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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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congo 2 security pushes much nicer. i'm not against it she looks so much more nice to see john and i think people have to be a solution my name is a mcclatchy and i work in t w. what. would. be the place to go on for the bundesliga so they. all didn't 21. they had the future the rising stars the bundesliga is now on kick
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off. some still. young suggest. that. such a. change in sand show 19 this march extremely gifted and totally grounded most of most just give them yeah just go keep on doing london. turn this office in the 1st half of the season was outstanding top of the table with dortmund over the winter break . from the game so far from our french philosopher. title to the black in yellow cards in only his 2nd season man. did you expect to make such rapid progress. so quickly i don't think
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i'm gonna do this shows if you will then if it's possible. where i am today. dortmund germany it's all quite a change from where you grew up in england i in the south london district of kennington. that's where. i'm no friends or family but. childhood mentors as well who watched and sensual grow up and of course play football norman dock ins and peter leandra work at lalage street adventure playground where local kids can combine play with personal development in a secure environment this is where to start this is it is this grassroots she said like to say in england. i mean this is my she wanted to be. such a player. from before she knew she would be safe to
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transit but. with every pro live. from 10 for 8 to 5 o'clock no brights just playing football and that's what it was for. the rest of the young people there is well. football sanchez daily bread a positive outlook for a kid growing up in a part of london with its fair share of social deprivation. young jayden had his own support team helping keep him on the right path. through them i have to travel. on the football and then. there's been a lot of people on the way to my. course in my family. close friends telling me to keep focus on just not do bad things when i was younger because well it was another time it's very bad and it kept me grounded. today. this is where he. today in england searchers are already drawing comparisons with
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the game's biggest names the youngest player to top 8 goals in the bundesliga and the youngest to back brace for dortmund. 6 shows a title bundle of energy complete with an oversight that tricks and entertainer of the deadly efficient variety exemplified by his brilliant job the winner. battling 5 minutes in the process there's plenty to praise here for gemini legend time a tale. fast with great close control it's very difficult to market especially with an instinct for one to go one on one play the bull run into space going forward he's got the frequency in a track and needs to be the flow. is a big game for me. to choose from boston nowhere for a period i'm sure she's trying to come up and to get the winning goal.
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sanchez formal football schooling began at what he was set in supplementing the skills he was picking up on the streets in playgrounds of kennington. david god lete was one of his early coaches he says developing confidence and he just tossed a little 40 feet into the main just feels he just needs a master's body to science and then you combine it with remember this form is going to produce the talented youngster was soon making waves beyond rocker it is well. 14 century old took up a place at the manchester city academy what was probably the best club in terms of kind of retouching the jury sees its nature and in terms of the school in terms of how he behaves and how we can. help him in terms of how we made that big move to matches this is. 3 years later still only. 17 the next big move to dortmund
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to put him to sleep has its own particular check she stays for top english prospects. that has different clubs but i have told them that one is there's a nasty and yes they do express to you for that has its own reward for clubs and youngsters alike here against hanover central drugs one opponent into his or a bit before a 2nd and a 3rd are equally unable to stop him eventually he's occupying the attention of 5 players and he's at mario good 6 teen sensation. from tough london neighborhood to pull in just to get center stage with one overriding ambition i want to make a name for myself and others. when i'll be someone different from right now do you know impress a guy who can screw up the black in half an. hour that's a big fan of his if he continues like this because it's going to have
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a really good career enough to put a. you know i'm happy with how i'm progressing but getting the playing time i need on the pitch and i really like the end to end style of football. you know like a morning. top speed he was among the quickest players last season and that's not all he offered dortmund the young rocco international is a raging fullback who's equally effective down either flank. see them picking their one study that is striking 6 or 7. at the age of 40. you know 15 i switched to the
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when they set their number 16 or 17 i was where i still am today i think it's a change that's worked pretty well. you know something. can be finishing in his own right keeping tees up his colleagues with pinpoint precision and he's one of jackman's busiest players on the ball just the job for the 20 year old real madrid longing. to family 1st of all 3 young players here given the opportunity and continuity they meet again if we can we can't hold my breath and i think that's something that this league office here regardless of age not on my old one not a whole. track the keamy lighting up the bundesliga in black and yellow until 2020.
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i. born in aachen schooled in labor coups in america notion that if you soon realize whether you have a talent for football or don't mislead you can't know 8 years old whether you're going to go with a wife of or even a 1415 from some at 17 it's much clear especially when your 1st league goal is spectacularly dumb a club record breaker is well with that strike against wolfsburg on april 2nd 2017 can have its became leverkusen the youngest ever to miss the good score sheer quality from the get go child i was told by a really good. a really solid one off talent. at 20 have it's already indispensable for leverkusen a year after that debut goal he became began this player ever to run. 50 times in
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the bundesliga and he's been getting better ever since time a tailless knows a top midfielder when he sees one this week would like you plays with passion he's a free spirit very fast very dangerous and he passes well but also a real team player and he's still so young and so you young at 1st glance it looks like an uninterrupted success story so far but they've been obstacles along the way injuries for one thing. i want to know also for a while i had a lot of knee and back problems and that wasn't the only setback but let's start at the beginning have it spent his early years in iraq in less than an hour's drive from laver couzin home to one of germany's top clubs and young guys in landed on their radar. play. under twelve's he was a year younger than everyone else playing against our under 12 and i can't remember
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exactly how it finished 3 for us i think but he scored the 3 goals in which case all 3 leverkusen snapped him out his raw talent was cheap yes. he so quick to. react to the sleaze and. then puberty kicked in but not so quickly. as i was at age 14 or 15 and i was always one of the smallest players in the team if not the smallest but then i had a real growth spurt. as a lot of guys got stronger i was still struggling a bit but i don't get as many who your height shoots up and you have to get used to your legs being longer it was quite tricky it affects your movement i had to work hardest on the athletic side of things and everything was closed down as are most probably a memory problem i leave behind that i helps take me forward the bite on a former yes i think everything's fine now. he can say that again but matchday 25
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last season the young midfielder was into double figures on the scoring front. i blame the media to such a. cut i think very intelligent player he's very smooth and on the ball and i would say he's just smart when you. have it is a player of many parts one particular feature of his game is that forward dynamism bursting through oppositions defenses with uncanny timing speeds of up to 35 kilometers an hour and when she's breached the line. he's an ice cold finisher. his reading of the game also opens it up for his teammates where others return the
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way he dresses markers for there is always with an eye to the man in the space and with the precision to match the vision. one among many live because an academy hopefuls a few short years ago now however it's looks to be in the fast lane to german football superstardom the smoothing the worlds is always drove the coming months and years for club and country is missing but in the time he's shown you know he loves that he's up to the job for the social good side to sky. play because then i'm happy to hold on to happy. they say. go see. alfonso davies. boy you know how's tyler adams 3 young guns who's going to get
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careers begin much the same way as low tar mattel says. some point the coach said listen i need you you're playing today for these 1st reaction was shock what's going on here. alfonso davies may have had a similar reaction when he heard byron graf to him shortly after his 18th birthday he came on board with the record champion's canadian super talent for the biggest league. thanks. because i. just work as hard as i can and you know. his 1st taste the competitive action soon followed the next step in a remarkable early career m.l.s. the u.s. 15 a full international at 16 and canada's 2018 player of the year now he's part of science future project. making waves with black back this season florian knowing
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house. working with good technique for me it's not a big surprise to see him keeping out more established players a glass to. make the starting midfield from the off last season and his early highlights include the difference between is the good goal and the chance of buying an. invention you don't often win 3 nil in munich. and then again she got a part that was special to her mentally for those moments you play football on one more of them. hard running out of over 12 kilometers a game combined with an ever ready ip assist florian knowing house is one fastest rising full. of. taking similarly strides in the likes of. tyler adams frame from steve young man from new
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york red bulls still fresh in the books of the start of 2019 began to me i can't have settled right in. all the guys you know when i was going out to eat with them and doing little things that make the adjustment period so much easier because then you could just be yourself play your game enough coffee. and fish on plenty of confidence from day one at the heart of the action a light switch helped also by the familiar presence of assistant coach jesse marsh who played under in new york. yeah i mean this will be incredibly you know having a coach here when you make the next step to a leader like the loomis the guy who made the decision to sign you when you were 15 years old is definitely nice. he kicked off his fitness to get career a way to do so doing winning 68 percent of his one on one challenges i would love a stronger made to measure the lights english also happens to be good friends with their next rising star. just every day and it's really cause i'm
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doing well. just soldiers like you seem to be listening to. such. a small city in america's midwest with a growing fondness for green and white especially among its young footballers. there. it's all surreal i got to pinch myself on my go i saw wind and then you see true i'm out and see him 1020 years so that's a really neat thing. 7000 kilometers to the east in bremen and memorable moment. is good to make his very 1st. want to play bright stars all the. us football.
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minutes later it got even better. for your troops frost so much and that's all. just started with the club record for starters that's debutant scoring the bundesliga it's very crazy year for me i'd say there's a little bit of pressure on me like people know that i'm a rising star i try to really focus on the i just try to play my game more as only . born in 05 missouri. and this is a picture from the 1st game that i got 9 goals. both of my parents played when they were in college and my sister my older sister also played so i was kind of born into a football family to start and i loved it right away. and. he was
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a coach of mine at a very young age if we're ever down and i just say go get us a goal and he could. maybe look like a better coach at times jeff sargent is more than just proud father but the time came when the young talent had to spread his wings beyond o'fallon. next stop. think lewis and the mighty mississippi for me josh is a complete center forward that i think is the refined. kevin kalish was one of josh's coaches and think really scott gallagher u.s. development academy club. once i think he settles the word with bremen i think you're going to see a tremendous player that's going have an unbelievable career. but according to him the u.s. team talent didn't settle it easily. my 1st 2 months here was probably the most difficult time in my life to be honest. when you're in there by yourself. as
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a 17 year old. you know you know a lot of courage to me and i don't speak the language and it was really hard for me actually so i was a little bit of 2nd guessing myself like was this the right decision but his perseverance paid off it wasn't long before he went from watching the professionals to paris chanting with them and then playing alongside true bring you think a legend like. he's a very good frank i think he's going to be a good one every time you come in the it's very dangerous. to stick it in the previous thing it came on match day 70 making it to 2 attempts. to y. and roman like to use young players the next highlight came on match day 23 he's starting debut against stuttgart swiftly followed by a contract extension. a lot of people are very happy for me always tweeting at me
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saying congratulations i'm film. he spends rising to stardom in germany the back home. he's already a star he's my role model because i'm a striker to you believe in josh i think he's going to be a world star very exciting i mean it you're watching your son living his dream so you know i could have been happier that's really all i wanted just to be in a place where breathe eat sleep soccer so football football and. 19 years young and another top u.s. talent making his way in germany's top like when you're able to play in front of crowds like this in stadiums and the level being what it is you know if you can improve very quickly here with. just sergeant prince record setter. he will never think it.
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back to the roots of a goalscoring phenomenon. from childhood dreams in small town bosnia. i started. with a little club close to my hometown of morgan rest but she was a rapid fire place in the record books. age 20 years and 300 days look yo bitch became biggest player to score goals in a one to just beginning a match at home to do so will do where. was i so from fate was fantastic i enjoyed that angles and all credit to my teammates without them i wouldn't have been in a position to school one goal 1st alone 5 but with
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a college fair and natural born goal grabber spotted as a precocious 8 year old by red star belgrade the chance to play for sure be as most famous club was a dream come true. my greatest wish was to pull on the red star ship with him because. spent the next decade in the chair being capital devaney over the edge was the team there. we were flatmates when we live not far from here to spend a lot of time together after training just taking a strong opponent playing football or maybe. for tennis but it's a full strength morning exploits are frank came as no surprise let's go there but as he does that hates losing it annoys wants to be the best i think he's an example to all of us that about that i think that's where the next. 21 year old forward. simply loses quality one great strength is explosive acceleration.
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here inside 10 meters against al spared he gains a chill weird bandage. and uses it to put strike back against the back to add in the clear. nature think he already has the most essential qualities at red star a winning mentality and a real nose for goals to use the word isabelle great specialty as low time a tale snows from his time there with the red stars great city rivals. i was there as coach young players get a good education in serbia was a really good junior level which is one thing for you can come in florida this week he said disappointed if you know. he joined the portuguese record champions if she doesn't 16 but the move didn't really work out. he was never given a chance there luckily for the bundesliga in frankfurt shrillest foster's movements
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clever and he finishes well also with his head though he's not the solar system of the world called for the doors at chipotle yo bitch seen. unable to get ahead of his markers. yo bitch abruptly hits the brakes instead now he has space and is duly picked out place in change he made it can all very simple but. the local police and. soft competition it's a very demanding i. can become a good player with hard work and the talents you've been given here are the facts surrounding star is sure to continue improving next season at reality dritte. taxis . did you know kick off is now on you tube with the well if. it was 1 go. part of mexico welcome to rid we try all the while they fail how high
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a face us our runner i'm going to sing you know the stars the way comes in never give up their culture and discuss football i am pretty serious in. order to explain. the bulk is a football kick off on you tube. it's a. little .
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more oh. crap play much subjects'. express my feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist mandate looking for new perspectives. to him not to be the reply you should make rufio can not do anything . it's different we've. come to
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a place where we reflect on society. which parts try to watch on t w. a quiet melody resounds michael light of the mood. ready resonate with. the mind and the music. to confess to bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. closely. careful which will little beasts if you choose to do to.
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discover them to. subscribe to the documentary to. fish fish fish. drop you know this 05 minute call minutes. has an hour and a beauty. pageant off. the face in the pantheon of the great tennis circuit is one for the ages of. the cup. because much tennis for the ages starts july 10th on d w.
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this is did you do so long ago from berlin tonight after 3 days of marathon negotiations the european union agrees on who it wants to be its new chief executive percival germany's current defense minister has won the e.u.'s backing and could now become the european commission's 1st female president but she is a compromise candidate and she was not the leaders 1st choice will get the latest from brussels also coming up tonight in italian judged.


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