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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2019 10:30am-10:45am CEST

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and it's. risen within its own. mind and amusing. to confessed beyond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. chinese shares surged trump says his straight talk with china is back on track u.s. president postpones types offered investors hope of resolution to the increasingly damaging conflict critics call it cruel some sushi the obvious can't wait for the 1st commercial whaling ships in decades set sail from japan. and as the words world cup final looms female footballers co-found on the agenda pay gap in school. and in
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physical and that's the business the promise of more talks and a few concessions that's all it takes to get markets excited chinese stocks up by around 2 percent today american companies can resume some sales to embattled tech giant weiwei it's one of the chinese firms caught in the crosshairs of the trade war and after meeting with chinese president xi jinping in osaka on the weekend trump said china had agreed to make new purchases of u.s. fun products they'll be no more new duties but the existing ones remain in place and the 2 they did fail to set a deadline for progress on a deal analysts say the trade belief may be temporary. let's go live to frankfurt for half a national correspondent susan candiotti how our european shares reacting today. it's a very very good morning here in frankfurt this morning bad the german share index dax for example jumped nearly 2 percent immediately after the trading started here in frankfurt this. and if you talk to people you know here in the corridors of the
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frankfurt exchange they will tell you that it's as if the markets have switched from risk off mode to risk on mood you can also see it on the commodity markets where the price for gold has come down significantly from the relatively high levels it had reached last week before this weekend in anticipation of this g 20 summit and of this very political weekend in asia but there's still no deal and there are further signs today of weakness in china's manufacturing sector. you're perfectly right ben the purchasing managers index for the chinese manufacturing sector remains significantly below 50 points which is the level that indicates a contraction of this part of the chinese economy but you know people on the markets are now hoping that this is not going to get worse that the truck
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administration must have noticed that the tariffs and the global slowdown also affect the american economy and that donald trump will not one to go into an election year with a contract ing economy in the united states that's the scenario that the markets are betting on now. with the analysis from frankfurt. brussels is making a big thing of this next story and i wonder with the multilateral global order under threat. signing what it calls a milestone free trade deal with vietnam if those years of negotiations by the nations human rights record. signed and sealed a new era in trade relations for the e.u. and vietnam the southeast asian country is already the e.u. is most important trading partner in the region after singapore the exchange of goods has now been made easier. this free trade agreement eliminate
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nearly all tariffs on goods over 99 percent with a one percent possibly liberalize through protests it is reducing costs red tape for businesses and this is particularly important for small business vietnam is still a lower middle income country but its economy is growing at 7 percent it has a well developed textile electric industries and 2018 vietnam delivered close to $38000000000.00 euros worth of goods and services to the e.u. and vietnam's 95000000 strong population represents major market opportunities for the block the newly agreed trade deal also protects intellectual property and requires adherents to the standards laid out by the international labor organization those are encouraging signs for investors. but not everyone is happy that means activists have called on the e.u. to demand political reform from the vietnamese government especially its poor record on human rights and its curbs on free speech have come under scrutiny. it's
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like a scene out of moby dick whaling ship setting sail on japan's 1st commercial hunt in years conservationists call a cruel and outdated some japanese calm way to get the teeth into it. it was all hands on deck before setting sail on a hunt that's been 3 decades coming these are the men that will bring fresh local whales back to japan. are ready and so are the crew. bigger and fatter whales means better meat. transport as fresh as possible so that old people can taste it and remember the old days of. communities like stand ready to cash in this japan defies international outcry and pushes ahead with the practice. to send off commercial whaling ships for the 1st time in 31 years is
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very emotional for those of us who have been working for the resumption of i'm happy from the bottom of my heart. in recent years japan has got its fill of will meet through scientific concepts. never produced enough many traditionalists in japan see whaling is more of culture than conservation though not everyone agrees. or not the i've never eaten whale before i don't know if it tastes good so i'm wondering if i should buy them or not. to. knock them a bit i don't really need to eat whale. at another major whaling town this time and quite minister shinzo own constituency there were celebrations the crew set off in a bid to help revive japan's controversial love affair with will meet. a nailbiting women's world cup climaxes this weekend the landmark tournament has
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captured the attention of viewers around the globe but these next number. also get people talking the gender pay gap in football compare the average annual salary in the world's richest football competition the premier league in england and you'll see men and close to 3000000 euros on average last season plays in the women's super league averaged 30000 euros and it's really brings it home the brazilian stuff i'm sure you know a name on makes a 36000000 a year. if you average out the earnings of the world's top 7 women's leagues that take almost 1700 female players to make up well it's still to do you know used your boss a lot of he's played professionally in italy spain no way and now germany is pretty amazing you've been everywhere you know what this game is all about and how it works business wise what's the feeling when you put in all that hard work the same hard work that the men's are and get paid a pittance for. well it's frustrating ok now i have need to start this with i play
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football and most women play football because we love but it is frustrating to see for example you know when i was playing in spain or in italy they were professional men's teams and 1st league as well and you know you're riding your bike to training and taking the bus and they're driving by and they're for ari and you. so and they would stop to give you a lift you know you don't change at different places different facilities and it's unfortunate it's unfortunate so about 60 percent of players i read have considered quitting for financial reasons you know what does that say about about the performance of of these teams and leagues in the women's competitions well i mean i know personally a lot of players who have quit because you know for example i went to university in the us and a lot of women from north america do go to university and you can make more money using your degree in another job and for the people who don't have the financial let's say luck to be able to not work and play football you just can't do it the
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why the pay gap is it because of t.v. ratings or fuel fads. it's a it's a big discussion now that the pay gap exists because you know of a lot of things you know the levels not on the same level of the men because there's not as good facilities because there's no good coaching not no good coaching but the coaching is not as good as in the men's game it's just we don't have the same opportunity as the men do so the century yeah exactly there's a lot less history in the women's game as well so there's a little ways to go but what would you like to see would you like to see equal pay . no not right now it's not a boat paying the women the same amount as the men right now because they're not as profitable as the men so it's not it's not right to say we should make the exact same amount but it's about investing in the women's sport to give it a chance to grow things like facilities and coaching and you know giving the women the opportunity to play football as
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a profession instead of you know having to work the entire day and going to train at night because if you raise the level people start to buy into it they like it and then you get the fewest you get the sponsorship deals everything comes from there isn't there a lot more money being put into the competition in both spain and italy yet these are 2 places where i played and when i played there to now the difference is enormous i mean it's a long way to go but it's doing very well and i think we it's a good example of you know we've seen what both of these teams spain and italy have done in the women's world cup and you see what happens when you invest in women's football nobody gave billy a chance it was the 1st time they'd been in the world cup for 20 years and look where they were because they invested in the sport people just looking at fan pictures now of italian really. in comparison to the bonus league and i mean there's a huge difference look at look at the crowds there it's amazing the attention the women get and look at the fan stadium. pencils there in the bundesliga yeah i
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can't see anyone. yet review people on the edge of the bundesliga was one of those leagues that was at the forefront of women's football and i feel like it kind of has taken a backseat recently because leagues like spain and italy have been investing ways we've been hearing things like wolfsburg was one of the better teams in the bundesliga for women not paying their 2nd team anymore so if you don't invest in a development how do you expect to have quality 1st team players what about norway which struck a deal for a yes so that came about thanks to a head. because she's probably the best women's football player right now and she stopped playing for the national team because she said that it was an equal so the men's team actually did take a pay cut so that the women could make more you don't hear about that often no not very often not many teams would do that. but yeah i mean she still doesn't play the national team because she says it's not just about the salary it's about you know
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things like the cities and coaching and opportunities which women don't have enough of right now so just to wrap it up you're seeing change yeah we're seeing change i mean sam care from australia there's talk about her having a multi-million dollar deal in in england now that's the top players earn far less than the other players in the league it's not it's not the same people are not making a 1000000 euro everywhere so it needs to close funny thank you very much for coming in it's behavior. a nice thing business i think i'll see you again very soon here on. the ground.
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this is something tyson. fires came from jurors or dealing with anyone at all they killed many civilians i mean the irish coming cutting my father was such i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became mellish kind of song. providing insights global news that matters v.w. made for mines. so she'd have to get through the bundesliga break without
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a football thanks again. the banks say emotion not some of the big swings in ninety's limits. the goals of the results on t w c. 2000 kilometers lie between them the escobar family separated by trumps immigration orders. 2 years ago jose escobar was deported from the u.s. to el salvador where he was born he was forced to take his wife rose and their 2 children in houston texas i can only visit her say once a year a family torn apart.
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all rose has left is her photo album memories of happier days in a bygone past. ever since her husband was deported rose has had to singlehandedly fend for the family but she won't give up. is the 1st flower any guy has ever given me and jose is my 1st and only boyfriend so when i started this book i said you know have it see how far you'll go and it's still going. he gave it to me and i told him. go ahead and put tape on it's a camel ass make.


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