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this is the w.'s life from saddam celebrates an apparent breakthrough in its political crisis after months of protests the ruling generals agreed to share power with civilian representatives for the next 3 years so how viable is this plot for a peaceful transition to democracy also on the program take control of a british tanker that's a call of a former high ranking iranian official is retaliation for the seizure of a tanker carrying iranian oil off the verses territory of gibraltar. greece for the past to go to the polls and sunday snap election the last 4 years of austerity look
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like shifting the political needle to the right. time phil gal welcome to the program african union mediators say that opposition leaders on sudan's ruling generals have reached a power sharing agreement under the deal a joint military civilian council will rule the country for the next 3 years the country has been shaken up by protests since the ousting of longtime president obama al bashir in april opposition leaders say the new deal is a victory for them movement. celebrations in the capital hard to me as a political standoff deescalate in a gesture of peace sudan's ruling military freed more than $200.00 rebel fighters who are part of the country's opposition
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a step towards reconciliation one rebel leader praised their release. well i mean the image is that it shows clearly that the army and the armed forces are our partners and not our enemy. i mean i want your cooperation and understanding we will meet the demands of the sudanese people to stop us without those demands our 1st civilian rule it's been the heart of the conflict which began after the military ousted longtime leader omar al bashir activists called for a transition to a civilian government an impasse ensued and then bloodshed in june security forces opened fire on a protest camp in the capital leaving more than $100.00 dead but after a month the warring sides were at the table again in power sharing talks mediated by the african union and ethiopia after 2 days a breakthrough was announced. and government you mentioned isn't the 2 parties
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have agreed to share the sovereign council equally between the. military and civilian for the period of at least 3 years. with the they have also agreed on an independent civilian government under the leadership of a prime minister. in a further sign of healing they also agree to launch a national independent investigation into the deaths of the sudanese who were killed in the fight for democracy. and they wus that abraham has reported extensively from sudan welcome to the studio so this is not the 1st suppose a deal to be announced so do you see today's announcement as significant it is quite significant it feels like a kind of step in what could be in the future
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a positive outcome it's important to remember and to think of this for what it is it's a power sharing. it's not a transfer of power to a complete civilian rule which was the main demand of the opposition from the beginning since december so insofar as it could in 3 years it remains to be seen if after this transitional period there are successful elections and then we would have civilian civilian rule however it is a culmination of almost 3 months of extremely turbulent times in sudan that have seen many ups and downs and we've been here before where it seemed like there is a breakthrough there is an agreement and then somehow the military or the opposition something happens and then they back out of the deal so it remains to be seen if the deal holds but for now it seems like it is a step forward if power sharing rather than complete transfer of power ok so we have the military having seized power after the president went through we presume
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that the military will have the 1st go of being in charge and this in this power sharing arrangement correct so what we know of the deal now is that the country will be run by a sovereign council and the leadership of this council will be rotated and the 1st the military is up 1st they will be leading the sovereign council 1st for a period of i think a little bit over. 2121 months which which will put them in the ministry for something like a 2 years i wonder what people think of this i mean it's important to remember that all of this all of these negotiations all of this discussion is happening in the midst of a near internet blackout in sudan that is imposed by the government itself and the government the military council to be quite frank is in charge of also the formal means of communication so it's a challenge to gauge what people think in that regard however we were able to reach some. protestors on the ground i've been touch with some of them some have called this deal and i'll write betrayal one woman told me if they were willing to
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compromise the opposition then they should have just compromise with a. bashir and not put us through for all of these months of violence and the people that have died others see this as a necessary compromise and that to get out of this crisis some compromise needed to be made and the t.m.c. needed to be involved but everybody everyone that i've spoken to more or less has said this is this is bittersweet because a lot of the things that they've demanded are not there and most significant of that is that they're seeing the same faces on the military on the military council that were significant and prominent in a time like him it t. the militia commander of the orissa and yeah so it remains to be seen where this happens we will talk about this again in the future for him for now thank you. mulder has agreed to take in dozens of migrants rescued by a humanitarian charity vessel in the mediterranean the boats carrying 55 people who were rescued off the libyan coast in which they will take 55 other migrants
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currently sheltering in malta the move defuses a standoff between the charity measure to ronnie italy's populist interior minister who had refused to allow the boat to dock many like prince don't make it this far at least 53 people were killed on tuesday but an airstrike hit a migrant detention center in the libyan capital tripoli now going up plans to close those centers. esteban is the head of the u.n.h.c.r. libya unit she joins us from the choosing capital tunis welcome to d.w. could we start with these reports that the interior minister saying he's going to close down libya's migrant detention centers if that happens what is likely to happen to the people being kept. well we definitely when this announcement that the government is considering to close the tensions anderson
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libya it's something you and it's here has been advocating for years now we are ready and we stand ready to support anything in it to finally turn it is what would happen is out we would have to discuss the modalities of how that would go with other human agencies with with the government of course and see and look for solutions for each and every one of the migrants and refugees who are currently detained in libya and how do the migrants come to be there in the 1st place. well refugees are coming from conflict countries countries where their life is at risk so they're looking for international protection they're crossing the desert they're walking by foot for days for weeks without food they are captive at the hands of smugglers where they're suffering immensely most of them try to reach t.v. and reach the e.v.f. where they sometimes do or abuse and torture at the hands of smugglers that's where they trust they try to cross the mediterranean sea and are sometimes returned back
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to libya where they are systematically detained so most of them have tried to attempt to cross the mediterranean in look for safety but they they find themselves in detention centers in libya and they're very very dark let's look at this point of return to the e.u. has done various deals with actors in libya aimed at reducing the flow of migrants across the mediterranean if they accept that libya is a place to return migrants to watch where should be you sam. well libya is not a safe country for refugees this is unique our position we have been repeating this systematically but there are many on turn it is we do have a resettlement program for example for refugees who are living in the urban settings in the van not everyone is that dangerous 56000 refugees and asylum seekers who are not detained in that yeah there are other divs there is there from you and if occasion there's other solutions that can be explored ok that i'm not
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quite sure if you are you address my point because that sounds like dealing with people who are in libya where they might go when the e.u. turns migrants back and sends them back to libya what are you here to be suggesting that libya receives them and then passes them passes them elsewhere is that right well that's a current practice where we don't advocate for that of course we do not a look at for the return of any person in all cases and i would like for that was my view if the e.u. does return them to libya. and given that the libya is not safe if they don't return to libya what should the e.u. do with these people well we advocate for access to us and procedures access to international protection and to follow the regular s. and procedures in the country. what sort of conditions of people living in these detention centers. well conditions in the tension centers have been
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have been always very dire we're talking about to find manned lots of people in small spaces where there are spread of diseases where there's a lack of services. but at present it's even more worrisome because we're talking about many detention centers that are actually in conflict areas so there's $3800.00 refugees and migrants who are currently in the tension centers where active is conflict or it may be or may be active be active so in that case that's why we keep on advocating for evacuation opportunities out of libya for the closure of the tension center and to ensure that these refugees who are of a bunker are released so that they're not trapped in areas of active conflict very clear thank you so much for joining us apollo about achievement from the un that's my. we'll take a look now at some of the other source making news around the world turkish authorities say 3 people have been killed in
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a car bombing in the south of the country present better time once the people inside the vehicle were syrians the blast occurred near the town of a red on the syrian border. at least 198 bodies have been recovered from a mass grave in syria where the islamic state militant group once had its key stronghold the gravely the city of raka contained the bodies of men and women thought to have been stoned to death by us militants. holocaust survivor says call has died at the age of $85.00 born in romania she championed forgiveness for the people who carried out the atrocities of the holocaust she passed away while you will trip to auschwitz to educate youth about the horrors of genocide. a former high ranking iranian official has called on to run to seize a british oil tanker in response to the seizure of a tanker carrying in reining in oil on thursday british royal marines boarded the
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vessel off the british territory of gibraltar in southern spain it's believed the oil on board was on its way to syria in violation of european union sanctions iran has condemned the action. so let's talk about where this might go from here ali fatah and the job is a visiting fellow from the brookings doha center welcome thank you d.w. . is iran likely to follow through on this threat of seizing a british tank well this former iranian official is actually one of the most important security officials in these long republic. projects of iran going to do is going to do that but that said photogs game is within the realm of possibilities iran and spain have accused britain of acting at the behest of the united states why is that significant well i think the timing of this incident of gibraltar is
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quite interesting after all we've seen a lot of you know european efforts most recently to save the iran nuclear dear there is negotiate. it's going on between the european iranian side. you know and how to do that and actually instax the special purpose vehicle has been announced to be operational now so the u.s. government maybe wants to send a signal to europe and drive a wedge between those who are more critical of the iranian position and those who are closer to the iranian position so in that case the u.k. has been quite a line in itself to the united states i was interesting as a v.u.k. 5 to 7 and in and an odd position in this in as much as you say it sees itself as a u.s. ally but it's also as one of the signatories to the iran nuclear deal it has been working to try and make the deal work absolutely and i think the european position
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as a whole is to save the iran nuclear deal but as you know the iran nuclear agreement does on the on life support or on the brink of collapse so the things are very tight and there are obviously also different stances among the europeans but nevertheless this is also part of the larger game that we are seeing here the larger game of course is iran's nuclear stockpile iran has already announced that it is it has passed the limits of its low enriched uranium that's allowed in under the terms of the agreement it says it's going to boost enrichment starting from sunday is that likely to happen and what's likely to be the repercussions of this is actually quite a risky move i mean so far we've seen that the iranians have slightly increased the stockpile of low enriched uranium for now the next step they're announcing which is by sunday to increase the level of enrichment if it if iran does actually start
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enriching uranium to 20 percent level this will change the dynamics and we might see a new nuclear conflict on the horizon or actually being kicked off and this would put the europeans in a very difficult situation because this iranian move of potentially 20 percent enrichment might antagonize the europeans. ok every day we the world becomes a little more dangerous thank you so much for joining us. on the job from the a brookings doha center thank you not to grace who have voters will go to the polls on sunday in a snap general election prime minister alexis tsipras is battling to hold on to his job after implementing austerity measures demanded by european credit has many greeks the still suffering the effects of massive tax increases and budget cuts the doctor's next on the reports. but are you going out these people are in no mood to celebrate the greek elections are just around the corner and the leftist syriza
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party is striving for every vote polls suggest their time could be up late summer is a supporters here in athens still believe in the ruling party's values they buy from an idea that is serious and stands for more democracy equality and secondarily. that i unlike a lot of music there's a previous arizona presents renewal and change in the country the creation of better economic conditions. because of the quota you get my 9 is what i miss for me it is safety calmness and assurance in my life that's fine with mistakes and other things but it is safe to. say almost in this fight the people here behind me still believe in the leftist sure it's a party but the party has been losing support and many here in greece have decided to join another political camp. and he is one of them pension year and former math teacher yes he's the most in 2015 when greece was in the middle of
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a financial crisis he believed series i would be able to create a better future for him and his family. now 4 years later he says he has had enough . of this myth the more son. i expected something different compared with the previous governments. because it was the ethics and the way they expressed themselves they had irritated me before the odd little ethan's series of politics proved to be the same style that or even worse. pension cuts and high taxes have made everyday life less affordable. for you tomorrow another group is using this to its advantage the conservative new democracy party with its leader kitty accost me to talk as. he's currently the front runner in the polls. but they're rivals and prime minister alexis c. plus so as a party claim new democracy is hardly the champion of the middle class. the huge
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deficit that destroyed the middle class is made everything everything is made by the supplier that now. but he sense itself as the savior of the 2 parties arguments are familiar by now by jenny's themis has decided to vote for a new democracy this time they retired teacher has this simple reason it's a mathematica. in mathematics there's the idea of the method of elimination. proving something by eliminating the other options unfortunately the greeks will now go to based on that logic and see for me. to skip the quote on mathematical and. if enough greeks follow this approach in sunday's election there's a realistic chance that it's swing voters like us who will ultimately decide this ballots winner. so venezuela has severely criticised the new report by our hero
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united nations human rights chief accuse her of bias michel basher that presented a report in geneva it warns that the rule of law in venezuela has eroded president nicolas maduro continues to be locked in a political standoff the self-proclaimed president. now the report is based on the government's own figures it found that security forces loyal to president maduro carried out the only 7000 killings in the past year and a half many of them may have been extrajudicial it also said that almost 800 people remain in custody after being abra charly arrested and that 1500 deaths over a period of 4 months were caused by a lack of hospital supplies. the u.n. report makes more than 20 recommendations to venezuela's government including talking to the opposition rather than trying to break it down. i encourage the
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government to view the opposition and human rights defenders partners in the common cause of your rights and justice and to plant the seeds for the durable political agreement that leads to reconciliation. dispose new corruption allegations of the awarding of the 2016 olympics to rio de janiero rios form a state government has admitted spending $2000000.00 to buy the votes that ensured the city would host the games. the 1st time the olympics had been awarded to south america now rio is 2016 showpiece is again under the spotlight that's off the claims by say rio de janeiro's former state governor he's currently serving a nearly 200 year jail term for corruption and money laundering and had this to say at a court hearing on thursday. by the. newsmen looked at me and said listen sergio i want to tell you that the president of world athletics. at that time lamine diac
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. is open to receiving bribes when. this man is this man collis newsman the then head of brazil's olympic committee he's already on trial in this case and has long denied lying even before the games took place. absolutely dutch there was nothing with the real 0. allegedly on the receiving end of the money lamine diac he's also being investigated in france over a host of other corruption charges together with his son patten i started teac he said to have asked return of 2000000 dollars in bribes jackie. said he can get more votes we cannot turn almost 9 votes 8 or 9 votes he said he needed an extra $500000.00 i said ok you can guarantee that to him. international olympic committee
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member surrogate seen here with diac and former swimmer alexander popof are among those that can brow says had their votes weight both of tonight this but he was a legend in pole votes saying on twitter that he completely rejected all the false claims while referencing to browse a long prison sentence for corruption out of the battle to save bird lin's techno scene when the berlin wall came down nearly 30 years ago parts of the city center opened up to techno fans and created some of the electronic dance music major hotspots but now with property developers eyeing the area and a growing fears that that culture is under threat. it's a saturday night at christmas one of the most popular techno clowns in berlin and we're the 1st t.v. crew that's ever been allowed to film here normally even taking photos is strictly subordinate and even before we go in we can feel the intense 5 coming off the dance floor and this is how it's gone it's almost like an addiction for you just do it
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you always look forward and never back. david cura started working in clubs and 17 for 8 years he's been the manager of the smooth i'm a one time noodle factory. like most clubs in berlin it started off small and now the venue hosts $150.00 parties a year employs 70 people and brings in more than $2000000.00 euros annually. the waterfront location and garden are particularly popular in summer parties that last all weekend. parties alone don't bring in enough cash the business has to host flea markets i'm sure movies as well to stay alive. american d.j. d.v.d.'s one has been part of the berlin techno scene for about a decade. but he isn't sure how much longer it'll last we meet him at space hall
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his favorite record shop where he comes to look for the latest sounds. d.v.s. one is a champion of real underground techno some have called him techno as global conscience and there's a reason why berlin is his 2nd home. to the culture is so. relevant here you know the amount of record stores that are here the amount of other artists that i can be influenced by and communicate with and even in passing can gain inspiration from it you don't have that really anywhere else in the world . but d.e.v.'s one says tourists are watering down the unique character of berlin's parties meanwhile real estate investors are forcing clubs out of town the freedom space and creativity of berlin's techno scene are under threat. at some point it's going to the bubble is going to burst and i've already heard about some clubs of
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course facing closures facing problems noise restrictions and will destroy the city at some point. not far from policemen on the other side of the canal new illegal techno clubs have popped up the underground is still alive. but berlin city government says last year 7 clubs shut down and 16 more are at risk including policeman. david shearer has long been fighting for the club survival the owner of the property will only give them leases for half a year at a time. that i'd like to see politicians put a stop to the whole thing. the investors and gentrification that are pushing us out that are definitely threatening all of us all the clubs that would fund the troops . it's uncertain how much time wavers have left to keep dancing in berlin or whether some day the lights will even go out and the capital of free radical techno. you best start now that i'm up let's stay on day w.
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