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be our guest trunk port city managed by from part. this is d. w. news live from berlin the struggle to reintegrate fighters from one of the world's most violent militant groups they've spread mayhem in somalia thing is killing many civilians but now some al shabaab militants are being offered a chance to rejoin society you spoke exclusively to someone trying to come to terms with that violent past also coming up hopes rise for
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a breakthrough in the treatment of a child the for the 1st time scientists in the usa plotted to eradicate a scene from infected mice. and drama because the netherlands top sweden and a strip time at the women's world cup we'll hear from our correspondent at the semifinal. mackinnon thanks so much for joining us the somali militant group al-shabaab has been waging a violent campaign in somalia for more than a decade their aim is to replace the u.n. backed government and impose a radical islamist law an african union force controls the capital mogadishu that al-shabaab still controls around 20 percent of the country. and the government is
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offering amnesty and rehabilitation to some militants who leave the group melanie courage about was given a rare access to one rehabilitation center in juba province she spoke to former militants there about why they decided to leave al-shabaab and about the nightmares that they still have. that you know they were part of it killing machine terrorizing somalia's population but now they're asking for forgiveness this facility in juba land is home to 86 young man who used to fight for one of the deadliest islamist extremist groups in the world. here in southern somalia in a town once under siege by al shabaab a program is being implemented to rehabilitate one extremist fighters with the hope of peacefully reintegrating them into society. the former fighters here mostly men aged between 24 and 29 have been granted amnesty and seeking
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a 2nd chance 2 of them are willing to share why they decided to defect. for their safety and security we have withheld the location and real identities by calling them and that he said was just 15 years old when he joined the group 5 years ago with the water and at 1st people joined because a religion they say they're promoting religion but this is just a front actually they're killing innocent people for no reason or to fight in this could be. similarly who joined us at the age of 16 it took him 8 years to escape from the group. if they also killed muslims in that attack when i saw my people dying i decided i had to break away that. many men growing up in disenfranchised and poor parts of the country into joining the financial reasons and a sense of belonging. to address this these men now receive locational training in
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hands on group classes. i did not know how to live within society i learned that here i've learned how to support myself. but many here are still haunted by nightmare. they struggled to pay them what they were capable of such violence. to 70 kilometers away from this not peaceful town peacekeepers mandated by the african union are still waging a war against the militant group. but. it's as though we have fought a lot and liberated several areas in the past 2 or 3 months. we are also working on a plan to liberate the areas still under the control of al-shabaab and hand them over to the somali army. to me. back at
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the rehab and taishan facility these young men receive professional psychological support. but above all it's companionship and leisure time that are helping them to overcome their trauma. before we can talk to each other about all the things we've done wrong and give each other support about how not to fall back into our destructive winds. somalia a hope for the birth of a united government and for my life i hope to work for the benefit of my country and for my people with their new skillz he sent men to intend to make a positive contribution to society again. they hope other young people won't repeat them mistake of joining up in the 1st place. as for us now melanie heard about his now back in nairobi melanie tell us a little bit more about these rehabilitation programs do they actually what. it seems very much they are working of course it's impossible to get nationwide
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numbers we are still talking about a country which is experiencing an ongoing civil armed conflict but in this facility in southern somalia almost 304 miles above fighters have been in rehab and in taishan and have all are about to go back to life in their communities the government grants amnesty to everyone who wants to leave the group and is ready to participate in one of these programs so there is an incentive but it's incredibly difficult to leave the group the group makes it so difficult the man i spoke to told me that they were warned numerous times that if they did leave they would have lethal violence coming their way and that they are terrified of retaliation from above but they didn't want to speak to us because they do want others to see that it is possible to leave the group and inspire them to do so and how about ordinary
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somalis how do they feel about these men given their own experiences with. i spoke to a lot of people on the ground and they told me that they believe that granting amnesty and having rehabilitation programs such as this one absolutely necessary for the country to move towards peace and to get rid of al shabaab for good we went to a city which was liberated from just a few years ago and it's just coming back to life there are a lot of returning refugees and internally displaced people and they told me that stories listen to so many women telling me how they witnessed their husbands being killed by how they were on the run for years how they are still desperate to go back to their villages but it's impossible because that area is still controlled by al-shabaab there is no feeling safe and somalia at this moment and listening to them it's impossible not to feel their fear and their pain but you do also realize
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that people off hopeful and one of the reasons why they are hopeful is because there are programs such as this one place or many kurdish much alright let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says it has received reports that libyan guards shopped at refugees trying to flee airstrikes on a detention center at least 53 people were killed in the attack which the government blamed on rebels the u.n. says it may amount to a war crime. gibraltar says it has seized a supertanker suspected of breaching e.u. sanctions on water in syria by shipping crude oil to the country or enforcement agencies boarded the grace one which is believed to have been carrying over 2000000 barrels of crude oil from syria's ally iran. in its city a fresh eruption of one of the country's most active volcanoes has killed one
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person and injured several others hikers were approaching the summit of mt stromboli when the eruption struck local media say some tourists jumped into the sea to escape the blast. and a massive fire has destroyed a whiskey warehouse in the u.s. state of kentucky some 45000 barrels of jim beam bourbon went up in flames now that is about 9000000 liters of whiskey or thorazine is believed the blaze may have been started by a lightning strike. it watching news still to come. medication can keep the h.i.v. virus at bay but it can all be cured now for the 1st time in 40 years scientists in the u.s. say they may be on the verge of finding that elusive killed. and changes underway in europe after national leaders finally agreed on their choices for the emus top jobs but then nominee for president of the european commission is
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facing stiff opposition from some lawmakers. fundal lyon currently serving as germany's defense minister is in brussels today she's been meeting the outgoing commission chief junkfood young cat who praised as a true european she also has the backing of european council president and donald tusk. parliamentarians to approve her appointment when they pose in less than 2 weeks. correspondent ben de gette is in brussels for us hi bound what's likely to come out of today's meetings between also the underlying donald tusk and. are these media the just the 1st meetings kind of courtesy codes if you wish. or wants to know now from the outgoing president of the commission how she should act and behave the next 14 days to garner support for
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kind of the sea. was very friendly you showed her was kisses and hugs as he usually does with every was it they smiled a lot by they didn't say anything and. the coo of the council president on the other side of the street also was very friendly and he explained how they came up with the idea to nominate it was enough on the line because she herself was surprised by this nomination to go to court on monday night and tuesday she was nominated and now 2 days later she's in the middle of this storm here in brussels and strasbourg so it's order also an unusual situation for her all right so lots of this action is we can see that between. and it was left on the line he's obviously backing her candidacy and how important is that. well it's of course important for her to get the backing of the institutions here in brussels but this is not the question is backing and also don't quote you told her that
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she's a true european these people know each other of course for years now the uphill battle is in parliament there she has to garner support from the social democrats which are in fields a position to especially the german social democrats opposing her and announce that they were not vote for her so this is still there she has to convince these people and there will be some hearings next week and in 2 weeks time there will be the vote in strasburg that she has to have the absolute majority of all members of parliament this is not secure if she will make it but she's trying of course and see how she can manage that today she saw her new office already she will sit there and command 30000 civil servants in the commission but she's also used to that because the buddhist way of the german army is 150000 men and women so she's used to 2 had a big organisations in table obviously before she gets to that office she's got a lot of persuading today thank you then they get in brussels. scientists in the
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u.s. could be on the brink of a breakthrough in the search for a kill for hiv they have managed to completely remove the virus from the d.n.a. of infected mice and they're hoping it will be a major step towards developing a cure all for humans. until now it was impossible to remove hiv completely from someone infected with the fires but to us scientists come in highly and how would gandelman pursuing a new approach that combines 2 methods 1st they treat my swith antiviral drugs over a sustained period of time although these drugs repress the virus they don't reach what's already settled in the animal cells so next the researchers use the crisper cas method also described as gene says as to remove genetic material from the subject to successfully destroys the leftover inactive viruses the results are
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promising a 3rd of the must treated with the double approach showed no signs of a judge v but if the research is used only one of the 2 methods the edge of the indicators remains in the body how would gandelman says the study is an important step to advance treatment of a child the. hope is from for this observation the science is that we generate the ability to eliminate hiv in an infected human this work gives us that 1st step that the potential for an hiv cure is within our grasp. the new method will next be tested on monkeys if those experiments show signs of success the 1st human clinical studies could be carried out his early as next summer. now for those of you who hates going shopping but still want to look good then they start up could be just the thing
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thinking the online shopping company is still struggling to breakeven but it has succeeded already in helping make its customers look a whole lot more stylish. yeah you really are bush insists she's no fashion expert . what do those shoes match this shirt but unusually this primarily women run company focus is entirely on men. behavior and profit because we simply saw greater demand with the men in as far as in most shops the men's department is out the back door down in the cellar and so there was simply a giant market potential for us with women of course it's much more competitive if you competitive over 200 fashion counsellors advise outfitter his customers on the telephone they asked detailed questions about what colors and styles the client is looking for if they don't actually tell a client what they're sending him however returns are rare. but then he's just and
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it's kind of intuitive you know i've spoken with a customer and he sounded a little bit shy but then said maybe he would fancy it so i think to myself ok let's people with and i put in a right or a pink polo make sure you feel your bush is only in her mid thirty's and she started to accomplish much more she plans to expand across europe beginning in france she's finding it easier to get the qualified workers she needs for that. because my co-founders and i are all women we've got a huge advantage when it comes to recruiting women what we get fabulous applications from the women who really want to get ahead of the album and who also see it as a further advantage for themselves to have a woman in charge. but it also difficult as part of its expansion strategy outfitter is also going into offline retailing it's just opened a studio next to its stylists office where men can now get personal clothing
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counseling on location but only by appointment very discreetly and a long way away from loudon packed out shopping malls. now many people on facebook instagram and whatsapp have had some major problems using the social media platforms in the last 24 hours they couldn't send or receive photos videos and any other files on my colleague tilton is going to tell us all about it and what happened was behind these outages well i mean you had the no right in the head in the last 24 hours a lot of facebook instagram and what's app users are having difficulties changing media content on the platform i mean my wife and i have the exact same issue as well we want is their mother in laws and great pictures of what we're doing the park yesterday none of them went through or didn't go through until to this morning around 4 am when i managed to fix the problem according to facebook the problem was they were doing some routine maintenance on their back and then some of their servers that there's services rely on and it came to configuration error which
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basically resulted in media content not being exchanged for other various services now it's not the 1st time things like this have happened it props up every couple months a couple times a year there's a major outage a couple months ago so like i said they've been able to fix that at this point the service of return to normal but like i said it was a bit of a concerning problem for a lot of users the last 24 hours what about the uses of reactions i mean i'm sure you'll mother in law was it was annoyed but obviously there are some companies that rely on communication through facebook i mean it is quite it could be quite a serious thing definitely definitely right there i mean most of the users if you're if you're using any other social networks out of there i took to twitter right away and were instantly posting means and bashing facebook and it's kind of become kind of a little bit of a silly ritual a lot of people are involved with but you also hit the nail on the head with your question right there facebook instagram and whatsapp really kind of have reached such a huge level that many companies around the world depending on the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of companies have their entire models based entirely around
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the services that facebook and co provide and when i would just like this happened it turns in some real world damages that you can put in economic terms for these company. because i mean if they can't reach their users they can push those ads that they need to make money they can't supply the services that they need in order to keep their business models up and running and then also i mean people like me like you like a lot of people out there depend on these services for communication to talk to their loved ones abroad so this does have actually you know have some real world ramifications beyond just a little bit of an inconvenience for not being able to send out videos and pictures as you say obviously there is nothing of reliance on the social social networks but what about alternatives who who for people who might want to actually start weaning themselves off things like facebook what's that ok well you know of course there is a social network out there that fits everyone's particular desire i mean you tube is a social network you can you can go to reboard you can go to telegram there's just
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thousands and thousands of options if you have an interest there's probably a social network specifically catering to that interest but what an outage like this really kind of shows you is just the extreme power that facebook and companies like this have been able to gather in the last several years i mean do you know how many users facebook has i think it's i don't know ok it's 2.7000000002.7000000000 that's roughly half the population of the world and also you know that's more christians and there are there's more facebook users are christians in the world more than muslims more than jews it's an incredible amount of people it's half the people that exist on the planet right now who are using this service and so really if you look at it their reach is so extreme it's hard to really consider them a basic company and the more i mean you know a company just has a small regional maybe trans national type of influence facebook is a truly global company it's really reached the point where you have to consider them a utility i mean they are providing a service that so many people rely on so many interests usually and that if they were to disappear or turn off their servers or have an outage like this they could
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destroy entire segments of the economy so it's really one of those things that governments are really going to start looking at moving forward when these outages occur it has a major influence on the population and on their economy so moving forward they have to ask themselves can we allow facebook income is like this to have this much power unchecked. ask if they're really comfortable with that moving forward all right our until tonight from a social media team thank you thank you. ok time for some sports and the women's football cup the netherlands have secured a place in sunday's final against the united states the european champions were pushed to the limit by slayton but they prevailed thanks to the goal in extra time for the 2nd semifinal in 2 days in leone started with more crunching tackles than clear cut chances colleen's a go to close down vienna medium are here both sides could have scored in the 2nd half but both keepers fiercely defended their goals i sweden's neil official was
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denied by a fingertip save from sorry found one end before a bullet header from medium a was met by an equally impressive stop from haiti lindahl the other. ultimately neither team was able to break through in 90 minutes in extra time though a superheat from distance shattered the day i jackie groan and with her 1st ever world cup goal sending the netherlands into their 1st ever world cup final. no chance for keeper lindahl and no way back for her side only the mighty us now stand in the netherlands way. indeed any sports correspondent all of that meeting is only on what both semifinals well played high on a give us your take on the 2nd semifinal what did you think. well i think we were a little bit spoiled by the 1st semifinal between the u.s.
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and england you know that was a game that had action and tension and control the see all in equal measure in the 2nd semifinal didn't quite live up to those very high standards it was a much more defensive game there are much fewer chances for the attacking players to really shine apart from of course the goal the winning goal that put the netherlands through to the final jackie ronan as we heard was the one who scored it picking up the ball on the edge of the box and rushing it home a real moment of quality that excellent finish i did expect to see a few more moments of that kind of quality but ultimately it doesn't matter for the netherlands that along with their organized defense was enough to get them into their 1st ever world cup final and coming just 2 years after they won the european championship as well for a country that previously was never a big hitter in women's football this is a real moment to celebrate now playing in the biggest game that there is in women's football here and big deal for the dutch then going to come up against the reigning champions the u.s. do they had any chance of winning. i think they do have
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a chance but you have to admit that it's a slim chance and certainly they're going to have to play much better than they did against sweden you know the u.s. for me have proven at this tournament that they are indeed the best team in the world having beaten the likes of england and france now the netherlands are really going to have to step it up if they want to do some damage especially in attack as i said it was it was quite a defensive game in the likes of viviana meeting the never really got going she's an excellent striker but she just couldn't get into the game as well a former world player of the year is so important to the netherlands she's been struggling with a toe injury throughout the tournament and had to go off at half time the netherlands will certainly be hoping that she is fit supply in sunday's final but of course well i think the netherlands are a great chance against the u.s. their fans their army of orange quad fans who have followed them here to frogs will see things very differently let's hear what they have to say about their chances were actually added we were rear of the fardell the super super credible group of
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course. through a piece of pure no pro pretty good that they shift the finals yeah i. didn't expect that to happen in the beginning of this growth if we deserve it i don't know we won gold i know you think that we beat the american right. real confidence there from the dutch do you think the u.s. would have preferred to face sweden rather in the final. i honestly don't think the u.s. really cared which of these 2 teams they were going to come up against you know i think the u.s. has already played better it seems than either the netherlands or swayed and. prior to this they've beaten england and france who are 2 sides that i would say among the best in the world at the moment were in better form going into the tournament so i don't think they minded too much perhaps you could say that because they had already played and beaten sweden in this tournament in the group stage the usa new
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sweden better they knew kind of how to get at them better than they do with the netherlands but honestly the u.s. has so much talent and that same they are without doubt the hot favorites going into the final all right ali moody reporting from leon thanks very much. you're watching news up next here on news asia an escalating diplomatic route between china and britain over the protests in hong kong what does it all means of bilateral relations. not more coming up with bearish than a j m and you can bet mccain and obama the whole team here in baghdad and thanks for watching and staying with us.
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does. the 1st swiss cheese maker trying it
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out on. his lemon tart receives plenty of loving attention. and he plays music for it as well so can you taste the difference was the idea that cheesy fun. in 60 minutes. that people for facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. look up to the girl next you tube channel. a good line of story. with exclusive. the must see concerning startup culture keep your own. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe don't miss out on.
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ok. wow you know this 5 minutes 4 minutes. or so has a. beauty. pageant all. the feats in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. but the pop. culture tenor for the ages starts july 10th on t.w. . leg. this is. coming up on the program tensions over the hong kong police address to dozens of people following the storming of this week what it means for the protests . to activist what is about the future of the pro-democracy most watched.
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convolve hong kong. you know show respect.


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