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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2019 1:30am-1:45am CEST

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apple pushes forward into the u.s. china trade standoff america's largest corporate taxpayer says new sanctions threaten its bottom line and it's supposedly looking to rework its supply chain but is that realistic. also on the show airlines around the globe are scrambling to change their flight routes as tensions heat up between the u.s. and iran. and we'll introduce you to the thai internet sensation selling dried fish on facebook and getting rich doing it. welcomes your business report i'm stephen
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beard sambolin thanks for joining us apple wants a trade war truce it joins a list of companies appealing to u.s. president donald trump to forgo tariffs on another $300000000000.00 of chinese imports which would include consumer goods like i phones and air conditioners apple argues that adding tariffs on july 2nd will undercut its competitiveness microsoft dell and intel also warn that tariffs will braise prices for laptops and tablets by 19 percent angering u.s. consumers and media reports say apple may shift one 3rd of production from china to southeast asia. and let's go now to yen score to our financial correspondent in new york yes can we realistically expect apple's move parts of its production line outside of china. it's not impossible and there are a lot of news and speculation so what do we know is that actually at least is
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talking to suppliers to just get an idea how costly it would be to shift some of the production out of china there was also the co-founder of foxconn one of the suppliers and companies that doing business with this co-founder of fox going to actually urging bill to move some of the production from china to taiwan but we also got some other news outside of full that. the commerce department here in the u.s. is actually banning 5 more chinese technology companies to purchase components from u.s. manufacturers that on the other side might be hurtful to some of the u.s. chip makers semiconductor companies and they're doing business with those chinese firms so in not of news flow and yet of speculation when it comes to the trade tensions between china and the u.s. now yes you're there wall street where it's been another wild week stocks surging
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over the past month in fact what's behind the gains briefly if you can. well the very main reason is that wall street is quite certain that the federal reserve is going to cut interest rates by the end of july so that would make money even cheaper and that money could get invested into the stock market for june so far blue chips are up about 7 and a half percent was that it would be the best months for the dow jones industrials not the best month the best june for the dow jones industrial average since 1938 and certainly we're looking at the trade talks and the g. 20 by the end of next week in japan in support of joining us from new york thank you. and staying in the u.s. retail giant wal-mart has pleaded guilty to corruption charges related to its overseas operations and it's agreed to pay $282000000.00 in penalties u.s. prosecutors accuse the company of offering bribes and exchange for construction
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permits in both brazil and mexico and of failing to enforce anti corruption rules in india and china the probe into wal-mart's foreign business dealings dates back to 2012 and has cost the company a total of $900000000.00 so far. the u.s. and canada are burying the hatchet at least when it comes to free trade after months of a rocky relationship between u.s. president donald trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau the 2 countries presented a united front on thursday in pushing a still on ratified north american free trade deal. time heals apparently just a year ago u.s. president donald trump described his canadian coaches and military technologies that will make the us less dependent on china president xi jinping recently hinted he would use his country's dominant position in the rare earth sector as leverage in the trade dispute with the u.s. something just in today is well aware of. we discussed some of the
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challenges that china is presenting not just to canada but to different sectors of the global economy and we certainly agree that we will continue to work together as friends and allies to to resolve these and other issues the new north american free trade agreement is taking shape on thursday mexico became the 1st country to sign the u.s. m.c.a. . the u.s. congress has yet to approve it as does the canadian government. and staying with us the spike in tensions between the u.s. and iran and the specter of military action has forced the world's biggest airlines to take caution america's federal aviation administration has banned all u.s. registered passenger jets from passing through iranian controlled parts of the gulf of oman and the strait of hormuz carriers in europe and asia are following suit. a global hawk drone like this one has a wingspan greater than
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a boeing 737 after one was downed over the strait of hormuz the u.s. federal aviation administration began to fear an actual commercial jetliner could be next the f.a.a. says the nearest civil aircraft was around 80 kilometers away when the strike happened in the busy section of sky bikini things that's too close for comfort and his band us registered planes from flying over rainy administered waters in the persian gulf and gulf of oman warning they could be mistakenly attacked that warning has been heeded by other carriers around the world malaysia airlines is real. routing flights that would normally pass through the area including its service between london and kuala lumpur. other airlines feeling sufficiently alarmed to follow suit includes germany's love tanser australia's quantas k l m of the netherlands and british airways they all say they'll divert around the area effecting some long haul flights between western europe and parts of asia and australia at the same time united airlines has canceled all flights between new
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york among by until further notice the u.s. media reports the president trump ordered military strikes against iran on thursday before changing his mind pushed up oil prices traders have begun to worry that an armed escalation could disrupt flows from the middle east meanwhile the flow of air traffic through the region is already being restricted. terry go is stepping down as chairman of consumer tech firm foxconn technology which is perhaps best known as an apple supplier mr goh who has led the business for 45 years says he'll run in taiwan's coming presidential election that puts his company an uncharted waters just as the u.s. china trade conflict continues to world markets foxconn is the world's largest contract electronics maker and assembles products for major international brands including apple and choir way go who's been at the helm of foxconn for more than 4 decades announced he was vacating the big chair at the company's annual general meeting in taipei.
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i've already decided to fade myself out from foxconn i already decided to hand over the operations of the company to the 9 person standing committee of the management committee. i have a lot of confidence in them i think all shareholders can rest assured they will do an even better job than me. go whose company is china's largest private employer was keen to signal that his wish to be president of taiwan has nothing to do with his business interests on the mainland on a visit to a shrine last month he said he was running because much to the sea goddess had told him to. walk if matsue of the sea go to says that you should step up then it's not in order to make money nor is it for my personal enjoyment. i go plans to run for the beijing friendly coleman tank or though he still has to win
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his party's nomination he's the odds on favorite recently the party awarded him with a certificate of honor for 50 years service the bulk of goes investments are in china where he employs more than $1000000.00 workers and it's china's cheap labor that has underpinned his business empire taiwan goes to the polls in january with the contest set to be dominated by relations with china. selling dried seafood on facebook live in thailand that's not just a thing it's a sensation thousands of viewers are hooked noting the poor fisherman's son behind the production more than 30000 euros a day take a look. take good take it it's delicious it's awesome that's how a new rack sero a time advertises his fright seafood on facebook thousands of watching and buying the lifestream is very popular across thailand thanks to his mixture of fun and
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insider tips but want to live obvious all. by feed the audience with ideas of me as a fisherman who knows all about the seafood products that i'm selling. i know when is the best season to catch seafood and which part is the best to eat so let me choose for you and i can just 3 hours he and his team can sell around a 1000000 baht worth of dried shrimp squid and fish that's 30000 euros worth the things haven't always being successful. thought my god gardner i started by trying to sell 3 kilograms of squid that i bought. i fried it to make it look more interesting and i did the facebook live. but i didn't make any sales at all by we do or have and don't argue no worries i know. he then turned his broadcast into a show that's fun to watch and on top of turning
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a profit he's also helping his village the fisherman now sell twice as much fish as they used to he's come very far off a someone who says that he's not a natural seafaring talent it seems his online sales talent the makes up for that. and that's it for me in the business team i'm seeing there's a blend as always thanks for watching.
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the burglar global tourist guide. i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the band i. like. i love the emotion was a 6 a mix whistling me aside as the 50 missions 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin some very best perks. would come d.w. . 2 2 2 2
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2. greetings from berlin and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture she raves by nights and by days she cleans up plastic waste all over the world canadian d.j. and producer blondish she's here to tell us about her campaign to reduce single use plastics in the music industry also coming up. more music as hamburg's river band festival travels to new york for the 4th time as part of an effort to promote cultural and music business exchange between germany and the u.s. . and in our series on taiwanese cuisine we get introduced to thai paintings
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version of the magnificence of dumplings our long battle. well the club music scene and viral mental activism might not seem like the most natural of allies but with everyone concerned about the health of our planet there are moves afoot to push for change the canadian d.j. and producer blondish has started a campaign to reduce plastic in the music industry and encourage a more sustainable rave culture all in the hope that we can rave well into our eighty's in pristine natural surroundings and so before we meet with her let's have a listen to the psyche.


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