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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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bring it tangs. this is g.w. news from berlin tonight iran in violation of the nuclear deal inspectors confirming that iran has upped its enrichment of uranium a move which breaches terms stipulated in the 2015 nuclear deal iran says he can reverse course if you're a protects it from u.s. sanctions is also coming up tonight he ordered the rape and murder of civilians and forced children to kill mr tooke international criminal court in the hague finds former congolese warlord bosco guilty of crimes against humanity and.
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a massive layoffs at germany's georgia bank a radical restructuring at germany's largest lender and offices in hong kong and london people were shown the door to did. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome to the u.n. inspectors have verified what tehran had already announced iran has begun violating the 2015 nuclear deal the i.a.e.a. today confirming that iran is no longer adhering to limits on its enrichment of uranium well the european union says busy it's extremely concerned and has urged the country to reverse course tehran says it would do that but only if europe keeps its. promise a promise to protect iran's economy from tough u.s.
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sanctions. or the u.s. withdrew from the nuclear deal last year today u.s. vice president mike pence reacted to the news that iran is in violation of that deal iran should not confuse american restraint with the lack of american result. of the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect our interests and protect our personnel and our citizens in the region we will continue to oppose a rands malign influence we will continue to bring pressure on their economy and under president donald trump america will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. are there was the us vice president there speaking earlier for some analysis now i'm joined by simon maybe he's
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a middle east analyst from lancaster university in england it's good to see you again so we've heard what the u.s. vice president is saying but can you tell us because we're not hearing it from the white house what is the u.s. strategy here is there an end game with iran. i think it depends who you us which member of the us ministration that you us canucks fundamentally the problem here if you talk to someone like the president always key advises such as john bolton then you got a very different and game 2 to 2 other voices we know that trump and bolton have both been incredibly different towards iran we know that their their endgame is to suffocate the the islamic republic to put as much pressure on on the iranian state as possible but we're hearing a range of different and in many ways in cone grew and message just coming out of the u.s. administration from the different branches of it that that up top slightly more
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hopeful that the europeans can exit a bit more influence and bring the rand back to the negotiating table so i think there's a great degree of of confusion perhaps but also ringback perhaps just many different ideas of what the end game actually is so it's just contingent on who you ask and when you compare u.s. policy towards iran with u.s. policy towards north korea you've got 2 completely different pictures they are you've got north korea which has nuclear weapons being treated being legitimized by the u.s. president and iran the total opposite do you think iran is maybe thinking that it too can become the next north korea. well perhaps i mean north korea has shown that by testing a nuclear weapon it can exit a great deal more influence on the world stage and and try and circumvent the isolationism that it's experienced in recent decades but let's not forget the iranian case is dramatically different it's
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a signatory of the number of ration treaty but it also exists a great deal of influence across the region broadly and that's incredibly different to north korea so iran has numerous cards to play in this game and it's this regional influence that is being a serious cause for concern for many in washington but also for key u.s. allies in saudi arabia and israel so i think it's dramatically different but north korea has certainly shown what getting hold of a nuclear weapon can do well i should just stress that the iranian leadership has vehemently denied that that's what it's trying to achieve but is the is true we know that the french president is sending his top diplomat to tehran tomorrow to try to salvage this deal and to deescalate the situation we know that the iranians want the europeans to deliver something that many people say is impossible that is protect them from these u.s. sanctions is it feasible for the iranians to demand that from europe.
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well if we think that the europeans played such a key role in getting that deal off the ground getting the nuclear deal into a comprehensive plan of action off the ground european states were integrity in making this happen they were the ones responsible for this diplomatic effort to actually bring iran and the u.s. to the table and getting the deal over the line so i think it's not particularly surprising that iran is trying to put this pressure back on europe and whether europe can pull it off remains to be seen i'm not entirely convinced i'm not entirely confident that that is able to do this to able to exert pressure on the united states or indeed to get russia and china 2 of the other key states in all of this to play ball with with iran using this this new financial mechanism that there is far too many variables but europe certainly has an important role to play although i doubt that it's going to be able to do everything that teheran wants it to do. so i mean maybe in the middle east analyst in lancaster england joining us
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tonight simon as always we appreciate your insights thank you so much for having me . well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world new york prosecutors have charged a billionaire financier geoffrey epstein with sex trafficking authorities say that he exploited and abused dozens of girls as young as the age of 14 epstein has long been a high profile figure with links to u.s. president donald trump and former president bill clinton pope francis has given a mass in which he prayed for migrants he said that they are people and not just a social issue france is welcome to migrants to the special ceremony which was held in st peter's basilica at the vatican he's made the question of migration one of the central issues of his papacy police in the turkish capital ankara have clashed with student demonstrators they had gathered to stop a plan to bulldoze in on campus forest in order to build dormitories protesters and
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camped out for almost 2 months saying that the plan would produce an environmental catastrophe. the international criminal court today found a former congolese warlord guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity bosco to go and was charged with a series of crimes dating back to 2002 he's accused of directing civilian massacres and ordering the rape of both men and women he maintains his innocence throughout the trial. he calls himself a revolutionary and a soldier but judges at the international criminal court found bosco to gonda is a war criminal who both commanded and committed horrific acts against civilians and child soldiers after a 3 year trial to gondor was found guilty on 18 charges coming early to 4th person ever to be convicted of war crimes by the i.c.c. . for the reasons i have just summarized the chambre having all of the
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dents but isn't it by the part this finds you as. one guilty of murder ascribed against humanity guilty of intentionally direct ink effects against civil defense as a war crime and guilty of sexual slavery as a crime against humanity to go on to lead a rebel army that fought in the gold richey to the region in the democratic republic of congo's north east in the early 2000 observers say tens of thousands of people suffered under his command human rights watch documented some of their stories. i was 11 years old we were playing when bosco tag on the soldiers abducted us and took us to him. we were tortured to toughen us up. he
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was brutal to me. he drew the lies me by raping me. and despite an international arrest warrant to gondo went on to become a general in the congolese army yet he lost power and in 2013 he surrendered himself to the i.c.c. to gondor now awaits sentencing he faces up to 30 years in prison or earlier d.w. spoke to maria elena been your only from a human rights watch and she told us why the conviction of. significant. today is a very important day for for justice today at the verdict against boston tech and that really provides finally provide some measure of justice for the thousands of victims of the crimes committed by himself and by his troops and it also sends a strong message to other perpetrators even though it's believed to be untouchable
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like boston said and that was that justice will one day catch up with them but we should not forget also other victims of other crimes committed not only by boston to get but there were criminals in that into congo that have yet to be brought to justice and the recent resurgence of violence in a turi district of the democratic republic of congo also sharpness to need to address the impunity gap that still exists in congo and this means so one hand for it the i.c.c. for the i.c.c. prosecutor to really are have a strategy a clear strategy to address this i was sending out comes ability need but also on the other hand for the congo these government to commit to strengthen its effort to investigate and prosecute grave international crimes of domestic level that was a real and having your leave from human rights watch speaking with us earlier.
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european union leaders met with ukraine's president vladimir is a linsky today in kiev to discuss the conflict in the eastern part of the country more than 10000 people have been killed millions uprooted but one small town is giving leaders hope in studied salute a crossing point between the self-proclaimed the hans people's republic and the government controlled ukraine forces of both sides have withdrawn from their frontline positions it's the 1st such move in years and is seen as a possible step towards building trust our correspondent nick connelly reports from there. 4 years have passed since this bridge was destroyed in fighting and the people it's the needs of the still clambering over its makeshift replacement thousands of them every day the separatists say they want the bridge rebuilt as it was wide enough for a tank to pass the ukrainian army countess insisting instead on
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a narrow replacement. nina city is one of the civilians living with the consequences of their failure to agree she and her husband anatoly live in separate is controlled territory but have a pension and the medicines need it depends on can only be connected from the government health side so once a month they cross the front line each visit is a no deal. that's not been the muscling of the last i was scared all the time on the bridge watch would have happened if someone had tripped while carrying me or you i had to take a tranquilizer but if you have more we should figure. nina didn't get a chance to elect ukraine's president to vote she would have had to make several additional trips across the front line but she couldn't be happier with the result . beginning to do it when people are impatient we were waiting for the elections our hopes were so high i cried when i saw the landscape inauguration i
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just want this all to end as soon as possible and for peace to return. nino was a baker until a failed operation put her in a wheelchair she now receives a pension worth approximately 50 proves half of which she spends on nappies and drugs she called back home in the separatist controlled side. it's over 30 degrees and most people here have to wait several hours just to pass the ukrainian check for. fatalities and the rarity of these cures as the stress and the heat take their toll on the old and the sick. of being in a wheelchair i mean it gets priority. but when we leave the ruined bridge still lies ahead of. and then begin the ordinary people have had enough of this war we're all just grieving for the normal life we had before this couple not my nation is
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new. that was nick carlin reporting there well today of the offices of georgia bank and hong kong scenes of employees being shown the door germany's biggest lender has begun another major restructuring axing 18000 jobs across the globe decimating offices in asia and new york. investment bankers were the 1st to go entire teams were given the sack on monday from sydney to london. i could concentrate hard on this sector for years but to no avail this year it's not going up yet another round of losses for the 4th time in 5 years the restructuring measures announced on sunday are aimed at freeing up the remaining divisions of the bank it's turning its back on its ailing international business and focusing on the domestic market. we've been planning for quite some time that after achieving stabilisation last year cleaning up the balance sheet having costs under control now we want to take the next step and that's to align the bank with its strengths and that's what we have pleased to announce today that the. bank was devastated
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by the global financial crisis and the share price is yet to recover. legal disputes compounded doj has problems the bank was forced to pay billions in fines for russian money laundering breach of sanctions against iran and syria and for its role in the subprime mortgage scandal we're e after years of uncertainty someone vester see this radical reboot as an opportunity. dawdling around for the last few years is now over the steps are being taken to give the bank a new direction and that's what's been missing for the past 5 or 6 years from 6 yards even those most acutely affected the employees except retrenchment is necessary and if i take a painful step today at least it hurts in a socially acceptable way and that can help move forward into the future then it's important we go along with it. puts the cost of restructuring at $7400000000.00
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euros however it hopes that will enable it to retake its place among the world's leading financial institutions some analysts are skeptical whether the measures go far enough to solve problems and restore the one time poster child of global finance to the top tier. it was a story they cantered the world's attention on june 23rd last year 12 boys from a youth soccer team decided to explore a cave in thailand with their coach the group entered the tumble one cave in the northern province of cheong rhine you see right there but shortly after they entered the heavy rains began to fall floodwaters rose the boys and their coach were trapped now early efforts to find them failed in the search team grew to hundreds of people including diving experts and rescuers from all over the world who remember those scenes there then after 9 days with no news and 4 kilometers from the caves mouth divers found the boys hungry weak but still
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alive now came the challenging task of bringing them to safety through a flooded cave as you see right there a daring mission that cost one rescue diver his life the boys and their coach when they were all rescued safely. charlotte tells until one of the divers who took part in the rescue he reflects on his experience one year on. i like to tell a good story and it's a very cool story. when i arrived to the cape the kits where you get to be flown we were going up there not knowing 100 percent of what kind of mission going into i'd be going in to save some kids or going to recover some bodies and i think myself and many of the other rescuers we were probably expecting to find at least some of them not alive. it was terrifying to think about that maybe you're going to be
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diving around and then the next thing you got to bump into is that it and it turned into a happy that that was not the situation that was part of getting to for the 1st kids out and it kind of worked pretty good. i was sitting in the 6th chamber which is a must see cough way into where he put the kids where i found our mission myself and my dive buddy was to support the divers and the kids as they were coming out so we could actually see the dive i always see the night of the diver way before we can see the diver and i remember that reddy vividly i'm sitting on one of the banks together with my dive buddy and i can see this glowing to walk so i'm jumping into the water the water is about chest high at this point and i'm running towards that ike he's dragging something to the water i know what that is that is one of the kids but at this point i didn't know what condition the kid was so that i still
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remember coming around and he's coming up and i can see the bubbles scaping from the kids' mosque and equipment which indicates to me that the kitties is breeding. and i was told he needed to know he said i maybe he's injured maybe something else is wrong with him but he said. i was the last person to leave the cave that night at this point all of the kids have already been evacuated to the hospital and was under treatment i still remember coming into the sort of charm bar which is where the diving ends i remember one of the american divers just said to me i've been to all find them all alive and know why i thought they were because i sold it for divers few hours earlier i didn't know and it was fantastic to get than the good news that. they're fine. and i don't feel like a year old and i don't think any of us do because we were just doing what we do.
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every day but we've been doing something that we we all love to do you got it and i think that that's the more kids you know. if you go again sure 100 percent yes i will go again. i think the biggest takeaway that that i had formed from this experience is that i learned that absolutely nothing is impossible if you work together if you have a mission and don't forget also in good planning then you can do everything. you know a story with a happy end there. for you news covered that dramatic rescue force last year he returned to the cape to see how people there are marking the anniversary and to see how the boys and their coach are doing now. one year later this spectacular rescue operation is still on many people's minds hundreds sometimes thousands flock here to tom long cave every day despite it being closed off to the general public ever
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since the rescue operation it is unclear whether it will ever be open due to safety concerns and conservation aspects in the meantime the 12 boys and their coach have become semi celebrities they have appeared on a major u.s. talk show and played friendly football matches around the world they have also signed a deal with streaming giant netflix that wants to bring the story to life on screen apparently each family has received more than $80000.00 euros for the exclusive deal which forbids them to speak to other media now as for social media the boys have enjoyed a boost since the rescue 2 of them have about 150000 followers on instagram coach eg now runs his own football academy last year's touching goal mission was a huge success but it also cost one rescue diver his life he's being remembered as well especially on a day like this. but sports news the 2nd
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we get wilton is underway and the 1st of the quarter finalist have confirmed their spots in the last 8 world number one ashley barty however is not among them a shock result so her knocked out by american allison risk a 15 year old sensation corey goff wimbledon dream is over she beat her idol venus williams last week but she lost in straight sets today against simona halep in the men's singles 2 time champion rafael nadal cruised through his match defeating portugal's. in straight sets. are going to cycling cycling's tour de france yulian has taken over the leaders yellow jersey after winning stage 3 the frenchman broke away from the rest of the field with 15 kilometers remaining he held off the chasing pack up a steep climb to claim the win it's the 3rd tour stage victory of his career
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well the united states women's soccer team cemented their status as the best in the world on sunday they were crowned world champions for a record 4th time now that success has prompted immediate calls for equal pay to match their performance on the pitch. those chances after the u.s. defended their title by beating the yesterday this year's tournament has been hailed as a breakthrough for women's soccer yet it still lags far behind the men's game. d.-w. spoke to some fans in leone scene of the world cup final and we asked them whether perceptions of women's soccer have improved you still have a long way to go and i do see it there i have been other countries who are finally getting support for women's soccer because in the past and especially in lots of hispanic cultures it's much more focused on the man sometimes i think i'm going to
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be a professional football player because it's not so clear but when i see there they . change my mind a lot of children see you know. it's nice. going to grow up seeing that woman can be a player. all right from the pitch to painting it is one of the most famous paintings in the world room brent's night watch now it depicts a 17th century civilian militia well this masterpiece is undergoing what is being called a live restoration at its home in amsterdam's rights museum visitors will be able to watch the process live as it happens. the night watch is one of the world's most closely studied paintings it's nice secret that rembrandt put himself in it and experts agree the golden girl in the middle beza resemblance to his wife saskia but
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what other secrets does the work kiat. imitation macro x. if you're a scientist or a sense ganesh give us some answers that west scanning the whole image bit by bit to find out what's in it is very elementary cipher but out for example it can tell us about the paint rembrandt use and how he used it for a month away from that that in turn sheds light on his working methods dave to battle. this ghana also reveals the changes that have been made over the last 4 centuries to the 170 kilogram canvas 20 research as a working inside a specially designed glass case said that visitors to the museum can follow each step to knocked off is the night watch is the beating heart of the rights museum and the whole museum is built around it so we can't just rip the heart out of it that's why we're doing this in public we think this is an exciting adventure that we want to share with everyone well to view the daily myth either day the
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restoration is expected to take more than a yet and cost $3000000.00 euros. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you iran has begun enriching uranium at levels over the limit stipulated in that 2015 nuclear deal the un's atomic energy watchdog confirmed the violation today after tehran said that it has lost faith in the agreement which was aimed at curbing its nuclear weapons ambitions. you're watching t.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. the
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suddenly nice. fire screams of jurors or dealing with any and i killed many civilians in the irish coming clearing my father one thing such as i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself like this totally but suddenly life became alice
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a kind soft. providing insights global news that matters v.w. made for mines. a quiet melody resounds by the light of the. prison and within its soul. the mind and the music. confessed on 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. we're off you know this you know 5 minutes or minutes yeah. has an hour and a community. to have it all. fits in the
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pantheon of the great tenets certainly he's one for the ages. but up. cut the tenor for the ages starts july 10th on t.w. . the slow steady dismantling of the deal today on time and as promised iran said that it has begun increasing the enrichment of uranium now the increase is slight not enough to begin thinking of nuclear weapons but it is a clear violation of the nuclear deal tonight iran promising another violation in 60 days unless europe.


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