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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 16, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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but this question of the of gender balance and possibly of east west and south balance which is something she also referred to in some of her remarks before the vote today those are the only sort of contours of the commission that we know so far she was still a bit cagey just now saying well i'm really thought about it yet who are we going to have and you can start naming names of course the member states will be nominating their people and trying to get their people in the right jobs she was also asked will you be having a commissioner for the environment and given that you've said the number one thing you want to do is agree need deal she says she wants to get legislation going on the environment to hit those climate targets within the 1st 100 days in the job and she said well you know maybe we could do that but we thought that far yet so a lot of but i think she showed more generally i think she showed good humor she batted away a couple of questions for instance that one on you know jeremy hunt or
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a 0 boris johnson for prime minister batted that away with not answering that but saying that she's ready for this job she's up for it and she's got some ideas that's let's say we can rejoin hoffman back in strasburg. max listening into that press conference on the line and again what it what they will what did you learn from. obviously she's not being very specific yet that has 2 fold reasons 1st of all she needs to you know know who she's going to work with she needs to get up to speed on the different topics tonight is not the night to start a controversy between let's say eastern european countries and central european countries so she's being careful she just said she will work together constructively with with each head of governments because i believe she was asked by a british journalist if she preferred boris johnson or jeremy hunt as prime minister of the united kingdom so you. you can tell she's confronted right away to the e.u.
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environment where you have very specific and very different questions from the different countries. now simon young. very much i'm going to mak calls a protege and we are we hearing anything from the german chancellor at this stage we all feel there's a statement has just been released from the chancellor she says and read out to you i'm glad because a persuasive and committed european will become president of the european commission even as i lose a long serving minister again a new partner in brussels and then of course pointing to the fact that these 2 women are close political allies have been for a long time they know each other very well of course they're from the same party as well as being from the same country so you know lines of communication from berlin to brussels are going to be i think particularly smooth for the foreseeable future . so sort of on the line is that to be the new president of a european commission let's round things up often in strasburg what's your big take
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away from tonight. but sometimes the majorities are a little closer than you expect don't get carried away if you hear something in the european parliament especially if it's a secret ballot it's so difficult in this european parliament to get a majority and you need to balance it out and you'll lose votes if you give concessions to the left you lose those votes on the right and the other way around it was enough on the law and managed to get that balancing act right but by a very close margin let me recall that she needed 374 votes to get 383 votes so this is a 9 vote majority in a parliament that currently has 747 seats that is not a lot but in the end as it was it often said at her press conference itself a majority is a majority and now the hard part starts. in strasburg and i thank you so much finally were to you simon young your big take away from tonight linus promised the
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earth you know in her speech today and in the last few days she's made huge commitments on you know the way that she's going to shape the european union in the years ahead and it'll be interesting to see how much of that she can really keep going how well she can keep all the different factions within the european machine together particularly in view of this slim margin in this vote today although we may come to see this is a real remarkable achievement actually to get over this line given you know how many centrifugal forces there are in the european union right now and i think she'll be a breath of fresh air perhaps off the junk. d w political correspondent simon young thank you for that. so that's the big news of the night germany's are sort of on the line elected as the european commission's
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a new president $733.00 votes she got giving her a majority of 9 more at the top of the hour right now though let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has claimed progress in defusing tensions with iran according to the state department iran is now ready to enter negotiations of his controversial ballistic missile program that's despite announcing that it would increase its uranium enrichment program in defiance of the 2015 nuclear deal. the 1st of all a patient in goma a major city in the east of the democratic republic of congo has died from seeing fears that the contagious disease could now take hold of that victim was a pastor who became infected last week when visiting a town a hit heavily by the outbreak. at least at least 2 people have died after a residential building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai rescuers are looking
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for dozens of others feared trapped in the rubble collapses are common during monsoon season and heavy rains we can poorly constructed buildings. the latest report from the u.n. indicates that the number of new age hiv infections around the world is falling but that downward trend is slowing now the report's authors blame the slow down on the reduction in funding for public information south africa is one of the country's worst affected by hiv aids with one in 7 south africans living with the virus health officials say a hard hitting education program is helping to ease the crisis that d.w. correspondent are increased sent this report from the town if each show inquires a little profits. engineering student no peel is on her way to the campus health center students can get tested for a chevy for free in the waiting room there's a video advertisement for prep
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a preventative medicine that protects against a virus she began taking prep few months ago which involves taking one tablet per day and going for a checkup every 2 months. hiv aids is spreading like very fast these days these years the in our unit so i don't it'll be a good thing to protect myself and actually i'm proud day you wish like everyone can do it because i think there is that easiest way to prevent it having a from spading. trying to persuade more students to use prep to protect themselves against hiv she says that while she wouldn't talk to her parents about hiv the subject is no longer to be amongst her peers the funniest and most of all you think we don't like using condoms for section janice we don't like using condoms so just in case we're not feeling like using condoms we can use it because we know we don't have a problem because we know that we estimate sex if it is to pass that's where using the college often ph is one of the 1st to offer age i.v.
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health center on campus it's part of a project initiated by doctors without borders that has been usually successful in the last few years it's with the help of the project that the area has been able to reach the so-called 1990 goal a year ahead of schedule the goal was conceived at the un as a treatment target to help end the aids epidemic world white the aim is this by 202090 percent of all those living with hiv know their status 90 percent diagnosed with hiv infection will receive antiretroviral therapy and 90 percent of people receiving therapy will have viral suppression since 2 of the 11 when we started it . we many to pandemic have as it is called this excess of the project. by the way in which we approached it from the way. the community entry allowed the community leadership to be part and parcel of the
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project and one of them is some beginning my you said it traditional leader who is open about being h. i.v. positive light. when i 1st told people i was hiv positive they were shocked they took one look at me and said you can have aids and not look sick or lose weight no one had suspected anything until i told them it was only then did some people believe me and even have themselves tested as well. my daughter asked young women are still at the highest brisk but health workers our so concerned about men many of them they say are very difficult to reach. at the main bus station doctors without borders have set up a testing center just for men. workers try to convince passers by to have themselves
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tested for free often without success less than half of the young male hiv carriers take antiretroviral drugs. i think they're afraid to test it i think they said but they were using company as often as i said in the canaries time so they can we give them when they call home and they see their case listing on it i think i have to pop a contest for yours so. she is convinced that her country is on the right path she wants to do her bit and continue to bring attention to the age iris amongst her friends like. 15 years ago today oh my 16th of july 19th 69 neil armstrong buzz aldrin and michael collins were poised to make history as part of the apollo 11 mission millions tuned in to watch their rocket left off base of the original black and white images this 1st manned mission to the moon took to the skies from nasa as kennedy space center in florida reached its destination 4 days
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later. as well as a mantis past a lunar exploration also has a future nasa is planning to send humans back to the moon. new rockets are set to carry modules for a space station to orbit the moon the lunar orbital platform gateway or lupton for short is a modest successor to the international space station like the i assess this project will be developed through international cooperation under nasa as leadership. astronauts will be able to launch and monitor missions on the lunar surface from the new operating station. first they will study the moon with remote controlled robot to determine the extent and location of the. moon's resources.
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later astronauts will be able to reach the moon from the gateway the aim is to build a permanent base on the lunar surface where technologies could be developed and tested. then they can advance further into space toward mars. the long term goal is to use the gateway as a kind of assembly line and transfer station for the astronauts on their long journey to the red planet but that probably won't be possible until over a decade from now at the earliest. now to new zealand where the owner of a sushi stand had to call police to remove 2 intruders not robbers but penguins the penguins resisted arrest at 1st but they place eventually managed to get them out caught red flipper 2 little blue penguins hiding in a wellington sushi shop but they weren't after the fish they were looking for
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a nest so i ran the saw me a pink ones around coming out much on a walk into for a place where then they might consider up shop til i exciter on an ogress huddling under the restaurant's warm grill of the 2 lovebirds cover was blown when a worker at the sushi outlet sensed something fishy the police rushed to the site and carefully detained the penguins but despite their criminal energy the 2 waddling vagrants won't have to fear jail time. thing was absolutely protected on the wall of it which means that you can't touch them pick them up handle. them in any way the adventurous a pair were released back into wellington harbor and will now have to start looking for a more private breeding spot. as a reminder of our top story. the lion has been approved as the next president of the european commission members all for european politics confirm tom nomination a vote she's from germany and becomes the 1st woman from the commission.
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which you know of today. kicked off. for me. yes some. news it's a kind of culture war to me a sun media phenomenon. i refer to the legal. system.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word emerged in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not play with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from d w z e learning course nikos free german made. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fight against the aids a u.n. report say's africa is winning tell you about the effects that have led to a reduction in the number of people dying from aids and the decline of a chevy in fictions. and getting help from about how drugs saw saving lives in remote parts of who want to.


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