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strain. the system to entice different ideas came from jurors or dealing with any of that i killed many civilians. coming including my father says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became alledge kind of sob. providing cites global news that matters d.w. for martin's. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a gesture from the germans and not effect polluted by the clearly listed the late 19th century is finally on its way back to namibia we are in fact goes far enough. to be on say is a lovely asset to africa the pop moguls new album inspired by the lion king is out
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today it features multiple african artists and producers but some east africans feel excluded. i'm kristie window welcome to news africa i'm glad you're today and a stone cross saluted from namibia by german colonial history in the late 19th century is finally on its way back a german museum agreed to repair trade the stone cross off cape cross in may now germany says it's committed to coming to terms with its colonial possed bilin is negotiating with the in the movie and government over the terms of an apology for its genocide committed against the head a little and nama peoples in the early 20th century germany has already returned a number of skulls of indigenous people removed from the movie a jury in colonial
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rule now the return of the cross marks a never concrete step to make good germany's pledge to accelerate the return of the facts and human remains from former african colonies. cape cross in their own head. south atlantic coast has few human inhabitants but hundreds of thousands of seals it's a nature reserve that draws many visitors but most are unaware of the area's historical importance this is a replica of the stone cross built by portuguese seafarers more than 500 years ago the original was stolen by german colonialists in the late 1900 is explained in a hotel museum near by. life and tell manager comes the latest developments in this story. proves this with everything you know
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so if you can understand it you've got. it can also teach the children that what transpired in the. reply you know they say they feel you know we're still reaching out to be dissuaded from this so i think it's going to be it's going to play a very nature or if we do if they will i think it will have a major boost tourism sector after years of effort than a 1000000 government has retrieved cultural property stolen by germany during its colonial occupation in the capital we'll talk at the namibian independence museum on the lookout for the most recently returned items and a bible belonging to hendrick with boy and ethnic now ma who was killed fighting the jim after several requests by the namibian government the whip and the bible were returned in february of this year but they are nowhere to be seen at this national independence museum. the museum director takes us to
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a secret well secured room hears with voice with which should be displayed in the future museum at the site of his former residence in the village of he'll be on more than 300 kilometers from the capital but no one knows when it will be built for now the whip along with the boys bible is stored away from public view. they mizuno the state police is not already in terms of the security in the room where it can be displayed in. what mandate because we were mandated to decision to just have to store it we do not want to do one thing while the other community will not be here so the community must grow big and come up with one voice to say this is what we want local media reported on a dispute among the boys descendants some of them say both the whip and bible
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belong to the family not the government lucy of it boy is torn she's part of the vote for family and the government. the family feel that it should be in the museum because it's not we cannot own him he's a year all in namibia for the namibian people so therefore the family feel that it should stay the national museum but one day if there is a museum in keeping on that original item must come to be on there is a conflict within the family that this different billions of odds which happen to the i know that they did you will ask me that question but leave that question for the family. museum director mary numb who c.c. has been compiling a list of namibian artworks that are still overseas she wants to recover more stolen property but she's learned from the experience that it takes a lot of time and communication to set this right everyone involved in the process
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can't be rushed back at cape cross it's not yet clear if the 15th century original will stand here once more or if it too will end up in the museum. for more on this i'm joined by yes a little boy he is the founder of an in cio here in berlin that focuses on the patch ration of items that includes artifacts and human remains looted from colonized countries welcome to deja vu africa missed important until we see that the that the germans have the gesture in what do you make of them returning the cape cross to namibia of course this follows their petri dish and of the boys by the end with what do you make of that gesture and really don't make the most typical about it because for me the tourists symbolizes christianity and the we're not the christians especially the path only sunday who threatens their with
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their ones who really prepared their way for the whole night is us and. this is a christians they are the ones who told us we do have to believe or know on cultures traditions and of curse times. because that is seed wote is sort of the way to go it but the flame to deal with the ones who did get really prepare their way make it easier for the troops to colonize ok speaking of the colonial era as of some of the things that happened there this week we heard from a very high ranking german official here speaking to me again i just want to read out the quote he said that the horrors that germans committed at the beginning of the 20th century against the people of this country was very refreshing especially the head a little and nama are on full caution the atrocities committed in germany's name well what today would be court genocide so we hear of this which genocide we're
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hearing what sounds like an admission does that go far enough. and to my partners in the media who presented the hurdle unama we have been demanding to the gym and government to our daughter cognize war to end between 19 or 4 in 1000 or 8 there was a genocide and did nothing. and up to now the whole of the typical denies it is publicly just wanted you to get your hate the beauty guided as general side i think there's never been a moment in the parliament i just didn't read your mind in that it must be officially announced their parliament and today. is probably the reparations ok so as i as i put it out of us when we started this conversation you
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are you'll enjoy focuses on the repatriation of human remains and artifacts looted from colonized countries you've been doing this for i think 3 decades now you're so passionate about it it's you've dedicated your life to doing this work and i wondered why this is something that you're so passionate about. since i was a child individual for years my grandmother used to tell me stories over our mind the many chief men who fought against the jim of colonialism and then at the end he was a defeated and then he was that them as a prisoner of war and he was a hen for more than 7 hours where you find him a grandmother that says he was so strong 7 hours he didn't die then the gen one sure that him but spit i employed my lies that they had you to put in not some way they just wanted to torture him so people should be off to see what is in the end if they do did the blood it's the germans the 7 things were to be applied so my
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good mother has been the hen. of the who was hen they chopped off the head and said to each to jim one for us is to search as and it is t.v. here somewhere here in german and my grandmother of the people we are where come from have been to many of these to be brought back even to do believe with this is a scam or all to claw conditions are changing it isn't because you haven't a body to him. ok so this is your personal story and you are fighting for the remains of fuel grandfather to apache to fax it tanzania now that sort of import of thank you so much sir we appreciate your time sir. the pop icon beyonce his new album was released today and it's proving to be a hits in africa the 14 track album titled lion king the gift was inspired by
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disney's new version of the classic film now on the album's beyond say features nigerian pop stars including give me a laddie and whisk it through me. asking they're also artists from ghana and south africa. so we took our cameras to the streets in lagos to get some reviews of queen bees latest record but if you say i think that the bridge that people prefer because i'm a musician from one corner of you also fields so to say i find i am wrong i read their britain or france to the oval office in greenland can give you reason that the 3 year period we will. work i think is a good step anyway for someone like her or his good as his friend to talk to them ok i think that i have now for the interior and i just think and i'm thinking this
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i think if you actually boost i think to show and i receive industry i mean if you stab ok so the album has made some criticism of the especially due to the lack of eastern african voices on the recordings satisfaction from nairobi roads i'm a huge beyond say fan but i'm still gutted there was no intrusive ity in the lion king album even with the little swahili in the film it would have meant to large to have east african sound this was purely a waist african affair once again we've been brought sat and this used roach it's worse that disney line can use a swahili but what's even worse is that you didn't feature any artist that speaks the language africa is more than just niger. it has 57 countries. and that is it when alpha day deputies africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with some songs from beyonce his
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latest album this one's called spirit till next time i bite. and no love. coming to keep you hit. you. when the. sun is going to move you. believe me. love love love her last night. grappling with subjects. expressing feelings i am not very creative yet but i was most to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives on the one hand you know to be replenished break through the camera doing things
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differently. come to a place where we reflect on society. march 21 to talk to w. . stay informed. and on demand. language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. w. media center. and. hello and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and coming up on the show today. on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing an exhibition of how the moon has inspired our over the centuries. and the queen of england the doors of home buckingham palace for an exhibition
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dedicated to our great great grandmother queen victoria. bots we begin with cameroonian singh a brick bassy who's currently on tour here in europe he still sings in the language from his native cameroon but since 2006 his lived in france his eclectic songs reflect his musical link with africa but there's also no.


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