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jr did some of the research in moscow that is what the government was in bed for and yes i wanted to find out which radio messages he sent they surely must have arrived here and so on. but i was told no we don't have any radio messages why are they somewhere else and there's no i was told there's only one radio message from the 23rd or 24th of june 1041. in other words right after the invasion of the soviet union began it was called a 1000 greetings to all friends us before and. but the film shows a lot of radio traffic oath mucus modern meat his men did it against that better judgment for. they knew that had never been any radio traffic but that didn't stop them spreading all sorts of fantastic nonsense about it just had to be heroic and these mutual stereotypes in east and west meant that the stereotypical image of the
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spies at the red orchestra had remained so powerful for so long in so many minds that almost until the present day isn't your thing time if you can. actually download this artist. as i just got let me as motivated as i would use. this method was so good that one could hand it seamlessly down from the interrogation protocols of the to the interrogation records of the nazi courts martial to speak to a news magazine in 1968. in a 10 part series that year dia spiegel repeated that to stop those lies about a europe wide intelligence group under soviet leadership and $500.00 radio messages . from brock goff felt hemmed in in the g.d.r. she wanted to travel. in 1982 she married
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a peruvian and moved with him to south america she later moved to west berlin but she still couldn't shake off the past. 4 and guest list but truthfully it was only when everything came to a head that i said to myself i understand it cannot be good for your life to run around with this bitterness inside you someone recommended a psychologist who was a q ition whose parents also tried to oppose the nazis have i told her how i felt and she said listen it's completely normal for you to be angry and feel abandoned as a child you couldn't feel any differently if you knew nothing about it unless i'm tricked and that was the thought we were. the loss of our food when her father's father also left deep wounds in his family of problems but i was the one who had a problem with my mother and i couldn't deal with her. and i was always a very angry child and when i was even angrier after the war my mother often stood
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in front of me and said what would your father have said now if he were with us. that was a club that managed to silence me at once of course for them because my mother would then shut herself away and then come out again with tears stained doll's house. and then in the mid 1970 s. entrepreneur who for an hour father and self made a surprising discovery done in dicta is by i found the proverbial trunk in the attic of our house of fun i opened it and found loads of material about my father. and philip and suddenly i had a completely different picture of him with the name i had to recognize my father was a resistance fighter. but how does that work he was originally a fervent nazi too he was. one of these 2 extremes merged and that was really difficult. and i think that what for me was ultimately
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decisive that these contradictions in my father's biography 1st auden socialist and supporter of the system then passionate resistance fighter done this i ruptured in the same biography strange as it may sound only brought me closer to my father. now yet he stands before me as a person i can worship as a son whom i can love and feel emotionally connected to for young con even con in which i nominate him a full blown. farewell from home the holidays are over i have to go back to boarding school. my father found his way in cultural life he tirelessly fought for the recognition of the resistance but he never achieved his life's goal to rehabilitate his friends in the red orchestra. he got caught between the millstones of the east west conflict and lies on both sides
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. he never had a chance. my father died in february 1969 at the age of 66. months copy is devoted decades to the history of the red orchestra and written numerous books. big like that mish does of course it has followed me and i've really got no reason to distance myself from my parents. didn't my think they would be fine with what i'm doing in this field. and the story hasn't let me go michelle because my parents didn't let me go i cannot bid them farewell when in fact she. in 1908 the convictions of the conspirators of july 20th were not but it took longer for the women and men of the red orchestra the german parliament did not know their convictions until 2967 years after the fact.
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is that to me for most of since then i've known that there should be a memorial stone here that was some time in the forward in the next spring i said to myself you have to do something and because berlin has no money anyway i've taken it on myself when i'm. 63 years after her mother's death as a skier received her farewell letter at last. but leaves us clear if you offered as my idea saskia i hope that these lines will reach she one day by then i will have been long gone but i wanted to tell you that i have very often indeed almost always thought only of you in my cell my dear dear child i wish you all the best for your life may you be an open honest upright person except for your father whom i loved above all else you were everything to me even if you are still very small now you
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will still remember me and that will comfort me on my last journey do you remember when i said nobody loves me and you jumped up and put your little arms around my neck and said but mommy i love you so much in these 4 months i have relived the day in the hospital when i held you in my arms for the 1st time so you can blame me for many things but not for being a bad mother. i firmly believe that there will come a time when you have 2nd thoughts about me and many others i would have liked to experience that but now i am also not sad that it's different there is a wonderful calm encouraging within minutes and a 1000 greetings and kisses from your mother. because from the number.
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wall. just a little began to say does has made its election seen such just a little longer just a little why down but is it a little to do you think european roads. good smell audi's new g.t.s. truth pay it has cost. john. w. cause people like. this is a very different line and we present the team behind the.
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scenes bus driver. being dumped. damaged. by dole to gemini's funded. 16. cancelling. carefully. don't suit me. to begin. to. discover the.
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subscribe to the documentary. british airways and german flag carrier lift times i have temporarily suspended all flights to cairo over security concerns british airways said the suspension would last 7 days to allow further assessment on saturday lufthansa canceled its flights to cairo from its hubs in munich and frankfurt. the u.k. has warned of serious consequences after iran seized a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz germany and france and demanded that iran releases the captured ship immediately berlin says the seizure of the stay in the imperium is
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a dangerous escalation in the gulf region. police in poland have detained a number of people who verbal abuse them tried to block matches in the 1st bt pride parade in the city of reality stock officers in riot gear risk ordered around 500 people along the equality for right root soccer hooligans and conservative activist staged count of protests. several 1000 people have attended a demonstration against the far right in cus all in the german state of has said it follows the killing last month of local politician. a conservative who is known for his pro immigrant stance. i click i like i shop online and that produces huge amounts of data but who analyzes it one culprit is the advertising industry i look for
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a curry recipe online and suddenly ads for indian cookbooks pop up everywhere big data is it a blessing or a curse i will focus today on ship. i'm always online my smartphone is always connected wherever i go along the way i leave digital footprints and help create a pot of what's known as big data. researchers have analyzed close to a 1000000 apps from the google play store they found that 90 percent on user data and many of these apps send data to several companies that sounds unsettling but does big data have a really affect on my life well let me know if i need my umbrella tomorrow. this vaguer rocket has a new kind of weather satellite on board at an altitude of 320 kilometers
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will collect data that will help meteorologists create better weather forecasts. for the 1st time a satellite will be able to measure wind speeds using laser rays. even works in locations that are normally inaccessible like over oceans there's a perfect storm brewing out there big data can help us predict the weather. insurance companies also use big data for instance to estimate the impact of natural disasters like flooding and car insurers set their rates according to the risk of theft where the policyholder lives so you might pay more or less for your policy depending on how many cars have been stolen in your neighborhood. big data can also make your sat nav more useful and precise in a las vegas pilot project an onboard computer tells drivers how fast to drive to catch the green light. and in estonia the port of tallinn is
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a digital showcase project trucks and goods are checked in electronically big data to better logistics and shorter waiting times. so big data is big business companies are investing. in software that analyzes it in 2018 more than 6000000000 euros were spent on big data in germany alone. here's a stunning application from the field of medicine predicting flu epidemics with the help of twitter data researchers at university took 500000000 trees from around the world and fed them into a watson computer system watson found the relevant tweets was more it recognized what they were about for instance if the writer got a flu shot or already had flu symptoms this process is known as cognitive computing the digital simulation of human thought processes. watson for example search for
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key words like no and for information into the right context even berlin sorry to a hospital is using big data to diagnose illnesses more quickly and treat them more effectively. this is a tumor cells which are specific molecular markers know to chim or cells are the same and ideally therapies will be targeted to the precision medicine hopes the term in which therapy is likely to be most effective researchers identify the chamber's genetic characteristics to select a targeted treatment. dr claudia fall brecht's from berlin charity hospital is using big data to improve cancer treatment she's collaborating with the molecular health data analysis company. did it is generated worldwide through various clinical studies and research experiments and then collected in databases for example molecular health checks these databases regularly on
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a daily basis and compares the results with those from the patient samples. after to get such results tumor cells molecular markers are only lies in a process called sequencing doctors at the sheraton a send the results to molecular health. molecular markers are compared with those of those in support thousands of other stored in the company's database. the database also contains information about therapies a report is produce that provides doctors with a recommended treatment tailored to the specific characteristics of the tumour cell . that's what this is what we're looking for it's the direction we hope things will go in the future we'd like patients to receive personalized treatment based on molecular changes we can identify during sequencing. the idea behind the project is revolutionary but using data from so many people as the basis for medical decisions and possibly superseding diagnosis of the patients doctor is also country. herschel
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. in germany people are still quite cautious we're afraid to give others access to our data which is understandable as a researcher i'd like to manage my own data and know exactly what's happening to it . but i think we must do away with this idea of keeping it all to ourselves the amount of data is just too large for that. big data has already allowed berlin's charity hospital to identify individual therapies for some 30 cancer patients. treating illnesses with the help of big data that's real progress and it shows that ai and humans can work together for the benefit of mankind another thing that big data has done is make human behavior more predictable that's especially interesting for companies who want to target us online with personalized advertising that can still be hit or miss just because of research style.


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