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this is the news live from berlin a woman who could become the most powerful politician in the european union germany's was a lot on the line is in the final phase of her campaign to become the 1st female head of the european commission also coming up. catastrophic flooding across south asia scores have been killed millions of people are contending with high waters across nepal india and bangladesh will get the latest from the region. and
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south africa's former president jacob zuma shrugging off corruption allegations as character assassination during a televised in court but was testimony enough to counter the evidence against them . plus a very painful anniversary for turkey. it was 3 years ago today that a failed to lead to the mass purges in that country and generals to teachers tens of thousands have been put behind bars for have lost their jobs. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us another extension a guaranteed minimum wage and expanded unemployment benefits those are some of the goals of germany's was a law fund the line says she'll be pursuing if elected tomorrow as european
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commission president now she made the pledges in a letter to reluctant e.u. lawmakers to succeed she'll need an absolute majority. keeping up with. it's not an easy task last week. she was on the move constantly meeting almost all the political groups of the e.u. parliament. she needs to convince enough parliamentarians that she's the right woman for the commission presidency and that could be a problem especially with the social democrats in the european parliament. they've called her commitments to being huge and they dislike. wasn't even one of the lead candidates especially the german social democrats are up in arms about the members of the social democratic group in the parliament has not taken a final decision yet i guess there are some that might consider to vote for any
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of the questions and others who are. already. clear that they won't including you including me. so needs to do the math will give her a hand she needs a total of $376.00 votes to be elected commission president let's just say she'll get all $182.00 from her own group the conservatives your party now it gets dicey the liberals from renewed europe who have 108 seed seemed rather positive but not completely convinced will calculate with 70. to the social democrats lots of opposition but also lots of support from the mighty spanish delegation there are $153.00 seats total if she's lucky might get $100.00. finally there are the conservative euro skeptics from the
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e.c.r. group seat total $62.00 realistically she could expect 30 seats. maybe even more from them. and that would put her over the hump. to get those votes from the lion has a twofold strategy number one make sure the e.u. parliament feels respected the world is calling for us for more europe more engagement of fuel and therefore we must throw up all our strength i came here to work with paul human and i'm confident that we will work together. number to emphasize her european side so now she's tweeting in german english and french. or. nevertheless it will be a close call to succeed for an ally and we'll probably have to give the speech of
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her life right here in the european parliament in strasburg. let's go straight to strasburg now we're joined from there by max hoffman max thanks so much for that report of fun the lion has written a letter we understand courting the social democrats in the european parliament what's your message to them looking at your report is going to be a very close vote. there you saw a mention that many social democrats thought what she offered last week when she met that political group in brussels was too vague so she's written an 8 page letter now which has a lot more details than before of course she can only go that far because if she gives too much to the social democrats she might lose the support of the more right wing groups like the e.c.r. that we just saw that might put her over the hump right there but one passage is very important for fun because social democrats were especially disappointed with
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what she had to say about enforcing the rule of law in countries like poland or hungary and now she reaffirms this is a very important point and she is willing to use and i quote here the full tool box what's at the disposal of the european commission to enforce the rule of law ok will that along with everything else in the letter be enough to convince the social democrats who are still on the fence to vote for her tomorrow most likely not all of them the social democrats are very well diverse group to put it this way and the germans are still up in arms we just talked to some of their delegates here it didn't look like they were willing now even after that letter to vote for. but they're a little softer in what they said they said there are a lot of the right things in there but it's still too vague on top of that as you just mentioned you know they put themselves up there on the fence it's going to be really hard for them to climb back down but we've heard some positive words for example from the british delegation a delegation that was expected to vote against funding seems like they might vote
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for her so i say if you really measure the temperature here seems like things are going a little more in the direction of and then last week ok measuring the temperatures are very important on a days like these but what happens tomorrow if on a line is not elected. she only has one shot so if they really vote although she doesn't have a majority then that's it the heads of state government will have to come back together over the summer and figure out who will be the next person they suggest to the european parliament many expect that not to happen if she figures out until tomorrow i don't have the necessary votes i don't have a majority then the most likely scenario is that she pulls the vote and tries to delay it until september gives everybody a little more time to negotiate things but that will also give more time to all the different factions to come up with different demands so she's really hoping to make it on tuesday ok we'll see what happens then on tuesday for now max often thanks very much. those preview now and some of the other stories making the news at this
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hour in brussels e.u. foreign ministers are discussing how to get the iran nuclear deal back on track tensions in the gulf region have deteriorated since president from all the us out of that deal last year iran recently began breaking the limit set on uranium enrichment in breach of that agreement. the head of the world health organization says the latest case of ebola in the democratic republic of congo is quote a possible game changer on sunday officials saying the disease had spread to goma a major city in the east the u.n. says millions of dollars in aid is needed to tackle the outbreak. nearly $300.00 people have been arrest of across france after algerian football fans took to the streets to celebrate their country's qualification for the africa cup of nations final in marsay which has a large algerian community police fired tear gas to break up the crowds.
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well some 3000000 people are on the move in the paul northern india and bangladesh fleeing flooding and high water close to 100 people are known to have died many more missing the heavy rain has triggered landslides and deadly building collapses like this one in northern india. a number of soldiers had gathered for a party when this horror story building collapsed on top of them. and hundreds of thousands of refugees have been affected by the monsoon rains having fled their homes during a violent momentary crackdown in myanmar many now risk losing whatever shelter they've managed to find. life or row hinge refugees in cox's bazar is difficult as it is during monsoon season it becomes outright life threatening flooding and mudslides have killed at least 10 people in the overcrowded camps and destroyed some 5000 shelters the shanty homes built from flimsy materials and compliance with
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their nonpermanent character are particularly vulnerable to damage. providing the rain water enters my house i'm suffering a lot i don't live in a tent mine is a connected house but the middle section has been heavily damaged there is a hole in it. but structural damage is just one aspect of the problem more than 200 landslides have been reported in the camp since april disrupting logistics and daily activity. in the rainy season we have problems getting food. service or our children get sick. toilets and bathroom hygiene are a problem for the kids can't get to school the school buildings a falling into disrepair it's all a big problem yes so much. the world health organization is warning that this could
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be only the beginning of a much bigger crisis. in an already unsanitary environment the flooding means there is a greater threat from water borne diseases and weather warnings suggest the downpour is likely to continue in the united states president trump has been accused of racism after posting tweets attacking democratic congress women of color in them he said they should quote go back to the crime infested places from which they came rather than loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states are wrong the government. well in response the speaker of the house nancy pelosi tweeted when donald trump tells 4 american congress women to go back to their countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again and a u.s. senator and presidential candidate cory booker tweeted about his own experience as a person of color in the u.s.
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you don't belong here you're not one of us go back to where you came from we've heard this our whole lives now we hear from the oval office and the congresswoman trump referred to have all reacted as well congresswoman alexandra kazuo cortez tweeting mr president the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states. omar the only one of the 4 woman who was born outside the united states tweeting you are stoking white nationalism because you are angry that people like us are serving in congress and fighting against your hate filled agenda so far republican party representatives have not responded to the tweets or the criticism. well of former south african president jacob zuma has brushed off allegations of corruption at a public inquiry into hospira he said he was the target of a character assassination by his political enemies who wanted to push him out of
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power his testimony which is being broadcast live on t.v. is said to continue through friday. this isn't the 1st time former south african president jacob zuma has had to answer to corruption charges but this was his 1st appearance before a high profile commission into graft he allegedly of the civil zuma as the keys to presiding over a culture of must looting of state assets during his 9 year tenure that was before he was ousted as head of state by his ruling a.n.c. party last year speaking uninterrupted for over 2 hours zuma dismissed the multiple graft allegations against him he claimed he was a victim of a conspiracy. there has been. it drive. you. to remove me from the scene it has come in different forms
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and that's why. they've been people who served with their way of trying to dodge things in one form without. the commission in charge of the inquiry hasn't been tasked with proving a case against anyone and zuma supporters are angry at what they say is the need is unfair portrayal of him. in the case of prison tickled zuma we've seen neverland just meet the attic and neverland of me dead child finding president jacob zuma kills it without a fair trial they keep on telling us nonsense but they don't give us a tangible thing to do to people to court t.t.t. to jail they should be able to campaign now if somebody is wrong that there's somebody must mean jade's. zuma set to face cross-examination at the inquiry which could last all week this is due to be news still to come on the show europe's satellite navigation system known as galileo has been out of service since friday
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is being positioned as a future rival to the american g.p.s. system a look at what's behind the out. but 1st turkey is marking 3 years since a failed coup against the government in the capital ankara present pressure type aired on attending a ceremony to remember the victims a total of $251.00 people were killed some 2200 were wounded during that coup attempt we'll talk to our correspondent after this report about how a day of violence and uncertainty changed the nation. the night of july 15th 2016 was filled with chaos and violence elements of the turkish armed forces launched an operation to unseat president rich. aircraft attack government buildings troops occupied bridges and squares as many as 300 people were killed. on the 15th of july offices told us it was
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a trying operation but they juked us we went out onto the streets then the police came and we let the reality when they detained us. forces loyal to heir to one put down the coup his government has since arrested tried and jailed tens of thousands of soldiers teachers journalists and other public servants many more have been removed from their posts they stand accused of supporting the attempted takeover or at least disloyalty to the government many more turks at home and abroad still support heir to one but that's not guaranteed to last a week currency skyrocketing inflation and high interest rates have shaken his grip on power relations with the west are at a low point then there's. an opposition figure and the next mayor of istanbul heir to one held the post before he ascended to the national stage a parallel not lost on some voters. the president was merritt's well a criminal who is following the same path we will see that in days. no one can say
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when those better times for everyone's opponents may come he survived the bang of a coup attempt the whimper of everyday politics may pose the bigger challenge. let's go straight to istanbul now our correspondent dorian jones dorian can you tell us how this day is being marked in turkey. well it certainly is a major a dent event on the turkish calendar in fact it is a national public holiday ever since the failed coup and those commemorations started late last night not far from where i am it was a public display of ordeal i'm visual in which is all that dramatic night of the coup showing images of turkish fighter jets bombing the turkish parliament and also the presidential palace but the main events are later this afternoon when the turkish president typer one is scheduled to address a public rally at the national security headquarters in on cora but on the force
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from that the keynote event will be here in istanbul where there will be a major event held at ataturk airport that is where i heard one made his return to the to the city on the night of the coup of 18 fighter planes trying to shoot down he's he's his jet and he made a rallying call to his supporters which effectively ended the coup attempt one is expected to use these keynote addresses to rally his base and remind them of what he says of the ongoing threats to turkish democracy. dorian you've been covering turkey for us for a while now including of course years before the coup how has the country changed since. well it's been a fundamental change since the failed coup there's been an unprecedented crackdown in the country over 150000 people have been dismissed from their jobs over 70000 have been jailed 200 media outlets have been shut down along with dozens of
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journalists in this crackdown which continues to this very day and while there was a neutral support of course all of turkey's parties for this initial crackdown the fight that is continuing and continuing to deepen he is leading the growing criticism that it rather than defending democracy is more about one using it to cite stifle criticism and that is all increasingly being voiced even within his own ranks and i think it's a factor behind 2 recent electoral defeat by the president and that's why i think the president today will be trying to use these events to remind them to stay united to say that we have to have still faces for us dorian as some of those critics have been of course turkey's closest allies can you sketch for us was how what happened after the coup the crackdown has affected the state of foreign relations. well in many ways this failed coup was a pivotal moment in turkish foreign relations there's still a great deal of anger in ungar and the wrong among the ones advisors what they see
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was a lack of response in different shown by turkey's western allies on the night of the coup they say they're keeping key allies like the u.s. president barack obama was very slow to voice support for the coup voice support to resist a coup saying that he only made comments from the u.s. only came after it was clear the coup it's well facing defeat added to that anger is his feeling that there was very low a response from turkey showing support same week 2 weeks even months to come to the un critter show support for democracy that is in stark contrast to the russian president vladimir putin he was on the phone with one all through the night it's widely suspected photo of russian intelligence even forewarned one on the day of the coup that a military takeover could be looming and that has been the impetus for this marked improvement in relations between putin and one and at the same time why relations between turkey's western allies still remain very difficult and very tense during
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thanks so much for that 3 years on since the coup attempt in turkey now the european space agency says it's galileo satellite positioning system has been down since friday it blamed the outage on a technical glitch with equipment on the ground provided no further details billed as a future rival to the american g.p.s. navigation system. rocket launches like this one who were supposed to bring the european union more independence and security. the payload a satellite intended for the european union's galileo navigation system a direct competitor to the united states g.p.s. . but the galileo system has been crippled since friday with all 22 of its satellites offline. officials from the european space agency blamed the outage on. base infrastructure industry reports indicate a glitch at an italian monitoring station is behind the disruption. has been in the
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testing phase since 2016 when fully operational it should offer navigation services worldwide recently more companies have begun to make use of the service including many mobile phone manufacturers. of this scale is a painful misstep it may delay the european space agency's plan to make. by next year. we have some sports now in tennis novak djokovic is the men's wimbledon champion after coming through an epic 5 said counter with fellow titan roger federer the match lasted almost 5 hours with the 5th set going to a tie break before the serbian prevailed 1312 the win is his 5th tired look wimbledon the world number one feast on some center court grass the match was over to dish among some players of the 16th time the 32 year old has seen grand slam success. so it's always more about this incredible matches lima hotel hockey from
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did abuse workaday duley what really stood out for you was an incredibly tight match how close was favre to his 6th wimbledon were incredibly close to the point where roger federer could see victory he could smell it he just couldn't taste it federer in the final set he had 2 points to win it but he just couldn't dig deep enough but you know somebody that could novak djokovic with a brilliant comeback fight and it just shows you why he is the world number one and despite roger federer with the better numbers he had a better of percentage he did not drop a serve in the 1st 4 sets he had a better return game he won more breakpoints it is joke of it's with with his incredible defensive game his health believe that stole the show and we ended up with a game for the ages ok would have been if it would have been his 9th win right and given the federer is almost 38 years old which is old for tennis isn't it what is
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this was this is last when will to hear this a thing federer is like he setting new standards and that's what makes him so incredible and look he may be old a but if judging on that match yesterday he did not look any more tired than djokovic and again this was an extremely competitive and extremely close match it could have gone either way 0 age was definitely not the reason. that roger federer lost this match you know and we've had these conversations many times about roger federer whenever he loses a final you know it has to do with his age and between let me remind also our review is that between 20122017 roger federer did a new goal a dry spell where he didn't 5 years where he didn't win any grants and trophies but what did he do at the end of that he surprised all of us he came back he won 2017 what is it back to back a straight and opens as well as wimbledon so obviously this is a missed opportunity but the tank is still full when it comes to roger federer and
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age has not slowed him down ok so we might see him back again you never know what and also the performance against the dollar that and yesterday it's a testament to just how good he is you know joke about you know talk about his 16 grand slam title so federer has a record 20. conjunctive it suppress that hard look and the tennis world will agree on this if there's one man that can surpass roger federer his record it is novak djokovic i mean he is not just incredibly talented but he also has time on his side he is 32 years young he's 32 years young he has as you just mentioned 16 grandstands just 4 behind larger federer and there's another factor to consider we know how human psychology works the closer you get to breaking a record you know the more you want it's on the news anything about it and of course his former coach revealed yesterday boris becker after the match that novak
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djokovic doesn't just want to be one of the greatest but greatest of all time so there you go we have motivation there and was also really interesting is that during the presentation roger federer was asked about his age you know him being 37 years old to which he replied that he hopes to be an inspiration to other 37 year olds and of course djokovic and it up replying and saying that you know he hopes to be one of them and that his longevity federal on jeopardy has served as an inspiration to him so conceivably we could see them matching up again yes this is a possibility yes i believe effects of such. it washington their view up next the news asia a technical snag puts india's lunar mission on hold what does it mean for delhi's ambitions become the 4th nation on the surface of the moon. and more on rest in hong kong as pro-democracy protesters return to the streets before
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it all music while in clashes inside a suburban shopping mall. those stories and more after the break for now for me brian thomas in the entire news team thanks for being.
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kickoff i saw how it was. ours was the best. the best place for. the best goal. of going to sleep the highlights. kick off on t w.
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r. it's been 15 years since the moon landing. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy he dreamed of the stars. as a pilot he flew anything no matter how to dress. a church or go to the polls. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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but he wrote a legend. simply shouldn't be who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . this indeed have been years a shaft coming up on the program india's new nomination on hold the country space agency close the countdown less than an opera for the launch what does it mean for india's efficiency to become the 4th mission on the moon pulse on the program. monsoon rains wreak havoc in india and bangladesh flood.


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