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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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there's an image that we'd like for you to take a look at it's so disturbing however we don't plan to show it again a father and his baby girl migrants from el salvador now it's believed that they were trying to swim across the rio grande river to reach the u.s. when they drill but we've seen this before almost 4 years ago it was this little boy a syrian refugee his body washed ashore in turkey after the boat carrying him and his family to greece say tonight images of our children and our humanity dying at the border yet again i'm often berlin this is the day. i get concerned about the conditions these foreigners these rare numbers and
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they're much better than they were under president obama but for children are locked in their cell they said they can't bring themselves to play because they are trying to stay alive in their. town we have to avoid increasing the flow of migrants but climbers human rights. is drivel meeting at the little children are enjoying trauma and care many are living in. the state some are sleeping on the cold ground without long blankets or hot meals. this is your way she is a child of these. also coming up tonight when we say it's hot here in germany we mean it today was the hottest day in june ever recorded in the country a heat wave for the history books doctors are warning it may be one for the.
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hospitals 2 will speak to one of those doctors later in the show. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the world suddenly alerted to and outraged by what is happening at the us mexico border for months there has been concern over the welfare of migrant children being held in u.s. detention centers reports this week of squalid conditions now has congress debating a humanitarian aid package for migrants worth billions of dollars but it was the image of a father and his daughter who drowned trying to cross the rio grande river to get to the u.s. is that powerful and disturbing image that now has the world watching and demanding an explanation just as it was during the migrant crisis here in europe in 2015 in the united states this summer of 2019 we are forced to ask again why are children
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dying at the border. according to reports oscar battle much. decided to swim across the rio grande day with his wife and child in a bid to seek asylum in the u.s. . his wife tanya. watched as her loved ones succumb to the currents seen here in the red she is led away but arranged. for public or chose that these people tried to cross the river to the united states a gary jumped in the water of the draw and when he tried to rescue her. from the ordinary. me back in their native el salvador their deaths have started anger and much anguish as their family mourns. all of. this is her favorite doll it's one she had every time her mother got her ready.
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this. is the man that. photos show a family with their lives ahead of them. was not yet 2 years old and the demons that had come in my last message my son sent me was on saturday he said mama i love my mom they are moment he said take care of yourselves because we're fine here when i read that message i don't know it made me want to cry because i saw it as a source of goodbye it was something almost as if it is. the tragedy a marriage that is democrats in washington pasta bill calling for extra cash to address the conditions in migrant detention centers because recognize for one minute thank you madam speaker this issue ation this child abuse is not tri-city that violates every value we have not only as americans but as moral beings donald trump says he will veto it but deaths like oscar and valerie is on america's
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borders may make such a hard line stance difficult to hold. there was u.s. president donald trump we want to bring in now a laura director of the immigrants rights clinic and columbia law school she is one of the attorneys who visited the border patrol facility in clinton texas it was her observations of squalid conditions for children that triggered a national outcry or it's good to have you on the program i want to ask you did you think last week that just one week later we would be talking about children dying at the border. children have been dying at the border for years fortunately and over the past year there have been several 7 deaths of children in federal immigration custody once they are actually in the united states you asked me what i thought a week ago a week ago i was wrapping up interviews clint's and i was devastated and
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heartbroken by the appalling and aggregating degradation that i witnessed there and i i didn't know at that point what i would do. we know that in the past couple of days the customs and border protection officers every port and we moved hundreds of children out of that facility do we know where those children or now i mean do we know if the where they're living if the conditions are better right so the reports that i have heard are that on monday it was announced that several 100 children would be moved out of the current the cell any then yesterday we learned that 100 children were brought back into the facility and we are trying to track where the children are last week there were 2600 children in the custody of customs and border patrol agents in those facilities this week as of just this
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week there are only 1000 children left in those facilities we don't yet know most where those children are and we certainly don't know the conditions in which those children are being held we are calling for an immediate investigation into every cv for people syllabi where immigrant children are being detained. would you say that it's possible that we're talking about crimes being committed here i mean it's one thing to say that we're not providing people with basic sanitary needs such as toothbrushes and blankets and so but would you say that actual criminal behavior has been taking place against these children what i can say is that the government is clearly violating the law a law that was passed in 2008 with bipartisan unanimous support in both houses
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and signed into law by president george w. bush says that children must not be in these facilities for any longer than 72 hours and what we witnessed in for the last week is children in c.b.p. custody for days weeks and nearly a month and this is absolutely in violation of own law off the floor a settlement agreement for $997.00 requires that children be provided with safe and sanitary conditions what we witnessed in clint's was neither safe nor sanitary it was filthy disgusting and an emergent public health crisis with a flu epidemic and a license station i wanted to ask you before we run out of time the the image of the little girl and her father from el salvador who drowned in the rio grande river that image has been compared particularly here in europe with the image from 4 years ago of the little syrian boy who drowned and washed up on
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a beach in turkey do you see parallels between the migration crisis of 2015 and what we're seeing now is the mexican us border. yes so here in the united states we're seeing asylum seekers refugees fleeing for their own lives. trauma as the worst violence imaginable and they're coming to the united states just as they were coming to europe in hopes of a better future at least a peacher in which they wouldn't be killed and it is so devastating to see that image i hope that image can be a call to action for all americans regardless of party affiliation that we must take care of children who are entering the united states and who are weak in our borders and i think most people around the world would agree with you with that
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for sure. director of the immigrant rights clinic at columbia law school. thank you thank you very much for having me. now i hope and expect this to be the only time that i will speak to you in this matter. and the report is my testimony i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress. famous last words that was the former u.s. special counsel robert mueller last month delivering the only public statement that he has ever given about the russian probe but that will soon change against his own wishes congress is asking him to talk again mother will testify before the house judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee on july 17th most
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importantly the hearings will be open sessions on live television viewership could be the biggest of any televised hearing since watergate while the report itself remains a new york times bestseller people who haven't read the 400 page book i mean they don't need to they could have a front row seat to what is being billed as the mall or movie live from congress here's house judiciary committee chairman jerry never on the importance of letting mr miller speak. i think just the fact just that he says what was in the report and says it to the american people so they hear it that would be very very important because they've been subjected to months of deception as to what was in the report by the attorney general and by the president well the u.s. president has insisted that the mobile report presented no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice so what was the president's reaction to hearing that muller
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is going to testify before congress well mr trump was briefed but he was consistent he tweeted he called it 2 words their presidential arrest let's take the story out of washington w.'s oliver salant joins me now from the u.s. capital going to need to you all over we heard muller say the report is his testimony is this about is getting new information which he says he doesn't have or is this about the optics. well it's about the way it's presented really i mean we're talking about a 400 pages reporting quite frankly no one is going to read the 400 pages here at least no one of the american voters that's the basic assumption so the problem here being is that the interpretation and the analysis of this report was essentially left to congress as well as to president trump who thankfully took that opportunity and as we know he's been tweeting time and time again and calling this report
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a witch on presidential harassment essentially in the hopes of the democrats are right now that by subpoenaing robert muller they would have someone impartial someone the author in fact of the report delivering 3 on the key findings here and he by the way was certainly not very happy being subpoenaed he said it has made 29 . press conference that if you will subpoena everything he will deliver will be exactly along the lines of what's already inside that report but that's ok for the democrats all they want is to have him live on national television essential the question why president trump cannot be cannot be cannot be you know held. accountable really for the question of structure of justice that is going to be on his testimony here in the united states. and with
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much of the world will be watching and listening. over zealous in washington tonight all over thank you. well the leaders of the u.s. and iran today again traded insult stenches between the 2 countries have been at the breaking point last week iran shut down a u.s. drone and that almost triggered a u.s. military strike and it is not only the pentagon that is on high alert nato is also concerned about a bad situation suddenly becoming worse nato defense ministers are holding talks in brussels this week their 1st meet and greet with the new acting u.s. defense secretary mark esper it's already clear that esper wants more european pressure on iran to change course but as the w.'s teri schultz reports he may not get all that he wants. this strife in the strait of hormuz is creating
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a gulf between the u.s. and its european allies there's a debate to put it mildly there's a debate about this between europe and america u.s. acting defense secretary mark esper will spend his 1st days on the job at nato headquarters trying to convince his european counterparts their own interests are at stake in the street too u.s. ambassador to nato kay bailey hutchison has been laying the groundwork. nato folks . are. attacking ships. say they're going to go back into preparing for nuclear weapons that's pretty strong got to stand up to it but as for is still likely to have a tough time getting european support for military action one of the problematic parts of trump's agenda from the very beginning is this idea of. basically every nation fighting for itself in a kind of arena of actors that's the way some of the people around trump put it in
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the beginning of his term so i mean in my view that doesn't work then there's the u.s. president's casual linkage of article 5 all allies solemn responsibility to defend each other to how much they spend on their militaries now there is article 3 which states that all government should continually and affectively improve their capabilities and to be sure some don't but never before has the commitment to collective defense been quantified or questioned europeans are spending more on their militaries now and will spend even more in the future rather than easing tensions with the us a new front has been opened that's because the european union is earmarking almost $600000000.00 for its own defense projects that might exclude the u.s. washington is threatening to retaliate still senior nato if. believe things will work out because the u.s. and european defense industries are already intertwined so i think altogether the
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picture is not so much that of a fortress america of a fortress europe but that of a transatlantic market that is in place and from this perspective is likely to continue and in its quest to convince europeans to ratchet up pressure on iran the u.s. may take heart from recent history it took years but all allies now agree with the u.s. conclusion that russia is violating the intermediate range nuclear treaty the i.n.f. they also support the u.s. decision to declare the treaty dead on august 2nd unless moscow announces it will destroy its program before then a unanimous nato stance that once and impossible to achieve. europe is being hit by an unprecedented heat wave the choking temperatures set to intensify over the next few days maybe even breaking the highest levels ever
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recorded in certain countries let's take a look at some of the numbers in paris the average high for this time of year is $23.00 degrees celsius today it hit $39.00 in central france that's a 100 into fahrenheit and it's the same in spain it should be around 27 degrees in late june but a number of areas including the capital madrid today hit 38 degrees celsius and today right here in germany we recorded the highest ever temperature for the month of june the mercury in a town just outside of berlin at 38.6 degrees that is a whopping 101 degrees fahrenheit so don't worry we are sweaty here too at our studios in berlin the extreme weather is expected to continue. until we. braved the beatings on the streets of the german capital here's what she found i will keep checking balance temperature
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throughout the day find out how my fellow handling the heat and closely of the german capital can tell the red. county 8.5 degrees says yes that was the hottest june temperature ever recorded in germany until today if this doesn't sound talk to you it does to people here most of us don't have air conditioning at home this is your hallway prepared are you. i'm taking my family to the pool and we'll be staying there the whole day. best not to work or strain too much stay in the shade. and it's getting hotter by the minute i am in the hot off balance government district. i don't know what america behind me in this building does to cool down but the tourists have certainly found ways to enjoy the heat. do you have any sort of ways to cope with the heat
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yet we we have 50 sunscreen all over extra 50 in the back and then we try to stay as much as possible in the shelter. so where do you come from we come from ukraine are you surprised by this weather here in germany at the moment yeah we didn't know that it will be 36 degrees like today 36 degrees you might call it hot but it's do not breaking the temperature records many seem to share my favorite way of cooling down though. so what about that record i am not calling it a day yet. i have found a place in berlin that has definitely top the heat for i call it this. in there was standing it actually feels more like 50 degrees but when it's when it's this hot to people who really come in by kebabs yeah yeah many people bike kababs make things
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better i don't know how he does it just thinking about eating it makes me sweat and no wonder really considering this has been the hottest day off the island so far. if she's going to need more than a hat if she wants to stay cool we're going to talk about the health implications of all of this he's do that i'm joined here at the big table by all of the doctor and researcher at the center for space medicine and extreme environments at the sharp university here in berlin it's good to have you on the show i mean. the space and extreme conditions i mean that's what we're in right now isn't it definitely yes and it's always that the change of off the climate conditions so it's. what it was kind of cold what what what it was last week that was like 20 degrees maybe 15 degrees and we go up to 3540 degrees and everybody's getting crazy getting crazy is it it is
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a danger to people's health right it is definitely i mean we say that every time there's a heat wave but i mean we really were serious about it i mean people they can get sick and people can die when the temperatures this high who's most at risk. in very young people to up to one or 2 years children and elderly people above 8080 years of age and people who have severe diseases like kidney disease the heart diseases. other severe diseases like cancer or something and what one of the precautions that people should be taking i mean i'm hoping that they're going to say they should have the well working air conditioners definitely so the germans are afraid of air conditioning and they tell me. and there where it is german eventually you know what else in the world has that experience it's a draft if there's a draft in the room it's like wind when they can make you sick we have all the time
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i want to ask you scientists say that these heat waves are going to become the new no we're particularly in the summer. the climate is changing rather quickly yes are humans able to address. this quickly young people and people at our age no problem so after a while you've got. a lot but you know you're adept to drink a lot but it specially those people in danger we talked we were talking about they have. enormous risk to get sick and also to begin forgotten especially i think about the people who live alone in the cities there are enormous risk risk and we always thinking about we also thinking about this trip in . the doctor's. us we're scientists. who think about those climate changes now it's
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a good point you make because it's just coming to work today i noticed that many people outside because it is so hot and you don't see any elderly people outside right now they all stay inside and they forget to drink and nobody looks off them and they can that's why they are in danger because nobody thinks about it and it's getting worse and. we run out of time but what developed our mindset in dealing with heat you know we were talking about air conditioning for example do we have to change the way we view heat and the way we live with it if we want to have a comfortable life i mean is there something that we have to change appears well. we shouldn't i think it's happening all to magically but we have to make sure that until it happened and until that process has ended and not we don't have too many people who suffered are gay or have given their lives for it you know
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so we should be going to foster with changing conditions changing a way to thinking about how to build buildings and. how to what to do with people how to do public transport for example which is also very hot right now dr oliver from the university hospital we appreciate your insights and stay cool yeah thanks a lot thank you. we're going to draw all right the day is almost done but as always the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at bring golf t.v. don't forget to use hash tag the day i remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is hopefully a cooler day we'll see you then of course. when
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much of europe wanted to kick them out maria micro yani invited them in. to tweak island of some most is home to one of the worst pretty she can see in the mediterranean. but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. mama maria and the refugees of some us.
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next on t.w. . 100 small feeds in my cuts. when i come from rajoy remains an important moonsault transmitting and forum ish and when i was young my concert was. drawing home from. the war people. people want. to see if. it wants. to and one. just sets. everyone to come home. in from inside my own. mortars on.
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its way to. my choices in this car because given the way transmitted to troops. and. clear. hello and welcome to focus on europe i lie about lola it's nice to have you with us there are few places where europe's failure to tackle the refugee crisis is so evident as in greece thousands of refugees are stuck in overcrowded camps waiting for their asylum applications to be processed and there are new arrivals.


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