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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 27, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong residents stand up against gang violence protesters are gathering on the scene where organized gangs attacked pro-democracy demonstrators there defying a police ban on the protests we'll check in live with our correspondent has you can see he is on the scene also coming up president trump gets to go ahead of the border the u.s. president offers a 2 winners in his push to keep the migrants out the supreme court says you can use
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military funding for his border wall and what amala agrees to stop migrants after trump's tariff threats and as berlin gets ready to party on its annual gay pride weekend in germany moves to ban the so-called conversion therapy we meet a man who underwent a controversial practice and says it left him suicide. i'm carl mass and welcome to the program protesters are gathering in the hong kong district of un long this morning to demand action against gang attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations protestors are defying police who've bans today's rallies citing security fears the end was the signs of violence last week as men in white t. shirts attacked pro-democracy protesters and. standers demonstrators are angry
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about the slow response the attacks on car has seen months of protests triggered by a controversial extradition. or joining me now from hong kong as our correspondent my ts falling down on the ts today's protest as we heard it's been banned by police that's not though apparently stopping many hong kong as i mean what's the situation where you are right now yes a few 1000 probably tens of thousands of people have gathered here again and although this protest is banned now participating in a band protest it means participating in an unlawful assembly that is a criminal liability according to hong kong law but people have found all kinds of excuses to participate some of them are calling this a shopping trip although shops or shops here are closed now and some of them are even saying this is a morning activity for punk china's premier who died this week this is highly
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ironical of course because he was the one who ordered the shooting off their student loans or was part of those who ordered the shooting of the students 30 years ago in beijing the aim of the protesters is to reclaim these territory that has been the site of clashes with criminal gangs last week and they are they're sending a sign they don't want i dare not going to back down even if the police does not allow them to be here you know many of us saw those shocking scenes of those attacks on those demonstrators last week are protesters preparing for for similar violence today. there is an expert spectator today might go very bad there have been rumors online that the their guns would be back today there is also a conflict with the police police operations are in high criticism people call the
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police here a black police which means. a police and behind me is the police had quarter that is of this area that is beseeched by the protesters so tensions are very high they have been mounting throughout the weeks and today many expect might be one of the more critical days in the summer you say today could be a critical day i mean demonstrations have been going on for weeks against this proposed extradition bill is there now a sense where you are in the streets that this movement is maybe taking another step maybe there's a deeper significance now today. that's hard to say because the demands or the issues that we are talking about have broadened throughout these weeks at the beginning was this extradition bill that has been shelved but to the discontent of the protesters has not been withdrawn officially but now people demand much more they demand an investigation into police action something that
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would also that will challenge the way that the government has been handling this and of course this is. a conflict between the government and beijing that is behind the government and the population of hong kong or the democratic part of the population of hong kong that has been growing throughout these protests so we are of course when it gets down we are at this at the question of the system and how well this is them can respond to citizens' demands and that is what it's all about it's not only about this law anymore and that he has protesters we see them defying this bans the day we saw those mass protests at hong kong's airport yesterday do we know what might be next for these demonstrations. there are other demonstrations announced for tomorrow. what they will look like and how they will be taken be taking place that's entirely not sure these things keep changing all
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the time people keep justing their strategies and their ideas to this situation but there's no sign that these protests might subside any time soon there are protests going on for next week and the weekend after what form they might take we don't know but this conflict is not over and i have no idea how this court and in any time soon you see those umbrellas there filling the streets in longmont ts building a reporting for us from hong kong thanks very much to the united states now where the supreme court has ruled that the trump administration can use military funds to build a wall on the border with mexico the decision frees up billions of dollars in pentagon funding to upgrade parts of the border barrier it's the 2nd reason victory for trump in his quest to keep migrants out he has also used the threat of tariffs to push guatemala into agreeing to stop migrants and route to the u.s.
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one tweet says it's all a huge victory for united states president donald trump whose main campaign promise was to build a wall the courts 9 justices were split $5.00 to $45.00 conservative justices in favor of using pentagon funding for the wall and for liberal justice is against the decision comes on the same day a new immigration deal is signed between the u.s. and guatemala it says migrants from honduras and el salvador who pass through must seek asylum in their 1st just days before trump threatened to impose tariffs on guatemala if it didn't stop migration to the u.s. the model's highest court says the deal is illegal while trying calls it a success but it doesn't erase the struggles quite a marlins face and some say it won't keep them from crossing the border for a better life. in the u.s. but i worked 8 hours every day. but i have to sustain me and my
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wife it was very easy very smooth. but here you comes the insecurity but it's the price is a consuming those. issues that it's getting harder for people to enter but it doesn't seem to affect people they want to go and try their luck. trump says he's done what others couldn't for one of the things that station about what a mile as we've never had a better relationship right now they've agreed to do something that's very good for the united states and we're going to work with them also we're going to be it's going to be a partnership and it's happening with mexico too we never had any kind of cooperation with mexico ever until this president frankly and my presidency the wall is trump centerpiece and the supreme court's decision is a critical wind that combined with threats to stop the flow of migrants will play well to trump space in the run up to the 2028 presidential election and they do
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a lot of work let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world several strong earthquakes have struck islands in the far northern philippines killing at least 8 people and leaving dozens more injured locals fled their damaged homes and took shelter in town squares as aftershocks shook the region public buildings including in $1000.00 century church were severely damaged at least one person has died after a balcony inside a nightclub collapsed in the south korean city of one jew around a dozen others were injured including including several foreign athletes who were in town for the world swimming championships police have detained one of the night club owners and will investigate whether the collapsed balcony wasn't an authorized structure. well berlin is getting ready for a massive l g b t pride parade today it's expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people event is about demanding equal rights. and it comes as germany is considering
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a ban on so-called conversion therapy the controversial practice which claims to cure homosexuality is carried out all around the world currently though only 3 countries have nationwide bands that would be brazil ecuador and malta a handful of other countries you can see behind me have also gotten the ball rolling with local regulations and recommendations but they don't have explicit nationwide bantz now germany wants to become the 4th country to ban the practice d.w. spoke to one man who underwent conversion therapy. haven't i think i 1st became aware that something was different during kindergarten but of course i didn't know what it meant mike is just one of thousands of people in job many who have undergone a controversial therapy in an attempt to repress a human sexuality christianity shaped mike's life from an early age but as puberty hit he began to have sexual experiences with men. this published issue it was
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a nice time in life but then the conflict started to grow because at the same time i felt at home in christian circles where it was made very clear god doesn't want that you should lead another life. how can you stand before god this is a mortal sin. and other similar comments came from all sides. after voluntarily seeking out so-called conversion therapy might committed himself to ending all contact with homosexual friends and partners for a decade he was abstinent the loneliness brought him to the brink of suicide. i reached the point where i couldn't go on anymore. but it was also because of my faith that i was too much of a coward to do it. because that i would have been granted eternal life today i can laugh about it how stupid that it was but i was actually the reason that ending my life. not practitioners in germany of the so-called homosexual conversion therapy
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currently face no consequences but german health minister is preparing to take drastic action. should conversion therapy in germany sexuality is not a disease and does not require treatment. the german health minister hopes to present a draft by the end of the year but like many other critics mike worries that the so-called therapy will be able to continue under a different guise but for him it's still a step in the right direction. she finishes and wish to god and i think it's important for example to put a ban in place especially for young people which makes it clear that doctors and therapists are not allowed to carry out this so-called conversion therapy and then the be a lot less of this nonsense. then proceed to monogram to make it being produced. 20 years on since his so-called therapy mike can now look forward to his wedding putting the past behind him he's been tied to
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a name and i'm not bitter towards anyone neither the christian circles where i learned and heard everything nor the therapist but someone from my former parish actually reached out to me and said hats off to him and he was sorry for what happened so i can see something is happening and change is on the way of us this is for us in karma. but with this year's tour de france getting close to the finish line we want to take a look back in time at the tourist oldest living winner 91 year old federico bahamontes today he's still in love with the sports but not so much with modern cyclists. federico martinez this so many hardships early in life during and after the spanish civil war his major concern was finding food in staying alive before becoming a professional writer he honed his cycling skills while delivering bread for black market traders and fleeing the police those skills led him to racing and eventually
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the spanish cycling federation picked him for its tour de france team in 1959 by this won it all. but when i won the tour for all the spaniards enjoyed it more than anyone. from that moment on things changed for spanish cycling in general franco met with me and the evolution of cycling changed for the better. decades removed from the sport he still regarded as the tour de france his best ever climber winning the king of the mountains classification 6 times but he's definitely not a fan of the sports modern era. look at some of the commercial firms are killing the sport right now you have x. number of millions 100000000 euros to make a great team and you can do it you can't do it because they're all thinking about money and not about the results at all. you know what i call today
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cyclists the holy week procession and. they only lack the candle and the lighter to light the candle. never one to mince words the oldest living tour de france winner declined an invitation to witness this year's of it firsthand opting to watch it on t.v. instead. you're watching the news more at the top of the hour. and foremost. among which. video or. anytime anywhere. w. .


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