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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CEST

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this is the daily news live from the european union leaders made for the 3rd day to try to agree a new commission president eastern members holdouts against a choice backed by germany france and spain. and that choice is. the lead socialist candidate so far there is no majority for him but consultations have started a 3rd day in a role right here at the e.u.
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council in brussels we know it will be extremely difficult with no compromise in sight. also on the program police in hong kong would have to protest a stall in ransacked the parliament building island's chief executive says she is shocked and saddened by the destruction. and in the women's football world cup team usa gear up for the semifinal against england americans looking ahead to the final . and the talk to potential. welcome to the program european leaders have gathered for the 3rd day to efforts to try to agree a candidate for the blocks top job arriving in brussels full for one of the longest day you summit at us. said they were optimistic about they could find
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a consensus on replacing e.u. commission president john paul young to france and germany had agreed on france demands but to check prime minister under a bad dish says his country plus poland hungary and slovakia would not vote for the dutch social democrats and i know we have to find a solution we spent 21 hours yesterday saying that mr term amounts is not the right amount to liaise between the e.u. commission and our countries the fall feet on well do you see that brussels bureau chief is max hoffman he's that at the heart of the action welcome max why are these eastern european countries so close to mr timmons. well funds to mons is already a member of the european commission he is the 1st vice president and he's sort of the go to guy for infringement procedures so if a country does something wrong the commission says funds go get him he's done so for example for poland with the rule of law procedure especially for eastern
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european countries and so he has become a symbol in those countries for everything that in the eyes of the leaders there is wrong with the european union the watchdog from brussels who tries to change things things as they are run in those countries that's why there was such fierce opposition in eastern europe so does this appointment necessarily need unanimity. it doesn't you need a qualified majority of the qualified majority it works like this 65 percent of the population of the european union need to be represented need so that's the majority you need there and the 2nd majority you need as at least 21 member states saying ok but it appears that leaders like the german chancellor will want to make sure they have a larger majority like that to make sure that in the next 5 years they don't run into trouble and there's not too much bad blood. a city or thing countries pointing
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to a larger problem with the a you have a commission that is based on centrist politics trying to satisfy the demands of a you countries and voters over increasingly moving away from the center. the e.u. is by design construction that's supposed to even things out to avoid extremes to find a compromise in the past that's always worked i mean in the past you always had also trouble finding solution this is not the 1st overnighter from sunday to monday that we've seen but it's becoming more complicated because parties are coming into power in poland in hungary also in italy that were present more extreme movements also in the european parliament and that's why it's so hard to find a majority not only here in the european council but also in the european parliament where in the past 2 of the big parties would have been enough to have a majority no longer the case and that's why this time the puzzle to find this package for the e.u. top jobs is more complicated than ever because of this rift in the e.u.
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bit between these new more extreme movements and what you mentioned the more central orientated politicians and you mentioned the european parliament. to elect that president tomorrow is that likely to be asked contentious a procedure. it really depends whether the leaders manage to find a package here because if they do they do that while working the phones with the leaders of the european parliament making sure there is a majority for what they are trying to do here in brussels so if there is a package that a majority in the european parliament on wednesday is likely if not the parliament will have to decide do we go ahead with the vote anyway and then that will be very contentious a rebid that's never happened before but it's more likely that the european parliament will put off the vote then maybe for another day or maybe even until the next session and wait until the leaders finally find a solution itself but in brussels thank you.
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china has condemned what is called a gross interference by outside countries in hong kong's offense this after protesters broke into and vandalized the hong kong parliament building china went on to express its resolute opposition to statements made by the united states britain and the e.u. in support of the demonstrates is a tense calm has not returned to the city. the cleanup is underway. at hong kong's legislative council building the police have moved in after the protest has moved out. of the city's leaders have condemned the destruction of. the legislative council complex has been stalled and extensively damaged the police is now gathering after the news in the complaint. last let's go president i strongly condemn the serious woden's that undermines the whole bad it was all phone
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call. just hours before the protesters were able to smash their way in with nobody standing in the way. previous demonstrations have been largely peaceful but with the hong kong executive offering only limited concessions campaigners say they had little choice i understand people. and hong kong the world might not 100 percent agree or disagree on all of that be a fear of protesters but where more than 25 percent of the population knows what a true ministry will join to read it already put off their requests have to acknowledge it so it is bad and a way out. of the 1st beijing usually celebrates the return of hong kong to china this year it broke it silence over the ongoing unrest images of police clearing away protest as was shown for the 1st time on chinese state media. activists in hong kong are pushing for the withdrawal of
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a bill that would allow suspects to be sent to china to face trial the issue has become a focal point the resentment towards beijing with the chinese government now demanding a criminal investigation a resolution is still a long way off. correspondent of bellenger is in hong kong with the latest on beijing's reaction they have condemned the violence there have also condemned foreign interference whenever foreign governments european or american mostly western governments have commented on these events they see this as an interference they see this and tiley as their own affair although they have an international contract binding them to the status of hong kong that's walking a thin line with their own public right now because they do not want a broader discussion about protests but they offer cause want to influence the public opinion in a way that would make people follow their interpretation which is too much
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democracy leads to chaos so we are seeing a multi-faceted approach here we see the awful new official newspapers who kept news about these clashes yesterday low they would be low the news about the celebrations that were held but they still try of course to influence the public and to prevent a spillover of this wish for democracy onto the chinese mainland mathias fun job reporting from hong kong that are some of the other stories making news around the world police in australia have arrested 3 men over a plot inspired by the islamic state militant group to attack targets in the city of sydney of course they say this is the 16th major terror attack to be thwarted in australia since the country was put on heightened alert in 2014. at least 15 people have been killed in mumbai after torrential downpours caused a wall to collapse the rains also. calls the travel chaos flooding the roads more
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than logging the train tracks whether agencies say the area was hit by at least $35.00 centimeters of rain which fell overnight into tuesday. facebook has evacuated 4 buildings at its headquarters in california after a suspicious package tested positive for the nerve agent sarin 2 people will be checked for possible exposure to the toxin. the us president donald trump has warned iran that it is playing with fire violated the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal for the 1st time iran announced that it has exceeded the limits on low enriched uranium reserves allowed under the agreement but in teheran to avoid any further steps away from the deal the u.s. unilaterally abandoned the agreement last year but you know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire a warning from u.s. president trump as tensions with toronto reached another high. not 2
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weeks after iran's shoot down of a u.s. spy drone nearly triggered retaliatory airstrikes confirmation monday that tehran has breached the limit on its stockpile of enriched uranium. that limit of 300 kilograms was set by a historic nuclear deal with world powers in 2015 but the pact has been threatening to unravel since the u.s. unilaterally withdrew last year and reimposed crippling sanctions since then iran has been piling pressure on the countries still party to the deal. foreign minister mohammad serif warned europe in particular to deliver on a promise to help to iran circumvent u.s. sanctions or face consequences. the europeans have failed to fulfill their promises of protecting iran's interests under the deal. that it might have it about the next step will be enriching uranium beyond the 3.67 percent allowed under the
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deal. such a move would be a step toward amassing the highly refined material needed for a nuclear bomb. it would also raise the possibility of the e.u. taking punitive action. europe has fought to keep iran in the 2050 nuclear deal but britain france and germany have promised a strong diplomatic response in the event of a fundamental breach by tehran if e.u. officials can't get iran to reverse course in the coming days u.n. sanctions could be reimposed in 2 months time. firefighters are struggling to contain a wildfire in the north east of germany the blaze broke out in woodland at a former military training area near the village of obtain hundreds of people have been moved from their homes fear of unexploded munitions is hampering firefighting efforts. smoke as far as the eye can see. covering more than 4 square kilometers of forest this is said to be the largest fire the north eastern
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german state of western pomerania has ever seen. more than 1000 people have been forced to flee their homes and the residents of 3 villages have been evacuated . we have evacuated numerous villages at the moment we're doing our best to keep them safe moment on. we're not just talking about putting out this fire rather we're talking about protecting people's lives and livelihoods and securing the region it's dangerous work for the firefighters and not just because of the flames but also because of potential explosions this was previously a military training area and tons of bombs are munition is still on site that's why firefighters are not allowed to come any closer than one kilometer to the blaze the state's interior minister is calling for federal help. this illegal stuff that's
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been this it's federal land and the leftover munition and other issues go back many years now we're seeing the terrible result the state can't be left alone to deal with this problem and it wasn't the cause of the fire is not yet been determined and authorities are not ruling out a possible arson. a scientist in hungary say the authoritarian prime minister viktor orban is trying to seize political control of their research hungary's parliament has just passed a law aimed at the structure of the academy of sciences i mix of been protesting as the bill gives the prime minister the power to appoint people to run parts of the academy critics say this will stifle academic freedom. journalist stefan bourse in budapest can tell us welcome and so what impact is this a lot change likely to have on scientific research in the country. well it will have fate huge impact on scientific research because still a lot of us just passed here behind me and palm and will basically mean that the
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hunt gary and prime minister viktor orban will get through a committee troll all for a 200 year old institution namely the hunger in academy of sciences for not only that it means also deaths of thousands of research here since scientists will now have to ask for missions from a committee field to the us government employed cease watch day can do and what not and they viewed it as a tremendous threat to free thinking in hungary they also point out that similar issues were already happening wisdom media and older institutions including for instance a central european university that was basically moved out of the country to austria for most of its courses so they are very very concerned and as a matter of fact later today to be protests against these law as well happening here in budapest and why does the government to want to do this well what they are saying about hungary and promise of it to orbit and has said that he wants that
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scientists are moral more profitable for the economy and he is think step. scientific research is really necessary but of course the scientists are arguing we are not an a.t.m. machine we are doing what is very important for society and that this way is not the way. scientists and science should be treated so they are very very upset about these developments you said there's a protest shot july i can see why academics would be does the public can bring free food and wine. yes i think that the opposition supporters very much care and also the fact that thousands of people have already indicated through social media today will participate i think it is a broader issue for many people but of course. the fetus is still the biggest party here so i think for now we should do is to it's majority in
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parliament to fear at a moment. posts in budapest thank you. to the west african country of senegal female entrepreneurs often face discrimination take the case of a business woman and day been. since the concept of parity exists there are no more do not enter signs for women want to. know more about this very mark cutifani. honestly i pity them its hard work i respect their choice but i can't that women fix my car. or this woman isn't interested in any female stereotypes but they is changing the industry running on her own car workshop since 2006 she's been getting our ends dirty working on engines for the past 26 years but it's been
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a bumpy road. to do a back in the day if you buddy pointed at me everybody thought i was crazy every time i went tell it on the streets just in my overalls to go fix a car all by pots everybody was laughing at me and often have a cry and then carry on now i am considered i'm shown as a good example. checking all fixin part all of the women working here way inspired by to learn how to fix cars but there are only 3 females who are time mechanics year and most of this is still male but in the future she wants our target seem to be women making sure that the big girls are running smooth the fed difficult i am really proud to be able to do a man's job and i am so proud when i see a vehicle that doesn't whack and i know how to fix that now my big dream is to have
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my own company and it's also quba stream she always pushes us to get our in business so. they'd workshop is never short of business. when i really trust them with my car it's reassuring to see women taking care of everything and it's easy to communicate with them and i believe we'll see more and more women mechanics. and so does the cooma and her team one day the dream female mechanics will be considered the norm in sin and go. to tennis the 1st day of wimbledon has produced 3 big shocks 15 year old a corrie golf beat 5 time champion venus williams is 24 years her senior the american is the youngest ever player in the wimbledon main draw in the professional era staying in the women's game reigning australian and us open champion
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a soccer crashed out in the 1st round after losing to a huge save or men's number 6 seed german about djokovic she had no such worries he bade germany's kohlschreiber in straight sets djokovic she's aiming for his 5th wimbledon title. on the football on the 1st semifinal and the women's world cup the defending champions united states take on highly ranked england the americans have denied accusations of disrespecting their opponents of the english meanwhile say they are ready for a sizeable match up. a team brimming with confidence after eliminating hosts france in the quarter final the usa other clear favorites for the title but the hotel scouting mission has further fueled accusations of arrogance members of the usa staff were caught looking at england's current hotel in leo as a potential base for sunday's final so all the holders focused on the task at hand
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. i don't think our team is arrogant at all i think that our team is confident we're respectful of our opponents and i think the way that we respect them is by preparing for each game against as if the opponent that we're going to play is the best in the world chasing their 1st title england who were knocked out at the semifinal stage in the last 2 major tournaments but after an emphatic 3 nil win over norway in the previous round confidence is mounting i think the last tournament gets a lot of quality. you know we go to games you play a different style of football maybe we didn't have that belief because we hadn't beaten the best player to say finals now back to back this is going. to play out if they give us a 2nd if you are going to transfer me we're not stupid and if you get them. you know those type games will you know that we can beat them you know lionesses are
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ready to challenge the reigning champions and will be hoping to avoid the check out . you should be off now dutch artist collective studio drift explores the boundaries of technology and nature. caught up with the founders and on a couch and ralph now to. stalk about their inspiration on the fascination for making concrete blocks float. studio address artworks combined design in nature and technology with results that sharpen viewers perceptions and suggest feelings of freedom and grief. the 2 artists from amsterdam even make cement blocks levitate. studio drift is
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a lot of gore dying and ralph noto. came back from la scala and he had this idea he came back and he called on the plains of have an incredible idea we have to make a floating look of concrete and can you imagine it's just floats. in the film drifters that's those floating blokes. with the background of the scottish highlands are in a very contrasts it with with your garden and they're searching for a system that they do for 2 because they don't all fits in in the natural system so it's actually the other way around that in our lives we are human beings and so so we are the nature of natural parts in the book environments so our lives is exactly the opposite. studio drift questions the divide between nature and technology this sculpture reacts to visitors movements as if it were a living being. and the lights on this tree respond to visitors heartbeats and
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brainwaves it was feels like there's like a little stars in the sky to beat. you to a very movie like you want to go dancing somewhere because it's also inspiring and it's also life for me you know. back in 2007 the artist duo gained worldwide a claim with the sculpture fragile future it's a delicate snapshot of nature with lamps made from real dandy. lines in each cd head was dried in the studio then glued in place using tweezers before the artists added an l.e.d. light. in 2017 studio drift unveiled their work franchise freedom a formation of 300 drones which the artist flying like a flock of birds into the night sky over miami. he wanted to be the 1st to bring out. a swarm of drones that would actually react
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on each other and have these poetic movement real words form actually house it's raising the question like what actual freedom is or are we living in a lose you know freedom where where do we want to live do you want to be shepherd liebert free or do we want to adjust yourself to a social structure and not be so free. studio just says absolute freedom is an illusion but they don't seem to be letting that get in the way of their creativity who are asking the big questions about humanity and other nations shipped to nature and technology. has reminded us of our top stories at this hour european leaders are making another push for agreement on a candidate for the blocks top job a group of eastern european countries is blocking the candidate for your think commission president nominated by germany and france. and the times
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composite returned to hong kong after demonstrators stormed and found a nice apartment building yesterday china described the process of the protests and disk as an undisguised challenge and call for an investigation into what it called illegal actions. to go special is that next up here on d w taking a look at some of the going to sleep is rising stoppers. well i knew something i would say something dot com talk about all the talk of the top of the day. the body.
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of the book.
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can go and jabs today. tomorrow bring in stop. the business talent to keep players. going to take a closer look at a few of the bunch of predictions some a.f.c. chat the bears league is a rising stars on the a. kickoff. can cyclists every be reunified a journey along the border and countering hopes and prejudices it soon becomes clear that the decade long division has driven the greek and turkish populations farther apart and yet there are still those on both sides who refuse to accept this life on the border. you're 60 minutes a little. boy.
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so what you'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a football 6 think again. defeat the muslims will come from the subjects of excitement the most solemn nonsense. the big swings in 19 britons above all the results on d. w. moves. good
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push to go to a good one for the bundesliga just they can't make it. older than 21. they i the future.


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