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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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and the book that scandalized german society and then became an oscar nominated film in our series 100 job an must read for him perjuring. box we begin with a new movie from the most successful franchise of old time provided to us by the malvo universe of comic book heroes the last movie avengers endgame closed the chapter with devastating effects and now a new era begins with spider-man fall from her. big old man next on linda well no i don't have time to be doing your jobs kidding i'm kidding let's keep up the go work because i am going on vacation. he's going on vacation but. yeah so what's happening i mean the new era gets away
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gets under way but off he goes on vacation yet wanting to be on a spiderman deserves vacation and you see the the the avengers the last avengers movie i mean half the universe gets destroyed and gets rebuilt you know spiderman's a big part of the whole thing the guy must be exhausted so i do you know you should choose to take some time out but this film spider-man far from home it's quite interesting the sort of scheme of the whole marvel universe because essentially what marvel's trying to do with this film it's both it takes place right after the events of. vengeance and game so it continues that story but the same time it's trying to. put introduce us to the spider-man character better yet put him in the center of the story so we saw the spider-man characters played by tom holland in this in this version in a couple movies already he had another movie spider-man homecoming which sort of introduced the character with this with this film but i was trying to do these 2 things are trying to sort of restart this new chapter in the marvel universe and put spider-man the son of
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a century doing what they did the very 1st movie what 2008 with iron man with robert downey jr and a tribe with tom holland in the robert downey jr characters of spider-man so byron man tom holland said it all right down to a guy i know but it's cool far from home the british actor tom holland is actually much closer to home in this film because it's it's europe that's getting destroyed . london venice and prague are in for a beating in this latest film as our friendly neighborhood spider-man swings over and tries to save europe's most picturesque landmarks anticipation was high at the film's premiere in l.a. fans are nervous to see if this spider-man can reboot the marvel cinematic universe after the epic conclusion that was a dangerous anger star tom hall and promises still get their money's worth. all new spider-man something we've never seen. the for stakes high than they've ever been before the film the follows the mosque the peace it is a vengeance and you know this film is the conclusion to face 3 and it is the
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introduction of face for the and it won't disappoint. but if you're really going to europe. peter parker wants to take a break from being spiderman and on a school trip to europe get back to being an awkward teenager maybe even get a little bit closer to a very special if somewhat snarky girl m.j. you're really pretty and therefore i have value no no that's not what i meant at all i was just a messing with you. and. you're welcome you look pretty too but romance will have to wait there are big baddies to fight in the form of magic creatures called the elementals new onboard is jake gyllenhaal as the very weird looking superhero mysterio you don't want to be part of this. along with saving the world spider-man also has to learn to grow up and take on the mantle of being a hero as well as a burden of shouldering marvel's
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a multi-billion dollar movie franchise. are you this franchise it's bigger the ball business bigger than star wars but it's actually not big going that long how come it's a huge yeah i mean marvel's quite quite amazing just as a business proposition but i mean they've they've they've managed to create a very strict formula with you know superheroes action in every film that they make but within that formula they have a huge variety of genres i mean. you know the the galaxy the guardian the galaxy films or some space spoofs you know you have serious dramas or war movies like captain america moves or war movies this is the spider-man movie this version is actually a teen romantic comedy as much as it is an action film and and the best scenes i think in this will be are the ones that feel almost like a john hughes. movie i mean the flirtatious scenes with m.j. and peter parker is as and seems like teens just hanging out talking about t.v.
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and so on i mean not going to get that a james bond movie i think that really broadly expands the market and the audience for these trends and these movies they get really good actors and directors don't you know that's that's also the amazing thing i mean you've had like you know robert downey jr k. plan chad benedict cumberbatch have all been marvel superhero stars and here in this film we've got jake gyllenhaal who's who's who's a phenomenal actor who's never done this kind of movies before and he plays a kind of real figure this mysterio who wears a sort of fishbowl glowing fishbowl helmet you know on the page it would be utterly ridiculous but he's such a great actor a joho is that he gives a depth to this character and creates what would actually seem to be a joke into something that is almost a commentary on on faith news that's a bit of a commentary on donald trump i want to give any spoilers but there's a lot there i mean you can say what you will about the barbel films they are formulaic but they're also very very stark and if you want to you can read a lot into it and they're very funny very gentle save themselves seriously very much very much as always thanks very much. now if
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you're a film you will know this book series 100 german must reach. the reader in 1995 and stephen daldry directed the movie in 2008 was highly acclaimed even garnering 2 oscar nominations including best picture the story of the reader is a great example of how literature can be such a powerful made of communication you think your ex is a creep imagine your 1st big love has a blot on our hands. lots of it i think. that's what happens in band hutch links novel the reader it's 1950 s. germany and 15 year old falls head over heels for an older woman a street car conductor named hannah hannah is fascinating and she's freaky she bathes gently and she also beats him. to to develop
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a ritual when they meet to make love she insists that he read to her. years later as a law student michelle attends a trial where hanna is the defendant he learns that she was a guard at a concentration camp and that she watched as hundreds of women and children burned to death the reader is about post-war germany trying to come to terms with its nazi past. when i tried to understand it i had the feeling i was failing to condemn it as it must be can down when i condemned it as it must be condemned there was no room for understanding. and is accused of ordering the victims be kept locked inside a burning building and of writing a report about the massacre she couldn't have written the report because she's illiterate but she's too ashamed to admit it and so she takes the fall. kate winslet won an oscar for capturing hannah's complexity in the film the reader
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when the book came out in the 1990 s. bahn had schlink took a lot of criticism for portraying and not see criminal not as a monster but as a human being. it's a great story all this week we're looking at artists who deal with light and shade in all its full and we begin with. a lot of gold on who met at college in the netherlands in 2007 they started studio drift where they use technology to represent nature he is fascinated by shots fiction and she by nature combined their talents in an intriguing way. studio address artworks combined design nature and technology with results that sharpen viewers perceptions and suggest feelings of freedom and leave.
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the 2 artists from amsterdam even make cement blocks levitate. studio drift is a lot of gore dying and rolls you know we took. him back home last call and he had this idea and he came back and he called me on the plains of i have an incredible idea we have to take a closer look at it and can you imagine it's just floats. in the film drifters that goes floating blokes. want to back home to dispose of highlands are in a very contrast so what with with the garden and they're searching for a system that they do pretty and because they don't all fits in in the natural system so it's actually the other way around but in our lives we are human beings
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so so we are the nature of natural parts in the book of arguments so our life is exactly the opposite it's a. studio drift questions the divide between nature and technology this sculpture reacts to visitors movements as if it were a living being. and the lights on this tree respond to visitors heartbeats and bring. it was like there is like a little stars in the sky to fix up the disputed it was very movie like going to go dancing somewhere because it's also inspiring and it's also life for me you know. back in 2007 the artist duo gained worldwide a crane with the sculpture fragile future it's a delicate snapshot of nature with lamps made from real dandy. dried in the studio then glued in place using tweezers before the artist added in a leading light. in 2017
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studio drift unveiled their work franchise freedom a formation of 300 drones are flying like a flock of birds into the night sky over miami. he wanted to be the 1st to bring out. a swarm of drones that would actually react on each other and have these poetic movement a real bird swarm actually house it's raising the question like what actual freedom is or are we living in i lose you know freedom. where'd where do we want to live do you want to be shepherds liebert free or do we want to adjust ourselves to a social structure and not be surprised if. studio just says absolute freedom is an illusion but they don't seem to be letting that get in the way of their creativity who are asking the big questions about humanity and over nation shift to nature and technology.
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especially like that swarm of drones and that relationship between nature and technology will become more important in the future bride that's it for this edition of arts and culture thanks for watching and join us at the same charge from our if you can from me and all the crew here above them.
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kickoff. just today across town tomorrow a brilliant stop. in the bundesliga is talented to keep players. going take a closer look at a few of the. venture predictions the refuge. the founders league is rising stars on. kickoff $30000000.00. 2 my abusers the priests. my ts caps abused as a child by priests at a catholic school in berlin decades later he finally speaks out many other victims also step forward and yet his abusers haven't been punished to this day now my ts catch is tracking them down in chile in 75 minutes d.w.
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. quandary go international talk show it's been a tumultuous week in german politics than europe resolved bitter divisions over migration the government it is said stead into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history no my guests have to say on quadriga. margarita on t.w. . how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different reality. and now here at the heart of the
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european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking forward and moving journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. i think is backed up by work at the w. o. kong pro-democracy demonstrators stormed the city's legislature taking over the main chamber and spray painting anti-government slogans on the walls this is part of the ongoing protests against the law that would allow the hong kong government to extradite people to china hong kong's government accused the protesters of deploying what they called extreme violence as police moved in to clear them using tear gas. the white house is condemning iran's move to increase its enrichment of uranium and saying it will continue pressuring the.


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