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my father taught me how to ask and confront the book questions about my country and about. that is why i keep doing to this day my name is now the school for and i work at the top of the. article that. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the struggle to read have been detained fighters from one of the world's most violent militant groups have terrorized east africa for many years killing many innocent people but some have turned their back on the minutes and group and somalia is offering them a chance to rejoin society you spoke exclusively to some former militants trying to come to terms with their violent lost. and forgotten man there's 10 years ago was not able to look after himself because of is bipolar disorder today he's helping
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others recover from their mental illness being that i was going to be a funny guy when i see others my interest in that things. i feel so fantastic for them that nobody should be like that i can recall my can also recall. i'm christine when the walk come to africa i'm glad you're tuned in these so molly islamist extremist group al-shabaab has been waging a campaign of violence in somalia and large parts of east africa for more than a decade in somalia their aim is to replace the un backed government and impose islamic law and african union force has seized back control of the capital mogadishu best al-shabaab is still controlling around 20 percent of the country the government is offering amnesty and rehabilitation to militants who leaves. the
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japanese melanie core of the ball was given re x. is to one rehabilitation center in the province she spoke to former militants there about what they have decided or other why they have decided to leave. that they were part of it killing machine terrorizing somalia's population but now they're asking for forgiveness this facility in juba land is home to 86 young man who used to fight for one of the deadliest islamist extremist groups in the world. here in southern somalia in a town once under siege by al shabaab a program is being implemented to rehabilitate one extremist fighters with the hope of peacefully reintegrating them into society. the former fighters here mostly men aged between 24 and 29 have been granted amnesty and are seeking a 2nd chance 2 of them are willing to share why they decided to defect. for their
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safety and security we have withheld the location and real identities by calling them and that. was just 15 years old when he joined the group 5 years ago but the order in book could be you know at 1st people join because the religion they say you are promoting religion but this is just a front actually they're killing innocent people for no reason or to fight in this could be. similarly joined at the age of 16 to 18 years to escape from the group to see. if they also killed muslims in their attack when i saw my people dying i decided i had to break away. from. many men growing up in disenfranchised and poor parts of the country alert into joining us or bob for financial reasons and to spend that belonging. to address this these men now receive location on training and hands on group classes. so.
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i did not know how to live within society i learned that here i've learned how to support myself. but many here are still haunted by nightmare as they struggle to fathom how they were capable of such violence. to 70 kilometers away from this now peaceful town peacekeepers mandated by the african union are still waging a war against the militant group. but. it's as though we have fought a lot and liberated several areas in the past 2 or 3 months. we are also working on a plan to liberate the areas still under the control of al-shabaab and hand them over to the somali army. back at the rehab really taishan facility these young men receive professional psychological support. but above all it's companionship and leisure time that are
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helping them to overcome the trauma. before we can talk to each other about all the things we've done wrong and give each other support about how not to fall back into our destructive winds. for somalia i hope for the birth of a united government and for my life i hope to work for the benefit of my country and for my people with the new skills he sent men to intend to make a positive contribution to society again. they hope other young people than the stake of joining up in the 1st place. ok let's cross to the core of who you saw in that report she's now back in nairobi good to see you mel so tell us more about these really have been as haitians and as how effective have these programs been. it seems like they are working very well of course it's impossible to get nationwide numbers we are still in
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a country which is experiencing an ongoing conflict but in the south of somalia almost $305.00 former fighters have been in rehab only taishan and are about to already have gone back into their communities to start a life there the government grants everyone amnesty who wants to leave the group so there is some incentive to do that but it is very difficult to do so the group makes it very difficult the man i spoke to told me they would want numerous times that if they did leave their families would be punished or that they themselves would be killed so they are terrified every habit of retaliation they truly are but they did want to speak to us and tell us about their experience to inspire others to follow suit and to leave as well ok so they leave al-shabaab and presumably will go back into the communities how do so mali's feel about these people also the experiences with. i've spoken to
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a lot of people on the ground and everyone told me that they believe that granting amnesty that forgiveness that having programs such as this one in place is essential in order to build a future in somalia which is peaceful and in order to get rid of al shabaab for good but of course for people that is also surprising to say they have been at the receiving end of tremendous amounts of violence i've spoken to a lot of women who told me that they witnessed their husbands being killed in front of their very eyes who have been on the run for a year is who are struggling to go back to their villages which are still under control it was heartbreaking to see them crying and being desperate but at the same time it was beautiful to see that they do have hope and one of the reasons why they have hope is because there are programs such as this one in place ok and i guess i mean the somali government must count this is some success is when you take some of
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these fighters and you rehabilitate them successfully bring them back into the community but why have they not been having so much success in defeating al shabaab we understand they control about 20 percent of the country still. well that factors contributing to the strength of one of them being that in a country plagued by poverty also above has money in many ways you could refer to them as the somali mafia they are able to extort money from the local population they have been making money from illegal charcoal production and export then of course there is also another factor contributing to that it's the weakness of the state which draws power from in many ways is able to provide services that the local government isn't and many somalis have to turn to these services in the absence of strong state institutions and finally yes there is an african union peacekeeping mission in the country which has been able to flush out
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a lot of al-shabaab from major cities but at the same time experts are saying there are simply not enough troops in the country to get rid of the thousands of fighters all right melanie corridor thank you for your reporting. on the extorting isn't gonna mental health care faces many challenges to you to stigma you're about to meet one young man bright star of you who was a bipolar disorder patient but he's now recovered and does providing care for other patients in his rural community and he's also working to change mindsets about mental health in god 30 year old bright star hopes with house would chores before having to wake something because i'm able to do them use a goon as he experienced extreme mood swings depression under groups of behavior. his condition was sparked by this sudden news of his father's death in 2009 doctors
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diagnosed him as suffering from bipolar disorder. after undergoing medical treatment and therapy brights recovered in 2014 and trained as a nez he's now able to work again. listening is tough the acting is to patients at his community hospital. he's happy to believe in a normal life again. those days when it didn't happen towards the becoming the arab voices and then seeing things bads now all those things are gone and now i do things i was sad i was doing previously before the commission came in that i found very difficult to do. for myself in reading it trying to engage in social activities to keep myself active and i can do all those things right to experiences and helps out this with bipolar disorder are different on weekdays at
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this center court home of planes to help the recovery process t.v. and it patients talk about their challenges living with being bipolar and how to deal with stigma right story safes as motivation. and the stigma was just saw hard for me so getting out from that state of mind i deem it's very very great to help others because dippin that i was going to was down so severe for me that when i see others going to similar dance i had splits i feel so pathetic for them that no it shouldn't be like that since i can recall that i believe that it can also recall that in ghana many people with bipolar disorder and neglected by their families. came as hopeless some of his patients recover quickly. were you was how. many. years now you come in as and so.
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for me i still have to become what they were i want to become or form my. according to god as health service an estimated 4000000 canadians suffered from mental health conditions in 2017 that's many of voice seeking help because of stigma health officials are not pushing for an end. to discrimination to encourage those who recover to read to creates and help. to use community and used. with medical decisions because everybody come to us or did at any point in time have the hoops historial for caffrey from mental illness will encourage others to speak out and seek help good job about. and that is a canal from africa. at our facebook page i'm on twitter and
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