in the world with one for every 14 humans in the workforce so some koreans including want to be barry says worry that the robots are coming for their jobs others miss the human touch and say robots can't make special drinks like a real barista. then others are glad to have no human touch at all robots meet
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a need among millennial who want to avoid face to face interactions with other people. so i see quite close around a given as consumers of the kind of people who don't like to meet others and can also easily loan. well. south korea is a nation of coffee attics it's home to nearly 100000 cafes and people there drink nearly $30000000000.00 cups of coffee a year something like $700.00 per adult so this robot barista has its work cut out for us no matter how busy at the end of the day it's still full of beans. as your business update from me in the team thanks for keeping us company.
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