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w. . this is deja vu news live from. spreads with the death toll already at 1600 the world health organization describes a new case in the crowded city of goma on the border with rwanda as a potential game changer on the program. german defense minister makes a final push to become the 1st female president of the european union's powerful commission. and score scales of millions contending with floodwaters and building
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collapses as monsoon rains sweep across the fault india. a welcome to the program. the world health organization says the a ball outbreak in the democratic republic of congo has undergone a potential game changer that's after the 1st case was confirmed in a major city the head of the w.h.o. says he's now reconvening its expert committee to assess whether they are break should be declared a global emergency on sunday officials revealed the disease had spread to go a city in the congo's northeast stoking fears that it could spread to neighboring rwanda aid agencies are also expressing concerns after 2 health workers were murdered in the region the latest in a string of attacks on a bowl of responders the un's emergency relief coordinator said it was imperative
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to improve the response to the outbreak we also need to scale up the response in order to deal with a high risk of the virus spreading for the you know already that we've had case in uganda you've seen the reports of the recent case in goma unless we're able to scale up to deal with the risk of spread again we will not be successful in getting to 0 now dr margaret joins me from the world health organization in geneva welcome to d w why does the spread of ebola to go on or change the game. will go on as a city of a 1000000 people and there are 5000000 people in the surrounding areas but it's not simply that it's a very large city it's a city right on the border with rwanda it's a city that's a major hub for training for movement so when ever a disease like it in any fiction like a bowl it spreads to such a c.z.
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automatically you take that as a higher risk and in fact we have been preparing for this very event for at least 56 months knowing that this is something that does heighten the risk so now that there is that heightened risk what changes what do you do differently. we actually don't necessarily do much more than what we have been doing what was happen when this person arrived in goma he was immediately identified by people who had already been trained who'd already been prepared to respond very rapidly so what is different now is that the responses moved rapidly into action in goma before we had large numbers of teams on the ground preparing but now they've actually had to take action and i have to say they took very effective action the
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unfortunate man was taken to the a boulder treatment center that has been set up by partners in a safe along with the ministry of health and they treated him immediately so even though it was an event we didn't want to happen we did expect it would happen and so far the response there has been very effective i mentioned in the introduction to this visit a couple of your responders have been murdered why is this happening. it's very complicated and with each attack and we have heard over a 100 attacks on health workers it happens not just health workers but health facilities or health vehicles like ambulances when you go back and look at it the reasons do vary but there were 2. community communicators who are essential to the response and they are the people who who work within their community who
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explain what the disease is about and also help to follow all the people that may have been in contact with somebody with a bowler so they're a linchpin in their response and they live within their communities now it's not clear whether these 2 people were targeted for being a bowler responder's the information that we have is that they were killed in the early hours of saturday morning and they were killed in their homes in their in their home village as so the police are investigating and we do not know actually whether it was because they worked for the a border response or whether it was some other kind of dispute we thank you for joining us today margaret dr margaret ann harris from the world health organization thank you it's a pleasure and i will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world former south african president jacob zuma has told a public inquiry that corruption allegations against him are a conspiracy to get him out of the picture he's accused of overseeing the culture
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of graft while in office in crude including giving out state to contracts in favor us to allies. police in italy have seized a stash of weapons including an atta and missile from suspected neo nazis in the north of the country 3 men were detained childred and nazi memorabilia neo nazi propaganda seized. you foreign ministers meeting in brussels are discussing how to get the iran nuclear deal back on track tensions in the gulf have worsened since donald trump withdrew the us from the deal last year iran has recently begun to exceed limits on the radio in richmond in breach of the agreement. germany's ocilla found a lie and has announced that she will step down as the country's defense minister the hope is that the european parliament will vote tomorrow to give her a new job as the 1st female president of the european commission that outcome is far from certain as she faces skepticism from parliamentary groups angered at the
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way she's been foisted on them by national leaders so now was father line is on a charm offensive making a raft of promises to try and win ball makers over. keeping up with. it's not an easy task last week. she was on the move constantly meeting almost all the political groups of the e.u. parliament. she needs to convince enough parliamentarians that she's the right woman for the commission presidency and that could be a problem especially with the social democrats in the european parliament. they've called her commitments too and they dislike. wasn't even one of the lead candidates especially the german social democrats are up in arms so the members of the social democratic group in the parliament has not taken a final decision yet i guess there are some that might consider to vote for any
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further questions and others who are. already. clear that they want including you including me. so for me to do the math will give her a hand she needs a total of $376.00 votes to be elected commission president let's just say she'll get all $182.00 from our own group the conservative party now it gets dicey the liberals from renewed europe who have 108 seats seemed rather positive but not completely convinced with 70 votes. to the social democrats lots of opposition but also lots of support from the spanish delegation there are $153.00 seats total if she's lucky might get $100.00.
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finally there are the conservative euro skeptics from the e.c.r. group c. total 62 realistically she could expect 30 seats maybe even more from them. and that would put her over the hump. to get those votes from the lion has a twofold strategy number one make sure the e.u. parliament feels respected the world is calling for you for more europe more engagement and therefore we must draw all our strength i came. here to work with parliament and i'm confident that we will work together. number 2 emphasize her european side so now she's tweeting in german english and french. nevertheless it will be a close call to succeed for an ally and will probably have to give the speech of
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her life right here in the european parliament in strasburg. a u.s. president donald trump is under fire for a series of racist tweets aimed at a group of democratic congress women in the tweets mr trump told the full lawmakers to go back to the countries they came from despite all having u.s. citizenship and 3 being born in the u.s. . trumps tweets targeted for freshman congresswoman alexandra ocasio cortez rush to leap i gonna pressley and ilan omar all of them democrats all of them women of color in a series of tweets the president said they should quote go back to the crime infested places from which they came rather than loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states how to run the government many online including democrats quickly denounced the comments speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying here when donald trump tells 4 american congress women to go back to their
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countries he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again democratic presidential candidate camila harris also fired back it is absolutely racist and an american and it is an old trope go back to where it came from that you know you might hear it on the street but you should never hear that from the president of the united states 3 of the 4 congress women targeted by the president were in fact born in the u.s. including ocasio cortez whose birth hospital in new york is just a few miles away from donald trump's this was her response she tweeted mr president the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states. there are 3000000 people on the move in nepal more than india and bangladesh flee monsoon floods and high water close to 100 people have been killed and more
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a missing the heavy rains have triggered landslides and deadly building collapses like this in northern india soldiers had gathered for a party when this 4 story building collapsed on top of them the flooding has also affected hundreds of thousands of refugees after fleeing their homes during a violent military crackdown in manama many now risk losing whatever shelter they've managed to find. life or row hinge refugees in cox's bazaar is difficult as it is during monsoon season it becomes outright life threatening flooding and mudslides have killed at least 10 people in the overcrowded camps and destroyed some 5000 shelters authorities limit what materials refugees can used to build here their homes are meant to be temporary making them particularly vulnerable to the rainwater enters my house i'm suffering a lot but i don't live in a tent mine is a connected house but the middle section has been heavily damaged there's a hole in it. but structural damage is just one aspect of the problem
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more than 200 landslides have been reported in the camp since april disrupting logistics and daily activity. in the rainy season we have problems getting food. sources for our children get sick. toilets and bathroom hygiene are a problem. the kids can't get to school school buildings are falling into disrepair it's all a big problem. the world health organization is warning that this could be only the beginning of a much bigger crisis. in an already unsanitary environment the flooding means there is a greater threat from water borne diseases and weather warnings suggest the downpour is likely to continue. there in cycling's tour de france a rookie fired from a jambo fist my team has won the 10th stage in
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a sprint finish tuesday is the 1st rest day of the race at the halfway point france is sure phillipe still holds the yellow jersey while defending champion thomas has moved up to 2nd overall. his reminder of the top stories we're following for you at the world health organization is considering out of declaring congress of all outbreak of global emergency the virus has now spread to the crowded city of goma and developing the w.h.o. just scribes as a potential game changer. in germany is a sort of from the lion has stepped down as defense minister actually answers the final phase of the campaign to become european union commission president european parliament will vote tomorrow on whether or not to make her the 1st woman in. vicious v.w. up next china's economic growth drops to its lowest in decades used to trade for
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with the united states to play and brazil and the world discuss that and the rest of the day's business news in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the out of the day. earth. home. of species. worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps to. tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world.


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