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we have a guest blog. this is the w. news live from but elaine congo's of boulder spreads with a death toll already at 1600 the world health organization describes a new case in the crowded city of goma on the border with rwanda as a potential game changer also on the program a painful anniversary for turkey. 3
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years ago today a failed coup led to mass purges from generals to teachers to civil servants and journalists tens of thousands have been imprisoned or lost their jobs. i'm phil gay a welcome to the program. rwanda's health ministry has warned its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to eastern parts of congo after a case of a bolo was confirmed on its border in the city of goma it's the 1st time the virus has reached a major. break started last year and global health officials sounding the alarm. it's a health workers worst nightmare a highly contagious disease reaching a city that's now happened in the democratic republic of congo after
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a year long ball outbreak a regional capital home to $1000000.00 people has reported its 1st case of the virus a local pastor many of those who have been in contact with the pastor have been identified and some vaccinated global health officials have praised the response and prevention efforts but also expressed concern for what ebola in a major urban center may mean for containing the outbreak. the identification of the cases in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic. that's because in addition to the high concentration of people goma is also a transit center on the border with rwanda has already claimed more than 1600 lives in this outbreak u.n. officials meeting donors in geneva today said the global response would get a lot more complicated if the disease reaches rwanda and the situation is already extremely difficult we're dealing with one of the world's most dangerous viruses in
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one of the world is most dangerous areas rival militias and government forces have long been competing for power in this region of the congo health officials aren't immune to the brutal violence over the weekend 2 workers were murdered by unidentified assailants now the w.h.o. is weighing whether to declare the outbreak an international health emergency that could provide the containment effort with the additional resources and money it needs to stop the outbreak from spreading. now. joins me from the world health organization in geneva welcome to d w why does the spread of ebola to go change the game. well gomez a city of a 1000000 people and there are 5000000 people in the surrounding areas but it's not simply that it's a very large city it's a city right on the border with rwanda it's a city that's a major hub for trading for movement so when ever a disease like it any affection like a bowl and spreads to such a c.z.
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automatically you take that as a higher risk and in fact we have been preparing for this very event for at least 5 to 6 months knowing that this is something that does heighten the risk so now that there is that heightened risk watch changes what do you do differently we actually don't necessarily do much more than what we have been doing what was happen when this person arrived in goma he was immediately identified by people who had already been trained who are already being prepared to respond very rapidly so what is different now is that the response is moved rapidly into action in goma before we had large numbers of teams on the ground preparing but now they've actually had to take action and i have to say they took very effective action.
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unfortunate man was taken to the ebola treatment center that has been set up by apartments in a safe along with the ministry of health and they treated him immediately so even though it was an event we didn't want to happen we did expect it would happen and so far the response there has been very effective i mentioned in the introduction to this visit a couple of your responders have been murdered why is this happening. it's very complicated in that each attack and we have heard over a 100 attacks on health workers it happens not just health workers but health facilities or health vehicles like ambulances when you go back and look at the reasons do vary there were 2. community communicators who are essential to the response and they are the people who who work within their community who
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explain what the disease is about and also help to follow all the people that may have been in contact with somebody with a boulder so they're a linchpin in their response and they live within their communities now it's not clear whether these 2 people were targeted for being able to respond as the information that we have is that they were killed in the early hours of saturday morning and they were killed in their homes in their in their home village so the police are investigating and we do not know actually whether it was because they worked for the a border response or whether it was some other kind of dispute we thank you for joining us today margaret dr margaret ann harris from the world health organization thank you and it's a pleasure i will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a british foreign secretary jeremy hunt has said it is still possible to salvage the iran nuclear deal e.u. foreign ministers are in brussels discussing how to get the agreement back on track
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tensions in the gulf has worsened since donald trump withdrew the united states from the agreement last year as a. former south african president jacob zuma has told a public inquiry that corruption allegations against him are a conspiracy to get him out of the picture is accused of overseeing a culture of corruption while the office including giving out state contracts and favors to allies. and donald trump has rejected criticism of a series of racist tweets in the tweets he said the 4 democratic congresswoman of color and all of the american should leave for us and go back to the crime infested places they came from the president says he stands behind the remarks. police say they have seized a stash of weapons including a missile from suspected neo nazis in the north of the country 3 men were detained in chile and i'm not a member of b. the nazi propaganda seized. turkey's marking 3 years since
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a failed coup against president. since then many questions remain unanswered including whether top members of the military or foreign powers were involved there's questions remain the consequences of that coup attempt a clear. the night of july 15th 2016 was filled with chaos and violence elements of the turkish armed forces launched an operation to unseat president. aircraft attack government buildings troops occupied bridges and squares as many as 300 people were killed. on the 15th of july officers told us it was a training operation but they we went out onto the streets then the police came and we let the reality when they did. forces loyal to heir to one put down the coup his government has since arrested tried and jailed tens of thousands of soldiers teachers journalists and other public servants many more have been removed from
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their posts they stand accused of supporting the attempted takeover or at least disloyalty to the government many more turks at home and abroad still support heir to one but that's not guaranteed to last a week currency skyrocketing inflation and high interest rates have shaken his grip on power relations with the west are at a low point then there's. an opposition figure and the next mayor. erda one held the post before he ascended to the national stage a parallel not lost on some voters. a much younger president was merritt's well a criminal who is following the same path we will see that in dieties will you know no one can say when those better times for ever once opponents may come he survived the bang of a coup attempt the whimper of everyday politics may pose the bigger challenge. straight to istanbul where we joined. what were the impressions of this all of us
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read today. well this is a hugely important day for many people here in turkey it's a public national holy day and it has been mobbed today with a number of events and prayers commemorating the victims of that dramatic night president edwin himself laid flowers at a memorial in the capital ankara and he will soon speak at istanbul's outside to an airport the airport was briefly occupied by pushes that night in this add on who wasn't in the city back then later returned to that airport to signal that the coup attempt had failed you have to know back then thousands of ordinary citizens took to the streets many of them just with their kitchen utensils to fight the tanks and the soldiers off to president ad one had called them to defeat the uprising in the
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end to $251.00 people were killed that night so. the price for the victory was quite high we went to one of the common ration events here in istanbul earlier today and we asked people why this july 15th why this day is just so important for them let's listen in should he. commemorate mata's with full respect for total good and try to divide us. he has been trying to divide this country for years. it was an extremely difficult night for our country. i was outside on the streets i didn't even know who had attacked people for what reasons and why things develop this way. we need to investigate all of this. i have lost many friends and neighbors our brothers and fathers died on the day of the coup for
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the sake of their nation. time a kitchen. at the time president one described the coup attempt as a gift from god is he likely to have the same impression 3 years ago. well he said it was a gift of god giving him the chance to reshape the country and indeed many things have changed here today of course is a chance for add one to show strength to rally support behind him to appeal to national unity and to send a message indescribable push the narrative of a heroic nation defying tanks and soldiers but something that you won't hear much about today especially in the big pro-government channels is that turkey imposed a state of emergency a few days off of the failed coup and what followed was a mess of crackdown on alleged who supports is about 150000 state employees have
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been fired from their jobs economics and journalists as well tens of thousands of people were imprisoned while the government says this is near necessary to go after the people who plotted this coup the followers of a fake goodland international rights groups international organizations have been criticizing these purges they say this to add one went away too far he is trying to use this as a chance to silence all kinds of people who disagree with him and to bolster his own power to tighten his grip on power so these purges have done a lot of damage to turkish society you can find former teachers now cleaning toilets a former professor is now trying to make a living as way to as waiters for example and rights groups also say some people committed suicide just because their lives have been destroyed by the purchase they cannot get back into their old jobs and many other people have been forced into exile. well the
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european space agency says its galileo satellite positioning system has been down since friday it's blame the technical glitch where the criminal the ground but provided no further detail. as a future rival to the american g.p.s. navigation network. rocket launches like this one were supposed to bring the european union more independence and security. the payload a satellite intended for the european union's galileo navigation system a direct competitor to the united states g.p.s. . system has been crippled since friday with all 22 of its satellites offline officials from the european space agency blamed the outage on an error in galileo's ground based infrastructure industry reports indicate a glitch at an italian monitoring station is behind the disruption. has been in the testing phase since 2016 when fully operational it should offer navigation services
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worldwide recently more companies have begun to make use of the service including many mobile phone manufacturers however an outage of this scale is a painful misstep it may delay the european space agency's plan to make galileo fully operational by next year. up next here on day w. china's economic growth drops to its lowest level for decades is the train with us to play. business update in just about half a good day. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language which the 1st word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german and why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to south d w z e learning course nico speak german from a.t.c.
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