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as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. a legend. simply a human being. was born strong. was his destiny starts july 20th on w. . this is it of the news asia coming up on the program now the hong kong's protest movement after storming the city's parliament many are now in hiding driving arrest. 3 young protesters defying. and demanding real democracy. war on drugs in the philippines we'll talk about the impact on children who've been
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caught up in the police raids and extrajudicial killings. plus an action blockbusters made in vietnam a new generation of directors trying to revive the country's one striving food industry. i'm going to welcome to the. it's good to have you with us we begin in hong kong where just trying to recover from violent protests that happened on monday protests which saw mostly young people occupy the territories parliament this on the 22nd anniversary of the territories handed over to china from britain since then an offer of talks by the city's the ada. has been rejected by university students and the police have begun arresting individuals involved. in the demonstrations that
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has prompted some to go into hiding 3 south of the originals and spoke to them about the protests that have come to define young generation stephanie boris and can not their real names were protesting outside the legislative council on monday when suddenly a group of young people started to attack the parliament trying to break the glass from. the time i was still struggling over whether i should leave or i should support them. i thought by the time the glass broke and the 1st protesters entered the building she had made up her mind i thought that i needed to support what they wanted today it may be wrong all right but they are still hong kong people. most of the protesters were very young 18 year old boras also had his doubts but decided to join india and the protesters entered the building spreading graffiti calling for universal suffrage pro-democracy activists have been fighting for his demands for
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decades to no avail. my parents asked me if i really had to join the protests they said they had already enough out there but i said no one will stand up if everyone thinks that way. meanwhile the city is trying to clear the remnants of facilities damage to the legislature is estimated at $1000000.00 euros the government has vowed to prosecute those who participated several arrests heavily to be made. if i told you that i'm not afraid i would be lying we may be talking about 10 years in jail but from that day until now i don't regret that i went in i just feel that i did what i needed to day. many moderate protesters feel that this might not have helped their cause but criticism has been limited as they say they understand the anger that surfaced. when we entered we
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had already lost but we felt there was nothing else we could do any more peaceful rallies have achieved nothing the 3 are currently in hiding as the police are stepping up their efforts to identify those involved in storming hong kong's parliament. nonetheless protests are planned for this sunday in the chinese territory didn't look at a spawn of mathias bullinger is in the city and sent us this report on what to expect protests have somewhat subsided over the last few days after monday's dramatic events but this does not mean that they are over after the young people stormed the legislature many are facing prosecution arrests have been made they have retreated now they are recapturing their energy they're rethinking their strategies but that anger has gone nowhere neither has the perception that this is an essential battle for their future they deeply mistrust this government and they
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will be out on the streets again this sunday another protest is scheduled this time on the other side of hong kong the car loan side which you can see behind me people are going there because it is a popular destination for mainland tourists and they're hoping to raise awareness of their conflict within the mainland visitors as well. on and materials building out there in hong kong now it's been 3 years since philippines president broderick a detective launched his so-called war on drugs in that time police and vigilante death squads have killed alleged drug users and dealers in their thousands in fact official government figures put that toll at around 6000 but the drug problem is far from over on thursday police province destroyed 1.4 tons of drugs in an incinerator they warned the philippines still faces a flood of illegal drugs and that their strategy now is to go after
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a higher level traffickers. but critics blame the government for more than $12000.00 deaths in the end to drugs campaign so far deaths which include children many more suffering often losing members of their family human rights watch has followed the attack is war on drugs close the this week i spoke with philippines researcher carlos condor in the newsroom mr condit thanks so much speaking to d.w. news asia and our human that's what is roughly 12000 in fact more than 12000 filipinos have been killed in about 3 years of this war on drugs who would you say this campaign's biggest victims. obviously the family the filipinos who ended up dead or harmed by this campaign no but really when you look at the longer lasting impact of the killings it's going to be the families of those victims and primarily children keep in mind that majority of the victims in these drug war are the poorest of the poor and so every time the police kill
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a breadwinner that's not going to have a ripple rippling effect on the family of the victims are there any plans in the governor from the government to try and support these families whose main breadwinner has been killed in this so-called campaign well that's just the thing because we found that the government does not have a specific plan to help the families of this if it does particularly children know there are existing programs but a government for social welfare and they're trying to access that to help some of these victims but there is no specific program to deal with the you know the trauma the economic hardship that follows after each killing $12000.00 filipinos or more have died in this so-called war on drugs the government says it's official figures that are roughly half that number but still the killings continue and support for this policy of president continues why does that happen. it looks to us like.
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the popular president of the arctic coms from the fact that the philippines since the time when a dictator marcos in the seventy's has long had these many intractable problems that have not been fixed by succeeding administration so when dr dick came along he held himself up as the solution to many of the problems and even told filipinos not the solution to this problem and willing to do what is necessary among them. violence and killing all of this people in a factory and i'm paying he said that if you don't like blood flow. don't look for me no elect me is what he said and so people interpreted that as political to be and finally to have these leader thought would change the country in february president detector warned that this campaign will only get hot and after the mid-term polls in which his party and his allies did rather well in me do you think that is going to be the case do you think we're going to see
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a fall was cracked on the reward be seen because the killings have become a political tool to keep this popular. we believe that the killings he would worsen and specially because you know not contemplate the mechanisms of the international community to human rights council arise you see or others the government or deterred he himself will have then the tendency to. lash back and i think a slow as the needs of this poor people are not met. obviously the drug problem has to be there and in fact he himself has said that the drug problem just worsen sort of predicting his statement that in fact it will worsen the killings i mean going from here well that's what thank you so much for speaking to us. scholars going to speak to me. not remember efforts to revive its once thriving movie industry burma cinema has a long and rich history but decades of military rule suppressed creativity imposed
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censorship and left are saluted from the outside world now with the country slowly opening up a new wave of directors is hoping to reboot. golden era or for the. last temples buried jewels and a lot of the action the film the mystery of burma was a box office hit in myanmar last year. our car when is the man behind it not so long ago he was an i.t. technician working in singapore. now he's turned his passion for film into a job hoping to reinvent the way myanmar makes movies the visual it's very different from what we can see most of the time in the movie it's totally different the look over there is really different that's why the people of.
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myanmar was a leading light in regional cinema until the military hunter took over in 1962 the country opened up again in 2011 but critics say bad habits remain movies rely on the same over used story lines and peddle lazy stereotypes on race and gender industry insiders say film goers are hungry for fresh ideas. the condition of me and last film industry is similar to that of a country. after 100 years neither is in good condition. habits it seems die hard at this year's academy awards myanmar's version of the oscars. the new generation filmmakers left empty handed. director nadji was among those who missed out on a prize his adaptation of a novel set in the 1940 s.
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had won him lots of fans in the horror film crazy nation. the problem was that generation new generation this kind of thing and the. mainstream for makers of that there. is kind of divided you know. so we need more people who can walk together. myanmar is also luring some foreign filmmakers gangbang was used as the backdrop for some scenes of a hong kong movie shot this year the next goal to get the country's movies picked up overseas and usher in a new golden era for the industry in myanmar. new rises for phone in myanmar that's a for no. other stories on the. issue of on facebook and twitter. religion i would be huge trying to get 3020 crowds at the job i'm not
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to express a feeling i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist mandate looking for new perspectives. to work and not rigid reclaimers break with the economy doing things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society. march 21 talk to the. doubling of india's g.d.p. to 5 trillion dollars a massive infrastructure and job creation program the coldest also plan promote his ambitious new budget the 1st since his landslide reelection boss kennedy dot. vies with the european union from massive investments into e.u.
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candidate state montenegro competition is good but is it in this case. this is business. as welcome the newly reelected government of india has promised an easing of foreign investment rules and more infrastructure spending it wants to boost flagging growth rates and create jobs it's about time china has now leapfrog india as the world's fastest growing major economy with unemployment in a just because economy at its highest since the 1970 s. . india's finance minister laid out her plans to double the size of the economy a campaign promise of prime minister narendra modi pietersen ready within our capacity to reach the prize trillion new responders in the next. 3 need to invest slightly in infrastructure in digital economy and.


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