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this is d.w. news wind from berlin tonight tensions between the u.s. and iran rising and this time it also involves britain and oil tanker loaded with a rainy and crude is seized off the island of gibraltar it's a suspected of violating european union saying sions by delivering the oil to syria us said to have requested the seizure also coming up tonight u.s.
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president donald trump gets his 4th of july parade and declares it the show of a lifetime his salute to america on independence day being opposed by many and weather forecasters say of me even rain on shrubs parade and the end of an era veteran former byron munich star general that retires from all soccer at the age of $35.00. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome but we begin tonight with a dramatic operation at sea and more tensions between the u.s. and iran british royal marines shimmied it down ropes from a helicopter to seize a giant oil tanker today loaded with iranian. crude off the british overseas
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territory of gibraltar in southern spades it suspected that the oil was on its way to syria in violation of european union saying sions the spanish government says that the seizure was requested by the united states iran's state run news agency says the incident was illegal. to grace one has been at anchor and under god since the early morning british authorities stopped the ship as it passed through spanish territorial waters at gibraltar at the tip of the iberian peninsula they say the oil was bound for syria in breach of e.u. sanctions against the war torn country authorities also say the ship loaded the oil in iran putting the vessel in breach of u.s. sanctions against tehran. what if he didn't i want to quote the s.c. deal was patrolling the zone but we're studying the circumstances in which this is taking place there was a request made by the united states to the united kingdom and we are looking into
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how this affects our sovereignty in the sense that it took place in waters which we understand are under spain's sovereignty as our last. name was getting. the ship is registered on depend on the flag and belongs to a singapore based company gibraltar says the vessel and its cargo have been confiscated. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a new report by the united nations says that nearly 7000 people were killed by security forces in venezuela in the past 18 months it warns many of the killings likely constituted extrajudicial executions the report is based on figures provided by the venezuelan government at least 80 people are feared drowned after their boat sailed off the coast of tunisia 4 people were rescued from the scene of the coastal town of czars this one has since died in the hospital the migrants had set sail for europe from libya on monday elsewhere off the libyan coast more than 50 migrants
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were rescued by an italian charity vessel a powerful earthquake has struck southern california in the u.s. officials say the 6.4 magnitude tremor hit near the town of ridgecrest but could be felt in los angeles some 200 kilometers away it's the biggest quake to hit southern california since 9099. russian president vladimir putin says he hopes italy will help restore relations between the european union and russia he wants to convince the e.u. that sanctions on moscow are a mistake putin made the comments after talks with italian prime minister. earlier in the day he met with pope francis. well the united states is celebrating the 4th of july and today american independence day events are usually non political today but this year in washington they're proving controversial
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president trump has staged a parade called salute to america tweeting that it will be the show of a lifetime he was reportedly inspired by france's but still day celebrations 2 years ago in paris trump is due to give an address at the lincoln memorial where martin luther king delivered his i have a dream speech and where they'll be a march past of military hardware. correspondent helen the humphrey watched the national independence day parade in washington today and here's what she saw all. the president promised a show like no other on the parade wrapping up now was just the start it's certainly a departure from history with its display of military hardware including an air force one flyover and 4 tanks stationed around washington d.c. not since president truman 7 decades ago when the u.s. was at war with korea has the country seen such
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a presence of military equipment many out here today a wearing make america great again hots they're waving trump 2025 anas a veteran of the vietnam war told me that this is the 1st time that he feels that the military has been properly on it but not everyone is happy the democrats say that this patriotic day should not become a political one with particular reference to trump's salute to america's speech later protests groups like the antiwar group coat pink are also outs with the trump baby balloon not seen since protests in london this is a show like a costly one in a divided country but the president clearly believes it's worth the hefty price tag and there was a hell of a home for reporting from washington d.c. now to hong kong the chief executive kerry layout is requesting a meeting with the city's university students as she tries to ease the pressure of
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a month long political crisis after weeks of mass demonstrations against lams extradition bill lann has stopped efforts to pass the bill into law but that is not enough for the protesters they want to see the bill withdrawn some have criticized the demonstrators for storming the parliament building last monday saying they went to 4. 3 of those who forced their way into the bill. stephanie boris and can not their real names were protesting outside the legislative council on monday when suddenly a group of young people started to attack the parliament trying to break the glass for at the time i was still struggling over whether i should leave or i should support them. but by the time the glass broke and the 1st protesters entered the building she had made up her mind i thought that i needed to support what they wanted today it may be wrong all right but they are still hong kong's people most
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of the protesters were very young 18 year old boras also had his doubts but decided to join in. the protesters entered the building spraying graffiti calling for universal suffrage pro-democracy activists have been fighting for the steam on for decades to no avail. my parents asked me if i really had to join the protests they said they have already enough out there but i said no one will stand up if everyone thinks that way. meanwhile the city is trying to clear the remnants of the so. damage to the legislature is estimated at 1000000 euros the government has vowed to prosecute those who participated several arrests have already been made. if i told you that i'm not afraid i would be lying we may be talking about 10 years in jail but from that day until now i don't regret
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that i went in i just feel that i did what i needed to do. when the moderate protestors feel that this might not have helped their cause but criticism has been limited as they say they understand the anger that surfaced. when we entered we had already lost but we felt there was nothing else we could do any more peaceful rallies have achieved nothing. the 3 are currently in hiding and as the police are stepping up their efforts to identify those involved in storming hong kong's parliament. a volcanic eruption in italy has killed one person and injured several others it happened on the island of stromboli north of sicily and it caught residents by surprise experts say the typical warning signs before an eruption were simply not there. a carpet of ash floats on the sea of around the island of stromboli small pieces of all cannick rock rained down and
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landed on this boat the aftermath of yesterday's eruption is clearly visible in the smaller of the island's 2 villages though at 1st there was fire everywhere that burned the undergrowth to the then came the rain of ash smoke also came into that house with the entire village seemed to be in flames it reminded me of pompei. 2 huge explosions occurred at about 5 o'clock on wednesday afternoon the column of smoke was 2 kilometers high authorities say a 35 year old italian hiker was killed and several others were injured. crews flew firefighting planes all night to battle the flames. many tourists on summer vacation have fled the island locals say this has been a highly unusual eruption the already what's different about yesterday is that severe eruptions like these only happen 5 or 6 times in
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a century there are already been 2 eruptions like these between 2002010. yesterday's explosions were among the biggest ever recorded on stromboli cleanup work has already begun. well 2 people have died 4 have been injured in japan after torrential rains hit the south of the country the government has advised more than a 1000000 residents to evacuate the worst affected cargoes prefecture 14000 soldiers have been deployed to assist emergency relief efforts and the rain is now moving towards central japan and towards the capital tokyo. a raging torrent on a river swollen by days of rain. since friday some areas in southern japan have experienced one meter of precipitation twice the seasonal average. the ceaseless down poor has caused havoc flooding and landslides are destroying infrastructure
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and homes and putting lives at risk thousands of sought refuge in makeshift shelters but most of the 1000000 people advised to evacuate have stayed home the emergency response is in full swing because i still to police the fire department and maritime security i working on evacuation call rescue and life saving activities and yesterday the government of congo she met perfect cold in the military which is already begun its work there then. last year heavy rainfall killed more than $200.00 people in the west of the country the high death toll was blamed on a slow government response to the crisis it's a mistake authorities are desperate not to repeat it. well like many countries around the world indonesia is struggling with how to dram ical lines citizens who have joined or support extremist groups and the authorities are
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working with local groups in their approach combines low in force met with job opportunities to help to hopefully turn former combatants into future citizens or correspondent ana santos visited one coffee shop that employs former jihadists and offers them a path back into society this story was supported by the pulitzer center in miami means brother was a suicide bomber with blew himself up in iraq 27 he was only 19 i mean has always regretted not being able to save him. brought them there my heart is broken but after the loss i mean now hopes to sway others in indonesia from the path of violent extremism he is now teaching former militants to make coffee instead of bombs i mean drugs gun coffee a coffee shop a job jakarta and indonesia's main island of java he employs former militants he
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says giving them a job is giving them a sense of purpose and that is key to preventing that from being a radical i think you and all of us are doing when they are released from prison after one or 2 months they are arrested again and then again it is to prevent them we need to understand what their needs are they need work they need friends. with. hundreds of indonesians have joined extremist groups or have gone to places such as syria to join this law mixtape the government is struggling with how to deal with former militants who want to return to normal life indonesia's taking a soft approach to the radicalization combining law enforcement with reintegration programs that focus on skills training and support i mean has been working with the local authorities to help former fighters who want to start over some money is one of them he wants to join the eastern indonesia mujahideen an extremist group
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affiliated with islamic state. and here because i feel we are old brothers we socialize and maintain unity on the us is a way to peace. i mean as a player about 10 former cop because he can't drink coffee it may just be a small number get in there he says to radicalization take time and a one on one so. i don't follow men they join us we know their identities we know their contacts we monitor them we take care of them and stay in touch in my experience running this program no one has ever gone back to their. old grip. english means loud and his cafe i mean says the sort of coffee that is made it love and tolerance. also called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the tunisian capital on tuesday a militant wearing an explosives belt blew himself up there were no other
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casualties it was the 3rd such incident inside a week and it comes at the peak of the important tourist season tourist season in which to nisha is hoping for a record number of visitors now the capital tunis is very much in need of an injection of tourist money and has a woman mayor who is trying to make the place more present to. the mayor of tunis is out on a site visit. he is in her element here she gives some instructions on the pavement she says needs to be widened by this much. and then it's off decision one of the city's poorest districts so out of that a ham is the 1st woman to hold such a position in the arab world and it's caused a sensation most people here just want to know what the mayor can do for them.
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but you wouldn't have it everyone here wants to have their say they want a permit an appointment and a new jobs at. least under the. this is where i learned about the real problems i think it's essential to listen to people that they put their faith in me and i want to respond to that and i. can move to be the focus. in an effort to curb the rapid growth of illegal trading stands the city has built a new covered market by renting a stand and the hall costs money and many say it's too expensive. no one's giving her a break for being a woman so one has to deliver the goods right through it so laid her on being a point but i would be happier if she could find work for my children to just hang out with around the streets all day that. are not a bit has been so she needs to focus more on districts like this this mean the law
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school here are excluded use that was going to school this is where the met should be doing homework when used with. tunis is tunisia's most populous city and it's growing even bigger. in the years since i've dead are him was elected she showed herself to be detail obsessed she even help select the appropriate street lighting . she's determined to focus on making practical chain. to waste disposal and to traffic and snow and she's aware that her appointment to the role is a quantum leap even for tunisians with a reputation for being tolerant and openminded it kids an on going oh of course i feel proud but the election campaign was not easy people repeatedly doubted whether a woman could really possess the skills needed to run this city i that that was the how most would have made you know. and on top of that the 54 year old represents tunisia's islamist party ennahda for many that's
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a contradiction in terms and the party is traditionally associated with men in beards not with a modern open minded woman who doesn't even wear a headscarf and was there when i said. there are many prejudices about our party that was people think it wants women to stay at home and wear veil but my message is that's just not true that would most would definitely have none of that features in a not as party platform what if you know what the hell has that however tunisia's civil society has mixed feelings about its 1st female mayor in front of the city court lawyer 5 to oprah hom tells us she mistrusts islamic and not a party and they have distanced itself from political islam and rebranded itself as muslim democratic but she still has strong doubts. but only you know that. it's just a fuss said in the party and is to miss in general in tunisia a very intelligent choice a woman without
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a veil to fool us into thinking that they are progressive open minded party overall . the on a tour of the medina. tells us she's used to such criticism of the man from both sides i mean even conservative voters are skeptical about a report meant this one. and doesn't like the way the mayor doesn't wear veils if she perhaps not read the koran that's what is clear she says it's a matter of individual choice. that's what. the development is something of a balancing act for the ennahda party in public the party clearly wants to present a worldly face its position is that religion is a private matter with such views and our hopes it will be able to attract constituencies that are usually suspicious of islamists and islam c.f.c.
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little islam was a response to the dictatorship in tunisia. now we're reacting to democratic change in our country. that's why we're separating politics and religion that's why we now have democratic islam. there him overlooks the city from her desk it seems a fitting symbol of her position she's often told she is just a token woman for the party but she's determined to convince people otherwise by focusing on concrete political action. she knows she's already made the history books. and you will miss eunice has become an example for tunisian women and for all arab women. we've shown that women can be politically involved in society. well you missed them. and then she's off to her next site visit back in her element
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again since the arab spring tunis has become dirtier and more chaotic the mayor wants to change that and there's a lot to clear away here including a good pile of prejudice. and there. are some sports news now in tennis day 4 of wimbledon has seen germany's defending champion under the care of a crash in the 2nd round she lost in 3 sets to american davis women's top seed advanced to the 3rd round alongside serena williams and roger federer spanish men's a 3rd seed rafael nadal seen here in practice also beat controversial australian nick curios in one of the standout clashes of the tournament so far. and while the women's soccer world company has been attracting fans around the globe a darker side of the game is also generating headlines last month thief banned the
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former head of afghanistan's football federation from all football related activities for a wife following allegations that he and others sexually abused female players or male afghanistan's coach is telling d.w. she is dissatisfied with the thief is handling of the case and she thinks fifa president giani infantino should resign. let's have the gaze of the footballing world is on france and on the sidelines of the woman's world cup a campaign has been launched to eliminate abuse harassment and exploitation in women's football in attendance was afghanistan's coach kelly lindsay. who told you how difficult it was for her players to get the help they needed from following reports of abuse. the dialogue went on but it didn't feel like anything was progressing it didn't feel like our players were receiving the concerning care that they needed and many of them were getting death threats many of them were being abused at the time we needed to get make sure they were safe we needed to get them out of the country so
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that they could speak the truth and help us understand what was really going on and it just felt like 8 months of a tennis match where nobody wanted to be held accountable and nobody wanted to really talk about the details and sort it out. back in november it was former player paul who 1st went public with allegations that key figures in the afghan football federation had sexually abused players june former president. was banned for life and fined 900000 euro but a lawyer representing him and said he will seek to appeal the ruling. evidence doesn't. stand that truth. and that's that and that decision. kelly lindsey disagrees but has also lost faith in future president giani in fenty you know. he's not my president he
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did not hold up the gold standard that should be held up by fifa on human rights and women's rights and i don't believe he should be the president after the way this case was handled the woman's world cup has been a big success but the afghan abuse scandal is a reminder of the long road ahead. staying with former byron munich. has decided to retire the 35 year old left the bundesliga champions in may and had been expected to finish his career back in his native netherlands but the chelsea and real madrid player says injuries they've taken their toll. all you in robin's final season with bae and started with a bang are go on match day but as so often injury issues struck causing him to miss 27 games a key reason for. in a statement robin said no doubt it's the hardest decision i've had to make in my
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korea a decision where hearts and minds collided. off to starting his career in the netherlands robin had stints with chelsea and real madrid but will be best remembered for playing over $300.00 games for buy in munich in which he scored $144.00 goals and provided another 101 assists i've since joining in 2009 he won the champions league 8 german championships and 5 german cups. he also formed a fearsome partnership with fellow wing a funky believe the jew owed dubbed robbery were integrity to buy and success over the last decade. in his last league game robin found the net for the final time in his korea. the flying dutchman 1000 outs as one of the greats of the modern game. and here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you and oil tanker loaded
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with iranian crude has been seized off gibraltar it was reportedly headed for syria in violation of european union saying spain says the us requested the seizure of iran has called the seizure illegal. and after protesters stormed parliament earlier this week hong kong's chief executive kerry lam is requesting a meeting with student protesters she's trying to ease the pressure of a month long political crisis. you're watching the news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day tonight parades patriotism and the show.
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as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history. she wrote a legend. simply a human being who was the alarm strong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . today is the 4th of july the birthday of the united states of america a national holiday when politics are put aside to make room for picnics and parades with marching bands and fireworks but us president trump is rolling out the tanks along with fighter jets and some 5 star generals this year a salute to america which america tonight protests are already underway against the
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independence day that president raul the producer in chief is calling the show of a lifetime i'm bringing.


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