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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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the u.k.'s allies are also stepping up pressure on iran u.s. president donald trump wants to run to accept more concessions over its nuclear program and he says his strategy is working. already showing their colors going to work out very nicely arad is in big trouble right now a lot of bad things happening to them and it's very easy to straighten out or it's very easy for us to make it a lot worse however if the mill your bluster isn't going to end well on the streets of tehran and. i think trump start making his comments and his own citizens the only reason for it is that his popularity has decreased and he wants to raise it with these comments that one thing i think our need is reaction was legal there's no problem with what they did and we support it. as a. person has described the seizure as utterly unacceptable as diplomatic efforts continue in an effort to cool tensions for more on this i'm joined now.
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by a middle east analyst based in germany and those were pretty dramatic pictures we just saw of the raid on the british vessel is there a real danger that we can see military escalation or even a war here. we have to be clear this is in fact already you're seeing the start of. with incidents like this and we have to to bear in mind or recall all the time that this is absolutely necessary there was a nuclear agreement that has been working and the goal the united states decided to withdraw from but since then we are seeing escalation and that's certainly worse than. they were talking about the americans pulling out of the nuclear deal tehran is asking european allies for help in dealing with washington but is your blood going to help when iran has just seized a british tanker. yeah obviously that they will not make life easier for the
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diplomats in europe to find the right approach you ron says it is responding to a iranian town her being seized in gibraltar so again this is something that runs like to separate from the discussion about the nuclear agreement or to separate from the nuclear agreement and the discussions about it but obviously that's not so easy for diplomats to do so i guess it will further complicate the whole situation yeah and back to washington the u.s. has issued an alert for vessels navigating the strait of hormuz there are around a 1000 going through a day could this conflict cause a spike in the price of oil and even hurt the global economy. it ultimately can of course i mean you in your report up to 2 hour conversation you were saying that one 3rd of the oil. of the world is actually transplanting through this through this routes off course there is
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a danger that the global economy will suffer under this situation and maybe even would go as far as that the iranians are banking on that the iranians are banking on the threat it poses if the situation in the strait of hormuz in the in the waters of the persian gulf if the situation worse is and this is worsens and this is a nobody's interests ok i don't have a tie by thanks so much for that now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british airways and german flag carrier lufthansa have temporarily suspended all flights to cairo over security concerns british airways said this is spent would last 7 days to allow further assessment on saturday canceled its flights to cairo from its hubs in munich and frankly. police in poland have the number of people who verbal e abused and tried to block marchers in the 1st. parade in the city of b b a was
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stuck officers in riot gear escorted around 500 people along the equality parade route soccer hooligans and conservative activists siege counter protest. thousands have joined in the 8 day of protests in puerto rico's capital san juan demanding the resignation of ricardo rosello governor of the us territory his chats from a message group a week ago contained my sergeant a stick and homophobic material for selo has refused to step down. the death toll in monsoon flooding in south asia has climbed above 160 at least 90 people have died in the paul and 62 in northeastern india authorities in india's state say nearly 5000000 people are still affected by the floods many have taken shelter in state run camps. today marks the
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75th anniversary of the famous brief case plot to kill hitler. on july 20th 1904 army colonel close shank stuffed birds of a bird planted a bomb in the nazi headquarters were hit there was meeting his generals the device went off and killed several of those present but hitler himself was only slightly injured self and bergen several of his fellow conspirators were executed. one seen as traitors today they are celebrated as heroes who gave their lives in an attempt to end if there is regime. it was a sudden they asked germany commemorated his 75th anniversary after plot to kill the father of hitler it brought together political historians and family members of those executed after decimation attempt failed. german chancellor angela merkel led to tributes to do those who resisted the nazi regime praising the conviction that pushed them to act in inverse the above was they were very aware of the
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consequences their actions could have for them and their families they were willing to make the greatest sacrifice their lives they put humanity above their own lives i mention leave. and one message was heard again and again the memory of the tonight 20 plotters is more relevant on never and not just for germany. there is a european dimension to resistance european identity is very much based on fundamental human rights. but with the far right making gains across the continent to german chancellor though it was a warned that populism threatened european unity. about hurt them and today we need to resolutely defend the future of the european union against nationalists some populists we need to do this more than ever and supplies beyond europe we need to act multilaterally not unilaterally globally nost nationally. too
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many even members dues who resisted a nazi regime to country hopes that their legacy will be one of peace for you for n.p.r. . today sees the 50th anniversary of one of the 20th century's defining events on july 20th $969.00 men 1st set foot on our nearest planetary neighbor the moon the apollo 11 mission and that historic line and watched on television by hundreds of millions around the world it's a spectacle that many who saw it have never forgotten. our back right. here or whatever. or.
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whoever. was in my grandmother's house all what can t v i watching these look like something absolutely unknown something impossible. when. i was a snowy at who was born in 18 and 99. and she was sitting there with me watching a man land on the moon so pretty amazing they didn't even have automobiles when she was 4. yeah. clichy to a.b.c. it was a pity it wasn't us russians but space travel was developing fast and it was clear to us that many countries would send their astronauts into space when you were in school.
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but i have. a. tradition of course it was a colossal event. i don't think i've ever again sacha awake in front of the to.


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