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mark with his bio degradable paintings that impacts the viewer not the planet. and her beats have got the electronic music capitol berlin for robbing lebanese d.j. norton job it talks about the healing power of art techno. but 1st disney's film production chief calls it a new form of filmmaking somewhere between c.g.i. and live action but new lion king comes 25 years after the original cartoon became an instant classic and that's long enough for disney to feel that it's time for an upgrade the new movie had cinemas next week it tells the exact same story with a very new look and with voices of stars including beyonce seth rogen and donald glover also known as rapper childish gambino here's a little peek. simberg rules again the lion king is back on the big screen with some of the old heads recorded for this new digital computer
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animated version. of the adam moves at more real than ever. over old friends oh but. oh no it's a little that is not a lot of a good joke i want that it's not a line it's a furry bird it looks like her right let me see what we're dealing with here it's a lion run for your life. fans were out in force at little centuries premiere and the stars could be seen as well as heads the leader rosa spoken by musicians to cover a symbol and are beefing up as i. keep the right to join 5 group was understandably excited i felt very positive about the story and there were so many visual effects and it really took
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a whole 3 years to get this film finished so i'm sort of realizing as i'm coming here that this is the 1st time i see an audience so that's a bit overwhelming. the remake remains faithful to the original 9094 cartoony classic. hans's kill his father the king little symbol scapes the returns and and i know it's not i am to claim the frozen as his right story is familiar but the new movie does have a few surprises install. just amazing how real those animals work for more on this i've got my colleague michael kroger with me here in the studio our kind of a totem micah how could i thought of for you today thank you so much so you know this looks like probably the most visually stunning film that's going to come out. your yeah absolutely on the other hand it's the exact same story as the movie that i saw as a character and our market some hate mail for asking this but to. another why it
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can be told the exact same story well obviously hollywood needs it. well and come up with a telling a good story again could be worth and doing a remake is nothing new you know that already and for the old of us like. exactly disney doesn't want to upset by changing the old classic too much. but there are some funny and little surprises this i can tell you and for the younger ones it's just a new and exciting start so why not you're right it's really exactly the same story we saw already in 1994 same animals same locations and sometimes just the list of alert. just compare that to the movie or a moment and this is a really fun that's really worth it. let's wait
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for the baby. here we are actually moving actually i don't know what about you for me it was kind of it's magic when i see it's really the copy from the old one but i think the old movie kind of was it's magic is the new one just looks so much better i mean even though i haven't actually needed to work so much better at the pictures of really impressive and yeah and after the jungle book who was already dead in that style done with and that's the lion king i think not be the last remake and this kind are and i know it's not going to be the new born king is not you know quickly what are the reviews white folk as those are out yes the film critics who were at the premiere were quite enthusiastic and during the film they were across and standing ovation so. some say it's mind blowing a visual masterpiece some even say it's like a david attenborough documentary but i would have to disagree because lines cannot
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speak. ok you heard it 1st time did you just quickly we have to talk about the music though yes absolutely there are big stars around and even there they stuck to the good old recipe with a good circle of life can you feel love to not cool no matter how it's all really inside but they are all so new songs produced with thomas glover and we just saw a young say what do you thing and for all williams is there to yes absolutely so with so many names the new soundtrack has to be a success as well. i've got to take your word for it my crew if i think you're right you're doing so much for giving in to. your workout and french artist your goal better known by his artist's name say you has left his mark all over the world temporarily his technique of spring huge stretches of grass with biodegradable paint results and images that make a big impact and then quickly disappear so given the short lifespan of his
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so-called land art what better place to catch people's attention quickly than one of europe's top attractions and it's all for a good cause. then artwork in the heart of paris on the shonda mouse right in front of the eiffel tower 6 pairs of hands clasping one another they're meant to show that together we can get farther than we can on our own. what to do back to the previous room to start a society wants to withdraw into itself when we believe that we need to act together to tackle various challenges would you feel that's the message that we want to send out with this project the interlock hands. c has been spraying his land art in various parts of the world since 2013 especially in europe and south america the environment and transients are his main
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themes. say he wants to make a statement with lists artwork in paris called beyond walls it's a plea to tear down barriers both real and psychological and for him land art is the right tool for the job people like the idea. from downstairs i didn't know what it was but when i walked off that i was like oh it's really beautiful i see also wants to draw attention to the work of s.o.s. meditate on me made a humanitarian organization that rescues people in distress in the mediterranean sea except this art work site dedicated to us isn't just a handshake showing her solidarity between people but also symbolizes the gesture of a rescuer who was using it to save the life of a drowning person resorted to foresee paris's just the start of a major project in the coming 3 years he aims to spray his helping hands in 20 different cities on every continent on the planet it's part of his plan to create
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the world's longest human chain at least metaphorically. it's like in life take a step back and you see the real picture that a 2nd thing is that it's real. a short lived it may sound dumb but i like that they were volves then in 2 or 3 weeks it's gone it's good what's been you up to. see is a pioneer in his field but as soon as the shanta mouse is once again filled with people the colors will start to fade away then fans can only marvel at his artwork in photos. beyond walls is the name of that project beyond borders is the name of a new e.p. by norah jobber the lebanese d.j. makes dark techno with a hopeful message tracks with names like home beyond the fear and there's room for everyone show how far she's come in her personal and musical journey to become one of britain's most exciting techno talents.
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jabba grew up with classical music she then started jan's these days she's making techno. album beyond borders opens with a track alice the i know i'm all for one a homage to balance club scene and music. if you. listen closely. today you can. see i. am not. that kind of openness tolerance and freedom was new for norah who grew up in lebanon these days no d.j.
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sets venues all over the world including in valens legendary club bad times. she moved from beirut to berlin 5 years. to a new cosmos that she wanted to explore there was really hard. culture major culture shock and where i felt more subtle was when i started partying a lot. that took some time to get to get to where i am now to become a d.j. and i think also making that move away from home i've grown a lot internally. chance her music. which has become our taking techno. so it's an area jadick it's steep it's hypnotic it gives you the present moment feelings. it's music it's strong fast and loud enough to push back.
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all feelings of fear like germs left by the 2006 lebanon war. when i was in beirut i didn't have time to think about these things because i was more on survival mode but then when you come to a place where you feel like comfortable and safe then these traumas start coming out. losing is living for new a job and she's found freedom of expression in techno. it starts safe environment it's just you know being with the crowds it is there on the dance floor or or behind the d.j. booth especially when you're like connecting with the crowd so strongly that you create this energy.
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that's all we've got time for serve go get on the dance floor or keep it here at g.w. for me and all the crew and bro. thanks for watching and if you like the show we've got plenty more culture news for you at g.w. dot com slash culture next up.
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plague. the flame . this is it really was one for berlin showdown in the gulf burton says a royal navy frigate has driven off iranian boats trying to intercept a british oil tanker but iran denies that there was any confrontation also coming up on the show a tower full storm devastates greece's northern coastal areas leaving 7 dead and dozens injured plus so french lawmakers vote for a digital service this time.


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