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you're going to have. some astronaut p. took part in the greatest adventure in history. lauren strong was his destiny starts july 20th on w. . this is the w.'s a show coming up on the program we've been in afghanistan. mistrust peace for the father bomb sent them back to eat off impression of women who are prepared to fight for their rights also on the program philippines president broaddrick going to tap a signs a new rule penalizing sexual harassment we'll find out why women's rights campaign those accused the president of being a repeat offender. so
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i'm british welcome. it's good to have you with us. talks between the united states and the taliban over a possible feasted in afghanistan ended last week in doha. it was the 7th round of talks between the 2 sides u.s. special representatives. called them the most productive session to do it but what they mean for women's rights in the country remains unclear in fact just days after those talks a radio station in the central province of because they have to shut down after receiving threats from the taliban which object to the women working there the incident highlights the daily struggles afghan women face as they seek to make their place in a primarily patriarchal society but one woman politician in the north of the country. redefining gender roles. he is the governor
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of chalk district in the troubled north of afghanistan she's one of only a few female district chiefs in the country but that doesn't faze her the taliban poses a constant threat here but misery says that doesn't really bother her either. i'm not afraid. not of losing everything to the taliban we don't have time to worry about such things. until recently her district was considered relatively safe then the taliban attacked and occupied a village. founded a militia to stop them it includes farmers and unemployed young people not old battle tested. actually i was studying but now i have to fight because the taliban attacked my village. and we will fight as long as it takes to drive the taliban out of area the men are fighting for their homeland but also for their governor she has
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promised that they will be paid for their service but so far there's been no signs of support from kabul. so far the government hasn't paid us anything 3 months. all the weapons ourselves. sometimes we even sold our positions always sold our land so that we could get the money to buy the weapons. saleman azhari governs by all means necessary negotiating mediating and making promises it's not an easy task in male dominated afghanistan it's rare for women to be in leadership positions and they have a difficult time in spite of a high position as district administrator salema mazhar he cannot go out in public alone her husband has to accompany her to every appointment he's not paid for this and he has had to give up his own job to do so. and i got him at home with and
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without the support of my family i couldn't do this. on the corner of our community is a very traditional one as a woman you can't just go out on your own so my husband always comes with me then when we come home in the evenings we cook together the quarter. mazhar is bean district governor for about a year now she studied in iran has a masters degree in management and is also an artist she works with tiles her work is on display in the provincial capital. she does city and landscapes often depicting reformers and famous figures in afghan history. she and her husband have 3 children her parents and other relatives take care of them during the day when i'm out of the or when a man comes home he finds it a quiet place for him to relax women have it harder when they get home their next job begins cooking taking care of the children and so on. now.
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in the 1st few months of a 10 year saleman mazhar he worked on improving her district's water supply she organized new water purification machines you roads and an improved electricity supply but it's not easy work she always has the same problem a lack of funding and security for her constituents and for herself this is. a few weeks ago the taliban decided that i should be sentenced to death. they think that because i'm such a prominent opponent they should get rid of me they will probably try more attacks . on me. so now the militia resounded to protect their constituents also has the job of protecting her life but we're going like sorry mom was already are aware of the taliban inching closer toward dealing with the united states where does that leave women in the country for more we have with us leader of the
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movement for change party and women's rights activist fawzia koofi joining us from . welcome is not you were involved in the recently concluded draw of dialogue with the bali bomb in doha and all told on your talks in mosque or did you get a sense that the taliban are indeed committed to women's rights. well i believe that when it comes to turks with a group like tom a. woman of afghanistan have. experience that. in terms of listening woman i think when it comes to negotiation and talking with them well men have to be enter negotiations that's why i was the 1st to meet out of actually be part of the. taliban starting from moscow and with him and my understanding is that. that that the taliban we have to be careful with them they pretend they have changed the perspective in many issues including
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a huge occasion and go as you creation and woman working woman politically and socially engaged meant in afghanistan how without their blood and raise with rights and being a muslim woman living in afghanistan and. a constitution including now it's always the go to see different interpreters interpretation of the slop and do how when i was part of. the agreement drafting committee we had this kind of stuff discussion i told them that we're i don't see an islamic country how much more you want to oppress one i think we have to be careful really. just fell about the trend that they have changed but that there are concerns that maybe after the withdrawal of international troops they will continue to inject the same kind of mentality that they have. do you think of that is and i have begun to control that that does
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not happen for example the united states and the taliban of the go to 7 rounds of talks between them do you think women's rights of all income up in the united states is fighting on the side of the women of afghanistan. you know bombers right is not part of the negotiated the talks between the u.s. and the teller. and this is why i'm a i'm going with the moment of them summer concert because it is going to national get an hour whatever we have achieved under way it won't work because whether we have achieved is not going up given it not enough yes we have governors like salema and other women who are active but of the 35000000000 population out of reach 70000000 a woman. if you moment that there are engaged in this is that you do not to present the woman so the situation really is not very pleasant. i would just like to conclude by saying that we are already up this country when when it comes to the woman's right afghanistan is one of the worst country where woman lives. how much
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more and how much would we have to it and i don't think women it would understand can't be any more than what we already have. their great talking to you thank you very much for those very. coming out of the philippines where it's come to light the president roderigo to turn to as an act of a law against sexual harassment it was signed back in april but those only made public this week the safe spaces act bans behaviors including catcalling sexist slows and groping by their toes are subject to fines and jail time and many of detectives critics say he's the kind of harassed this law is meant to punish while in office he's coaxed women into kissing him at public events and made several sexist remarks and rape jokes during his speeches the president's spokesman says the controversial comments were simply jokes and even detective would abide by the whole scene see the loss of the philippines who we the 1st one
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to. obey the law if the president good meets any violation of into law. then any person can sue him for that violation. if you argue that well easy view it well you can always leave after the president says no one is above the law including this president and all this tells us that but that is not proving enough people in the philippines are taking dictated to task for his track record of harassment on social media this user said may i report president roger going to target for his continuous harassment and threats towards women and his unwanted invitations to publicly kiss citizens on stage and this user got an assist from a famous alumnus most of them from in history but hasn't deterred signing an anti harassment bill is like rain on your wedding day or a free ride when you've already paid some good advice you just didn't take ironic
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and the philippines gabrial are women's rights party summed up to take this way he is the chief propagator of a culture that degrades and objectifies women and that which exhorts catcall as sexual offenders and even uniformed personnel to disrespect women under this context implementing the law will certainly be a challenge to stay in the philippines where it is still fuming over a u.s. decision to investigate the thousands of deaths under his war on drugs the resolution in the u.n. human rights council was spearheaded by iceland now a spokesman for detectives says the president is quote seriously considering cutting diplomatic ties in retaliation to turkish showed his disdain for iceland in a speech last week i saw an operative live in iceland iceland. that's your problem you're too
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much. and there is no clear day or night there but i'll ask what the law. but they got it so you can understand why there is no crime there is no policeman either. and they just go about. for presidential language that's all for now we leave you now with. the japanese. high point of. phrase over 5 kilometers. the that's. cool.
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let. the booming. what secrets lie behind me. to find out. of experience and explore as an aging cultural heritage sites. w world heritage trust 6050. 1 official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to.
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visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live when i lived there i don't know so i'm not sure. that matters. made for mines. measures so what the bloc takes action against for what it calls illegal drilling off the coast of cyprus i'm pro stands for 5. south korean tech firms in a scramble as their supply of starts cutting them off the street could disrupt the global supply of microchips. with a space race back on a german firm stands to profit big time from countries and companies.
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let's do business who's in charge when it comes to drilling in the world's largest enclosed see the mediterranean ever since trillions of cubic meters of natural gas were found off cyprus the dispute over ownership has been bubbling away between cyprus turkey and greece they all claim drilling rights the spat is worth billions of euros geologists say the deposit could hold as much as 3 and a half trillion cubic meters of fossil fuels a windfall for energy industries here in europe the area off the south west coast is especially contentious the european union says only cyprus has the right to drill there but turkey is also state the claim sending several ships to hunt for gas the e.u. has responded with sanctions which calls worthless. a warm welcome for turkey's top diplomat he's in north macedonia on a state visit. but the e.u.'s recent decision to slap turkey.


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