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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is day w.'s live from berlin congo is a bold spread with the death toll already at 1600 the world health organization describes a new case in the crowded city of. attentional game changer also on the program. making promises to win over political opponents germany. is in a final push to become the 1st female head of the powerful commission. catastrophic flooding across south asia scores have been killed and the millions of people are
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contending with high waters across nepal india and bangladesh we'll bring you the latest from the region. from south africa's former president jacob zuma shrugs off corruption allegations. during a televised inquiry but was his testimony enough to counter the evidence against him. welcome to the program the world health organization says there has been a potential game changer in the abode in the democratic republic of congo after the 1st case was confirmed in a major city they had a says he's now reconvening its experts committee to assess whether the outbreak should be declared a global emergency on sunday officials revealed the disease had spread to go city on the kong in the congo's north east stoking fears that it could spread to neighboring. rwanda fayed agencies are also expressing concerns after to involve
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the health workers were murdered in the region the latest in a string of attacks on the volga responders the un's emergency relief coordinator said it was imperative to improve the response to the outbreak we also need to scale up the response in order to deal with a high risk of the virus spreading further you know already that we've had case in uganda you've seen the reports of the recent case in goma unless where able to scale up to deal with the risk of spread again we will not be successful in getting to 0 cases now dr margaret joins me from the world health organization in geneva welcome to d w why does the spread of ebola to goa change the game. will go is a city of a 1000000 people and there are 5000000 people in the surrounding areas but it's not simply that it's a very large city it's a city right on the border with rwanda it's a city that's
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a major hub for training for movement so when ever a disease like it any affection like a bowl and spreads to such a c.z. automatically you take that as a higher risk and in fact we have been preparing for this very event for at least 5 to 6 months knowing that this is something that does heighten the risk so now that there is that heightened risk what changes what do you do differently. we actually don't necessarily do much more than what we have been doing what was happen when this person arrived in goma he was immediately identified by people who had already been trained who'd already been prepared to respond very rapidly so what is different now is that the response has moved rapidly into action in goma before we had large numbers of teams on the ground preparing but now they've
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actually had to take action and i have to say they took very effective action the unfortunate man was taken to the old a treatment center that has been set up by partners in a safe along with the ministry of health and they treated him immediately so even though it was an event we didn't want to happen we did expect it would happen and so far the response there has been very effective i mentioned in the introduction to this visit a couple of your responders have been murdered why is this happening. it's very complicated and with each attack and we have heard over a 100 attacks on health workers it happens not just health workers but health facilities or health vehicles like ambulances when you go back and look at the reasons do vary there were 2. community communicators who are essential to
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the response and they are the people who who work within their community who explain what the disease is about and also help to follow all the people that may have been in contact with somebody with a bowler so they're a linchpin in their response and they live within their communities now it's not clear whether these 2 people were targeted for being able to respond as the information that we have is that they were killed in the early hours of saturday morning and they were killed in their homes in their in their home village as so the police are investigating and we do not know actually whether it was because they worked for the aboard a response or whether it was some other kind of dispute we thank you for joining us today margaret dr margaret horace from the world health organization thank you it's a pleasure. germany's
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a sort of fonda lion has announced that she will step down as the country's defense minister she hopes the european parliament will vote tomorrow to give her a new job as the 1st european president of the year of the commission that outcome is far from certain was founded on mr win over skeptics in the parliament and to do so she's been a little charm offensive making a raft of promises to win lawmakers back. keeping up with. it's not an easy task last week. she was on the move constantly meeting almost all the political groups of the e.u. parliament. she needs to convince enough parliamentarians that she is the right woman for the commission presidency and that could be a problem especially with the social democrats in the european parliament they've called her commitments to being and they dislike their fund and wasn't even one of the lead candidates especially the german social democrats are up in arms about the
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members of the social democratic group in the european parliament has not taken a final decision yet i guess there are some that might still consider to vote for her need further questions and others who are already. clear that they won't including you including me. to do the math. she needs a total of $300.00. to be a commission president let's just say. group of conservatives. who have 180 seats seemed rather positive but not completely convinced. democrats. but also lots of support from the. delegation there
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are $153.00 seats total if she's lucky might get $100.00. conservative skeptics from the group total $62.00 realistically she could expect 30 seats maybe even more. to get those votes as a 2 fold strategy number one make sure the e.u. feels respected the world is calling for you for more and more engagement and therefore we must all our strength i came here to work with him and and i'm confident that we will work to. emphasize her european side
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so now she's tweeting in german english and french. nevertheless it will be a close call to succeed will probably have to give the speech of her life right here in the european parliament. d.w. correspondent max hoffman has been assessing the mood amongst you lawmakers and he spoke with the vice president of the lines conservative group and the european parliament david mcallister mr mcallister we're trying to guard the temperature a little bit here which is which isn't easy to you think things are turning into the direction of was it off in the light yes some rather optimistic that we'll be able to get a qualified majority tomorrow here in the european parliament of course it's very exciting this is a secret ballot and nobody knows exactly what will happen but my impression is more and more every piece know exactly what's at stake and of course more and more
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n.d.p. is also what's the alternative if it isn't elected tomorrow we will be in deep trouble for many many weeks and what we need now is a new commission president which can take action immediately can she expect all 182 votes that's a number of seats that your party her party the european people's party has oh i'm very sure of all any piece from the european peoples party will support but as you just said we're only 182 we need of a colleague from of the political groups to support the line and she has been reaching out to the liberals to the social democrats to pro european construct to forces what we now need is free $175.00 plus x. now if she makes it tomorrow still do you feel like the european parliament has weakened itself significantly with all this well we call it a circus. well make no mistake i was very much in favor of the splits in process i
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still am and i heavily campaigned for manfred veba during the election campaign and i believe he would have been an excellent commission president but we have to face reality the heads of government couldn't agree on one of the scripts and kind of done so we now have a line as a compromise candidate but as a very well qualified a compromise candidate but one thing is clear we need to have. more legal clarity on this issue but it means that in 2024 we need some kind of legal positioning of the european institutions that the speeds and can be done process is still valid i think that will make a few remarks in this direction tomorrow during his speech this week alison thank you very much. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a british foreign secretary jeremy hunter said it is still possible to salvage the iran nuclear deal you foreign ministers are in brussels to discuss how to get the agreement back on track tensions in the gulf of worsened since dole trouble with
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through the united states from an agreement last year other reasons police in italy have seized a huge stash of weapons including an air to air missile from suspected neo nazis in the north of the country 3 men in children were detained in nazi memorabilia and neo nazi propaganda see. at least 14 people have been killed after a building collapse in northern india most of the dead were soldiers who had gathered for a party the collapse was triggered by days of rain in the area such collapses are common during monsoon season as poorly constructed buildings become weakened by the right. the bank of england has announced its computer pioneer alan turing will feature on the u.k.'s new 50 pound note is that you're into work was vital in cracking nazi germany secret codes in world war 2 but in 1952 he was prosecuted for homosexuality and chemically castrated 2 years later he killed himself.
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former south african president jacob zuma has denied allegations of corruption at a public inquiry in johannesburg rather he said he was the target of a character assassination by political enemies who wanted to push him out of power mr zuma is testimony is being broadcast live on t.v. and is due to continue until friday. this isn't the 1st time former south african president jacob zuma has had to answer to corruption charges but this was his 1st appearance before a high profile commission to craft a allegedly oversaw zuma is accused of presiding over a culture of mass looting of state assets during his 9 year tenure that was before he was ousted as head of state by his ruling a.n.c. party last year speaking uninterrupted for over 2 hours zuma dismissed the multiple graft allegations against him he claimed he was a victim of a conspiracy that has been.
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drive. to remove me from since it has come in different forms and that's why. they've been people who serve their way of trying to dodge things in one form or that. the commission in charge of the inquiry hasn't been tasked with proving a case against anyone and zuma supporters are angry at what they say is the media's unfair portrayal of him. in the case of prison to cooma we've seen neverland just need to attack an avalanche of media trial finding president jacob zuma kills it without a fair trial they keep on telling us nonsense but they don't give us a tangible thing to take people to court to duty to jail they should be able to jail by now if someone is wrong that doesn't love me jade. zuma said to face
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cross-examination at the inquiry which could last all week. this is the news live from berlin still to come. europe's satellite navigation system has been out of service since friday and it's being positioned as a future rival to the american g.p.s. system. had a fast turkey is marking 3 years since a failed coup against president. many questions about that time and that including by the top members of the military or indeed foreign powers were involved despite this the consequences of the coup a very clear. the night of july 15th 2016 was filled with chaos and violence elements of the turkish armed forces launched an operation to unseat president richard heir to one aircraft attack government buildings troops occupied bridges and squares as many as 300 people were killed. on the 15th of
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july officers told us it was a training operation but they just we went out onto the streets then the police came and we learned the reality when they did. forces loyal to heir to one put down the coup his government has since arrested tried and jailed tens of thousands of soldiers teachers journalists and other public servants many more have been removed from their posts they stand accused of supporting the attempted takeover or at least disloyalty to the government many more turks at home and abroad still support heir to one but that's not guaranteed to last a week currency skyrocketing inflation and high interest rates have shaken his grip on power relations with the west are at a low point. then there's. an opposition figure and the next mayor of istanbul heir to one held the post before he ascended to the national stage a parallel not lost on some voters. the president was merritt's well
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memo lou is following the same path we will see added days. here no one can say when those better times for airlines opponents may come he survived the bang of a coup attempt the whimper of everyday politics may pose the bigger challenge. 3000000 people are on the move in the poll northern india and bangladesh fleeing mom soon floods and high water a close 200 people have been killed and more missing the heavy rains have triggered landslides and deadly building collapses like this one in northern india soldiers had gathered for a party when this 4 story building collapsed on top of it but it's also affected hundreds of thousands of brick injured refugees after fleeing their homes during a violent military crackdown in many not risk losing whatever shelter they've managed to find life or row hinge refugees in cox's bazar is difficult as it is during monsoon season it becomes outright life threatening flooding and mudslides
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have killed at least 10 people in the overcrowded camps and destroyed some 5000 shelters authorities limit what materials refugees can used to build here their homes are meant to be temporary making them particularly vulnerable. the rainwater enters my house i'm suffering a lot i don't live in a tent mine is a connected house but the middle section has been heavily damaged there's a hole in it. but structural damage is just one aspect of the problem more than 200 landslides have been reported in the camp since april disrupting logistics and daily activity. in the rainy season we have problems getting food. children get sick. toilet and bathroom hygiene are a problem. the kids can't get to school the school buildings are falling into disrepair it's all a big problem yes almost. the world health organization is warning that this could
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be only the beginning of a much bigger crisis. in an already unsanitary environment the flooding means there is a greater threat from water borne diseases and weather warnings suggest the downpour is likely to continue. the goal of ending world hunger by 2030 is the un's 2nd sustainable development goal but a new report says it is sliding further and further away because of war class climate change and slow economic growth according to the report more than 828000000 people undernourished today almost 10000000 more than the year before the vast majority a live in asia and africa but hunger and food insecurity can be found everywhere including here in europe the report estimates that globally food insecurity affects more than 2000000000 people. lucia speaks for the
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world food program welcome to t.w. let's define our terms what do we mean by food insecurity you basically don't know where the next meal often is coming from sometimes it's people who really are going hungry cutting down on meals. trying to survive hunger but it also goes to places where families don't know if they're going to have food you know next week or so so it's basically not enough nutrition to really live a healthy productive lifestyle so sadly we are used to seeing these hearing of these sorts of stories in asia and africa but your report also says that economic growth means that middle income countries are hit by hunger gives examples i think that the the most complicated thing is what we as the world food program are worried about is when all of these things are coming together when you have climate change when you have a canonic downturn when you have wars and conflicts and that's what we're
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struggling on the on the biggest fronts for us the biggest problem is and why this is happening that the numbers have been going up again are the conflicts and the climate change and that's the hardest thing that we see and so the middle income countries the you talk about when. those but they could be for example places in some places we're seeing it all sort of combination of hunger of insecurity and obesity that's the interesting thing we were doing it here for the 1st time you have countries in latin america for example that have made progress in the past with fighting hunger but because of economic downturn people are going to hang me and the interesting thing is the link between food insecurity and obesity because we often think you just simply don't get enough food but if you are some if you're living in the country look at for example how venezuela has went down. and has
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gone through huge economic problems and nutrition problems and hunger problems people in the past were able to feed themselves but now because of the economic problems the political problems they cannot feed themselves anymore and that is i think one of the huge problems that we are seeing and people that answer for the connection the literary you brought us a bit this connection between obesity and food insecurity and hunger i still don't understand how are you hungry and the beast yes food insecurity means or so that you cannot afford good healthy nutritious food vegetables and other things so people who are concerned about who don't have enough money he would have lost their jobs by much cheaper food by processed food and then the obesity numbers are going up and that is that is i think to us the really interesting thing you also
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talk about the you'd make gender comparisons as well and you talk about women being much more undernourished than the men do you know why because they often tech out their families they make sure that the other ones eat 1st if they don't have husbands and male. vidas then they are stuck with trying to feed the whole families they're among the most vulnerable when of when there's a family crisis situation. and that is i think the hearth inc plus you have to see the various levels of of your when you go through life young women girls are often much more vulnerable to hunger because the boys are being fed various the men being fed 1st and other things and of course it goes on from generation to generation and can we briefly then talk about solutions and what what what do you suggest happens needs to reverse this you need to invest
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governments need to invest much more in social safety programs if you're in a country in an economy that is in a down spiral you have to make sure that there are things like school meal programs that we for example do where we help ehrlich 1620000000 school kids all over the world school meals are one way that the whole family can profit from this the kids still get school meals they get an education to get good nutrition and this goes on through the various stages we have to make sure that women and children always get good nutrition and jump programs but also climate and resilience progresses that clearly there's a lot of not only service complexity from the u.n. world food program thank you much. european space agency says its. positioning system has been down since friday explained the technical glitch with equipment on the ground but provided no further details. builds
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a future rival to the american g.p.s. navigation work. rocket launches like this one were supposed to bring the european union more independence and security. the payload a satellite intended for the european union's galileo navigation system a direct competitor to the united states g.p.s. . system has been crippled since friday with all $22.00 of its satellites offline officials from the european space agency blamed the outage on an inner and galileo's ground base infrastructure industry reports indicate a glitch at an italian monitoring station is behind the disruption. has been in the testing phase since 2016 when fully operational it should offer navigation services worldwide recently more companies have begun to make use of the service including many mobile phone manufacturers however an outage of this scale is a painful misstep it may delay the european space agency's plan to make galileo
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fully operational by next year. i was there mind of the top story out there the world health organization is considering declaring a global emergency over congo's in boulder outbreaks the virus has not spread to the congress city of goma and development but doesn't show describes as a potential game changer. this is d w next to news asia technical snog india's lunar missions on hold this means for data some vision is to become the 4th nation to the move. more unrest in hong kong this pro-democracy protests return to the streets there's also these violent clashes inside a suburban shopping. there especially as they will have those stories on more and in just a moment i'll be back at the top of feet our adversary and of course after iraq the clock there's always the web site w dot com. good.
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entering the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding also. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the senate as a. crushing through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflicts
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. conflict zone with tim sebastian hong t.w.x. . belonging to an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans have been colombia neatly and illegally. already. returned to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. a forest area equivalent to 30 some of her pitches is cleared every. hour consumerism is causing or radical depletion of forests. for 25. percent coverage. for
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classic. forests and money. the tragic reality behind. the exploitation starts july 24th w. this is the dozen years a show coming up on the program in the us no domination on hold the country's space agency. missed out on the launch what does it mean for india as a vision to become the 4th to mission on the moon also on the program. monsoon rains wreak havoc in india and bangladesh flooding.


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