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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin the struggle to rehabilitate fighters from one of the world's most violent of militant groups they have terrorized somalia for years killing many innocent people but now some also about terrorists are being offered a chance to leave the group and rejoin society d.w. spoke exclusively to some former militants trying to come to terms with their violent past and also coming up only in hong kong begin arresting people after pro-democracy protesters stormed and ransacked the parliament earlier this week
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more than 20 are already in detention and the number looks set to increase. drama and heartache as the netherlands and sweden go into extra time for the women's world cup we'll get more from the host city friends. i'm sorry so much going to it's great to have you with us the somali terrorist group al-shabaab has been waging a campaign of violence in somalia for more than a decade their aim is to replace the u.n. backed government and impose islamic law and african union force has seized back control of the capital mogadishu but al-shabaab still controls around 20 percent of the country and the government is offering amnesty and rehabilitation to some militants who leave the group melanie was given rare access to one rehabilitation center in profits she spoke to former militants there about why they decided to
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leave al shabaab and the nightmares they still have. that you know they were part of it killing machine terrorizing somalia's population but now they're asking for forgiveness this facility in juba land it's home to 86 young men who used to fight for one of the deadliest islamist extremist groups in the world. here in southern somalia and a town once under siege by al-shabaab a program is being implemented to rehabilitate one extremist fighters with the hope of peacefully reintegrating them into society. the former fighters here mostly men aged between 24 and 29 have been granted amnesty and are seeking a 2nd chance 2 of them are willing to share why is it decided to defect. for their safety and security we have withheld the location and real identities by calling them and that. was just 15 years old when he joined the group 5 years ago but the
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order in book could be 1st people join because the religion they say about promoting religion but this is just a front actually they're killing innocent people for no reason or to fight in this could be. similarly joined at the age of 16 it took a made years to escape from the group. if they also killed muslims in their tack when i saw my people dying i decided i had to break away of the. many men growing up in disenfranchised and poor parts of the country but led into joining us above for financial reasons and a sense of belonging. to address this these men now receive locational training in hands on group classes. i did not know how to live within society i learned that here i've learned how to support myself. but many
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here are still haunted by nightmare. they struggle to fathom how they were capable of such violence. just 70 kilometers away from this now peaceful town peacekeepers mandated by the african union are still waging a war against the militant group. but. it's. fought a lot and liberated several areas in the past 2 or 3 months. we are also working on a plan to liberate the areas still under the control of al-shabaab and hand them over to the somali army. in the. back of the rehab really taishan facility these young men receive professional psychological support. but above all it's companionship and leisure time that are helping them to overcome that trauma. but we can talk to each other about all
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the things we've done wrong and give each other support about how not to fall back into our destructive winds. for somalia i hope for the birth of a united government and for my life i hope to work for the benefit of my country and for my people with the new skills he sent men to intend to make a positive contribution to society again to help other young people than the stake of joining up in the 1st place. reported that story for us from somalia she joins us from more from nairobi now hi melanie are this rehabilitation program successful. these programs successful overwhelming need those who partake in these programs do graduate successfully and reintegrate into society it's impossible to get nationwide numbers on how many people have been leaving al-shabaab because it's
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a country at war but when it comes to this facility almost $300.00. fighters have been in rehab and in taishan and they have been able. to go back into their societies and settle in their communities the government does give amnesty grant amnesty to everyone who decides to leave the group so there is an incentive but of course it's incredibly difficult to do so the group makes it incredibly hard to the people i've spoken to in the city they told me that they were born numerous times that if they did leave they would have a lethal violence coming that way and that's why we had to hide their identities but they also hopeful that by telling their stories they can inspire others to do the same so these fighters are rehabilitated they rejoin their communities but how do somali people feel about these programs given their experiences with al-shabaab . the many somali people i have spoken to really gave me the
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impression that they believe it's an absolute necessity that programs and amnesty as such as this one exist in somalia it's the only way to pave the way to peace it's the only way to get rid of al shabaab we went to a city which has been liberated from a few years ago it's a place where people slowly coming back brittany's refugees coming back to the city it's coming back to life in 10 you displaced somalis settling in the area and they told me the stories that they will women telling me about how they lost their husbands how they were on the run for years how they're still not able to go back to their villages because they are under control from al-shabaab and they. i think that these stories it's really impossible not to feel the fear and the pain there is no such thing as safety yet but there is hope and programs like this one really do give the people hope that on the other hand melanie as we mentioned al-shabaab still controls around
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a 5th of the country how has this group managed to maintain its grip on so much of the country. despite a long growing combat operations by the african union and somali security forces does indeed still hold large swathes of the country especially in rural area of course it's known to be using indiscriminate violence against the somali population but it's also known to be able to generate revenue to look off to its fighters and their families financially and to provide services for the somali population that many have to turn to in the absence of strong state institutions so in a country suffering from drought or poverty it's really drawing out about withdrawing its power from from the desperation of the people the power comes from the weakness of the state. melanie reporting for us thank you very much. let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world the u.n.
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human rights chief says an airstrike on a refugee center in libya might amount to a war crime at least 40 people were killed in wednesday's attack which the government blamed on the rebels but a divided u.n. security council failed to agree on a response. in italy a fresh eruption on one of the country's most active volcanoes has killed one person and injured several others the victims who were hiking toward the summit of mt stromboli when the eruption struck local media say some tourists jumped into the sea to escape the blast. a massive fire has destroyed a whiskey warehouse in the u.s. state of kentucky some 45000 barrels of gin been bourbon went up in flames that's around 9000000 liters of whiskey authorities believe the blaze might have been started by a lightning strike. and more than 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes in southern japan due to flooding and mudslides caused by torrential rain and
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more rain is expected to hit wider regions of the country including tokyo. now a diplomatic dispute between the u.k. and china over hong kong has escalated after beijing accused london of meddling in the territory and supporting violent protesters china's ambassador to the u.k. said british foreign secretary jeremy hunt was obsessed with lecturing others the hunt and called on beijing not to use demonstrations earlier this week where protesters ransacked the parliament building as an excuse for repression police in hong kong meanwhile have arrested more than 20 people in connection with the protests did have you has a met some young people in hong kong who are dumb documenting the demonstrations. sumps and walking is looking for the last traces of the protest as demonstrators retreat their messages the disappearing as well considers himself an archivist of the movement. i find it. my 1st special way to look at
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the car. for weeks protesters used this wall adjacent to the hong kong government's offices to leave messages for each other shortly before authorities started to clear the area wong and some fellow demonstrators stepped in to retrieve the messages. a large portion of all the messages about the solidarity of all citizens that reflects. there is a kind of wall for and community spirit of the protest as. one of the most of vocative remnants a memorial corner for a number of demonstrators who killed themselves during the movement news that shook many hong kong residents. the protests are subsiding leaving many despondent several suicide threats online have alarmed firefighters and volunteers who have
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been out all day to prevent further attempts by a lot of people participating in this political movement like most. awful awful fight if you can that. samson wong has been walking around the scene of monday's clashes police have sealed off the entrance to the legislative council several people have been arrested. i think it's ironic to. the creativity of the whole home people seem to treat that there are evidence for prosecuting that now. much more than glass of the government building was shattered the hopes of protesters are in a similar state did at u.c.d. kong and my ts been there reporting. now to sports and the women's soccer world cup
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the netherlands have secured their spot in sunday's final against defending champions the u.s. the european champions were pushed to the limit by sweden but they prevailed thanks to a goal in extra time. the 2nd semifinal in 2 days in leo started with more crunching tackles than clear cut chances to really say go quick to close down vivyan a medium are here both sides could have scored in the 2nd half but both keepers fiercely defended their goals i sweden's neela fischer was denied by a fingertip save from sorry from fema at one end before a bullet had for a medium or was met by an equally impressive stop from heydrich lindahl the other eye. ultimately neither team was able to break through in 90 minutes in extra time though a superheat from distance shattered the i jackie group with her 1st ever world cup goal sending the netherlands in today our 1st ever world cup final. no chance for
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keeper lindahl no way back for her side only the mighty us now stand in the netherlands way. tennis now and an update from wimbledon 15 year old revelation corey goss of the united states has made it into the 3rd round alongside the likes of carlina and simona halep meanwhile in the men's singles world number one novak djokovic easily beat american denis could lie in straight sets and a one potential threat to djokovic is already out 3 time grand slam winner stand by frank up was knocked out in a 5 set thriller by american reilly. i coming up on a day w. the documentary city without water we're looking at the effects of south africa is ongoing drought go to our website at www dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock on a person again it will be here at the news desk at the top of the hour with an
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update on your headlines thank you for watching. the 1st economy most of them in grand moment arrives. join your reckoning on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. no regulating returns home on the w. don't come to tang's.


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